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Nottingham Informational Show:

Nottingham Informational Show Created and put together by Summer Institute 2013

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Introduction This presentation was created by Nottingham School’s Summer Institute to welcome incoming families. Our hope is that families entering the Nottingham community will feel welcomed and will find it useful. The presentation was created mainly to provide families with information about Nottingham School and the community. Summer Institute 2013 made it their task to help enhance and finalize this endeavor .

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School Personnel Principal – Ms. Carvalho Assistant Principal - Nurse - Mrs. Smith Guidance Counselors – Mrs. Tooch and Mrs. Wheeler Secretarial Office – Mrs. Schaaff , Mrs. Seymour, and Mrs. Baker Head Food Service Director – Mr. Burnham Cafeteria Staff – Mrs. Cantwell, Mrs. Pease , and Mrs. Sullivan Head Custodian - Mr . Olson Art Teacher – Mr. Arnold Physical Education Teacher – Mrs. Boyd Health Teacher – Mr. Gilbert Technology Director – Ms. Kane Library Media Specialist – Mrs. Tomaszewski

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School Academics Nottingham School offers the following academic programs : Math-a-thon , grades 2-5 Highest Honors Tea, grades 4-8 Spelling Bee, grades 4-8 Summer Reading Academy Summer Math Academy Summer Kindergarten Academy Summer Institute, grades 4-8 Tutoring SHARP (after-school homework program) Science Fair Book Fairs Family Math Night Kevin Skarupa – WMUR News guest meteorologist, grade 6 Writing Club for Knightly News Math Club ( Krypto ) UNH Partnership With Communication & Science Disorders Department

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School Sports Nottingham School offers the following sports : Basketball, grades 5-8 Softball, grades 5-8 Baseball , grades 5-8 Soccer, grades 5-8 Dodgeball , grades 7-8 Flag Football Track & Field, grades 5-8 Cross country, grades 5-8 Cheerleading, grades 5-8 Ultimate Frisbee, grades 5-8

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School Cultural Activities Nottingham School offers the following cultural activities : Band, grades 4-8 Chorus, grades 3-8 Sixth grade band Field Day JS2S, grades 4-8 Artist–in-Residence PTA Trunk-or-Treat

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School Clubs Nottingham School offers the following clubs: Ski Club, grades 2-7 Earth Turners, grades 1-4 Nature Art Club, grades 3-5 Girls on the Run, grades 3-5 Art Club, grades 7-8 Archery, grades 6-8 JS2S, grades 4-7 Post Office, grades 5-8 Lego League, grades 1-4 Nature Walkers, grades 1-5 Cooking Club, grades 1-4 Running Club, grades 1-5 Snowshoeing Club, grades 1-4

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School Miscellaneous Activities Nottingham School offers the following miscellaneous activities : ARK (after-school care) Summer Institute, grades 4-8 School dances Music lessons Channel 13 DARE program, grades 5+7 NECU savings account program Foreign languages Box tops Adopt-a-Spot program (school landscaping maintenance) Knight Unite events Father/Daughter dance Mother/Son picnic Channel 13

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Town Cultural Activities The town offers the following cultural activities: Zumba Cooking Club The Children’s Workshop Karate Summer Concert Series Drama Club Drama Camp Nottingham Theater Project Fishing Derby Nottingham Day Halloween Party Holiday Craft Fair Holiday Parade Holiday Party

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Town Miscellaneous The town of Nottingham provides the following miscellaneous activities: Summer Camp Girl Scouts Boy Scouts Cub Scouts Brownies Pioneer Program Town Beach Swimming Lessons Lego League Lego Camp Blaisdell Memorial Library Story Hour Good News Club

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Town Sports The town of Nottingham provides the following sports: Softball Hockey Flag football Basketball Soccer Horseback riding Cheerleading NYA Baseball Karate Football Swimming White water rafting British soccer camp

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Nottingham School’s Summer Institute hopes that this presentation was as helpful as intended. We thank you for tuning in. Our Mission Statement : “All students deserve the opportunity to learn actively, to experience a sense of belonging, and to achieve academic and social success. To that end, the Nottingham community will provide a nurturing environment and the tools necessary to realize these goals.” This list will be updated as needed.

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