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E-sponsibility: Cyber Safety and Privacy:

E-sponsibility: Cyber Safety and Privacy Mikayla Monnie EDST 220

What is E-sponsibility? :

What is E-sponsibility? Don't just teach kids to be safe online -- teach them to be smart. Learn how to nurture Internet responsibility . –Liz Perle

Cyber Bullying:

Cyber Bullying When someone sends or posts a harmful message about another person. About half of all teens have been cyber bullied.

Keeping You and Others Safe:

Keeping You and Others Safe

Staying Safe and Smart :

Staying Safe and Smart Keep profiles and personal information private. DON’T share passwords!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Think before you post! Anything you say can be copied, and sent to anyone.

Seriously?!? THINK before you post!:

Seriously?!? THINK before you post!

Shown to One, Shown to All:

Shown to One, Shown to All Anything can be copied, pasted, edited, and sent to anyone

Shown to One, Shown to All:

Shown to One, Shown to All Whatever gets created creates a digital footprint that lasts forever

PowerPoint Presentation:

Just Kidding !

But Seriously… If you post inappropriate photos our statuses then :

But Seriously… If you post inappropriate photos our statuses then

Things to Remember:

Things to Remember The safety of our students is so very important but… What if you don’t have access? Think and Be Private! Stop Cyber Bullying Monkey See Monkey Do

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