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My First Presentation :

My First P resentation De La Salle University

10 Presentation Tools To Win Over Your Audience:

10 Presentation Tools To Win Over Your Audience Prezi EWC Presenter SlideRocket Vuvox Empressr Oomfo Scrollshow Knovio Present.Me VCASMO


Prezi Prezi is a zooming presentation tool that lets you create and present your ideas on a large and zoomable virtual canvas . You can easily place ideas, images, and videos and arrange them in a natural flow to tell your story. It works on Cloud, desktop and even on the iPad or iPhone. It offers a Free account which gives you public presentations plus 100MB storage space. BACK

EWC Presenter:

EWC Presenter Looking for a way to create free and interactive professional-looking, HTML5 presentations ? Try EWC Presenter. It provides an HTML5 WYSIWYG editor for you to design simple presentation content in HTML5. Users can animate their presentations with a Flash-like editor where you can select key frames , set the length of the various animations, and so on. It’s still under Beta and it’s free to register an account. BACK


SlideRocket SlideRocket is a presentation platform that helps you to create and manage your presentation . Import your existing presentations from PowerPoint or Google, and start using SlideRocket’s authoring and tracking tools to create a vibrant and dynamic presentation. You can work with HD video, audio, charts, pictures and Flash. SlideRocket has since been acquired by ClearSlide , if you would like to try it out, check out this link . BACK


Vuvox Vuvox offers 3 main features: Collage , Studio and Express to create a multimedia presentations with feeds, links, music, audio, video and photos from Flicker, SmugMug or Picasa. It’s a useful tool to create a documentary-style slideshows. It is also perfect for multimedia collage presentations that require the use of rich media elements.


Empressr Empressr is an online rich media presentation editor which allows you to add photos, music, audio, video, and even Flash into your presentation. Users are allowed to share their presentations via link or embed them on their websites. Registration is free and there’s no limit to the number of presentations you can create and store.


Oomfo Charts are important in a presentation and that’s why we’re including Oomfo in this list. In short, Oomfo helps you to design interactive charts like Pareto, Waterfall, Funnel, Marimekko , Pyramid and etc. Oomfo allows you to connect your chart data from your Cloud application or multiple Excel files. You may start by choosing a chart template from its gallery and it only supports Microsoft Office 2003 and above. BACK


Scrollshow As the name suggested, ScrollShow is a scrolling presentation editor for iPad with multi-speed backgrounds. With ScrollShow , can create panoramic presentations with parallax effect. It is ideal to present timeline presentations, animate infographics online or at a personal level, present your vacation photos. It is cool, fun, easy to use and costs only $4.99 . BACK


Knovio If you always share your presentations on the Web, Knovio can help you show your personality by letting you attach your voice or a video alongside the presentation. You can coordinate your narration to run parallel to the slides. You can even import PowerPoint presentations that are already done and work on that with Knovio. Your slides can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or shared privately with close friends. BACK


Present.Me Similar to Knovio, Present.me supercharges your presentation by adding videos side by side to your slideshows whether it is in Powerpoint , PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office format. You can even watch the edited presentation on mobile devices using Present.me exclusive apps. There are limitations for free account. Check it out to find out more. BACK


VCASMO VCASMO is an online presentation editor for multimedia slide shows , business presentations, training, academic teaching and etc. It lets you easily place videos with subtitle and PowerPoint presentation side by side and publish in on your desktop, iPad or even iPhone. Free account comes with 512MB storage with unlimited presentations. BACK

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