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Student: Miguel Fernandez. Section: H221


Al though he was hard of hearing by the age of twelve, Thomas Edison would invent a better light bulb, telegraph, and phonograph. These accomplishments sealed his position as one of the world’s greatest inventors. Born in a small town in the Midwest, in Ohio, young Thomas was a restless student whose mind often wondered as the teacher gave lessons. But, it was his mother that would educate him at home. She taught him the pleasures of reading, by letting him read material that interested him. She also taught him how to be constructive and work with materials around him to invent something purposeful. When he moved to Michigan, he was not as fulfilled selling goods on train routes to the bigger city of Detroit. But, he was able to make some money that would help him realize the benefits of hard work. Upon saving a fellow boy from being hit by a runaway train, the father of the boy decided to teach young Thomas Edison about the wonders of the telegraph – something that would set the inventor’s path for the rest of his life. He learned how to be a telegraph operator, which came easily to him because of his deafness of background noises. In those years, he was also taken under the wing of another inventor who allowed the teenage him to work in his basement. It was then that he began working on his invention of electrical telegraphy. It would not be until Thomas Edison and his new wife moved to New Jersey that his career would really unfold. There, he unveiled his automatic repeater that would revolutionize the telegraph world. He also displayed his phonograph, the first device of its kind to record and play back sound. The invention so frightened the crowd that they believed him to be a sorcerer. With better design and longer-lasting records, the phonograph became a huge hit at home and abroad – especially in England. He went on to form the Edison Electric Light Company in New York City. The small company provided the first lights to lower Manhattan, New York. Thomas Edison’s dream was to provide every American household with affordable electric power. He continued working on his inventions, even designing phone speakers that were used through the latter 20 th century.


1847 Was born in Milan, Ohio, on February 11. 1868 Became a telegraph operator in the main Western Union office in Boston and files his first patent application for an automatic vote recorder for legislatures. 1874 Invented the quadruplex telegraph for Western Union, which transmits four messages simultaneously (two in each direction). 1877 Invented the carbon transmitter, a crucial improvement in telephone technology, and the phonograph, which he demonstrates at the offices of Scientific American on December 7. 1879 Invented the carbon-filament lamp and a direct-current generator for incandescent electric lighting.  A New Year's Eve demonstration of his system is held for the public at Menlo Park. 1896 ntroduced the Home Phonograph, an inexpensive, spring-motor phonograph. 1931 Dies in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey, on October 18.  The nation dims its light bulbs for one minute on the day of his funeral.


Miguel Fernandez was born on October 23rd of 1989 in Cabimas, Zulia, Venezuela. He is the first son of Marysabel Lozada and Manuel Fernández. He was living his firsts years of live in “Escuque”, Trujillo until 1993 when he started a moving process. He was living in Maracaibo, Barquisimeto and Cabimas, moving constantly between them. He started primary school in the “Monseñor Marco Tulio Ramirez Roa” School in Cabimas in 1996, where he was graduated in 2002. He studies his first two years of High School in Cabimas, but he moved to Barquisimeto again to continue with his studies there in 2004. He was living in Barquisimeto during three years and until he got graduated of High School in July of 2007.   He was moved to Cabimas to start his university studies at the “Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE)” as Electronics Engineer in Telecommunications mention. He is actually attending the second trimester of his career.   Miguel Fernandez have been a great student in the most part if his studies until early age. He has technical knowledge of informatics and computer systems and has been worked fixing computers and helping people with his knowledge.   His dreams are come to be graduated as soon as possible and to be a really good Engineer, get married and have sons.


1989 Was born Cabimas, Zulia Venezuela. 1996 Started his firsts studies of primary School in Cabimas. 2002 Got Graduated of primary School and started high school studies. 2004 Moved to Barquisimeto to continue studies there. 2007 Was confirmed as Christian. 2007 Got graduated of High School. 2007 Moved to Cabimas and started unversity studies at URBE. 2008 Presnte time. 2001 Got his first Computer.

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