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MLM Investment Plan, Matrix Plan, MLM Sunflower Plan :

MLM Investment Plan , Matrix Plan, MLM Sunflower Plan

MLM Investment Plan:

MLM Investment Plan MLM Investment plan in that a MLM Company offers the daily percentage (%) on the investment of a member and sometimes doubles of the investment Schemes, All these type of plans are not authorized in India and be safe while investing.

Matrix Plan:

Matrix Plan The Matrix MLM Compensation Plan comes under one of the categories of MLM compensation plan. This is also known as Forced Matrix Plan. This is based on a compensation structure which consists of certain width and depth .It is represented by the formula width into depth.

MLM Sunflower Plan:

MLM Sunflower Plan Sunflower Income Plan is usually works perfect with clients who are having wide range of consumer durable products. This plan can be an independent plan or an add-on career plan to any other gateway plan .

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