Corrosion Protection Sprays to Prevent Corrosion on Metals

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Micro Cor tech is a leading agency in providing rustproofing, metal corrosion, rust stopper services to prevent metal equipment from rust.


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Get You Equipment Protected Today from Corrosion MicroCor Technologies has taken the responsibility to provide affordable protection for industrial as well as other equipment when need be. When corrosion erosion and deterioration attack surfaces they are the experts to consult for effective solutions. They can instantly apply specialty coatings that protect the surface from moisture which might cause great damage. The company has long term experience of over 20 years in the gas and oil industry where their major function is to provide and supply materials like corrosion protection sprays to prevent corrosion on metals as well as super alloys. MicroCor Technologies has professionals who invented a new innovation called the MC

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300. This is a blend providing simplicity in applications on a range of painted and unpainted surfaces that offer resistance to acids water and salt brine. The new innovation can be utilized as a short-term coating that can be removed through washing with hot pressure. Experts from the company say MC-300 can cover more than 1000 square feet per gallon. Depending on the profile of the surface the coating can cover an even further distance. It is evident that the coating has a brilliant Adhesion acid and corrosive elements resistant and has a consistent application. In order to apply MC-300 efficiently MicroCor Technologies experts have endorsed the use of a number of “light” coats leaving it to dry amid coats. The coating dries in a

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couple of minutes at 70 degrees temperature the application process is complete for a complete cure in 2 hours’ time. On the other hand low warmth will prolong the drying time whereas high heat will decrease the time taken for the coating to dry. MC-300 coating can be successfully applied within the 70 degree mark. MicroCor Technologies has taken a different route in protecting metals by introducing all size metal corrosion sprays. There is the aerosol can and bulk product application spray. The aerosol can is to be shaken well for 20 seconds and held vertically about 10 inches away from the surface targeted. Sweeping motion is to be made as the nozzle is being depressed while additional applications in all directions are made for complete coverage. The bulk container of MC-300 is to be shaken and placed in the sprayer. The applicator requires a large amount of control over position to allow even application.

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MicroCor Technologies is making a great impact on the oil and gas industry in the prevention of corrosion on surfaces. At an affordable price the company controls external corrosion effectively. This ensures the lifespan of metals is extended. Contact-Us MicroCor Technologies Inc. 2 Chimney Hollow Odessa Texas 79762 Phone: 432-889-5434 620-204-0883 Email: Website -

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