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Micor Packaging are Melbourne manufacturers of cardboard boxes, corrugated & cardboard cartons, stock boxes, cardboard packaging, cardboard containers etc.


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Cardboard Packaging:

Micor Box Manufacturers Melbourne Cardboard Packaging

Regular Style Boxes:

These types of boxes are by and large the most regularly utilized boxes, which cover most pressing necessities. That they can be produced with negligible lead-time and may commonly require tooling to make. The accompanying shapes are a percentage of the more normal situations of Regular Style Containers. Regular Style Boxes

Regular Style Carton (RSC):

This kind of box configuration is the most regularly utilized. This is stuck using one border and obliges tape to seal both the top and base. Regular Style Carton (RSC) http://

Half Slotted Carton (HSC):

This kind of box is regularly applied as a part of conjunction with an unique top so the substance can be effortlessly gotten to. Half Slotted Carton (HSC) http://

Sleeve (SLV):

This kind of box outline is regularly utilized as a part of conjunction with a top and base top or as an line with strengthen the back to the inside dividers of an exterior box. Sleeve (SLV) http://

Creased & Slotted Tray (CST):

This kind of configuration is commonly used as a cover and base, making a container that can without much of a stretch be gotten to. It is likewise utilized as a cover for different kinds of boxes or even as a technique for isolating item on the bed. Creased & Slotted Tray (CST) http://

Corner Cut Folder (CCF):

This kind of box configuration is commonly used to bundle item that has a vast surface sector, yet contract in breadth. Corner Cut Folder (CCF) http://

Full Flap Five Panel Folder (FF5PF):

This crate arrangement is regularly used to package thing which is long, yet restrict in width. Full Flap Five Panel Folder (FF5PF) http://

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