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Mass uprising in Capital of Burkina Faso has ended 27-year rule of Blaise Compaore. Find more Burkina Faso News about the revolution of 2014 in the presentation.


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The Revolution in Burkina Faso:

The Revolution in Burkina Faso Image courtesy - http :// http://

Country Profile:

0 05 Currently it is a semi-presidential republic. 0 04 French is an formal language. 0 03 Previously called the Republic of Upper Volta, country was renamed "Burkina Faso" on 4 August 1984 by then-President Thomas Sankara . 0 02 The Capital is Ouagadougou. Country Profile 01 Landlocked country in West Africa about 274,200 square kilometres . Image courtesy - http://upload.

Government and Politics:

01 The constitution of 2 June 1991 accustomed a semi-presidential government: its parliament could be dissolved by the President of the Republic, elected for a duration of seven years. 02 Burkina Faso is a part of the African Union, Community of Sahel-Saharan States, La Francophonie , Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Economic Community of West African States, and United Nations. 03 In April 2011, there was an army revolt; President named new chiefs of workforce, and a curfew was enforced in Ouagadougou. Government and Politics Image courtesy - http:// Image courtesy - http:// President Blaise Compaoré  ruled Burkina Faso from a coup d'état in 1987 until his resignation in 2014.

Why the Revolution started?:

Why the Revolution started? Image courtesy :*5c7mlTdMZOHAlzaVxakpOA.jpeg Un – employment Poverty High Prices

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Thirst for Freedom Image courtesy - Monday – October 27 The two-day uprising that ushered to Mr Compaore's fall claimed at least 32 lives and hundreds of injured still being treated in hospitals around the country.

Lassina Sawadogo : The Hero:

On 30 th October, Lassina Sawadogo knew he could die in his hometown, Ouagadougou, but he had never thought that he was on a voyage to become a dignitary . His actions started a revolution that finally led to the downfall of 27 years of the President Mr Compaoré Lassina Sawadogo : The Hero Image courtesy -

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Protests The security forces failed to mitigate the protests Image courtesy - Starting on 28 October 2014 nonconformist, began to progress and parade in Ouagadougou against President Blaise Compaore. On 30 October, some nonconformist’s set fire in the parliament, and occupied the national TV headquarters. Ouagadougou International Airport was closed and MPs suspended the vote on changing the constitution to allow Mr Compaoré to stand for re-election in 2015. Later, the military dissolved all government institutions and set a curfew. On October 31, 2014, President Mr Compaoré, resigned after 27 years in office. Lt. Col. Isaac Zida said he will lead the country during its progression period before planned 2015 presidential election.

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Revolution Outcome After the resignation of President Compaoré, the Army Chief General Honore Traoré, on 31 October broadcasted that he would guide the political transformation for the upcoming twelve months. However, the succeeding day, November 1st, after United States persuasion, he stepped away to endorse Lt. Col. Isaac Yacouba Zida. Image courtesy - National Military is currently in control of the country. They have been urged by the US and African Union to hand over power to civilians in 2 weeks. UN  is threatening sanctions if military does not hand over power.

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