Have you tried out Google+?


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Have you tried out Google+?:

*Image by 62290185@N08 via Flickr Have you tried out Google + ?

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*Image via Bing It’s feature Stream is much like the Facebook News Feed, allowing users to share videos, photos, links or their location with friends. Google+ is an exclusive social network at its core.

What Google+ looks like?:

What Google + looks like ? *Image via Bing


*Image via Bing +Circles This is a system that aims at sharing with various social groups and not at sharing mass group of friends. Drag-and-drop your friends into different social circles such as friends, family, classmates, co-workers and other custom groups. Users can drag groups of friends in and out of these circles.


*Image via Bing This feature fetches content like a search engine but also suggests more according to the interests you enter. Content includes blog posts, articles and videos from across the web. +Sparks


+Hangouts You can have a video group chat with others and it allows several people to watch a YouTube video together, at the same time, whilst seeing each other's reactions. *Image via Bing

How can Google+ help you interact with friends and family?:

*Image via Bing How can Google+ help you interact with friends and family?

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*Image via Bing Connects you with different people at different times according to your convenience. Encourages more sharing in an interactive manner. Puts your family, friends and co-workers in different circles without they having any knowledge of it. Encourages face-to-face communication with your friends and family.

How is Google+ useful for business reasons?:

*Image via Bing How is Google+ useful for business reasons?

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*Image via Bing Maintains a Facebook-style friends group and professional contacts without colliding the two worlds together. Integrates with other existing Google tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar or Docs . Organizes videoconferencing across geographical boundaries.

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Should we finally nail Google social with its Plus feature like Facebook and Twitter? *Video by yugaabe via YouTube

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*Image via Bing Only time will unveil if Google has finally found its magical arrow and integrate the world together!

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