Behavior Change Project

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Behavior Change Project:

Behavior Change Project Michelle McGirt


Introduction Julio is a 14 year old 8 th grader with autism and an English Language Learner. Julio loves to draw and color his pictures. C reated his own language Becomes upset and hostile if someone does not understand his language. O utbursts usually last until he receives attention from an adult or is bribed. I ntervention I will be working in Julio’s classroom where he receives instruction in all core subjects.


Method C onsequence based strategies based on the Functional Interview, analyzing the ABC observation form and the function the behavior is serving for Julio. Julio seeks attention F irst strategy will be planned Second strategy will be a token system.

Behavioral Objective:

Behavioral Objective Julio will verbalize his wants and needs in English in 3 out of 4 occurrences.




Implementation E xplained to Julio what was acceptable behavior. The first three days Julio was ignored when he exhibited the targeted behavior. Fourth day began token system for acceptable behavior Explained again that if he received more tokens for the acceptable behavior he can trade them in and receive free time at the end of the week for an activity he enjoys.




Conclusion Not a success. Julio did not stop the disruptive behavior nor did he exhibit the desired behavior enough times to show he was in the process of changing behaviors.

Ideas for future projects:

Ideas for future projects Incorporate more time with student. T ry another strategy until objective is met.

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