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I thought I'd try my hand at a mini-challenge, the Internet Lover Challenge.


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The Paranoid Paramour Internet Lover Challenge Rules here: :

The Paranoid Paramour Internet Lover Challenge Rules here:


Hi! My name is Chester Gieke, and I rarely get out of the Sim Bin, so I'm really excited to finally get to live. My player randomized me, with the SimBlender, so I'm Low Straight. I like Chicks. Heheh. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to find true love, I am afraid to leave the house, greet walk-bys or even chat on the telephone! I just know THEY are out to get me.


So, right now I have enough to live on, and that's about it. However, I can have fun, feed myself, and make some money, all while being very comfortable in high-end chairs and bed. I'm hoping to roll a lot of wants to skill and stuff, so I can use the energizer, at least. But that will take some time. I'll start the garden right away, just to get the growing started. Someday, that will be my main source of income.


Mr. Humble gave me a computer, which I promptly sold, because I had already purchased my own computer, guaranteed free of spyware. No way I was going to trust a computer some random dude just dropped off. Still, it's lonely on my own, and I carefully experimented with chat rooms. You have to be careful, and not give away too much personal information!


It will take a while for the garden to grow, so I headed outside, once I felt a bit less lonely, and started fishing. Whatever I don't eat, I can sell, and fresh fish is a very filling meal.


I was going along, chatting with a few townies, but I just didn't know much about them, and felt like I could not truly connect, without giving myself away. Then Heather Huffington signed on. I switched over to chat with her. She's not a Sim Binner, like me, but as a pre-made, she almost never gets any play time. However, from the little play time she has had, I knew she was not a raging psychopath. I chatted with her for a few hours.


Tuesday, I spent way too much time working in the garden, and catching A fish. Still, the tomatoes are still alive, so as long as I can hold on until harvest, I should be OK financially. Heather wasn't online, but we exchanged a bunch of emails, and then it was time for bed.


After a few days of skilling up, I was able to get this neat device. Not only does it control the weather, but I am assured it will also serve to scramble the alien brain waves, repel zombies, and keep the Black Ops sims at bay. I set it to prolong Fall, indefinitely, because I needed some excuse to turn it on, and the skill boost would also be quite useful for me.


It did have one unfortunate side effect. It scrambled the secure internet connection on my computer, so I had to manually alter the security settings to get through once again.


Heather was not online, but we were able to exchange emails. As it turned out, she told me that she was very rarely online in chat rooms, but preferred the safety of emails. A woman after my own heart. We exchanged at least ten emails a day, after that.


My tomato harvest finally came in. It wasn't very good, but it was enough to pay the bills, and even buy a bit more furniture. I have a bookcase, now, as well as a telescope and a mirror. That means, if I jump rope to build body skill, I am set up to learn everything I need to, and that means more aspiration points!


Aspiration points are goooooood.


Even with all my precautions, sometimes THEY manage to get through to me! I barely survived, but eventually, I was able to get back the skill points I lost, and re-calibrate the security settings on my computer. Again. I had to do it every few days, but better safe than sorry.


All that gardening and studying put me in The Zone, which was very helpful, indeed. “Wow! I can't wait to tell Heather about this!” Some people may think my life is boring, but Heather never complained. I told her all about my garden, and fishing, and everything I had learned in my studies. She told me about her school work, and her weird sorority sisters. It was nice.


When she finally trusted me enough to give me her coordinates, I used my telescope to check out the route between my house and hers. “There is some heavy traffic on Audobon street, but beyond that, things look clear. No zombies or aliens in sight. I can't see the Black Ops sims, either, but then again, no one ever can.”


I reported my findings to her, and she was excited. “I have some time off coming up,” she told me. “I worked with my professor to finish my studies early this semester, so as long as I get back in time for the finals, I can leave the campus, if I want to.”


“Do you want to come over here, and visit me?” I asked, my heart in my throat. We had been emailing for nearly two whole weeks, and this was only the second time we were able to actually chat, in real time. Was it too soon? Was it too much? Would she shoot me down in flames? “I'll be there as soon as I find an armored taxi,” she told me. “HOORAY!”


I kept my eye on the road, watching for any danger, until she arrived.


We hugged, as if we were old friends, who had known and trusted each other forever.


In a way, perhaps we had. Have you ever met someone and just totally clicked with them? As if you were separated at birth, but always connected in your mind and heart? That is how I felt about Heather.


And that, it would seem, is how she felt about me.


Author's Note: It took until the second Saturday of living on the lot before she finally got online again, and I got the option to invite her over. But with all the emails back and forth, they were ready to go. He greeted her, autonomously checked her out and found her attractive, and then she told him a dirty joke, putting them at best friends. He immediately held her hands, and they went straight to crush/love.


A/N: They both find the other attractive, but only have one bolt. This whole challenge took a lot less time than I thought, thanks to all the time he spent skilling at triple speed. And yet, I was very nervous toward the end, thinking “How many people ARE there in Belladonna Cove? Do I have to wait for all of them to cycle through before she gets online again? Will I need Elixir of Life?” I fist-pumped when the option came up. And then, two minutes later, The End.

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