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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 12 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


B-one: Welcome to adulthood, B-two: B-two: Thanks. I feel so... responsible now. Ugh. I suppose we ought to plan something to thwart our friends... I mean, our enemies. B-one: Yeah. Any ideas? sGnomeman: I say we bribe the newspaper editor to offer only part-time jobs that don't lift any restrictions.


Author's Note: It isn't social fun, but that little music box with the gnome has got to be the fastest fun this family is allowed. And I just can't get over how cute they all look, listening to it together. But as soon as they are all mooded up, it will be back to skilling away. Astral and Solar grow up in one more day. I doubt either will make “child prodigy” by learning 3 skills before they grow up. They spread out their skill-choices too much. However, points aside, they will have a good basis for just about any career.


“It's another snow day for us, and the last one for Astral and Solar. Jobs in Sunset Valley don't close for bad weather.” Venus: Now that I have maxed my athletic, I think I'll study Science. It's supposed to give a boost to the medical and science careers, which is better than a boost to only one career. Solar: Hey, you study what you like and I'll study what I like.


“Astral, I know you said you wanted to learn Nectar Making, after I teach you fishing, but with no more snow days for you, I think I'd better teach that skill to Venus, instead. You'll be busy with work.” Astral: What if I take a Business lift, and go to all the different countries? I may need Nectar Making, then. “If that happens, yes, our plans will change. Plans do that. A lot.”


Solar: I got a nice little collection of starter samples when I started learning Alchemy. Venus: And I got a nice little collection of samples for science. Solar: Well, whoever tries to lift Naturalist will have seeds, I suppose. Venus: Working together, we can get a good collection.


“It's birthday time!”


Astral: Ooooh, I like this outfit. And do I have the same hairstyle as before? How lucky. I did not get to become a child prodigy, by learning my three skills before I grew up, but I am very close. I'll have my lifetime wish soon enough. I took Genius, to be able to help with training the next generation. Author's Note: I had forgotten that Jade was already a Renaissance Sim, so Astral gives no bonus points for her LTW. Ah, well.


Solar: My turn! I haven't maxed three skills, yet, either. But I did max athletic and charisma, and came pretty close with alchemy.


Solar: I should be ready for just about any career, especially as I chose Artistic, to give me a skilling boost in writing, painting, or guitar. In fact, it's Tuesday night, and nothing will interfere with my work until Friday or Saturday, at least, right? That gives Thursday for chatting with the boss. So, I'll go ahead and check the paper right now to find my career.


Solar: Science. The one career I didn't really focus on preparing for. Venus: HAHA! Better break out the books tonight. Solar: Yes, but I'll study gardening. And I'll need Mama to spend some time teaching me fishing, as well. Astral: That means I can go for Naturalist, and I am well prepared for that.


“Like I said, plans change. Well, while you're reading science and gardening books, I'll teach Venus the basics of nectar making. Just enough to get a quick boost, in case of a trip to France. When you're done reading, I'll teach you fishing, in between your shifts at work.” Solar: Yeah, I need at least three gardening skill points before my first shift. Good thing I don't need to sleep, huh?


B-one: Heehee! That'll fix him! He'll have to work harder, and he probably won't top out the fishing. Sgnomeman: Silly sim. He should have taken Naturalist, so he could learn fishing from actually doing it, and let his sister take the Science job. B-three: Gosh! You're smart! I hope I get that smart when I grow up.


Venus: Hey, guys! I have an idea! Why not let Astral take the Science job, since she already has fishing almost maxed out, and Solar can take Naturalist, so he can learn fishing as he goes. And then Mama can spend more time teaching me nectar making. “That's a splendid idea, Venus! We'll do it that way.”


B-one: D'oh! B-three: Woooow! How did she hear us all the way out here? sGnomeman: It's a mystery. :YAWN: B-two: Well, maybe there won't be enough fish in the ocean, or room for fish tanks, or … I don't know. Something?


Astral: Since I know the job is Science, I'll take it first thing in the morning, before the new paper is delivered, which will mean they'll give me a whole day before my first shift. Mama can finish teaching me fishing, and you can go over to the graveyard to take the mausoleum job, after the full moon is gone. Solar: Aaaah, I am glad I'm a bookworm. Two of the three needed skills I can get just from reading.


“Fishing is all well and good, but you're going to need handiness, too.” Solar: Don't worry. We'll get it all. Astral: This will be fun! Oooh! When I'm a mad scientist, I can do experiments on all the furniture, for some lovely moodlets. Solar: Just don't set the place on fire. Unless Aurora is around to put it out, I guess. She's still the only brave one amongst us.


Aurora: Hello, young lover! I age up in one day! If you move in with us, once I'm grown, you can upgrade your spaceship for intergalactic adventures, and let me take it on joy rides all over the universe. Then, I'll get a job as a test subject, and lift Alien Technology. My brother, Vulcan, thinks he has Comforting Children in the bag, but I TOTALLY want to do this, first. My own children can give us moodlet managers, but it's harder to get the Alien Technology back.


Xias Thobanob: Whoa! Slow down. What, precisely, do you want me to do? Aurora: Move in with me, after I grow into a Young Adult, and then upgrade your spaceship. I'll handle the rest from there. Xias: That sounds doable.


Aurora: Oh, and impregnate me, but that will have to wait until after my Mama dies of old age, so, you know, that could be years from now. Unless one of my siblings lifts Military, in which case, I'm kicking the boys out, as soon as they make their lifts. Anyway, that part would be a while, and you don't have to stay to raise them, if you don't want to. Xias: I'm not quite sure about that, but sure, I'll loan you the spaceship.


Aurora: Oh, Xias, I'm glad we're friends. Look, I'm going to grow up in just a day or two, but it will probably happen after curfew, so I'll call you the next day, and you can move in then, OK? Xias: Sounds good. I have some vacation time coming up, and this works out nicely. I get to help you, and I don't have to do anything but prep the ship for exploration. This will be fun!




“Another snow day! Solar has the day off, as well, so it's just more skilling, except for you, Astral.” Astral: Yes, it's my first day of work. I wish I had more time to study gardening, but I'll catch up soon enough, I'm sure. It's almost time for the weekend, and I can read books all day long, if I have to. “That's true. Well, good luck, and I hope you get promoted quickly.”


“Well, Solar, it's just the two of us home today, until the kids come home from school. Why don't I give you a little boost in fishing, so that when you start collecting your perfect private aquarium, you'll be able to catch them a little bit faster. It will be a bit of a challenge, since you'll only be able to fish at the beach, but I have confidence in you.” Solar: Thanks, Mama! And I'm going to take advantage of the time to study Science, as well. Maybe they'll start me at a higher job level.


Astral: I got promoted to Lab Tech. It's only level 2, but I hope that with the weekend before me to study what I need for THIS job, I should be able to rise through the ranks quickly. Also, I met all my co-workers, and befriended one of them, plus my boss. I am safe, in case of graduation making me skip work. Solar doesn't even have a boss or co-workers, so his friendships throughout town make him safe, as well.


“Just one more point, and you'll know everything there is to know about nectarology. Until the family lifts Naturalist, Culinary, and Espionage, you can't do anything with it, but you can pass it on, at least. The timing is excellent, because I grow old tomorrow, and we should finish by then. After that, there is nothing more I have to teach my children that they cannot learn themselves.”


Venus: You did it, Mama! You taught me all there is to know about nectar making! And all this talk about nectar is making me really hungry, especially because I DID NOT GET FED AT SCHOOL TODAY! “Oh, you poor dear! I'll go fix us some veggie rolls right away!”


Vulcan: I HAVE MAXED MY ATHLETIC SKILL! I CAN GET A JOB AS SOON AS I GRADUATE! “That's excellent, son! Now all of my children are as strong as they can be. What will you do now, since it seems Cosmo has taken over the word processor?” Vulcan: I STILL NEED TO MAX MY CHARISMA!


Solar: Feh. Three hours is hardly enough to make a dent in my performance. I just hope I can get a promotion soon.


Aurora: Hey, everybody! It's birthday time! I know you're all as hungry as I am, but you can eat after Cosmo and I grow up.


Aurora: These veggie rolls are excellent! You really outdid yourself this time, Mama. “I'm glad I improved a notch for your birthday. Tomorow is the last day I'll be able to make them, I'm afraid, unless I wait too long and grow old, first.”


“Speaking of growing old, tell us about your new traits.” Aurora: I took Genius, of course, so that I can learn Logic faster and tutor my children. Cosmo: I took Bookworm, because I won't be assigned tutoring duty, but as a bookworm, I should be able to skill up faster for almost any job I get. It seemed a good all-around choice.


Cosmo: Ummm, does anyone know when graduation is? Aurora: No clue. Why don't you wait until Monday to look for a job? Then, you'll have all day to chat up your boss, and make sure you don't lose your position. Cosmo: Will do. While I wait, maybe I'll study Science, like Venus suggests, in case I get the Medical career.


“Actually, it looks like I have just the one day left. How about I teach you guitar, in case you get a music career? You can't learn that from a book, and a little head start would only do you good.” Cosmo: Sounds like a plan! I can study science and logic any time, and I may not even need them. But this is my only opportunity to learn anything about the guitar.


Sgnomeman: There's no point in struggling against it. Just chillax and enjoy the time you have. B-three: I'm bored. B-two: Live long enough, and you'll get to play tag. But there's no more tag for me. We have come to the end of an era of fun, and it's really, super depressing. I miss all my friends.


B-one: You're not supposed to be friends with the people. B-two: You're not supposed to be friends with the vampires. B-one: Point taken. Let's just relax and think about the good old days. B-three: Boooooored. I never had any good old days.


“It's graduation day for my four oldest. Ummm, I really should have changed my formal gown, while I was at university, and had the chance. This looked great with my old green hair and red body, but now... Ah, well. In an apocalypse, very few people are lucky enough to look really good.”


“I finally get to ride in the car I bought so long ago. How nice.” Solar: When Astral lifts Science, maybe we can put this one in the black hole, and get a spiffy new one. “Only if someone else lifts Athletic. Do you really think any of us could lift this car? It may be a small junker, but it still weighs a ton. Literally.”


“Graduation takes place at the 'City Services Center,' where the politicos, military junta and police force have their portals.”


“Solar graduates with highest honors, and has been voted 'Most Artistic' by his peers. He's so artistic, he doesn't even bother with the graduation gowns.”


“Astral also takes highest honor, and is voted 'Most Likely To Become a Sports Star.' Well, if she had been allowed to choose her career, that would probably have been true.”


“Cosmo graduates with highest honors, and is voted 'Most Likely To Burn Down His Own House,' as well as being named Class Valedictorian. I'm so proud!”


“And Aurora not only takes highest honors, but is also voted 'Most Likely to Save the World.' How did her peers know that Aurora is destined to carry this family on to the next generation, and continue our work to save Sunset Valley from the apocalypse?”


“Friends, Sunset Vallians, countrysims, lend me your ears! Today, on my last day of adulthood, I am proud to announce that my daughter, Aurora, will continue my family's work of lifting the apocalypse! Through her, and her children, the Scarlet line will continue, and I am sure that she will lead our family, and our town, into a new age of peace and prosperity!” Author's Note: She's giving a lecture about guitar, actually. Hence the skill bars.


“Can we get one of these podiums for the house?”


“Back home, it's time to hang all the honors on the wall. What a pretty sight it makes. And I still have two children to add their own diplomas and ribbons, as well.”


“Speaking of children, young lady, just what do you think you're wearing?!” Aurora: Don't blame me, Mama. I didn't chose it, you know. I just spun into it, randomly. “Well, please don't wear it outside, at least.”


“But I don't have time for arguments about questionable clothing choices now. It's my birthday! Time to sparkle into elderhood and senility.”


“Wait! I'm not an elder? I still have one day as an adult! Hooray!” Venus: Yaaaay! You're not senile, yet! Cosmo: So, I got us one of those lecture podiums like they have at the city center. Want to try it out? “You betcha! I want to take advantage of this single day as a full adult.”


“Oh, this is a great present, children! Thank you so much! I do wish I'd had it a long time ago. We'll see how much use you make of it in the future, though.” Cosmo: Thanks for lecturing me about guitar. Maybe you'll do it again, after you go senile? “Maybe so. I have no idea if I'll be able to use this autonomously.”


“On Sunday, we get an influx of money from the books we have written, and take the opportunity to buy some things, such as four little futuristic rugs for Solar to plant his seeds in, eventually, and some tables to hold the fish bowls. “We also had to put several things into the black hole, but we aren't using them, and we'll be able to replace them when we need them.”


“While the rest of the family is skilling, Aurora invites over her alien friend, Xeep.”


“Wait! He's old. You called over the wrong one, Aurora. An elder alien will do you no good”


B-one: AAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA! At last! We accomplished something. We confused the heiress so that she invites over the old alien, instead of the young one. Elders RULE! Sgnomeman: Yeah, because she can't possibly just invite over the younger one in a minute. B-one: WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU! STOP MUMBLING!


Aurora: Whoops! Sorry. My bad. I got you confused with Xias. You look so similar in my phone directory. Xeep: No problem. It's good to just get out of the mothership once in a while. Aurora: Well, hey, enjoy the rockers, then.


“Meanwhile, I'm glad of this extra day. I've already got Cosmo trained halfway with Guitar.” Cosmo: It sure would be nice to lift Symphonic or Entertainment. “Symphonic, please. The ability to lock wants is pretty big. Plus, it's one of the pre-requisites for travel, which can be very useful, as well.”


Aurora: Wow, Xias! I knew you were cute, but I didn't know I'd feel such attraction to you. Xias: I did not know, either, when you were younger, that you would grow into such an attractive young woman. Aurora: Well, after you move out, I'll be VERY happy to make at least one baby with you.


Aurora: In the meantime, I'll practice my speechifying, while you upgrade the spaceship for space travel. Xias: I wish I weren't a technophobe. I'm sure it would go much faster if I weren't afraid of all these buttons. Author's Note: I laughed out loud when I checked his traits. A space-alien technophobe! Also, not a slob. He's going to be miserable here.


“Hey! It's my birthday, again! Tonight, I fully relinquish all responsibility. Aurora, you're in charge, now.”


“What is this outfit?”


Xias: Alright, Aurora: I've finished making the spaceship ready for you to take it on adventures. Now what? Aurora: Now you chat up the family. It's really about all you can do for rest of the week. Enjoy! Become a celebrity. Meanwhile, it's past curfew, so I'll have to wait until six in the morning, before I go on my adventures. I'll just stay up practicing my charisma.


Cosmo: Venus and Vulcan won't grow up until Tuesday, so I'm safe to go ahead and take a job, now that graduation is over. I've learned all I can from Mama. I wonder what is available? There's an offer for a job in the Fortune Telling career. That's not a bad one, at all. I could lift Paranormal with that, which could be very useful, indeed, especially since I'm a genie. Or I could become a scam artist and lift Criminal, without having to work nights.


Cosmo: Of course, if I'm going for the Paranormal option, I could become a magician, instead, which means I could perform tricks here at home, and possibly advance more quickly. At least I'd never have to worry about getting in trouble for missing the carpool. Venus: Take the home option. It gives you lots more flexibility. And paying protection's not that bad, with a bit of planning.


Cosmo: OK, so I'll be a Magician. Is it listed as a profession in the paper, or do I have to wait until the morning, to go find a proprietor and sign up with him? It IS! I am “The Great Cosmunut”! Now to start practicing. I wonder if I can get a promotion by morning?


Cosmo: The Great Cosmonut is going to enjoy lifting the Paranormal restrictions! Vulcan: ARE YOU ALWAYS GOING TO REFER TO YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON, FROM NOW ON? Cosmo: Are you ever going to learn to modulate your volume?


“Hahaha! It's your birthday!” Aurora: What? But this morning, you were a young adult. I checked! And when you moved in, you said you were an adult with 23 days left until your birthday. What's going on here?


Xias: I'm sorry, what was the question? Aurora: Oh, brother. Well, it's just as well he did his part already, but dang it! I wanted him to father my children, after I make my lift. Great Plumbob, I'm having the worst luck with finding an alien pixel donor. “Hey, Xias, wanna rock with me?” Author's Note: I don't get it. There is something wrong with the aging in my game.


Aurora: Right. I'm going upstairs and pulling up the ladder behind me. I'll throw down some food for them, just enough to keep them going. FLERGLE! Well, if Cosmo lifts Paranormal, and Venus, Vulcan or I lift Culinary, I could pass the heir torch over to Astral, instead, and let her have little genie babies who can give perfect meals for a +50 mood boost. I was Mama's choice, but I'm in charge now, and can make my own choice.


sGnomeman: On that note, I think I'll retire from this gig. B-three: That was awesome, sGnomeman! How did you do that? sGnomeman: It's all the power of cool, B-three. Stay cool, and eventually, you'll be able to manage a glitch of your own. B-three: Yeah! Cool!


Aurthor's Note: And on that note, I think I'll end this chapter. Next chapter, Venus and Vulcan age up, and Aurora tries to lift the Alien Technology clear. See you next time, and Happy Simming!

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