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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 11 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


Aurora: I know what I want out of life. I want to max my body and my martial arts skill. I'm definitely going to need Mama's help with the last part, but I can keep exercising all the rest of the time, if I have to. Venus: I keep trying to build up my body, but nothing seems to happen. I can't seem to learn charisma, either. It's like I was brain damaged, or something, even though I'm a genius! Is there any hope for me?


“That's it. Get those grades up. You all want to be able to choose a skill that will help in your future careers.” Author's Note: I deleted the cache files, and that seems to have fixed Venus. Sort of. She finally got that first Charisma point, at least. Still no Athletic, but she has time.


sGnomeman: I guess as senior gnome, I am in charge now. But I won't be for long. You may miss Valedictorian and Salutatorian, but I will be joining them, soon. Do no weep for me, but promise that you will carry on the mission. B-one: I miss them. Wow, being an adult is hard! There's all this responsibility, and stuff. And I'm supposed to take over as gnome-heir? I have no idea what to DO!


Venus: Hey, look, Mama! I'm actually gaining Athletic skill now. “That's wonderful, honey! And when I'm done teaching Aurora Martial Arts, I'll teach you some guitar. After that, I'll teach fishing to you or your brother. I'm hoping for a snow day today, actually. We all need the skilling time.”


“Thank Plumbob, it's a snow day! Skilling! I hope to be able to get all the Martial Arts, Guitar and Fishing taught before I age up, but that will definitely require several more snow days. “At least the kids all have A grades, now, so they simply have to maintain. That won't be so hard. They can save time by doing their homework at school, and focus on skills at home.”


“I spent all day tutoring Aurora, and only managed to get her up one level in Martial Arts. She still has three points to go, and then I have to teach Guitar and Fishing, as these are skills my family cannot learn any other way, and may be required for careers. If only one sim in the next generation learns the skill, at least they can try to pass it on from there. I have decided we genies spend too much time sleeping, and so I am asking my Watcher to turn us ageless for the next week.”


“Or possibly ten days.”


“Friday is another snow day, and then we have the whole weekend to skill! Will it be enough? With aging off, I hope so. “The weekend days kind of blend into each other, though, at this point. Nothing much changes, except the bars fill up and new skills are learned. Hopefully, Aurora's generation will be able to 'abduct' an alien to lift Alien Technology, but if not, Vulcan will give our family the Moodlet Manager. One or the other WILL happen!”


“One good thing about taking the extra time for me to teach martial arts, guitar and fishing (and possibly Nectar Making, if I have the time), is that it also gives the kids time to learn the athletic skill they will need. No one can take a job unless they have maxed athletic skill, and if they max it before they become young adults, they will not have to waste valuable time when they could be working. That means they'll make their lifts sooner, overall.”


“And since they all got enough contacts, friends, and best friends, to be able to build as much Charisma as they want, they should be able to easily befriend their bosses and co-workers, which is also necessary. Not only will it help them advance in most careers (except perhaps Science), it will also ensure that they do not have to quit their jobs in case of missing a day due to a sibling's graduation or marriage, or a child's birth.”


“Only two more skill points to go, and you will have all you need from me to earn your lifetime wish. The athletic skill you'll have to get on your own.” Aurora: Thank you, Mama! This means so much to me! And I promise, I won't let you down. Either I'll use this skill, myself, or I'll learn enough logic to teach it to someone else. You know, I might just take Genius as my final trait. I think that would be good for all of us.


B-two: Hey, pals! It's too bad we can't play tag anymore, but I'm glad we're still friends. Ummm, don't tell the other gnomes, OK? I'm not really allowed to fraternize with you. Nice music! Aurora: Did you hear something? I thought I heard something. Solar: I'm always hearing stuff. This house is so noisy! Anyway, the stereo's playing workout music. What did you expect? Silence?


“And so the weekend goes. Even my alien children need to rest from time to time.”


Solar: I finally maxed Charisma! Now it's just work out until I'm fatigued, and write until I'm rested and back and forth. Writing is a skill used in at least four careers, so I have a good, solid base for most of the careers. It all depends on what's in the paper, of course. Personally, I'm hoping for something in the Film career. Although if someone else is on the word processor, I think I'll take up the study of Alchemy. It's only good for one career, but a boost is a boost.


Cosmo: Yaay! We get to go back to school! I can talk to my friends and be even more popular! “I'm glad you're happy about it. It means no skilling until after dinner, but I'm glad you get to boost your social mood, at least.”


“Meanwhile, I can take the time to do some skilling of my own. I need just over one more skill point to earn the big science station for the family.”


“Tonight, nobody should even bother with homework. You can do it at school the next time you go. It's skilling time! “Maybe we'll get another snow day tomorrow. I hope so. I want a few more snow days, if at all possible.”


“It's that time again. Haha, zombies! Can't get us! We have the ladder pulled up.”


“Zombies, ghosts and elders – they all are magically drawn to the rocking chairs.”


Vulcan: I AM THE BRUSHMASTER! Solar: That's nice. What does it mean? Vulcan: I HAVE PAINTED THIRTY PAINTINGS, AND NOW I WILL PAINT EVEN FASTER THAN BEFORE. Solar: Great. You can fill up the family inventory faster than before. Good for you.


“Another snow day! Hooray! I believe I will be able to finish training Aurora in Martial Arts today, and then I can move on to teaching Venus the guitar.”


Aurora: YESSSS! Almost there! I only have a few more points of athletic to earn, and they should come easily enough, now that I have spent over 60 hours building strength. I don't even get fatigued, anymore.


“Uh, oh. Looks like another ghost in the making. I do with the paparazzi would go away, rather than dying here. Well, it's too late now, unless she manages to thaw herself out, because I am too busy training my daughter to deal with a fool. “These paparazzis really seem immortal. It's only guests that die on my lot, although I have heard tell of zombies rising up, then dying of old age, on other lots. Yikes!”


Vulcan: I AM A PROFICIENT PAINTER! FROM NOW ON, I AM MORE LIKELY TO PAINT BRILLIANT AND MASTERPIECE PAINTINGS! “Fantastic! Now you can start writing away, and earn us that moodlet manager. Way to go, Vulcan!” Vulcan: NOT QUITE YET!


Vulcan: THIS IS MY MASTERPIECE! NOW THAT I AM AT THE PINNACLE OF MY ART, I CAN SWITCH TO WRITING! “Hooray! That's fantastic, Vulcan! I'm so proud of you.” Aurora: Oh, brother! I have to grow up, before I can even try to move in an alien, and you're half-way done with your option. I may just have to mate with an alien and let the next generation try.


“Now, I know you're not allowed to practice on a real guitar, but I'll explain the chords to you, and show you how to move your fingers, and you can practice on an air guitar. You'll be blowing them away in no time.” Venus: Thanks, Mama! I hope I get a job in the music career, but even if I don't, I'll definitely be able to pass the skill along. At least I'm learning now. And with the Fast Learner reward, it's even faster.


Astral: I am in tip-top shape and ready to work! Or at least go to the park. “Not without an escort. But I'm glad you're able to get a job as soon as you grow up. Now to work on your other skills.” Astral: That's right! I want to max three of them! I'm going to work on Charisma next.


“On Thursday, we have another snow day. I am loving these opportunities for skilling up!”


“Friday rolls around, and it's yet another snow day! Now we have the whole weekend in front of us for skilling, and on Monday morning, the Watcher will turn our aging back on. We'll be well prepared, though, won't we?”


Aurora: It's a pity we can't repair this cheap boombox. But then again, as an alien, I can recombobulate it, and that is just as good. “Thank you, Aurora! I hope we always have an alien in the family, since you can do such wonderful things.”


“Alright, Astral. I started training you in fishing, while you were a child, and now you're almost grown. I'm sorry I got distracted. Let's finish the job now. Or at least get you to level 6.” Astral: I'd like to learn the basics of Nectar Making, too. “We'll see what happens. Maybe we'll continue to be lucky with the snow days. But fishing first.”


Aurora: It's an alien! And he's male! Solar: And he's old. He'll probably die before you can move him in, and even if he didn't, he'd die within a day or two of you moving him in. Aurora: Awwww. Well, if he's still alive when I grow up, maybe he can give me an alien baby. With seven of us, surely we can manage. I want an alien baby! The race is on, between me and Vulcan.


Aurora: Hi! I'm in a race to lift this generation's optional clear. Do you, by any chance, have a younger brother who would be willing to stay for one week and give me two children? Xeep: I'm sorry. I'm senile, and don't know the answer to your question. I might have a sister. Would she do? Aurora: You don't breed the same way we do, do you?


Aurora: Wheeee! I maxed athletic and martial arts and got my lifetime wish! Now all I have to do is max charisma, so I can make friends instantly. I barely even became acquaintances with that Xeep guy. I'll chat with him on the phone on Monday, but I'd be better off befriending a new, young alien, male or female. I still want an alien baby, but either gender will do to give us Alien Technology and longer lifespans. If Vulcan doesn't beat me to the mark.


“It's Monday morning, and we have used up all our aging-off days. It's time for you kids to go to school, and for me to finish decorating this place. I have learned all the Science skill, and earned the science project for the household, and now I just want to complete another skill challenge, or two, while you kids are unavailable for tutoring.” Vulcan: GUESS WHAT! I WROTE A BEST-SELLER HUMOR NOVEL! ONLY THREE MORE BEST-SELLERS TO GO!


Author's Note: And on that hopeful note (the race for this generation's optional clear really is on!), I will end this chapter. Next time, senility comes at last for Jade Scarlet, and the kids grow into young adults and start their careers. I wonder what restrictions this generation will lift?

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