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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 10 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“It's a Snow Day! Alright, children, you were all very good about doing your homework last night, so today, I won't make you walk across the street to school, since no one will be there, anyway. You can all enjoy the music box this morning, and then skill up. “I'll tutor the youngsters, to ensure they get the A grade they need, and the teens have plenty of time before their birthdays, so it's skill, Skill, SKILL!”


“What are you painting, Vulcan?” Vulcan: IT'S A PICTURE OF DADDY, ROCKING! “Ummm, OK. You might want to try again.” Vulcan: ALRIGHT, MAMA. BUT FIRST, I WANT TO PAINT A PICTURE OF YOU, TUTORING VENUS.


“Aaah. I see it, now. It's hard to get the proper angle from up here, I suppose. Still, that should be good enough to satisfy the town leaders, and perhaps help us earn a moodlet manager. Good job, Vulcan!” VULCAN: THANKS, MAMA! NOW, YOU SIT AND TUTOR VENUS FOR A LITTLE WHILE, AND I'LL PAINT YOUR PICTURE. “Just for a while, now. It's your turn for tutoring, next.”


Aurora: Come work out with us, Solar, or you'll never make 10 athletic before you grow up. Solar: I worked out earlier. I'm fatigued now. Besides, if we stagger our work-outs, we have more space and we have more music, which means better moods, all around. Aurora: Clever!


“You've all done very well today. Now it's time for just a bit of fun before bed.” Author's Note: This so looks like a family having evening prayers. If I ever write a story with religion in it, I know how to stage it, now.


Aurora: In just a few more days, the youngsters will be teenagers, and we'll be four of us, skilling all night. Solar: Yeah, so much for peace and quiet. Aurora: Sorry. Didn't mean to break your concentration.


“Another Snow Day! Or should I say, skilling day? It's the last day to get Venus and Vulcan's grades up, so we'll focus on that, while the teens skill. Tomorrow is Saturday, and the last kid's birthday.”


Cosmo: I just can't stand having you mad at me, Dad. You know I love being popular. Will you please forgive me for that thing with the school? Obgu: Very well, son. You have been working hard, after all. Cosmo: Thanks, Dad! Hey, maybe we could study together for a while.


Cosmo: Huh. My grade didn't go up at all. I guess it's not like Mom's tutoring. But thanks, anyway, Dad. Obgu: Don't mention it, son. Please, especially don't mention that it did not boost your grade. This old man, apparently, has nothing left to teach. I'll just go back to my rocker.


Aurora: It may not be applicable to any particular job, but I am glad I have learned some Martial Arts. “Maybe you'll get the Business job, and you can travel the world. Martial Arts may come in useful, there.” Aurora: Only if someone else lifts Athletic first. “Eh, you never know. Anyway, you'll be able to pass it on to your kids.”


“Hey, college friends! Tomorrow is Saturday, and it's Venus and Vulcan's birthday, so come on over for the last tag game this generation!”


“And now, it's time for dinner, a bit of fun, and a bit more skilling before bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day. “However, the teens do not need any more friends, so they will stay inside, skilling. It's tag just for the kids tomorrow.”


Venus: Wheee! Daddy! Play tag with us! Obgu: Tag? I love tag! I can play that all night long! Venus: It's daytime, Daddy!


Vulcan: Oh, no! Someone spread a rumor about me, and I lost all my friends! I hope I can make new ones today. Mama had better invite over everyone she ever met, because I need to be well set for building Charisma. “You may have to do it the old fashioned way, Vulcan. But at least you have met a variety of sims, so you'll get a small starting boost with new people. That's a start.”


Valedictorian: B-two? There's a tag game. Aren't you going to play? B-two: Don't feel like it. Valedictorian: It's the last tag game of the whole generation. You're just going to lie there? B-two: I'm too sad to play tag.


Valedictorian: It's OK, B-two. I miss Salutatorian, too.


Venus: I don't know why, but this tag game just isn't as good as the others. There are hardly any people playing, and everyone just feels sort of sad. I guess Vulcan and I will have to make our friends the old-fashioned way, once we're grown. Vulcan: I want to go inside and paint. Venus: I want to go write. Race you to the ladder!


Astral: I may not be able to spend as much time skilling as my alien siblings, but I should be able to max three skills, at least. I want to become a Renaissance Sim!


“This is a sad day, although we have been expecting it for some time. Dearest Obgu has finally passed on. He died happy, sitting in his favorite rocking chair.”


Obgu: Thank you, Grim Reaper, for pulling me a few steps away before placing my tombstone. There will be no route-blocking or taking up of our precious allowed space. “Farewell, my love! I will join you in the hereafter soon. In the meantime, everyone please leave. I don't want any other elder deaths here tonight.”


All the kids: DADDY! WE LOVE YOU! “It's a comfort for us all to know that he will visit us again, as a ghost. He is gone, but not forgotten, and someday, someone from this family may raise him to live again. “Now, cry your tears, and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully filled with joy and love. And skilling.”


Vulcan: I DON'T WANT TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY THE SAME NIGHT THAT DADDY DIED! “I'm afraid we can't control these things, sweetie. You have to grow up now. But you'll see. Things will look brighter in the morning.” Vulcan: IF YOU SAY SO, MAMA.


“So, before you nod off into your trances, tell me what traits you chose.” Vulcan: I CHOSE BOOKWORM, TO HELP ME BECOME AN ILLUSTRIOUS AUTHOR! Venus: And I chose Genius, so that I can help teach the next generation their skills. Don't forget to teach me guitar, Mama. Maybe fishing, too!”


“So many skills to teach, so little time. You know, anything that can be learned from a book, or from doing it yourselves around the house, will be done that way. From now on, I tutor only in Martial Arts, Guitar, Fishing, and Nectar Making. And Nectar Making is optional. I feel like I'm running out of time.”


Venus: Do you really think working out will help us feel better? Solar: Physically, maybe. I'm still sad. Vulcan: ME, TOO! Aurora: This will pass. Just keep working toward a better future. Solar: Getting into the spirit of heirship, are you?


Vulcan: THIS IS THE VOLCANO OF MY GRIEF! Solar: I wish I had some earplugs of despair. Vulcan: DON'T MOCK MY PAIN! Solar: Don't hurt my ears. Holy Plumbob, I miss those quiet nights. Look, you're a bookworm. How about reading something, instead?


“Oh, Obgu, I miss you so much more than Eshu. You were more than a lover. You were a true partner and friend.” Author's Note: EVERYONE is in the red, now. They're all miserable, mourning poor Obgu. Fortunately, it only lasts two days. I really want that moodlet manager right now, though, to zap away the grief.


“Sunday is Skilling Day, without any worries about tag or visitors. We're all going kind of stir-crazy, though, so we actually do hope for a school day tomorrow. “Venus gets her wish to learn some guitar skill. For some reason, she has a mental block about learning charisma. I only hope she won't need it for her job, after all.”


“I suppose it was a blessing that Ogbu died before the full moon. No worries about zombies doing unnatural things to him, if he doesn't want to come upstairs. And no worries about route-blocking if he dies upstairs. Yes, it was sad, but it worked out for the best.”


“Today was NOT a snow day, thank Plumbob. I did some quick hopping at the hopscotch game across the street, while the kids were in school, and then came home to study a bit of science. My goal is to earn the big science station before I go senile. We won't be able to use it, of course, but it can wait in our family inventory until then. “I got to level 8, and took two samples of myself. Perhaps, someday, one of my grandchildren will clone me!”


“If we want to go back to the ways of the genie, rather than the ways of the alien, we will have the means. However, for the next generation or two, aliens will rule. The extra time for skilling is vital, so long as their careers are so random. Once they can choose, they can focus their skilling, and will need less time. “Even if they never clone me, I am happy to see that a little piece of me will remain like this.”


Author's Note: And this is about as good a stopping point as any, so see you next time, and Happy Simming!

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