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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 8 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


Cosmo: Any NeenerNanners under there? Voice: Nope. Just us dustbunnies. Come and see for yourself. Hehehe. Cosmo: MAAAMAAAAAAA!


“Oh, my poor Cosmo! He fainted. If only he were brave. “Don't worry, sweetie. Mama will fix those NeenerNanners! They won't bother you tonight.”


Valedictorian: Hooray! We actually accomplished something! Salutatorian: Yeah. We scared the kid silly on a Saturday night. He'll be tired on Sunday morning. Woot. sGnomeman: Actually, it was the NeenerNanners who did it. We can't really take credit for their evil-tude. Valedictorian: Don't spoil my joy!


“You can sleep in my bed tonight, just to be safe.” Cosmo: Thanks, Mama. I know you beat them up, but I'm still scared.” “I know. Maybe you'll grow up to be brave and strong, and fight your own battles, but for now, just be my sweet little boy, and trust that I'll protect you.”


“I'm so glad I remembered to pull up the ladder before bed. My neighbors can be very scary on a full moon night. NeenerNanner monsters under the bed are bad enough. I don't want the kids to have to face actual zombies.”


“But Obgu is such a comfort. He really keeps this house running smoothly. Not only does he clean up any little messes, but he stays up all night, watching over the toddlers while the children and I sleep, and makes sure they learn what they need to know. And he gives me sweet, sweet loving to keep my own social meter filled. I get a mood boost just being near him.”


“Although, I love how Obgu cleans up around the house, I have reserved all the plumbing repair jobs for myself. This was my tenth time fixing broken plumbing, and from now on, any plumbing I repair will remain repaired forever. It's a real time-saver for my family's future.”


“Speaking of my family's future, it took some doing*, but I was finally able to figure out how to tutor my children for school. Now, in addition to teaching them the skills they'll need, I can ensure that they will have the grades required to choose their own trait, upon growing up.” *Author's Note: I tried deleting cache files and reloading the game, resetting everyone in town, and finally evicting the family and moving them back in did the job. Somewhere in this mess, Mars had his name changed to Vulcan. Don't ask me how.


“Solar, my little genius, has painted the first picture, and it's lovely, if abstract. We can't hang it on the walls, though, and so Obgu sticks it in the black hole, otherwise known as family inventory. We still have one thing in there, the miner, that we will be able to pull out when it stops being restricted. But it stays there for now, and everything we can't use goes in there to stay forever.”


“Although we're all busy skilling, it's not all work and no play. Solar takes some time to play with the little ones, and even gives them their bottles, so that Obgu and I can continue to tutor his middle siblings. Meanwhile, Astral is hard at work at her own novel, 'I Loved a NeenerNanner Lover.' It's a bit subversive for my taste, but not as surprising as Solar's novel, 'Battle Gnomes.' He says that they are up to something, but I don't know where he got that idea.”


“Monday morning, the schoolbus arrives for the first time. I am happy to say that my kids are well prepared, at least the four oldest are, so they can spend their time at school socializing, instead of working hard. I'll be glad of the quiet, while they are away, because today Obgu will have his hands full finishing the toddler training, while I need to write a novel, because the mob took all our money, and there are bills to pay.”


Obgu: Mama is making money for us. Can you say “Money?” Vulcan: Money! “Thanks for teaching our son the value of a simoleon. Keep at it. I'm almost done, and as soon as the bills are paid, I'll teach Venus to walk. I'm glad we have the books, so she can learn valuable skills, even on her own.


“You're good kids, coming in and heading straight for the table to do your homework. Tell you what. After dinner, you can all play with your teddies before bed. “Just let me finish this novel here...”


“Whew! My drama novel, 'To Neener or To Nanner' is a best-seller! I raked in enough money to pay today's bills, and probably Thursday's as well. This should keep us fed and sheltered for another week.”


“Today was a busy day, and I am exhausted. So are the kids. Obgu, I'm glad you're awake, so we don't have to worry about anything while we sleep. Do you think you'll be able to get the toddlers finished with walking and talking tonight?” Obgu: It depends on how long they sleep. I hope so. You know, I do not have much time left before I go senile, so it might come down to you working hard tomorrow to finish everything, yourself.


Obgu: I need to teach you to talk quickly. Today is my birthday, and this evening, I will grow senile. But before that, I vow to finish teaching you and your twin brother all you need to know before you have your own birthdays.


“Hey, all my local friends! It's a Snow Day and it's my hubby's birthday. I can't throw a party, but I can invite all of you over here for a massive game of tag, to celebrate, and spend some final time with Obgu before he loses it. Come one, come all, and let's PLAY!” Author's Note: Having a founder who can make best friends with just a charming introduction is awesome. She has at least 20 friends in the neighborhood, so by the time the children grow into teens, they will have a good friendship base of their own.


Cosmo: Hi! I'm Cosmo, and Mama said that you're friends, and not NeenerNanners, and so you're safe and I can play with you and will you play with me? TAG! You're it!”


“Alright, children. Not all of my friends were able to make it, but you go ahead and play with all those who could come, and we'll have another tag session either the next time we have a Snow Day, or else on Saturday.”


Valedictorian: It's not fair! They're making friends left, right, and center! They are supposed to feel isolated and alone! Nooo! Baby Gnome #1: That looks like fun! I wanna play, too! Salutatarian: Why not? Baby #2 has already joined the game.


sGnomeman: You know you have a leadership problem when two-fifths of your army run off to play with the enemy. Valedictorian: Oh, really? Well, do you think you could do better? sGnomeman: YAWN! Nope. Probably not. I'm gonna take a nap.


Aurora: Tag is fun, but it's 4:30, the sun is going down and I am getting cold. Valedictorian: Hooray! She'll freeze to death. Aurora: What was that? I could have sworn I heard something. GASP! Could it be NeenerNanners? Oh, no! I'm going inside to warm up and be safe.


Obgu: That's you trained, Venus. And none too soon. All six of the children have been fully taught, as toddlers, with walking, talking, and potty. I have just enough time to fix dinner before I lose my mind.


Astral: Happy birthday, Daddy! Solar: Oh, Daddy's going to lose his mind. It's so sad. How can you celebrate? Astral: It's either that or cry. Author's Note: Seriously, don't these two have such sad eyes here?


Obgu: They may be sad, but I am proud of myself. I have done a good job, getting all the toddlers trained and the children tutored, so they have A grades. It's been a good life for me here, and despite the challenges, I am glad I married my lovely Jade.


“My husband is still so handsome. I know I will love him forever.”


“He does bear watching, though. I had forgotten that he was a daredevil. Always, he took such care to be a good father to our children, and never did anything risky, until now. Fortunately, that fireplace is fireproof, and he won't set himself or the house ablaze.”


“After I write a few chapters of my new science fiction novel, 'NeenerNanners of the Future!', I will turn the word processor around, so he doesn't use it, accidentally. Then, I'll move the exercise stereo up to my room. With the pantry door locked, he should be alright on his own.”


Solar: Stop hiding, Aurora. We can all see you. Aurora: I'm afraid of the NeenerNanners! Astral: There are no NeenerNanners at school, and the bus is armed and armored. You're perfectly safe. Cosmo: I don't blame her for hiding under the seat. I'm scared, too.


“Oh, Obgu, baby, you're so sweet! You broke the sink, and now I can fix it permanently! Awww, what would I do without you?”


“Oh, Eshu, my love. You're old and senile, too. Well, the kids will be home from school, soon, and you can play tag with them, and become best friends. It's only fitting, after all.”


“There may be a better way for a father to get to know his children, but I can't think of a faster one. And time is an issue, once they get old. This may be their last chance. He may not be able to come visit again tomorrow.”


sGnomeman: Nobody understands me but you, Snow Angel. Someday, I will merge with the NeenerNanners, and join you in Snow Heaven. The others don't understand. They rage and fight against it, but it is our destiny. And why waste energy fighting your destiny?


Valedictorian: Baby #1, we seem to be missing sGnomeman, and Baby #2 has gone off to play tag, again. I need you to go find sGnomeman, and bring him back to the conclave. Baby #1: No can do, Pops. I got a hot date with a smokin' vampire gnome, over at the Crumplebottom house. And don't call me Baby. Salutatorian: Have a nice time, dear. Be back by midnight.


“It's birthday time! No more toddlers, and no more toddler books. Our living room will be nice and open for a while. Maybe we can even play kicky bag inside.”


“Congratulations, Venus! What new trait have you chosen?” Venus: Duh. Ambitious, of course. “Of course. Well, after dinner, I'll teach you how to do your homework, and then you can catch up with your older siblings.”


“And you, Vulcan?” Vulcan: AMBITIOUS! AND I WANT TO BE AN ILLUSTRIOUS AUTHOR! “That's wonderful! And I'm so glad you're enthusiastic, too. Do you think you could tone down the volume, just a tad, though? Please?” Vulcan: ALRIGHT, MAMA! I'LL BE QUIET!


“Oh, Eshu! I knew you were old, but I didn't know you were that old!” Eshu: Now, I can watch over my children for all eternity. “Yes, of course. I'm sure you'll make a very good guard. Just let me buy you a rocking chair, and you can get to your eternal guardianship.”


“Great. Now I have to finish another novel in time for tomorrow's bills. Well, with all the toddlers grown, I'll have more time on my hands, I suppose. That is, if it's not a snow day. “You know what? Snow day or not, I'm getting those kids friended-up with the most massive game of tag, ever. After all, I am friends with practically everyone back at Uni, and with a whole lot of people here. It's time to put that to good use. I'm hitting the phones.”


Cosmo: I woke up today just knowing that I want to be Super Popular! And Mama invited some of her school friends over, and it's a snow day, and I AM GONNA BE SO HAPPY! Venus: Tag? Cosmo: Yep! Play with me!


Cosmo: Mom sure knows a lot of people. Did she invite the entire university to visit us? She said she had to invite them in batches, because only eight could fit in a taxi, at a time. She says that the phones are magic. They only work for chatting people up on Mondays and Thursdays, but we can call friends and invite them over any time. That's great!


Cosmo: Seventeen friends! I only need three more, and then I can go inside. What a great snow day! Mama has been on the phone all morning, inviting her local friends, so with that, and the ones she invited last night, from university, we are chock full of playmates. I wonder why she pulled up the ladder, behind us, when she sent us outside to play? Oh, well, I guess she'll put it back down when it's time for dinner.


Cosmo: Can you believe, she says there are more on the way? I won't go inside until I have met them all!


Cosmo: Awww, it's three o'clock, and I'm not super popular, yet, but Mama put down the ladder, and called us in to eat. And I haven't met everyone in Mama's phone book, yet. Some of them couldn't come. “Don't worry. Tag is magical. As long as the newer people keep playing, they'll keep making friends. You may find you are super popular by the time you go to bed, or possibly sooner. If not, there's always Saturday to finish the job.”


Cosmo: Mama was right! It's time for bed, and I just became Super Popular and super happy! And now I'm super sleepy. “I'm glad it worked out for you, sweetie! I can't tell if it worked so well for the others, but either way, you'll all be well on your way for building Charisma skill, when you grow into teens. Now it's time for bed. Sweet dreams to you all!”


“Finally! I got all the family inside, all the guests out, and the ladder pulled up against the paparazzi. Some of them simply did NOT want to leave. “Well, I guess tag is really fun.”


“Obgu can't help but be a good father to the children. He even watches over them, as they sleep. “Speaking of which, I should head to bed, myself. I have a whole novel to write tomorrow, school or no, because we have bills due right now, and I just had to buy that rocking chair for Eshu's ghost.”


B-one: So, B-two, how was your day? Baby #2: Who's B-two? B-one: You are, silly! I'm not a baby, anymore, and you won't be for long, so we shouldn't be called Baby #1 or Baby #2. Anyway, I had a rockin' time with some hot babes over on the other side of town. How were things here?


B-two: It. Was. Epic! Tag is the best game in the world! B-one: Oh, I bet the old folks weren't too happy about you joining in. Fraternizing with the enemy, they'll call it. B-two: So much fun! Who cares what they think? I don't care if they ground me. It was all worth it. And I made oodles of friends, too! B-one: Attaboy, B-two! Stick it to The Man!


Author's Note: And now, I will leave you, with only this picture that is completely unrelated to the story, but just goes to show that tag does not always make non-playables into friends with each other. Happy Simming!

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