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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 7 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“I am pregnant for the last time. Even if I only have a singleton this time, it will be my last. Obgu is nearing old age, and I really do want his help throughout our children's toddlerhood. “He is such a good father. I'm so glad I fell in love with him so long ago.”


Obgu: I am glad you have been keeping up with your writing. Although our bills are small, we do still need some form of income in time to pay those bills during the week. “Yes, and with the little ones growing, we may need even more money, or at least more books for them to enjoy.”


“This is it. The last one. Or two. Probably not three. We shall see.”


“Sorry to leave you alone with the kids, but I'm going stir crazy here, plus I got a celebrity opportunity I can actually fulfill. I need to go to one of the houses in my Network, and introduce myself to a low-level celebrity. It's only 100 points, but hey! 100 points is 100 points, plus it gets me out of here for a couple of hours.” Author's Note: I did it, but took a blooper for it, since she is not in the Film career. Oops.


“I love my Charisma super-power. All I have to do is nod at the person, and they become my friends. Give me a chance to do a charming introduction, and we are best friends for life. “At any rate, I fulfilled the opportunity.”


Obgu: It is my turn to get out. I have one hour to socialize and get over my stir-crazy moodlet, before I have to go home, due to nightfall and curfew.


“Happy birthday, Aurora! Oh, you inherited my blue hair! I didn't think that was actually possible, since it's not supposed to be genetic. I just changed it in the mirror after I became a genie. I thought it was just basic hair dye. Maybe the genie magic did something?”


“Meanwhile, it looks like you inherited the genie-induced red hair, Cosmo. I don't get the genetics here, but I'm just happy to see you growing into a big boy! Happy birthday!”


“Our living area is awash in sewage, but at least the kids aren't sleeping in it. “Only two more plumbing breaks, and then whatever plumbing object I fix will magically become unbreakable. And when the last of the toddlers become a child, we'll empty the potty. Things will be much neater after that.”


“I'm so glad I married you, Obgu! Not only are you the love of my life, but you're also an excellent father. You've really done a great job raising the kids, and they're well trained and ready to grow up.” Obgu: It is my pleasure to raise the little ones. They are a joy to me, even if they are not my own blood. I do look forward to this next batch you have developing inside you.


“So do I, lover. As exhausting as it is to keep up with a full house of tots, I just can't get enough of your love.” Obgu: Well, we should enjoy it while we can. After you give birth, the Medical restriction will prevent us from woohooing ever again. “Let's do it, baby!”


Valedictorian: So, you've all had some time to think about things. Any ideas? … Valedictorian: Anything at all? ...


sGnomeman: Just relax and enjoy the time you have, dude. We'll all be dead before they destroy all the NeenerNanners, anyway. That's a problem for our grandchildren. Valedictorian: We are pathetic villains.


“It's almost time for Solar and Astral to grow into children. They know how to walk, talk, and use the potty, but they haven't read all nine of the toddler books. Still, they should know enough to get a good boost, and choose their new trait.”


“Happy birthday, Solar! What did you take as your new trait?” Solar: I'm Ambitious! I want to make my lift as soon as possible!


“Happy birthday, Astral! How about you? What sort of new trait did you get?” Astral: I am also Ambitious, because we really need ambitious sims in this family to lift the restrictions as soon as simly possible.


Astral: Yum yum! You sure are a good cook, Mommy! “Thank you. Perhaps someday you or your brother will take over cooking duties for the household. You should both study it as much as you can, before you grow into a young adult. At the very least, you should get to level 4, so you can make veggie rolls, just like this.”


Solar: Any NeenerNanners under there? There better not be, because my Mom's brave, and she has maxed athletic and martial arts, and she'll beat you to a pulp! No? Good.


“Oooooh, I'm glad this is the last time I'm doing this. I'll miss the woohoo, but there are other ways to fill my fun bar, without all the pain.”


“Welcome, Venus, my virtuoso slob. You're an alien, like your Daddy, but not eligible to lift Alien Technology, because your Daddy married in. “As a Virtuoso, you'll be the one I train on Guitar, and you'll be in charge of passing that skill down, if necessary. Maybe you'll be the one to lift Symphonic or Rock.”


“And welcome to you, too, Mars. You're artistic and a slob, and also an alien, like your sister. You're not eligible to lift Alien Technology, because your father was married into the family. I suppose that will make it easier for you, since you'll only have your job to consider. “As an Artist, you should excel in several careers which require Painting. But I won't be teaching that skill to you. You'll have to learn it for yourself, once you become a young adult.”


Solar: It's a Snow Day! I'm just gonna spend it here, learning how to become a great writer, just because I can. Well, at least until my Mama is awake and can start teaching me the things she wants me to learn.


“Just a typical training day in the Scarlet household.”


Solar: Another Snow Day! Hooray! I can write a novel of my own. Astral: Or maybe I'll write a novel. I'd like to earn some money. Solar: We could take turns. But only if you get out of bed, sleepyhead.


Obgu: Not so fast, young man. Just because it is another Snow Day does not mean you need not study for school. You can still build up your grades, and work on your skills later. Astral: Great! I can write my novel while you do schoolwork, and then you can have a turn at the word processor, while I do schoolwork.


“I don't know why I can't tutor the kids in their school work. I know even more than my husband. But he's taking care of that, while the others improve their own skills, so now I'm taking care of the littlest ones and feeding the family our daily veggie rolls.”


“This is the first time since he moved in that Obgu has had to recharge his energy. It wasn't even fully depleted, but everyone was asleep at the same time, for a few precious hours, and he took advantage of it to top up his energy. “At the rate he loses energy, he probably won't need to top up again before he dies. He becomes an elder in only a few more days.”


“Then, it's back to work tutoring the oldest kids, at least. I don't know why I can't tutor them, but hopefully I'll be able to get the younger kids to school at least for a couple of days, enough to get an A, and let them choose their traits.”


Baby Gnome #2 – Maybe I can eat up all their food storage, so they starve. Uggghhh. No! It's too disgusting! FLIES! FLIES EVERYWHERE! I CAN'T STAND IT! :passes out:


Baby Gnome #1 – My brother is harfing his little clay guts out. I guess they won't starve, after all. I don't know how they can eat that stuff. Salutatorian: Well, there has to be something! sGnomeman: Dude. Chill. Valedictorian: I just want to... I just... The snow is so pretty...


“It's Birthday Time! All those with birthdays, line up, and we'll celebrate with a family dinner, afterwards.”


“Venus looks so cute with her alien hair and eyes. She looks just like her oldest sister, but we'll give her a haircut when she grows into a child, so we can tell them apart.”


“Same with Mars. Another little bald alien boy. So cute! And that is the last of the babies for this generation. SNIFF! They grow up so fast!”


“Cosmo got the best haircut I could give him. I am not a stylist. Still, he is easily identfiable from his brothers. He gets his chubby cheeks from me. Aren't you cute, Cosmo?” Cosmo: Whatever helps me get ahead, Mama. I'm ambitious, now, just like Astral and Solar.


Aurora: Me, too. Ambitious. And hungry. “And succint, as well, I see. That's nice, dear.”


“Since I had to sell off the domino table, because of rules, and something called 'a blooper,' I moved the two chairs downstairs and added another small table. Now we can have a bigger family dinner together. Then it's off to bed for all you kids. “Tomorrow is Sunday, and since Astral and Solar both have A grades now, we'll focus on getting Cosmo and Aurora well-tutored, so get some good rest. It will be busy!”


And I think I will sign off for now. See you next time, when the toddlers age up and Obgu goes senile. Happy Simming!

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