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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 6 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“Hey, Eshu! You want to come over and meet your babies? You can see my renovations to the house, as well.”


“I moved the writing area downstairs. It's a bit tight, but should still be routable.”


“Upstairs, I added a storage room that can one day become a bathroom.”


“And to help boost the babies' moods, I installed a nice little wood-burning stove. I have to make it fireproof before I fire it up, but once that's done, everyone in the room will be nice and warm and cozy at all times.”


“Haha. I love your 'car,' Eshu. It looks like so much fun.”


“Thanks for coming, Eshu. I'm sure the babies will be pleased to see you. Now, I can't feed you dinner, but I know we'll have a good time. “In fact, my husband-to-be won't be here until tomorrow, so if you want to have a VERY good time, now's the time.” Eshu: More babies? Sounds good to me.


“There's no hurry, Eshu. We have all day.” Eshu: No hurry? No. But I'm still just as virile and potent as ever. We'll only need one time to make a baby, but we can woohoo afterwards, as much as we want, no? “Sounds good to me.”


“That was great, Eshu, baby! You did a fine job, and according to my math, this batch of babies will become young adults just one day before I turn into an elder. Possibly two. “Why don't you spend some time with the little ones, now, while I work on making this fireplace safe for us all? We can woohoo again, later.”


“Or, you could ignore them and go play kicky ball outside. Right.”


“Don't worry, Astral. Daddy will be back, soon. I'm sure he loves you.”


“There, you see? Awwww. Don't cry, babies. We'll take care of you.”


“Unfortunately, I'll have to say goodbye, now, because it is almost midnight. “You can come visit, and get to know your children, but as far as you and I are concerned, our romance is over.” Eshu: It was good while it lasted, my lovely. I'll always remember you.


“This is the last night I'll sleep alone. Oh, wait. Adult aliens don't sleep, do they? Ah, well.”


“Although we're both slobs and don't care, a woman likes to look her best on her wedding day, so I took a sponge bath, and broke the sink. “Well, hey! We have a fountain for the wedding! Isn't it pretty?”


“Just for you, Obgu, a radioactive rock for your finger. Don't worry, it's only stray electrons escaping, not something harmful, like NeenerNanners.” Obgu: I love it! And I love you!


“Don't you love our lovely fountain for the fancy wedding?” Obgu: If you say so, dear.


Obgu: I am a Brave, Daredevil, Hopeless Romantic, who is also a Family Oriented Slob. I want to become a firefighter and save lots of sims! “Sorry, sweetie, but nothing doing. Even if the job's in the paper, we have a lot of little ones that need care, and you only have eleven days until you go senile, anyway. You'll just have to stay here with me and the kidlets and help raise them up as best as we can.”


Obgu: A lot of little ones? I only see two. “Yeah, wait for it. By the way, you're going to give me at least one more baby, yourself. There are six bunk beds that need filling! “Now, let's get this place fixed up proper before the babies become toddlers and need more of our attention. I want them all fully trained to walk, talk, and use the potty, plus toddler skill books.”


Obgu: I barely know these little ones, yet feel compelled to care for them. “That's good, because I feel compelled to get a positive moodlet for the family, without risking burning the house down. I will make this wood-burning stove fireproof.”


“I'll make the word processor unbreakable, while you make the plumbing self-cleaning. We don't mind the mess, but it's nice not to be distracted by it, and there are guests to consider, too. But when the plumbing breaks, leave it to me. I only have a few more repairs to do, before they will become unbreakable.”


“Gee, this is nice. I can finally prepare real food for the family. We can stock up on left-overs, and even feed guests!”


“Omnomnomnom!” Obgu: These veggie rolls are delicious, my dear.”


“These kidlets are just so darned cute! I can't wait to have more!”


“And now that I have you to help out around the house, and look after the little ones while I get some rest, it will be even better!”


Valedictorian: Where is the baby gnome? Salutatorian: Off being cute. Valedictorian: No matter. With you and me and the sGnomeman, we have a quorum to cast the full moon spell.


Valedictorian: Arise, slaves, and attack the Scarlets! Eat their brains and infest their bodies with the power of the great NeenerNanners!


Zombie: We'd love to, boss, but they pulled up the ladder. Zombie 2: Does anyone know how to climb up a column?


“Now I can get a good night's sleep, without worrying about anything, or having to wake up to take care of the babies. Obgu can keep going for days on end before he needs to restore his energy. “I don't know why the stove's chimney only goes up one floor to the bedroom, but since it's right under that open window, the smoke won't bother me too much.”


“I can increase the chances of having twins or triplets by working out, and choosing Kids' music for the beat.” Obgu: Very good. And while the babies sleep, I shall study various skills to teach them, as they get older. Cooking seems like a good skill to learn.


“Aaahhhh! Naptime is the best time, when we are both free to enjoy ourselves. Woohoo!” Obgu: It occurs to me that as we build familial relationships, our celebrity levels should increase. “You don't have a star, yet, but I hope you'll get one, at least. And I'm sure the babies will earn stars, over the years, from befriending me.”


Obgu: It seems that someone has stolen my space armor. “Not stolen. We haven't had a burglar. But I have no idea where I put it. You know how it goes, when you put something in a safe place, so you'll be sure to find it, later, and then you can't for the life of you remember where that is? Yeah, that happened. Sorry.” Obgu: One would think that on my person would be a safe place.


“It's birthday time! A special day means a special meal, even if the little ones can't enjoy the hamburgers with us.”


“Solar, you were first born, and you get to grow up first.”


“Awwww, there's my little alien! You are so cute! You won't be able to do the brain energy stuff for a few more years, but I hope you'll be able to do everything needed to lift Alien Technology, eventually. “And if you can keep going for days on end, like your step-father, you'll definitely be our prime teacher for the next generation.”


“Astral has my hair! My original hair, that is. Although it's more pastel than mine was. Maybe it will brighten with age, or is that your father's hair? I love how well it goes with your skin, anyway, although you show all indications of being a regular genie. “Although Martial Arts isn't required for any particular job, I do want you to hand down the skill for our future world travelers. Nectar Making, as well.”


“OK, Obgu, here's the plan. We teach our children whatever useful skills we know that they can't learn from books. I'm going to focus on teaching the world traveler skills, since I could not get those books at the local bookstore, as well as guitar and fishing. What skills can you pass on?” Obgu: Only those that can be learned from books.


“In that case, Obgu, you will be officially in charge of toddler care. I'll help, of course, especially while the first twins are toddlers, but once they reach childhood, I need to focus on more long-term training.” Obgu: I will make sure all the young ones can walk, talk, and use the potty. “Excellent! You can help with their schoolwork, as well.”


Obgu: I have just become a Nerd. This will increase our children's chances of being Nerds, and possibly taking the Video Game Designer job. “I'd rather they unlocked Symphonic first. With only four days of Elderhood, Forensics isn't a vital lift.” Obgu: They could lift Communications, though.


Valedictorian: The zombies were unable to make any difference. Now the babies are toddlers, and we need to slow this family down. Baby Gnome: I can't even distract them with my cuteness, now. I'm too still and the toddlers are both cute and active.


“If I were making a movie, I would insert a toddler training montage here. As it is, you can see we have potty trained them both (see the potty puddles since we don't bother to empty the thing), and now it's walking and talking. After that, they'll have free access to all the toddler skill books.”


Valedictorian: Maybe we can infiltrate the family via the teddy bears. Jade Scarlet has stocked up on teddy bears for her future children. sGnomeman: I claim dibs on the snow bear! Valedictorian: Excellent. We'll brainwash the children, every time they play with us. With plenty of cuddles, by the time they are children, they will be under our sway.


“OK, Astral, sweetie. Now that you have your basic toddler skills, it's time to read! Remember, don't waste time with your bear. That's just for sleepy-time. When you're awake, you're in training.”


Valedictorian: What the fruity-cake?! sGnomeman: I'm not even going to bother with the snow bear. Valedictorian: All right. Any other suggestions? Salutatorian: Route blocking? Baby: We're too small. They'll just step right over us.


“Welcome, Cosmo, my clumsy slob. Looks like you're a genie, too. I'm sorry I didn't have a good enough pregnancy to choose both your traits. You rolled Clumsy, so you'll probably be breaking all the plumbing, until it becomes unbreakable. Well, I suppose that will speed things along, and there's really not much else around here for you to break, after all. “If you find it too bothersome, save your LTH points and take a mid-life crisis. It's unlocked, now, thanks to Education.”


“And Aurora, my little alien girl. You are also eligible to lift Alien Technology. You were luckier than your brother, and rolled Brave, which is great, because you can fight fires and burglars, and be the official 'guardian' of this generation.”


“By the way, Cosmo, I'm sorry for putting you down in the snow. I have no idea why I decided to finish my labor with your sister here by the mailbox. Don't worry, though. Daddy will fetch you and make sure you'll be warm and cozy, very soon. “How would you like a snow bear to cuddle?”


Valedictorian: Operation Marital Discord is a go. Let us summon Eshu's spaceship!


Obgu: Greetings! I understand you are the male progenitor for Astral, Solar, Aurora and Cosmo! I am quite fond of the little ones, and grateful to you for creating them. Also, the fact that we have two children eligible to lift Alien Technology pleases me. I am glad for the redundancy, in case something should go wrong with the first attempt. Eshu: I'm glad things are working out. May I come in and meet the latest of my children?


Valedictorian: SERIOUSLY?!


“All work and no play will make my children dull kids, so I'm writing a children's book for them to enjoy, when they've finished their studies. “'Our Friends, the Garden Gnomes' is a Best-Seller!”


And that's it for this time. Happy Simming!

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