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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 5 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“So, I built my house. It's not exactly lovely, but as apocalypse houses go, it's pretty darned nice. With all the money I had to spend, I built with an eye to the future (and with an eye to not having to worry about weekly build/buy limits). Oh, sure, I'll probably want to make a few changes, as things progress, but hopefully, I won't have to for a good long while.


“The ground floor has the car, the grill, the frisbee, and the chess table. Also, you'll note the gnomes I got. They're nicely posed for this portrait, but they won't stay that way for long. For inanimate objects, they sure move around a lot. I wonder how many more my family will gather, before we eradicate the NeenerNanner matter, for good.”


“The first floor has a small storage area, a small pantry, with the only lockable door in the house, and a toilet room. Eventually, I plan to knock down the connecting walls, and turn it into a real bathroom. “This common area is where my babies and toddlers will spend most of their time, close to the fridge and the potty. I have plenty of shelves on the wall, to hold whatever small objects we might collect, and save on inventory space.”


“The second floor is our quiet area, with beds for eight sims, a hamper, a dresser, an easel, dominoes board and my word processor. I have to write three non-fiction best-sellers. “I have the bookcase stashed away and inaccessible, so I can maintain full control over the library. Also, that spot is a great place to put the downstairs ladder, if I feel the need to pull it up, to protect us from zombies and other dangerous visitors.”


“Now that the house is built and furnished, I know exactly how much money I can spend on books. “As it turns out, I have enough to buy three copies of every skill and toddler skill book they have! Not only will my family be able to read whatever they want without having to worry too much about taking turns, but I'll likely be able to keep the whole library in perfect alphabetical order. Because that really matters, you know.”


“I am absolutely starving, by the time I get home, so I grab a quick bite of jam sandwich. It's not much, but it fills me up.”


“And I have juuuuust enough energy to make it into my bed. I could have stayed at the bookstore and applied for the job right then, but I would not have made it home, nor would I have had time to get my daily ration before midnight. “The job will still be there tomorrow.”


“Stale crumbs: The breakfast of champions! Well, slobs, at any rate. “I have a sink in storage, but I have decided to use disposable dishes, for now. I'd rather manage the trash than risk losing a free meal of crumbs and jam smears. “I can take it out of storage whenever I need a sponge bath.”


“I have a lot of jogging to do for my lift, and I can jog all over my Network, during daylight hours. I can also jog to and from work, if I want to. I wonder how long it would take to get there? I would hate to miss a shift because I jogged, when I should have taken the carpool. “Let's clock this, shall we?”


“Just under two and a half hours. I'll have to leave absolutely no later than 1:30 in order to make my shift at 4:00. If I don't start jogging by 1:30, I'll have to wait for the carpool. “And since work gets off at 7:00, I'll have to take the ride home, as well. Time to make it official and take the job.”


“So, my shift would start in just an hour or so, but they decided that since they have to do on-boarding paperwork and get a name tag made, and bribe the proper officials, and all that, I can't really start until tomorrow. “That gives me time to jog home, do a strength workout until I'm almost fatigued, stop before I get sore, and start writing my first novel.”


“Tomorrow morning, after I pay protection money, I can make a quick bit of money to start the week by doing a job I held onto from University. I was offered money to spray paint a mural somewhere in town. I can visit one of my Network lots in the morning, and do the job then, for a quick bit of money. I know I'm working, now, but the first week's bills are always the worst, so until my stuff depreciates, a bit of a cash injection would be a very good thing.”


“Now for a few hours of jumping jacks. I could do a lot more, if I were able to pace myself, but that's restricted until Athletics if lifted. Still, with maxed-out skill, I have enough endurance to keep going for a good long while. I hope to be able to finish my athletic stuff by the end of the week.”


“Now for a quick bite of dinner...”


“A quick wash-up...”


“A quick change into my jammies... “I have a hamper, but it's all the way on the next floor, and besides, I can't wash any dirty clothes, anyway. I think I'll wear disposable clothes, just like I use disposable dishes.”


“And I have just enough time before bed to get a good start on my novel. I hope it's a best-seller!”


“Well, I had a good night's sleep. Let's see if I can finish this thing before breakfast.”


“Aww, 'Neener Waves of Horror' is only a hit. “Well, off to do some street art at the park. I need to get my mood back up. Writing just sucks all the fun out of me. Maybe I'd enjoy it more if I was writing a fantasy humor romance. With aliens!”


“I'm so stressed from writing, and now THIS?! Whyyyyyyy? “Oh, well, I have maxed handiness, so I can fix it in a trice, but it's taking away valuable fun time.”


“Fortunately, this job is fun, and it paid a cool $1000. I still need to boost my fun, but if I leave in good time, the jog to the job will alleviate my stress. “I'll have to plan better for tomorrow, though. Fun is important!” Author's Note: I'm documenting this, because it is my first “blooper,” and I have to take the point hit to my score. Tagging at community lots is not allowed until Architect has been lifted, even within the Network. I should have tagged a neighbor, instead.


“Wow. I'm stuck at the cash register, but I can see through the monitoring screens that a woman is literally dying of a broken heart, right outside our portal. “I'm glad I don't know her. Now I can't miss her or mourn her, or get the days-long bad moodlet.”


“Hahaha! My co-workers aren't too bright. Here it is, my first day on the job, and I convinced them that it was my one year anniversary, and they threw me a party! Well, as much of a party as anyone can throw around here. “I worked hard, and am just over half-way to filling my performance bar. I should be able to lift my restriction by the end of next week, if not the middle!”


“Aww! How cute! The gnomes had a baby! I can't wait to get my own little baby or three. And the two proud fathers are looking on. Or father and mother? Wait, don't gnomes reproduce through parthenogenesis? I'm confused.”


“I can't marry my alien lover, because I already lifted the one optional clear for my generation, and if I want my alien baby to lift Alien Tech, his father needs to be NOT married into the family. However, I want my alien babies to have a father-figure, and I'd actually like a second pregnancy, and a man to help around the house. So, I'm sending a love-letter to Walter Fullman. He's a slob, so I know he'll do fine here. I'll keep my options open, though. Nothing is official, yet.”


“Time to try again for a best-seller, at least for a few hours.”


“Whew! I barely got out the door on time! I need to be more careful and not cut it so close. “Wouldn't it be dramatic if I had to go for a different lift, entirely, because I was late for my part-time job?”


“Oh, yeah! I got promoted! Only one more promotion to go, and then it's just writing those three best-sellers and getting my exercise. Then maybe I can focus on meeting more people. I like meeting people, and especially meeting celebrities. I want five stars.”


“This time, I think I'll write first, and then exercise to deal with the stress, afterward.”


“Another hit. Well, at least 'Neener Waves of Horror' and 'Nanner Waves of Pain' match. But let's see how the next one, “The NeenerNanner Event' goes. Surely the public will want to read about the cause of their apocalypse!”


“Hey, Walter! Things are going REALLY well here. How would you like to be a part of it? You won't even be responsible to make a lift, yourself. Just help out around the house, and with the children. You like children, don't you? “No, I can't have you over right now. I just called to chat and keep up our relationship.”


“If it takes long enough to top this job, I'll have the cardio fitness challenge in the bag.”


“Nearly there on the career front. I have one more shift this week, and then I have the whole weekend to exercise and write. If all goes well, I can invite Obgu over on Monday and try for a baby.”


“Why does this plumbing keep breaking? Well, if it happens enough, I'll make it unbreakable. Just as soon as I have the time.”


“Because right now, I have different priorities.”


“Just another hit, but I suppose each novel brings me closer to Specialist, and that means I'll be more likely to write best-sellers. Even sims with maxed writing skill need to practice their wordsmithing.”


“Writing is stressful, and I need to do something fun. It's time to start decorating this joint. “Yes, I was hungry when I did it. Why do you ask?”


“I have to say, jogging to work is actually quite nice for me. I love the cold, I love the view, and I love the exercise.”


“I mean, I get to see THIS. It's all just so gorgeous! Sure, it's toxic and dangerous and all that, but just look at that frozen landscape! It's just so lovely. Maybe my kids will get tired of it, but I don't think I will. I do love the cold, after all.”


“I did it! I reached the third level of the Bookstore Career. I arrange and run book club meetings. I'm almost there with my lift!”


“Now I can invite Obgu over on Monday for some sweet, sweet love and baby-making.”


“I have the whole weekend to work on the athletic challenges and write three non-fiction best-sellers. It shouldn't take me that much longer.”


“NeenerNanner Boo Boo is flying off the shelves! My first best-seller! YEEEESSSSS!”


“This deserves a celebration. Plus, I'm feeling lonely and need to chat up someone. Loneliness won't be a problem for long, though.”


“OK, I don't know who did it, and I don't know how, but I must meet the person responsible for that snowman. “Hmmm, probably that fairy. They can fly, right?”


“So, I need to socialize fast, before the sun goes down. Let's be friends!”


“Curse of the NeenerNanners is a best-seller! Only one more to go.”


“Hey, you're not Obgu. And it's past curfew, so that means I can't invite you over. But, since you already showed up, I suppose it's alright. Let's be friends. And maybe you can be a baby daddy. Maybe my baby can 'abduct' you, when he's older, and lift Alien Technology.”


“So, I just had a great idea! I want to have an alien baby to lift Alien Technology, but that means that my alien baby's daddy can't marry in. But I love Obgu. How about YOU be my alien baby daddy, and then I can marry Obgu, and all my babies will be alien, and only the first batch will be eligible to lift Alien Technology. How does that sound to you?”


Not-Obgu: That's a fantastic idea! Maybe I'll even be around long enough to help with the space exploration. “Maybe, but only if you're not too old. It won't work if you go senile before your week is up. Tell your friends to keep stopping by, OK? I want a bunch of alien friends.”


“And this is why I did not get officially engaged in college. Thanks to my Charisma and Attractive LTR, I have men buzzing around me like flies, and I can have my pick. Unfortunately, that means I have to pick based on who will survive the best. If you're not a slob, you're not going to marry in. It's as simple as that. You might be able to stay for that one week, but that's it.”


“Umm, just how old, are you, anyway? It's so hard to tell.” Not-Obgu: If I'm not marrying in, does it really matter? “No, I suppose not.”


“Well, I'd ask you in, but I'm really exhausted, so I'll say goodnight now. But I'll call you on Monday, and you can come over and try for a baby with me, then.” … “Wait, what's your name, anyway?” Not-Obgu: It's Eshu Shukepoj. Let me put it in your phone for you.


“I don't have much further to go with these exercises. It's just a matter of time, now. I so have this lift in the bag! I can still work out when I'm pregnant, right?”


“I never knew a little music box could be so much fun! And it's allowed, which is a very good thing, because I sure need some fun right now.”


“Time for more noveling. Will this be the last one to lift Education? I hope so, because I'd like to start writing something else, like comic books or maybe children's books.”


“It's seven o'clock in the morning and time to make that phone call. Hey, Eshu! Come on over and make a baby with me!”


“Oh, I'm so glad to see you. Now please come inside, and we'll get started.” Eshu: I'd love to, but the paparazzi is route-blocking me. “I'd tell him to go away, but even if it were allowed, I'm sure it wouldn't work, anyway. The guy's impervious. He's literally been here for days.”


Immortal paparazzi: I do NOT like the fact that you're falling in love with him, and not me. Didn' t you hear me say how I find you attractive? “Can we go inside, now? I'm running out of time before I have to get to work.”


“Stupid route-blocking bozo. Now we only have time for one go.” Eshu: I assure you, I am most potent. One time is all I'll need. “Oh, good, because I need to jog to work. Gotta get the hours of exercise in, as soon as possible.”


Eshu: My job here is done. Farewell, my lovely. Perhaps I shall return someday. “Sure, I'll invite you over to meet the little munchkins.”


“Gotta get to work. Gotta get to work. It wouldn't do to be fired because I was making woohoo. I want the satisfaction of quitting because I'm pregnant.”


“Fantastic. I made it, and now I can quit.” Parker Langerak: Well, helllllooooooo hot stuff! “Well, hello, Parker, you celebrity, you. You're in my Network. I can't stay now, because of curfew, but I'll stop by and visit you soon.” Parker: Good, because this ladies' man needs to meet more ladies.


“It's nearly midnight, and I have to zero out my bank account. I am so close to finishing the novel, that I had better stop writing, because otherwise, I'll get paid just before midnight, and lose it all. If I go to sleep now, and write some more when I wake up, I can get paid before the sun comes up.”


“YEEESSSS! 'Neeners vs. Nanners, the Epic Struggle' is my third non-fiction best-seller! That's another requirement done, and now all I have to do is exercise for a few more hours!”


“I think I'll jog to Parker's house, while I have the chance. Once that baby bump appears, I'll stay holed up in my bunker. But he's a celebrity and a Nerd, and I want to maintain my standing.”


“It takes so long to get anywhere this way. I do believe that after I make my lift, I'll take my car wherever I go. I did buy it for a reason, after all.”


“And I got my baby bump at the same time as I got my Fitness challenge. “And Parker isn't here, now. So much for maintaing my Nerd position, let alone building up my celebrity status. Oh, well.”


“But Stalker Paparazzi is here. He literally followed me the whole way. When does this guy sleep? Since he first showed up at my place, I have never NOT seen him around. “Anyway, Dustin, it's nice to meet a fellow slob. Nice house. Maybe I'll see it again, someday. Right now, I need to get back to my bunker and work on my strength, and maybe another novel. Bye!”


“That's it! The last fitness challenge! I am a Body Builder, and the Queen of Education!”


“And now I can sit down to a well-earned treat. It's clear sailing from now on. “Well, maybe not clear, until we lift Symphonic, but you know what I mean. If I can train up my children well, they'll be able to manage just fine, even in this apocalyptic world.”


“Non-fiction books are good, but comic books are more fun to read, and will help with Nerd influence. 'Attack of the NeenerNanners!' is a best-seller!”


“'Vooooo, Gerbitz!' is my first sports book, and it's only a hit. Still, it is very lucrative. Maybe I'll buy a fireplace, and perhaps shrink this room just a tad, to allow for a little bit of storage. I think I may need a bit more storage area, once the kids come in, and we start having left-overs.”


Valedictorian: Thank you all for joining me tonight at this secret conclave. We are in danger! The family has already lifted one of the restrictions, and chipped away at the power of the NeenerNanners, which turned us from mere garden ornaments into living beings. This must stop, or we will die! We need to find a way to prevent the Scarlet family from achieving their goals. Any suggestions? Baby Gnome: We'll attack them with the power of CUTE!


“Good morning, Obgu, my love! Will you come over and marry me? “Tomorrow? I was hoping you'd be here in time for the birth, but... “Well, I have a little surprise for you. Anyway, tomorrow morning, I'll look forward to it.”


“I got copies of my books, and bills to pay. I'll just put them all in my pocket, and...”


“Owwwww! I'd better climb back up the ladder and get inside before the cramps take over. I can't stop to pay the bills, now.”


“Genie power, activate! Give me twins! “Hahaha! Just kidding. Even if I had that magic power, I couldn't use it until Paranormal is lifted. This is just me doing a bit of random sparkly-floating. But with Fertility treatment and listening to Kid's music while I did my strength training, multiples is nearly a given.”


“Tadaa! Meet Solar, my first-born, an alien baby and eligible to lift the Alien Tech optional clear, as well as whatever career-based restriction he gets. He's a slob and a genius, so I'll be teaching him things that the kids can't learn any other way. Fishing and Guitar, for example, or Martial Arts. I could teach Photography, but they're not allowed to even learn it, let alone do it. It's hardly a necessary skill, anyway.”


“And Astral, who looks alien, but has the purple mood bars of a genie. She is also a slob, but an athletic one. Maybe I'll put her in charge of passing on the Martial Arts. I could teach her Nectar Making, too. Those are good skills to have, for anyone trying to lift Business via world travel.”


“Just a quick bottle for you both, and then I am going to invite over your Daddy to meet you. It pays to have lots of friends early, because Charisma skill is like a super-power! “I'm so pleased to see the beginnings of the second generation!”


Author's Note: This is a lot longer chapter, but I wanted to get started on the next generation. I like to get to good stopping points. Happy Simming, and see you soon.

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