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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 4 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“Oh, yeah. Who's too cool for this school? “Not me, actually. I can't wait for my Senior Year! It's going to be the best, ever! I already have all the skills I need for my Education lift, so while I'll keep skilling in other areas, I intend to really take some time to play this time around.”


“And with a perfect score on my aptitude test, I'll get ALL the scholarship money. Hmmm, should I use it to buy something to bring home with me? Or decorate the dorm?”


“It's eight o'clock in the morning, and the lights are still on, because it's still dim outside. Summer will come in a day or two, though, and things will be much brighter.”


“I'm almost amazed that there is still stuff for me to learn from this thing. But at this point, I have all the skill points I actually need, so anything from here on out is just gravy. “Well, and a means of keeping up with the Nerds. They love it every time I do Sciency stuff.”


“I want to make this term the best ever! To that end, I am going to splurge on a spa package. Sure, I'll still jog there, and rack up some kilometers for the marathon challenge, but this is all about the moodlets, baby! I can afford the top-notch package, and the week-long moodlet.”


“Now that's impressive. This magician can not only make flowers appear out of nowhere, he can disappear into nowhere. “I considered becoming a magician, myself, but I care more about bringing back Education than I do about moving graves and talking to ghosts.”


“Yeah, I pretty much jog everywhere now. How about you? You look like you exercise.” Dude: Of course I exercise. I'm a Jock! “Oh, goody. Let's be best friends, so I can climb up your body to the top of the Jock ladder.” Dude: Ummm, that sounds inappropriate.


“Little did he know that I AM inappropriate. Which is a good thing, because it will allow me to take sponge baths. “No matter. I have decided that this term, I will max out my Science skill and earn that fancy machine to take home. It will have to stay in the family inventory, of course, but it will be there, waiting for my heirs to enjoy.”


“Or not. If I earn it here, or at home, it will still have to wait until Politics is lifted. And while I'm studying Science, my grades are droping! “That's the problem with having Athletic lifted, when I'm studying Physical Education. Before, while I was exercising, it boosted my grades. Now, exercising does nothing for my grades, either. So, I have to actually study for class, instead. I guess I miscalculated when I exercised after finals, before.”


“Since my Obgu is already an adult, I don't want him to be too old when I marry him in. If I can take some time to discover a Potion of Youth, maybe I can slip it to him in a drink.”


“Or not. “Senior Year: The year of changing your mind.”


“Thanks for teaching me the mascot dances. I can't wait to give it a try. “HEY! I got invited to a party! You know what? It's my last term here, and I am going to do it. I have earned it, and besides, this is the only opportunity I'll ever have to really get the whole college experience. This will be great!”


“Seriously? You invited me to a party, and I ran all the way here, got here ON TIME, and you're gone? What? Where is this party, then?”


“Great. I stayed here long enough to get tired, and then I get a call saying, 'we missed you at the party,' which never actually happened. Then, I use my black dragon to perk me up and summon a death flower, and I can't even pick it up AND I'm stuck. This is not my night. How can I be so stuck, just standing here on the sidewalk?” :resetsim:


“Another day, another party invitation, and this time, it worked. Keg stands are so much fun!”


“Drinking, or holding, it's all good, and it's raising my cred with the Jocks, too.”


“I don't know if being a junior mascot impresses the Jocks, or not, but it's a lot of fun, anyway. “I should probably be doing more stuff to prepare for the apocalypse, but this is my only chance to really experience the whole college thing.”


“Hmmm, this may be my class activity, but it doesn't seem to be lifting my grades. I had them up nice and high, but they absolutely tanked overnight, while I was partying, and cheering, and getting juiced. “I guess I'll hit the textbooks again, after all.”


“That was my very last class at the stadium, Emerald. The next time I'm here, it will be for my final exam.”


“Boy, all this studying is tough! I need some fun, and fast! Mood-boosting potion or elixir, I don't care which, as long as it works.”


“I should be hitting the textbooks, but I need some fun, first. I really do want that A grade, but I also want to do the things I'll never be able to enjoy again. Well, as soon as my fun bar is full, I'll go back to studying. “Now I am really wishing I had saved some of my exercise time for Senior year, and partied more each term after finals.”


“Wow. My very last lecture, and I cannot keep my eyes open. I swear, I've already learned all of this stuff. I'm sure it was in the book. Zzzz...”


“Well, I guess my grade is well in hand, at least for now. I'll have to do a cramming session in the morning, I suppose. “For now, however, it is full enough, and I need some fun, socialization, and possibly some celebrity points. “Time for some drastic measures.”


“If THIS doesn't get their attention, nothing will.”


“All hail the great Garden Gnome In the Sky! “Just kidding. I think gnomes are cute, but I'm not really about to worship them. They're just harmless little statues, after all. “Nope, this is just an alternate mascot outfit, for me to perform the school cheer.”


“Gerbitz! Gerbitz! Vooooo, Gerbitz!” Vampire: That was so much fun! And you are brave to wear that get-up. “I am brave, actually. I want to be able to fight my own burglars.” Vampire: That's cool! Have a Jock point and a job offer.


“Thanks, a lot! I really appreciate it, but I have to work in the Bookstore when I get home. I have reasons, which you will find out about in due course. Let's just say meddling with time and space isn't all it's cracked up to be. “But if you want to give me celebrity points, I'll take all you can give me.”


“So, you're a rebel, huh? How about I dare you to eat some cinnamon?” Older and wiser rebel: Right. How about I dare YOU to eat some cinnamon?


“OK, I'll do it! Just as soon as I buy some. And maybe some wonderpetal to help with tomorrow's exam.”


“This doesn't look so bad. I wonder what all the fuss is about.”


:crunch crunch munch: “Oooh! This is potent stuff! I imagine it could be very dangerous if it were ground up, and I accidentally inhaled the dust. But as a stick from the store, it's got a bite to it, but not more than a brave, strong, apocalypse founder can handle. I do have to be careful to chew enough that the splinters don't scratch my insides.”


“And THAT, you Rebels, is how I get it done. “Social Networking, cleared!” … “Oh, oops! That means I can't marry Obgu for the alien tech lift. I'll have to do the alien baby version of the lift, instead, because I'm only allowed one optional clear per generation. Well, I can have his baby, anyway, and marry someone else. That way, it won't even matter if he's old and senile, as long as I can lure him into my bed. We can still be lovers, after all.”


“My roommates will be sorry when I've graduated, because I'm the only one around here who cleans or fixes things. “Well, not my problem, anymore.”


“YESSSSS! I got my A! That's two points toward the 'Professional Student' category.”


“Graduation time. I have my ringtone set for 'Stomp and Perpenstance.'” Toga Girl: :glares: “OK, fine, I'll set it to silent.”


“Huzzah! I am a college graduate! Mother would be so proud. “And I have one last chance to spend some LTH points. I get Dirt Defiant and Meditative Sleep. And I just rolled a 20,000 want to be worth $1,000,000. Where were you twelve hours ago, when I would have had time to do the second Midas Touch elixir? Oh, well. I'll do without any other LTH rewards.”


“I am gonna miss you, my pets. Perhaps, someday, when the apocalypse is fully lifted, my heirs will be free to come back and take you home.”


“And what AM I taking home? Well, in addition to my diploma, I am taking useful items that will be hard to get for a while: A miner, a high-quality camera, a duckie and some bubble bath. I have no idea when they will become unrestricted, but whenever they are, we'll be ready. Miner needs Science, the camera needs Science and Architect, and the duckie and bubble bath both need Medical. We won't have to create them or buy them or travel to Egypt to get anything.”


“What am I not taking home with me? All the selfies and photos with friends that I took this last term. “Maybe I should have traded one selfie for the bubble bath? Oh, well, too late now.”


“Thanks to my Midas Touch, selling sunshine, applying for aid and the odd job, I have amassed a fortune of $638,667, of which the mob took 90%. I have $63,867 to build my shelter and buy my library. “Somehow, I think I'll manage alright.”

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