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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 3 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“Time to start Junior Year! Yeah! This calls for an ice cream! “Wait. Nobody can eat ice cream now in Sunset Valley. Why are you even driving around the neighborhood, torturing us with your tempting treats, you terrible twit? Off with you!”


“And off with me. Back to University, where I can eat anything I want, but where the ice cream trucks don't go.”


“Another term, another meet and greet, and another go at the brain machine inside. “You know, winter is almost over, and I think I'm going to skip the training this evening, and throw a party, instead. I've definitely earned it. And this will be my only chance to truly enjoy Snowflake Day.”


“OK, people, I know everyone is hungry and eager to begin. If someone, anyone, will just step aside, we can all put down our serving trays and get this party started.”


“Seriously? There are three trays of food, and four toilets upstairs. What is wrong with you people?”


“Well, it's gift-giving time! How fun! Now, don't forget to show everyone what you got. “Y'all, you're supposed to show us. Awww, I'm dying of curiosity here. Oh, look! I got a plant! Isn't that nice? See, that's the way it is done. OK, Obgu, your turn.”


“Everyone, this is Obgu Exipelh, my future husband. I haven't asked him, yet, but I know he won't turn me down. We're best friends for life! And he can help me lift the Alien Technology optional clear. “I think your toga is the BEST, baby!”


“That party was a blast! Everyone had a good time, despite the puddles from people who couldn't make it to one of the FOUR toilets. “Time to get back to work, though.”


“Hi, Noelle! I'm supposed to befriend you, for a celebrity challenge. Oh, look! Friends! Celebrity points! Whoopee! “No, really, I'm close to four stars, now. I'd love to get up to five stars before the NeenerNanners make everyone back home too obsessed with survival to think about celebrity gossip.”


“Share with me your darkest desires.” Noelle: I desire... raw fish! “Well, the lake is frozen over just now, but I think you can buy some at the grocery store.” Mohawk Penguin: I desire to be a super-villain in a comic book, but my manager says I'll have to change my hairstyle. Should I do it?


“Ebony, guess what! Between the mind melds and the brain machines, I am now a 'Game Master.' That's top level among the nerds! “I'm also level 8 among the rebels. It's time to start meeting some jocks, because I want to rule the school. High level faction members can do things regular students just can't. Like take selfies and whatnot. I won't be able to do those, once the apocalypse hits, so I want to try them now.”


“Oh, a sGnomeman gnome! How cute! I am taking you home to place on my lot there. I'm allowed to do that, after all. You're the first one in my 'Gnamely Gnomes' collection.”


“It's a beautiful winter's day, and I fancy wearing my pretty outerwear today. It's just so festive, and it doesn't clash with my skin. “I am just loving this winter wonderland. In fact, I love it so much, I've decided that from now on, I 'Love the Cold,' in all its forms. It's a good thing, too, because a long winter is coming. Once I get home, I'll never see spring again. Good old lifetime happiness, helps me get through.”


“And as long as I'm spending lifetime happiness, I have decided to take Simmunity, as well as Fertility Treatment. Pregnancy should be a breeze, and I won't have to do it too often, either. I want my children spaced close together, so they don't get queue stomped from work, because of a younger sibling's graduation. “I'm already a Fast Learner and Multi-Tasker, too, and with my Bookshop Bargaining skill, I'll have a massive library.”


“It's the last day of winter here, and my last chance to enjoy winter sports, so I decided to strap on a pair of skates and visit the lake. But when you're a genie, really what's the point? “I think I'll go back to my brain machines and skill training.”


Mugsy: I'm so hungry! I'm starving! “Why don't you eat some cinnamon?” Mugsy: See, this is why you still haven't gained any influence with the Jocks faction. It just doesn't matter how many Jock friends you get, if you tell people to eat cinnamon, the Jocks won't like you.”


“Well! I never! No, really, I never! I never rummaged in anyone's trash cans, and how my friends can believe that, I just don't know. Well, they're no friends of mine, after all. “Seventeen people just deserted me over a stupid, untrue rumor. That stinks! But my Obgu, at least, is still true to me.”


“I swear, I never did any such thing! It is a pernicious prevarication, put forth by the enemies of the future.” “Uhhh...” “It's a lie! A rumor.” “Oh.”


“So, spread the word, will you, please? Tell your friends, I'm not a trash-digger.” “Sure thing! Can I tell them I'm your best friend, too?” “Sure thing, for all the good it will do you. I doubt you're going to get discounts or anything like that, just because you're friends with a celebrity.”


“Speaking of friends, I guess I finally found the right one, and I am a Jock, at last. Selfies, here I come!”


“I hope to be able to max my Athletic skill this term. I'll still have to exercise a lot to get those skill challenges complete for my Education lift. But more skill points means more bonus credits, and that means less time in the classroom next term.”


“And in this particular case, it means a nice bunch of LTH points to spend! “Gotta love those skilling wants.”


“This calls for a pretty new exercise outfit in celebration. Gosh, I just look so cool, I wish I could take a picture of myself. I just need a few more levels with the Jocks, and then I will be able to do just that.”


“Riding skill will give me bonus credits, too, so I'll spend some time in the library. Golly, I keep rolling the want for a horse. Why can't I have a horse?”


“Well, if I can't have a horse, I can have a part-time career in wall-tagging. I can't believe that not only will I NOT get in trouble for this, but that I'm actually getting paid to do it!”


“It's spring. It really is. The ground was clear just yesterday, and now people are making snow men and igloos again. “But it's just so pretty, I don't mind. And doesn't this white background go so well with my new skin, hair, and wardrobe?”


“Speaking of pretty, this is the view from the windows of the exam room. I'm cooped up in here, trying to explain the difference between a high jump and jump rope, and this is what's happening outside. :sigh: “I guess it's a good thing I like winter landscapes, because I'll see a lot of them when I'm home.”


“And that's another semester done! I got all A's, again. Woot! “Technically, it won't make much difference, because the Bookstore part-time job doesn't give a hoot about college grades. But I am a pathological over-achiever, so there it is.”


“Speaking of overachieving, no time to rest on my laurels now, nor indeed, to rest at all. Pocket dragons for mood-boosting, and away we go!”


“Although, sometimes you just want to take a moment to celebrate with some Baked Alaska in the park. “Golly, I love being a genie. Thank Plumbob I found that elixir at the store.”


“And on the topic of elixirs, I think it's high time I tried out this Midas Touch thing.” :six hours later: “Oh. My. Boolprop. I have over $600,000 in the bank! Even at 10%, I will be able to buy ALL the skillbooks, probablyl twice over, and still build a good house. And I have another bottle of this left.”


Random dormie: This is the most beautiful sculpture I have ever seen! OMG, our dorm is so well decorated! :Yoink!: :Kaching!: Random dormie: Gee, that moodlet goes away fast.


“And that's it for Junior Year. It's time to go home and see what sort of scholarship I can get for my last term.”

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