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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 2 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“I'm back, and ready to take another assessment test.”


“Yay! I'm a sophomore! No one is more sopho that I am!”


“Thanks to my six bonus credits, from learning all that Athletic and Martial Arts, I have twelve credits, already. If I take twelve this semester, I'll be right on track to graduate on time. If I study riding this semester, maybe I'll even get some more bonus credits, so I can relax a bit next semester!”


“First things first, the brain machine!”


“And I am a world-class martial artist! Where is someone for me to spar? Or is that spar with? Spar against? Do I have to end this sentence with a preposition? Good thing I'm not a Fine Arts major, then.”


“At the meet and greet, I spot a level 10 Nerd, and since I want to gain influence, I decide it's time to try out one of those Jars of Potent Friendship.”


“Instant Best Friend! And thank boolprop, because he's a vampire, and I don't want him to drink my blood. “He will not make a good spouse for me, because not only is he NOT a slob, but he'll have to find someone to eat, like every day, and I'll have to work, and, uh, no.”


“More Science, and more mooding up with my trusty pocket dragons.”


“And now I can finally settle down for some weight-lifting. And one, and two, and what's that?!”


“Ooooh, pretty lights. They seem so familiar.”


“Ugh. Once again, the rude alien just probed me and dumped me, without even an introduction. But I'll meet him, yet! I'm determined! “Oh, look, another space rock!”


“Well, it's back to the brain machine, and this time, I got the last skill point I needed to become an official Renaissance Sim and earn 35,000 in lifetime happiness points! I'm not ready to spend them, though. I have plans for the future.”


“About an hour later, I got to level 8 with the Nerds, and chose Family Oriented as my bonus trait. After all, if I am going to found a dynasty to help eradicate the NeenerNanners, I need to be good with children. Or at least like them.”


“Now that I have a bit of breathing room, I think I'll work on getting those bonus credits, by sitting down and reading up about riding, while I listen to a Logic pod cast. “Wait. Is that? Did I hear...”


“Ah HAH! Not abducting me THIS time! Just who are you, anyway, Mr. Intergalactic Dude?”


Alien: Greetings, Simling. My name is Obgu Exipelh, and I find you very attractive. Those two times when I probed you, I truly tried to remain professional, but alas, I could not resist coming to see you again. “You're pretty hot, yourself, Obgu.”


Obgu: And we have so much in common! I'm a slob. You're a slob. We're all slobs together. “HOORAY! Do you know how hard it is for a person facing an apocalypse to find a good-looking, intelligent slob to marry in? Obgu: Marry? “Umm, yeah, let's chat about that next time. The point is...


“We need to get to know each other better. Can I call you, at a more convenient time?” Obgu: Absolutely. Here, let me twiddle your cell phone, and I'll make sure you have the range to reach my space ship. :twiddles: There, all done. Now you can call me, across space and time. “That's so romantic! Thanks, Obgu!”


Obgu: Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a meteor shower that can't wait. “That's fine. I need to get back to my book, while I still have this 'Genius IQ' thing going. But I'll call you, for sure!”


“Classwork, Science skill and faction influence. Gotta love it.”


“I decided to take a break from skilling, for a little while, and get my Charisma Challenges done. I want to be everybody's best friend!”


“Jogging everywhere I go is slow, but it builds up the time I need for the Education lift. I'd like to get at least one of the Athletic challenges done before graduation.”


“And with the brain machines to help, I can spend more time on Athletics!”


“But friendships really ARE important. Oooh, looky there! I'm a level 3 celebrity!” Celebrity dude: Does this mean my one-star level will go up? “Beats me. Hey, why don't you divide by zero, and see?”


One-star Dude: Ow. Ow! My brain exploded and I spontaneously combustified! OW! “Gosh. I knew dividing by zero was dangerous, but I had no idea it was THAT dangerous.”


“Don't worry, dude. I'll save you. Hey, is there a paparazzi in the house? This is stuff for the evening news!”


“I bought some potions my first term here, and I'm only now really taking full advantage of them. Maybe it's because the elixir consignment store is having technical difficulties with its cash registers. Anyway, down the hatch!”


“Mmmmm. Skill points.”


“It's too bad I can't listen to my pod cast while I attend this lecture. Sleep through the lecture, and the professor doesn't mind, but try to listen to someone else's lecture? He gets all up in your face.”


“I don't even know what's happening here. Just me being awesome, I suppose. And fulfilling a celebrity challenge. Nice to meet you, and will you be my best friend?”


“Finals, already? I'm am totally acing these!”


“And I'm done for the term! No more teachers, no more books! And I am going to enjoy the snow, while I can. “Emit says the snow in my future will be infested with NeenerNanner matter, and snow angels will be a Very. Bad. Idea.


“And Sunset Valley doesn't even have a snowboarding park. “WHEEEEE!”


“That was a blast! But I think I'll spend the night reading up about Riding. I do want a few more bonus credits.”


“But all study and no play makes Jade a... low-level celebrity. Time for a trip to the Bistro, to taste it, and then shill it.”


“I guess it's a good thing that there was no Science lab here at University, or the NeenerNanner event would have happened here, too! “Anyway, Ecaps got his Lunar Lakes portals here at Uni, at least for a Bistro, Hospital, spa and police station. What more does a university campus really need?”


“And my time is up. I must say, my sophomore year was quite successful! I didn't get to explore as much as I might have liked, but with the NeenerNanners on their way... It's best to prepare, and leave the exploration to a future generation.”

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