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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Chapter 1 I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


“I wish I could go ahead and go straight to University, but Emit told me to wait for the mascot to show up with the application papers. Well, at least I can play chess, while I keep an eye out for him.”


“It's probably just as well that I haven't built my house, yet, because Emit plonked his portal down right where I meant to have my driveway. “Anyway, it's time to apply for college.”


“Whee! I'm a Freshwench!” Mascot: Don't you mean Freshman? “Who are you calling a man? Do these bodacious boobs not give it away? I am a wench and proud of it.” Mascot: My mistake. Enjoy your Freshwench year.


“I'm glad that Emit was able to send me to University BEFORE the apocalypse hit. I have no restrictions to worry about, and since I know what's coming, I am going to really focus and ace everything! :cracks knuckles: “Alright, time to get to work.”


“I like my bedroom and the dream-machine that is in it, but hopefully I won't be sleeping much. Time is of the essence for me, and these little dragon eggs are going to help me. If I can get one of each color, then they'll take care of my needs for me, and keep me going, indefinitely.”


“Yes, I am using every advantage I can, while I can.”


“EVERY advantage. I wish I could bring this thing home for my kids to use, because these instant skills are fantastic!”


“I got three purple dragons in a row, so I had to buy a bunch more eggs to try again. I now finally have my full collection, and four more eggs are hatching. I guess I'll sell them. Well, I did need to make over $84,000 before graduation, anyway, and they sell for $1000 each, once hatched. I may go into the breeding business while I'm here.”


“Or the gardening business. When I bought six sunflowers and the Swiftgrow Station, I intended to plant a bunch of special plants, like money trees. But even if I never plant a seed, I'm raking in the cash thanks to all that glorious sunshine.”


“Thanks to my podcasts, I can learn skills even while I'm exploring. I heard that science experiments can be quite useful and lucrative, so I'm collecting insects and rocks and such.”


“The elixir store has several of those glowing bugs outside, so naturally I had to see what they had inside. Well, I bought a few very interesting things.”


“In fact...”


“I can't wait to try out life as a genie! Cosmic powers, without being crammed into a lamp. Woot!”


“I don't like this new look, though.”


“That's better. My old hair wouldn't look quite right, so I might as well go for blue. And since I'm the super-hero of this story, the mask-make-up seems especially apropos.”


“It's time for a few errands on campus. First, apply for financial aid, and then visit the student union.”


“More skill points!”


“My breeding program is going well. That's a few more thousand simoleons for me.”


“Ebony, don't tell the others, but you are definitely my favorite dragon. I wish I could bring you back home with me, after graduation, but the apocalypse is going to hit, and I'm not sure what effect NeenerNanner matter will have on you.”


“The dormies made a mess in the kitchen? Noooo problem. Who needs to do chores, or even hire a maid, when there's a genie in the house? “Too bad I won't be able to do this when I get home. But you know, someday one of my grandkids might.”


“More skill points!”


“Uuuuugh. Or not.”


“And I failed to collect the beetles, too. Crunched all over my scorched hands. Sometimes, even a genie with a red dragon needs a shower.”


“My classes are late in the day, and I just finished my first one. I need to build my Athletic skill. Of all the skills I'm building up, though, that is one skill I will build the hard way. In fact, I need to do 60 hours of weight training, 75 hours of cardio, and run or jog 500 kilometers. I'll be training long after I've maxed the skill. “But it's either that, or take up teaching. Bleh. Bookstore for me, please.”


“I should just jog everywhere, but I haven't learned how, yet. As soon as I get home, I'm hitting the work-out room. Well, after I get a couple more skill points from the brain machines.”


“I have to admit, though, that this flying thing is really fun! And fast, too.”


“OK, slight problem. My clothes clash with my body now. Ummm, I guess I'll have to find a wardrobe and figure out new outfits. And I liked my Christmassy look. It was going to look so appropriate in an eternal winter. Well, maybe I'll go for blue sky with white snowflakes, instead.”


“But I don't have time to worry about that now. I have to skill up, and get to class.”


“All this Sciency stuff is making me a member of the Nerd club here on campus. Cool! You'd think, with a major in Physical Edcuation, I'd go for the jocks, but really, Science has just fascinated me, instead.”


“You mean, I can change things from one type of seed to another? Or from a spider to a plasma bug? All RIGHT!”


“I have been finding these space rocks around campus, and something tells me that they will come in handy for me.”


“I'll just set up my collection in the backyard. I wonder if I'll be able to see anything interesting through the telescope.”


“Or maybe, something interesting will see ME!” Hours later... “Well, that was fun. Getting probed was... an experience. But the guy was so rude! He didn't even introduce himself! I'll have to do something about that.”


“Hmph! Speaking of rude, just because my dormie is a celebrity, he thinks he can eat my perfect lobster thermidore, and not even say 'Thank you.' Seriously, he has not said one word to me. “Clearly, I need to start introducing myself around, and building up some charisma and friendships. Then, maybe I can be a celebrity, too, and no one will ignore me.”


“Classes are going well, though, so that's a good thing, at least. I really haven't had time for much but studies, this term. Studies and skills. But with an apocalypse to come, I really do need to focus on my goals. I need to be well educated, skilled-up, and have at least $100,000, because I'll only get to keep 10% of that, and I need to build my house AND buy skill books, and I only get one shot at it.”


“It doesn't help that my dormies set fire to the place, and who has to pay to replace the appliances? Me, that's who! “Well, I made enough money selling sunflower sunshine, so it doesn't hurt too badly.”


“And with a plasma bug in my inventory, I should be able to clone it and sell the little things in plenty of time for graduation.”


“Awww, isn't that sweet? The fireman thinks I'm attractive. Sorry, Mister, but I have other plans. Lifts must be considered, after all.”


“Why? I have served up a perfect Baked Alaska, and called everyone in for breakfast, and you're making waffles.” Dormie: Hot fireman is hot. “Oh, come on! You don't need to start another kitchen fire, just to get a boyfriend.”


“I passed the final exam with flying colors! Six credits down, and 42 to go. I'll have to double-up my schedule, at least, next term. Still, this term I was really able to buckle down and get a good head start, so it should be easier, even with twice the class load.”


“Another skill point from the brain machine. This is by far the best way to learn martial arts. No bruising or sprains.”


“And now for a trip to the library to learn about Social Networking. Meeting attractive firemen is one thing, but I need to find the most appropriate mate possible. I think this will really help.”


“I came home for another brain machine point, but got scorched, instead. Oh, well. At least I got a solid A on my report card.”


“And I'll just spend some more time working out. I need to do sixty hours of weights, and seventy-five of cardio, eventually. Might as well do it now, as I skill up to a pod cast.”


“Then it's off for my daily trip to the elixir and consignment shop. I have two, count them, TWO bottles of Midas Touch, as well as three jars of potent friendship, which I will use when I find some high-level celebrities. “Also, I have found a few fun things at the consignment store, including a book about photography, and another about nectar making. I'm hoping for a Chinese insence burner, eventually.”


“One more trip to the brain machine, and another pod cast...”


“And I'll just fill the rest of my time until my flight home, here at the gym. Wow, can you believe I have actually learned 59 skill points this week? Even if I have to double-up my classes from now on, I should be able to manage life just fine, and still max out the skills that matter most. In addition to Athletic, for my lift, I want to max out logic, so I can teach my children, and I want to max Martial Arts, because teaching them is the only way for them to learn it, until someone lifts the right restriction.”


“Next term, I'll focus more on Science and Social Networking, and pick up the rest of my necessary skills. Everything after that is just gravy, especially if I use the Midas Touch to become rich enough to be able to buy ALL the skill books! BOOOYAH! “Emit Relevart would be so proud of me! I'll teach those nasty NeenerNanners!”


“I suppose I should have stopped for a shower before the flight home. I owe my flight-mates an apology for the stink-cloud.”

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