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The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse:

The Neener-Nanner Apocalypse Prologue I am following the rules for all expansion packs, stuff packs, and store stuff, and keeping track of scoring. However, this is not an official tournament game, so the scoring is just for my own satisfaction.


It started out as a peaceful day in Sunset Valley. But today, something was very different. Emit Relevart's brother, Ecaps, had decided to clear out some real estate by replacing Sunset Valley's basic businesses with portals to the same types of businesses in Lunar Lakes.


“It's so much more convenient this way,” he told the business owners, as he pointed his Neener Wave-o-tron at the portals he had built, opening up the links to Lunar Lakes.


But what Ecaps Relevart did not realize was that at the very moment he revved up his Neener Wave-o-tron, his cousin, Somsoc Relevart was pushing the button on his Nanner Wavometer. The Neener waves and the Nanner waves crashed, and there was a small “poof” of NeenerNanner matter. The poof turned into a PUFF, and then a vast cloud, covering the land.


Don't let the verdant view fool you. The entirety of Sunset Valley has been contaminated with NeenerNanner residue. The earth and water have gone toxic, the clouds have created a constant state of winter, the heroes have lost their courage while the bullies thrive, and zombies are roaming the land. What's more, the politicians have gone even more power-mad than usual, setting up a shrine to themselves at the city portals.


But fear not! Emit Relevart, reading his time manual, realized what would happen, and got some help to protect ONE lot from the NeenerNanner matter. It's all sandy and bare, but it is clear of the NeenerNanners that hold Sunset Valley in their grip. And one lone sim, Jade Scarlet, protected by Emit's shield, will be able to clean up this town. She'll need some help to do it, of course. NeenerNanner matter is notoriously tough, and it will take generations to get rid of it all.


Jade Scarlet is a Brave Bookworm, rather Charismatic, yet Inappropriate and Slobby Virgo. She wants to become a Renaissance Sim, maxing at least three skills, and hopes to restore Education to Sunset Valley. Her faves are PB&J, custom music and green.


She has established a safe Network. One lot, the big park across the street, is part of that, but the horse ranch is not. Perhaps someday her children will be able to visit it.


Her “rabbithole” lot is the Bistro. Don't be confused by the supernatural elements behind the Bistro; they're on a separate lot. The Medical Center is here, as well, along with a few shopping registers, but they're all inaccessible until the appropriate lifts are lifted: Culinary to access the Bistro itself, Medical for the hospital, and Business for the registers. She can still enjoy the stuff on the lot, such as chess and dumpster diving.


She also chose the Graveyard, which Ecaps did not try to link with Lunar Lakes. No one can go there until Paranormal is restored.


Near the Bistro are two of her Network families: The Roomies and the Working Friends. There are plenty of people here to befriend, and the location is convenient.


On the other side of town is the Langerak family, the other house in her Network.


Jade Scarlet will have a few advantages, namely: Higher Education, How Much Time Do I Have, Big Backpacks, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, for a total of 35 points. She also has handicaps: Bloodline Only, Rite of Passage, No Country For Old Sims, and Fear the Reaper, also for a total of 35 points, balancing out the advantages, completely.


“Emit told me I have one day, to go to University, get my degree, and buy whatever skill books I can before I build my home with the money I have left. “I want to lift Education, by means of the Bookstore part-time job, and that means maxing my Athletic ability, so I will major in Physical Education.”


The rules for the Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge can be found here:


Advantages: Higher Education – means the founder gets to go to University before beginning to lift the Apocalypse, for no more than four terms. How Much Time Do I Have – means the founder's time at University is almost completely unrestricted. The founder may not take any lifetime reward objects, but any other lifetime rewards are available. Big Backpack – means that everyone may carry up to five items in personal inventory, instead of the standard three. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – means that there are neither restrictions nor requirements for the family members' occult status.


Handicaps: Bloodline Only – means that only the founder and her descendants, born into the family, may lift restrictions. Spouses and any others who join the household may not lift restrictions. Rite of Passage – means that in order to prove their worthiness as heir, before a potential heir can marry, they must have made at least four good friends, not including their future spouse. No Country For Old Sims – means that the Elder lifespan is changed to four days, for the duration of the challenge, regardless of future lifts. Fear the Reaper – means that all sims under my control may only die of old age. ► They may not die any other way unless they have already died of old age and been brought back. ► Playable ghosts may not return to the netherworld until they do so on their own upon reaching the end of their lifespan.


Jade Scarlet hopes to lift the Education restriction, by means of the Base Game method: Renaissance Sim. Requirements: Master Writing and sell 3 best-sellers in Non-fiction Reach Painting 1 (in order to illustrate textbooks) Reach Handiness 2 (teacahers have to be practical, as well as academic) Master Athletics and complete the marathon, strength and cardio skill challenges (run 500 kilometers, do 70 hours of cardio training and 60 hours of strength training) Reach level 3 in the Bookstore career The founder may walk to the Bookstore to get this job, regardless of other restrictions.


Jade is also allowed to try for one Optional Clear (only one Optional Clear may be done per generation) She is hoping for the Alien Tech lift, by marrying an alien and having an alien baby. This would allow everyone to have 15 additional days on their Young Adult lifespan, in addition to unlocking some very good Lifetime Rewards. However, she also wants to unlock the Motive Mobile, by having a successful Daycare center in her home (after she quits her job at the Bookstore and has her own children). And finally, she is considering the chance to lift the Social Networking clear, allowing sims to use the Social Networking options on their cell pones (also restricted by Communications and Espionage ). Unlike her official lift, based on a career, and locked in until she either makes the lift or is fired from her job, she is free to choose any optional clear she wishes, and may change her mind at any time. She has not yet made up her mind.


“I'd better get going right away! Wish me good luck!”

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