Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 8 - Lermas

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 8 Lermas


Time for the first additional family in the rotation – the Lermas peasant family. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Agata: I love my new rainbow house. The top floor is pretty multi-colored, as well, although each room has its own color theme. The bottom floor is still pretty much yellow and black, because I got tired of recoloring everything. Someday, maybe, I'll do more, like I did on the outside. For now, though, the outside is what matters most to me.


Agata: For some reason, it's the first day of winter, here, although it was early fall when I left my lady's house. I'm not cold, though. My people don't feel the cold like the native sims do. We feel the heat, though. That's why I wear as little covering as possible. Well, that, and to show off my fabulous skin. Still, I suppose I should make something with a bit more coverage for winter wear.


Agata: First things first. I'm going to the Royal Court, and get a job in the Gamer career. I really just want that pinball machine for my house. And while I'm here, I'll take advantage of a few other amenities.


Agata: Like the ReNuYu Senso Orb. I changed my turn-ons from fit and bearded to blond and bearded. That way, I'll keep my chemistry with Matthew, but also have more chemistry with men with recessive genes, just in case Matthew can't give me what I need. I also switched my aspiration from Pleasure, to Knowledge and back to Pleasure. Now, instead of a lifetime want for 50 first dates, I have a lifetime want to top the Gamer career. How awesome is that?!


Agata: I am going to KILL in the Gamer career. Well, not literally. But I'll surely slay a bunch of orcs and other virtual monsters.


Agata: And last thing to do here is make a wish for romance. I have my fiancee, but I need to be sure of having a baby daddy with good recessives.


Agata: Shea Johnston is a Socialite, and so far above me in class that I couldn't ever marry him without risking the wrath of the Queen. But there's no rule against having his babies! I just have to be discreet, and keep my husband happy. Since my god, Meslar, has commanded me to continue my alien race, I think I'll choose my heir or heiress based on their genetic purity, rather than the traditional werewolf way of choosing the young bitch with the best relationship to the alpha bitch.


Agata: Oh, Shea! I love you so much! I have even better chemistry with you than with Matthew! I don't care if he does have recessive genes under that gray hair. I definitely want your baby.


Agata: After that dream date, I feel perfectly fulfilled. Now, if I can just keep this mood up, and get all the promotions I need to reach the top of my career, I'll be ready to start my family. But the odds are against me lifting it this week, so maybe I should just go ahead and start my family, anyway? I'm so confused.


Agata: Well, trying to run a business between shifts at work, and all by myself, is just too much for me, right now. I'm going to close until I have some help around here. I have decided to just focus on keeping up the house, and building my career. For now.


Agata: This house came with a garden, and there's so much weeding and watering to do! Good thing I can use that energizer upstairs. And I'm lucky enough to roll fulfillable wants, so far.


Matthew: I had a fantastic time on our outing! Here, have a big-screen TV! Agata: Thanks, Matthew. Well, I guess it was worth waiting a couple of days before marrying you, if only to get some cool swag.


Agata: I've had a work shift every day this week, and now I just came home with another promotion, and an eventhing shift. I'm still platinum, so if all goes well, I'll reach my lifetime goal tonight! YES!


Agata: Hooray for achievable wants and goals! I am permanently happy, and really ready to start my family. All that time downtown really paid off for me!


Agata: Matthew, my MAN! Come and move in with me. Let's not wait for the weather to clear, or have some froofy wedding on the beach. Let's get hitched RIGHT NOW, yo!


Matthew: Now that I'm part of the family, I can tell you that I want to max all seven skills. Being a Knowledge sim is great, and I want to learn it all. And skill badges, too! Agata: Well, fantastic. Let's head down to the Royal Court and get you all platinumed up. Then you can be in charge of the garden and the store, while I deal with my job and babies. Matthew: Sounds like a smart plan. Let's go!


Agata: OK, let's make this quick. You study, and I'll learn Fire Safety, and maybe study some badges at the computer. Are you rolling wants for skill points, or do we need to date to keep up your aspiration?


Matthew: We Knowledge sims are generally easy to please, especially in a place like this.


Matthew: How long have we been here, now? With all our needs met, it's hard to keep track. Agata: Does it matter? Matthew: Nope! I'm done! Agata: I love doing the Downtown Time Warp.


Matthew: We're both perma-platinum, and we have the rest of our lives together. It's wonderful! What could go wrong? Agata: Finally, I'm going to have some real help around the house. It's wonderful! What could go wrong?


“And we end this week with a picture of the happy couple, working in the greenhouse, because frankly, nothing much of interest is happening.” Agata: But, it's only Wednesday night! We haven't even tried for a baby, yet! “Bored now. Moving on.” Agata: WAIT A MINUTE!


Clovis: Come on, Michelle! There's no drama! No crisis! Everyone's becoming perma-plat their first week. You should outlaw lifetime wants! “I'm not sure I can really do that. I'd have a revolt on my hands.” Clovis: Well, put people on free will, or something. Teleport in an enemy. Start a fight club. I want to see some carnage!


“I do want to spice things up a bit, but it has to be integral to the story. I've already set up a whole medieval sub-neighborhood. I killed and reanimated five sims, now...” Clovis: And you didn't even let me be the one to kill them. You just used the Death Creator. Boring. “The point is, I need to find a more internal way of adding drama to the storyline. Something fresh.”


Clovis: How about an apocalypse? That will test their mettle. “No. Not another one. Besides, I have my hands full of apocalypses elsewhere.” Clovis: Well, then, how about...


Matthew: Pssst. Do you think it's safe to move again? Agata: I don't know. I'm not sure if I want to distract them from their discussion, or avoid drawing their attention. Matthew: I'm an old man. I can't hold this pose forever! Agata: Shhhh!


“I know! A Who's Your Daddy Challenge!” Clovis: That will definitely require Elixir of Life, and peasants aren't allowed to use it. “True. But they ARE allowed to use a Cow Plant. That's unlimited. Anyone who has access to a Cow Plant can use it. So, I can just unlock the gate, here at the Royal Court...”


Clovis: With all the uncontrolled sims running around here? What if you or I get eaten, while you're playing some other household? “Fair point. OK, so I'll maintain full control over the Cow Plant here at Court.” Clovis: Good. I want some carnage, but not if I'm the one who dies. And not at my own court.


“I'll just give her a Cow Plant of her own.” Clovis: Will you make it a requirement that she marry and/or kill off each baby daddy? “Ummmm... that's a very interesting thought, Clovis, dear. Maybe you should start cutting back on the coffee.” Clovis: What's that supposed to mean? “Well...”


Matthew: Oh, my back! Agata: Shut up, you fool! They're debating whether or not to make me feed you to a cow plant, and drink your essence! Matthew: … Agata: …


“Allright. It's decided. Agata Lermas, you'll be doing a simplified Who's Your Daddy challenge. Twenty-six pregnancies, each with a different father, including one alien abduction (I'll have to cheat a bit to make you alien pregnant, but you have to be legitimately abducted). You'll only be allowed to kill off half of them, but only required to kill off seven. That's enough carnage to satisfy Clovis, and enough potential for jealousy to satisfy me. And all that breeding should certainly satisfy your god, Meslar.”


“Now, Clovis, I know you want some violence, but I do insist that Matthew be allowed to die a natural death of old age.” Clovis: Fine. But after that, the gloves come off! “Naturally. After all, she has to murder at least seven baby-daddies. But no murdering playables until the families are well-established. That is, no murdering a founder, and no murdering an heir, unless there is a spare available. Spares, however, will always be fair game.”


Clovis: How about other sims? If they wander over and feed the Cow Plant... “Autonomous Cow Plant feeding is autonomous, and she won't be penalized for it. However, she should take care to lock the gate, if it will destroy a family or break the game. And no killing Vesuvius White! Not only is he my favorite alien, he's also my tax collector. He's fair game to father a child, though, by all means. Maybe he'll pass on those cute ears.”


Agata: She's mad! Meslar did not warn me about this. Matthew: Shhhh!


“Oh, you can carry on, now. We're done. Check your inventory and get on with your life.” Clovis: Wait! Are we keeping score? “Well, it's simplified, but each father should be categorized in some way, so we want the full zodiac, one alien pregnancy, a variety of NPCs and three 'wild cards.' Further, I will allow three cheats to get otherwise unattainable NPCs, like the ninja or genie. Just basic charting, though. No actual score.”


Matthew: This is just sad. I finally marry into a family, and I'm told that my wife HAS to be unfaithful to me. Agata: Yo. At least you're safe from being murdered. Matthew: What a comfort. Here I was, thinking you loved only me, and now I'm going to have to watch you with other men. Agata: No, you won't. I'll be totally discreet. I promise. And, umm, maybe you should get a part-time job.


Agata: The closet is definitely the fastest way to try for a baby. You get instant results, and don't have to wait even a minute to try again. Matthew: I don't mind taking a breather between attempts, you know. I like that little bit of relaxation on the bed before I'm expected to perform again. Agata: Yes, but I'm in a hurry now. I have to expand the house and make a bunch more snapdragons. Third time's the charm.


Matthew: Thanks for coming in to work for me. I'm not a young man, and my wife is both pregnant and working full time. So, I've decided to take the family business in hand, by hiring employees to run it. My wife and I can handle the administration, but the actual hands-on running will be done by employees, so we can focus on other things.


Matthew: Darren has a restocking badge, but so does Emmy, so I've put him to work in the garden, planting tomatoes and tending to the plants we have already growing.


Matthew: And since my wife has declared that she will never dig again, I put Stephen Go to work digging up treasures for us to sell. Wait, what's that I see behind him? Oh, no! I forgot to lock the fence. Allyn! Get over here!


Matthew: Whew! The Cow Plant was hungry, but fortunately, Allyn wasn't. She did answer my call and walk away. LOCK! No one is getting to that monster, until the time is right. And it isn't right, now.


Agata: Even with an employee devoted to weeding and harvesting, it's a lot of garden and takes a lot of work. Especially since the first batch of produce was left unattended for so long, and I have to spend a lot of time talking to the plants.


Agata: Darren harvested, before I could tend or talk to them, and now I have less-than mouthwatering produce. Oh, well, I need to stock the fridge, anyway. We'll keep the less-than perfect produce for ourselves, and can sell the better produce at a good price.


Agata: All those flowers I made, while I was learning to make snapdragons, are really popular. Also, I've already sold out of all the toy robots, hydrobots and sentrybots. It takes so long to create more of them, though.


Agata: We're sold out of everything I've created. It's down to rocks and bones, now, but I have hundreds of them. Restocking these has to be done manually, though.


Agata: It's Saturday morning, and I just had my second bump. I think I'll leave the store closed for a while, now, and focus on my family. Eventually, I'll sell more rocks and bones, but probably no more flowers or robots. Tomorrow, I'll be busy with a baby, and Matthew needs to keep up his own strength, so he can go to his part-time job, so I can have a bit of privacy for woohoo.


Matthew: Umm, Stephan, I called you in today to dig for rocks and bones, not to play pinball. Stephan: Yeah, the controller is glitched. Matthew: Oh, well, you're probably earning more money for us this way, anway. Carry on. I have to go to work now.


Melissa: You have trod the arduous paths of blah, blah, blah. Here, have a genie lamp. Agata: COOL! I can use one of my three cheats to have a baby with the genie! And three of my children can wish for peace of mind. That's great, if they have unfulfillable lifetime wants. Thanks, bunches, Melissa! Melissa: Well, remember me when your sons grow up. I'd love to marry into the playable fold, and start the Mystic House.


Stephan: I finally got digging again, and look! Two treasure chests! Agata: That's great. It looks like I have to sell and repurchase that controller every shift, but if that's what works, then it's worth it. I'd love to be able to sell those treasure chests.


Darren: And I'm finally getting a handle on the garden, as well. I may need you to step in, from time to time, but for now, it looks like I've got the tending and watering under control. Agata: I'll be satisfied when you start fertilizing the plots, before planting, and talking to the trees and plants, before harvesting, to be sure I ALWAYS get mouthwatering produce. But, yeah, the weeding and watering is done. Thanks, yo.


Matthew: I won't be around forever, but I can leave behind a legacy, if I learn how to make a Servo, before I die. Agata: If I wanted a Servo, I'd make one myself, Matthew! Matthew: I can leave behind a legacy, of lots of toy robots and maybe a cleanbot or two. Agata: Better.


Agata: More snapdragons! Snapdragons will make infant care a breeze, and without having to worry about fulfilling a Servo's wants and aspirations, I can focus on fulfilling my children's wants and aspirations, instead. Maybe they'll go to college, and become so successful that Her Majesty declares they are worthy of becoming Merchants!


Agata: It's Sunday morning, and I was hoping to get the garden in shape for a Garden Club membership, and discount on seeds, but it's time for my baby to come.


Agata: Welcome, little Aelwen. You look so much like me. Meslar would be pleased. Perhaps I'll name you as my heiress. It all depends on how you look, when you grow up. Of course, with at least 25 other siblings in competition, it might be a bit weird.


Agata: Well, with snapdragons in the nursery, and aspiration points for an energizer, Matthew and I can put the baby down and go right back to work. Perhaps I should invite Shea over, as well, to be ready for this evening. I'm not sure of his schedule, after all. Matthew: Do you have to plan your assignations right in front of me?


Tiffany: Yes, I'd be happy to inspect your garden. Just let me call my associates. Agata: Great. And I'll call my boyfriend. Aww, I got his answering machine, again. I hope we can meet up, sometime when my husband's at work, soon. Tiffany: Uhhh, thank you for sharing that with me. Now, about the garden...


Agata: Even with three people working on it, it takes all day to get all the plants to thrive. It's even taking all day to do the inspection. I'd better get membership, at the very least. A wishing well would be even better. Then, I can wish for romance, while Matthew is gone, and not have to worry about schedules.


Agata: Hooray! Baby-making will be so much easier, now!


Agata: And now, it's the end of the week, FOR REAL, yo. I am worth $372,217! Whoo! At 5%, rounded up to the nearest hundred, I owe $18,700 in taxes. We'll definitely have a university by the time Aelwen grows up. And if she graduates at the head of her class, I'm definitely petitioning the Queen to make her a Merchant. “Happy Simming! See you next round.”

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