Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 7 - Trace

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 7 Trace


The list is longer now. Eventually, I'll have to make the print too small to read. This WAS to be the last household for this round, but now it's the next-to-last. Unless something else happens. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Shawn: Well, I guess there's a certain advantage to starting out last in line. I have 28 friends, a few random skill points, and it's 8:00 on my first day. Climbing the career ladder will be a breeze. However, now I'm responsible for sorting out stuff with three of my friends, the Copperfields. On the plus side, I get extra money.


Shawn: Nope. Sorry, Your Majesty, but I can't move them in. They're not saved on their home lot, you know. You'll have to go back to their home lot and save there, and then I can move them in. “If I could do that, I wouldn't need you to help me fix this. Flergle! I really am going to have to kill them off, aren't I? Well, looks like you're getting a bone phone, at least temporarily. So much for all that extra money. It's gone with the wind.”


Shawn: OK, I spent $30,000 bringing you guys back perfectly, so I hope you're happy. Columbine: Well, I'll miss my fortune, but I suppose we'll make it back soon enough. Walter: Wow, we have to make our relationships all over again. Thank Boolprop for the Sim Blender. “Yeah, I'll yoink that, now. Try not to screw up again, OK?”


“OK, since you had to pay $30,000, and they SHOULD have brought their fortune with them, which was totally earned with long, hard work, you get three motherlodes. Just don't you glitch, too, because I don't know how I'll react to another one of these problems.” Shawn: I understand, Your Majesty. And thanks for the extra money. “I EARNED that money! It should go for taxes!”


Shawn: Well, first things first – now that I can, I'll buy a cell phone and a few snapdragons. Just four for now, but that will do to get me started. Then, it's time to figure out what to do with my life. I want to become an architect, but it's not allowed for a noble. I think perhaps being a fortune sim isn't the best way for a noble to be. There are so few options for lifetime happiness.


Shawn: Who am I to buck the trend? Off to the Royal Court to get a good head start in life. And my first job is to change to Popularity, and hope for an achievable lifetime want. Great! I want to be a General! That actually fits in rather well with the community's needs, too.


Shawn: And since I started out in platinum, why waste it? Or waste that lovely thinking cap Her Majesty provided for her guests? I'll just get the skills I need to get to level 6 in the Military career. I know I have all the friends I need.


Shawn: So, I have my position in the military, and I'm well on my way in that respect. I'll just quickly make a bank deposit, to start earning some interest, and then I think I'll be on my way to my own community lot.


Shawn: Before I go, I think I'll give the wishing well a try. Odds are against me finding a suitable wife this way, but it certainly worked for Joshua Hunter. Maybe I'll get lucky.


Shawn: Or not. Not only was she an inappropriate rank, but she didn't even like me, anyway. “There's something wrong with the well. That's not supposed to happen. I mean, the rank thing, yeah, but she's not supposed to start out at 0/0 relationship. Gaah! These glitches!”


Shawn: So, is it a glitch that I can hear you in my head, instead of having to speak to you directly? I feel like a Legacy founder. “Yeah, I'm kind of giving you special treatment right now, since I needed you to fix the situation with the Copperfields. I'll step back now, though. Wouldn't want the others to get jealous.” Shawn: Awww, I liked having you in my head. Oh, well. “You can always call me on the phone, you know.”


Shawn: Welcome to The Bivouac – Youngdale's premiere boot camp. Here you can enjoy the finest in physical training, as well as sharpening your mind with a library and chess sets. You can even practice charisma and creativity, so you'll be able to devise surprising strategies, and explain them well. A buffet is provided, or you can catch and grill your own food. As the future General of Youngdale's military, I encourage all potential soldiers to come and improve themselves – body, mind, and soul – to be prepared for whatever may come.


Vis: Throwing axes at wooden targets is so evil! But I do hope no one wanders too close to the target and gets hit, by accident. Perhaps you could put some walls around the throwing range, for safety's sake.


Shawn: Well, people are happy to come, but they don't seem to want to stay for very long. I think I need to add more snapdragons. Or maybe more shelter from the weather.


Shawn: There: Perfect weather for camping. A clear sky, and crisp autumn coolness.


Shawn: So, I'll just get some more snapdragons, and put them all around the Bivouac. Vis: I'm face-palming for no reason! The curiosity will drive the other sims wild! That's so evil. Shawn: Gee, I wonder why Vesuvius White just face-palmed. The curiosity is driving me wild! Vis: Hehehehe.


Shawn: I don't know who I'm going to marry, but as a founder, I must marry someone. I'll go ahead and buy a wardrobe appropriate for a lady of noble rank. Now to go and find a bride.


Shawn: Well, it won't be Shelby. I find her attractive, enough, but she really doesn't like me. Too bad.


Shawn: Sandy Fairchild, on the other hand, is both lovely, and of appropriate rank. As a Socialite, she's perfect for me!


Shawn: Yes, she's definitely the one for me. My search is over, and it's a good thing, too, because the supply of appropriate women is really rather small for a Noble.


Shawn: Before I get married, I'm going to build up a sufficient stock of snapdragons. The Rautas are just so slow to restock their store, and it takes forever to buy them. Besides, this way, I can simply make more, whenever I want.


Shawn: Sandy, now that I have a functioning business and a lot of snapdragons, will you marry me, mother my children, and help me design my house? Sandy: Oh, Shawn! What a gorgeous ring! Even though I'm a Romance sim, I did roll the want to get engaged to you on our last date, so yes! I will!


Sandy: My lifetime want is unfulfillable for a noble, and Romance and Popularity don't get along nearly so well as Popularity and Popularity, so I'm changing my aspiration. Shawn: Great! Now I find you even more attractive! Sandy: And now I want to be Mayor. We don't even have one, yet, so there's no competition for the job. This will be wonderful.


Shawn: And I'm just going to tweak my turn-ons to match my bride, so our chemistry will be top-notch.


Sandy: Wow, as a business executive, I had all the wrong skills for a job in politics. Well, except for Charisma. Good thing I can study here, before I check the jobs board.


Sandy: And now I'm ready to enter the political arena. Campaigns and elections should go smoothly for me, since I have no competition. In a generation or two, though, things will get more complex.


Shawn: Sandy, I sure like your new look. We make a beautiful couple! Sandy: Thanks, Shawn. I really feel like I belong here, now. I suppose I should set a business uniform to match yours, when we're actually working at The Bivouac.


Sandy: Speaking of working The Bivouac, will you please train me on the obstacle course? Then I'll be able to train others, and we can really make this business take off.


Vesuvius: I love coming to all the new places around town and spending time there. Oh, look! My bank account just earned some more interest. That means that the Queen will be able to build her University that much faster.


Sandy: That date was great, Shawn! So, when are we going to make it legal? I'm not afraid of marriage, now that I'm a Popularity sim. Shawn: Well, I thought we'd get the business leveled up, first, but if you are ready to get married now, we can go ahead and do that.


Sandy: I have another idea. Let's go home and get a zen garden, so we can meditate to keep up our aspiration scores. Too bad we're both too playful to meditate on our own. But this way, we can keep in the platinum, while we wait for our work shifts to come around. We'll be at the top of our careers in no time! And that will make us permanently platinum, which will be a perfect way to start married life.


Shawn: This was a great idea, Sandy. Sure, it's a bit boring, waiting for the next shift, but the weather's fine, and we're racking up those promotions. If nothing goes wrong, we'll be permanently platinum on Friday night.


Sandy: This is it, Shawn. One last promotion for each of us, and then we'll be happy forever! Shawn: I can't wait! After this, I really want to get married, and then I want to take us on a tropical honeymoon. Sandy: Sounds wonderful! We won't need to, but let's lock the want to take an island vacation, just because we like the points.


Shawn: That's it for me. I'm finally the General of Youngdale Armed Forces. Townie: So, ummm, am I supposed to salute you? I don't know how. Shawn: No need, unless you're drafted.


Sandy: And I'm the Mayor! It's mainly a ceremonial role, right now, as Queen Michelle handles all the major decisions. Still, it's my dream.


Shawn: Sandy, I promise to love you forever, and do my best to make you even happier than you already are, if that's possible. Sandy: Shawn, I promise to love you and be true to you, and give you at least an heir and a spare, to carry on the Noble House of Trace. Shawn: Ah, Stone Beach at sunset. What could be lovelier for a romantic wedding? If I didn't already want a tropical honeymoon, I surely would now.


Shawn: Now, you're sure this is the fanciest hotel in Twikkii Island? Concierge: Well, it's tied with the bungalows, but yes. We're the best! Shawn: Excellent! I can make friends with some high-class tourists, who would be appropriate spouses for my children. It doesn't hurt to scope out the possibilities beforehand.


Shawn: I heard that there's a buried map to a secret lot, somewhere around here. I'd really love to see it. Besides, this trip is expensive, and if I dig up enough cool souvenirs, I can sell them from my inventory, and make this trip pay for itself.


Shawn: But THIS souvenir, I will definitely keep. I'm going to hand it down to my heirs. I'm sure they'll find it useful. Perhaps it will make it easier for them to find an appropriate love? Like, the Crown Princess, perhaps?


Sandy: Oooooh, aaaaaah! Shawn, we have GOT to put one of these massage tables at The Bivouac. After we train our customers on the obstacle course, we can help them relax with a massage. And we can charge extra for it. Shawn: Sounds good to me.


Shawn: I'm so glad we got to take this trip. I'm from a more Asian community, but I'm really loving this tropical paradise. What do you say, when we build our house, we incorporate both Asian and Tropical themes? Sandy: Sounds good to me. Maybe some woodsy mountain stuff, too. I'd like to encourage our children to become world travelers, as well. A broad experience leads to a broad mind, and that's important in national leaders, like us.


Shawn: Well, the honeymoon is almost over. Think we'll come home with a baby on the way? Sandy: Maybe. Fifth time's the charm?


Sandy: Now that the vacation is over, it's time to get The Bivouac up to Level 10. And selling refreshing stone massages is just the ticket.


Shawn: Selling massages is nice, but I think it's better to train up our neighbors. We're really helping the community improve! I love making a difference, and getting paid for it.


Sandy: Groop, by the time I've finished training you in Charisma, you'll be ready to pick up the Sales skill in no time. Groop: So, will sales be what Groop does best? Sandy: Maybe best, or maybe just really good. But certainly good enough to boost your business. Townie: Speaking of boosting business, I just threw you the last star you need. The Bivouac is Level 10!


Shawn: Time to celebrate our success with a bonfire dance! Townie: You two look so weird. Sandy: Who cares? It's fun! And when we've cleaned it all up, we'll have room to expand with something else, like a pool or a dance floor. Shawn: Or maybe we'll just leave it empty, so that my heir can decide what to put in the spot.


Shawn: Let's build a smaller house, for now. We don't want to spend all our cash, just before taxes are due.


Shawn: Just two simple wings, with the zen garden out back. And there's plenty of room for stairs in the foyer, if we want to add a second floor in the future.


Sandy: I may be able to lead the town, as Mayor, but I can't cook worth beans. Well, it's highly appropriate for a noble to have a butler to help around the house. I don't even care if he photobombs, as long as he can cook well. I'm just SO hungry.


Sandy: Well, no wonder I'm so hungry and tired, all the time. I'm pregnant! We're going to go with strict primogeniture, so the first born is automatically the heir, regardless of gender, relationship, fighting skill, or any other parameter. And while I'm waiting for the baby to be born, it's the perfect time to paint our portraits for the hall. Not every family is doing heir/spouse portraits for posterity, but we're nobles. We're obliged.


Sandy: Thanks, Shawn, for the snapdragons. They're making this pregnancy so much easier! Shawn: Huh. They make life in general so much easier. Still, I'm only putting a couple in the living room and another couple in our bedroom. No sense overdoing it, or we'll never get any enjoyment out of all the good things we have in the house.


Shawn: Speaking of good things in the house, I think we may have overspent. We owe HOW MUCH in taxes? Ooops. Ummm, honey! Time to go to the Royal Court and earn enough liquid assets to offset our solid ones. Sandy: Huh? Shawn: We need to earn some cash for taxes, before midnight.


Sandy: Thank boolprop for the magic downtown time warp. We can stay here for as long as it takes. Twenty percent tax rate on our entire net worth means we need a lot of cash.


Sandy: Hey, I can make money as I learn how to cook. No more burnt soup for me! I hope. Meanwhile, we're both earning interest on our bank accounts, too, so that will help. We can cash in the interest to cover taxes, and still have some savings for the future.


Shawn: Wow. We owed $89,700 when I checked last time, and now we've earned so much cash to cover the taxes that we now owe a whopping $114,300! I'm not entirely sure having those savings accounts building up is such a great thing. Well, we can manage to pay our taxes and keep the house, so, I guess we'll be OK. Next week, we'll run the business some more, and see if we can't increase the profits, now that it's so popular.


Jasmine: Thanks for inviting me over, Sandy! It's nice to get out of the Hamlet, now and then. I have to say, your house is really pretty! I like the little statues you have set out in the foyer. Sandy: Thanks. We dug them up in Twikkii Island, looking for maps. Those are the maps, there on the wall. I found a treasure chest, too, but we sold it for taxes. Jasmine: Digging for treasure sounds like something I'll be doing, too. It's that, or make stuff to sell.


Shawn: I'm not making this to sell. This portrait of the Queen and King Consort will take an important place in the foyer, along with the flag of Youngale. We nobles have to keep up our national pride, after all.


“And that's midnight, and the end of the week. See you soon, and Happy Simming!” “P.S.: The taxes collected so far - $377,800. But thanks to Vesuvius being on community lots all the time, he has earned so much interest, it's nearly doubled! $645,000! Therefore, I have decided to lower taxes to 5% for all classes, from now on.”

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