Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 6 - Copperfield

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 6 Copperfield


Walter Copperfield gets to start his Noble household. And gets a surprise. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Walter: Your Majesty! Thank you for your gifts, and the lot. I look forward to making a success of the Noble House of Copperfield. I take founding seriously, and was just about to go to the community lots and look for a wife. “No need. You see, I've already chosen a wife for you. After I saw you start fights on every community lot the merchants set up, I decided that an arranged marriage was just the thing for you. Twenty-three fights, Walter? It's just too much.”


Walter: But, you can't do that! A man wants to pick his own wife! “Remember the final rule of the first proclamation, article 3? I can punish lawbreakers any way I choose, INCLUDING an arranged marriage. I put that bit in for a reason, you know.” Walter: But, I haven't even played yet. I haven't broken any laws. “No, but you have made a nuisance of yourself. Besides...”


“My goddess-friend Keika is having a bit of bother in her own sim-kingdom . It seems there's a god named Meslar, whose land is threatened. He asked her to take in some refugees, but she has a Garden, which blocks her from doing so. I told her that I would help out by taking in a couple of his people, to save them from the coming doom. Well, one of them will be your wife. She's a Noblewoman from that world, so obviously, she needs to marry into one of my two Noble houses. I chose yours.”


Walter: But, I don't even KNOW the woman! “No problem. I'm omnipotent. SIMSELF POWERS, ACTIVATE!” BOOM “OK, you're married. What you make of the marriage is entirely up to you.” Walter: But...


“She comes with a $25,000 dowry, by the way.” Walter: If I were a fortune sim, that might make me happier, but... “Well, she's a fortune sim, so that will make HER happier. I suppose I should introduce you now.” Walter: But... Oh, flergle! I suppose I'd better meet her, before you decide to do something else.


“Walter, this is your wife, the Duchess Columbine. That's her rank from her home world.” Duchess Columbine: How do you do? “Duchess Columbine, I have to tell you that your title is worthless here in Youngdale. We have classes, but I decided not to bother with ranks. A Noble is a Noble is a Noble. Only the Royal Family have any meaningful titles.”


“Among the Nobles, the class is the rank, and all are equal in the class. In the Royal class, the Queen rules above all, followed by her King Consort, then Crown Princess, and Crown Prince. All the other Royals are just basic Princes and Princesses, and share the same Royal rank, which, of course, trumps Nobles. So, from now on, we'll just be calling you Columbine. Whether your name is one of respect and power depends entirely on what you do with it.” Columbine: I'd better do something with it, then!


“And this is our other refugee, Agata Lermas, Columbine's lady's maid. She's of an alien race, but Meslar assures me that she is fully biologically compatible with all of my people, and should be able to have a family, and continue her race here. It will be a bit diluted, I'm afraid, but that's better than destroyed, right? Anyway, it's the best I could do for poor Meslar, and he commanded Agata to pass on her lovely genetics.” Agata: Yo.


“Well, with the introductions and marriage all done, I suppose I'd best be off. You have a house to build, and you'll want to establish the Copperfield community lot. You only get one, you know, and it's just a venue. No restaurant or store or anything like that. Don't make me get medeival on you. Hahah! Get it? Oh, nevermind. I'm outta here. Clovis and I have a date, but I'll probably see you at your venue. Make it something worthy of a Noble House.”


Walter: Well, this is awkward. Columbine: I'm not entirely sure that avoiding the taint was worth coming to this. Surely, Meslar could have arranged something better for a woman of my social stature. Agata: So, I'd better tell you, I get paid $3000 a week, up front in my bank account. I serve only my lady, and I don't date my employers. I do, however, need to breed with someone. For all I know, by next week, I'll be the last of my kind.


Walter: Well, I suppose we should get to know each other. I'll start. My name's Walter Copperfield, and I'm a neutral warlock. I can't cast any spells, though, because of my grilled cheese addiction. But I do believe that if I ever eat enough grilled cheese to satisfy it, I'll unlock my magical powers again. Columbine: Eww. I am a Duchess, and accustomed to much better fare than mere cheesey sandwiches. That's disgusting.


Columbine: Furthermore, I have far more ambition. I want to earn $100,000, so I suggest that I take ownership of this family venue the Queen mentioned. You will work hard and take a position in the Law. According to the pamphlet she made me read on the way over here, Law is an appropriate field for a Noble, and it would be appropriate for MY husband to become the Law of the land, thus increasing my social clout. Walter: The Queen is the Law, regardless of who tops that job.


Columbine: You will have the job title “The Law,” even though Queen Michelle creates all the laws. I WILL be respected, here, and wield the power that is my right, by birth. Walter: Eh, I'm not really sure you're going to fit in well here, you know. Columbine: Says the man who was chastised for getting into fights all over town. I'm opening the business now. You and Agata come along, and we'll set it up.


Columbine: This is it? An empty field? Walter: That's how all the lots start out here, yeah. Columbine: Well, we'll have to be creative in how we set it up. It should be unique, of course, and give you plenty of opportunity to show off your legal prowess, and me plenty of time to exercise my social skills. Agata can help keep the customers satisfied, but we want them to mainly pay attention to me, of course.


Columbine: Now, what's unique around here? We want something no one else has done. Agata: Yo, what, exactly, did you mean by “Agata can help keep the customers satisfied? I'm a lady's maid, not a … whatever you meant by that statement. And I don't do windows.” Walter: Well, I suppose I could show you around, so you can see what's already here. Also, if you want me to be The Law, we should go to the Royal Court, so I can check the jobs board.


Walter: Well, there's a job in the Law, as a paralegal, but I'll have to study a bit, before I can get the job. Columbine: You do that. I need to take what I learned from our little tour, and put it to use, planning the perfect venue for us. Agata: I'm just gonna chill out, maybe meet some people.


Townie: Everyone wants to step on the little guy, huh? Well, too bad for you, Agata. I work in a home furnishings warehouse, and I'm going to make sure your household pays top dollar from now on. Agata: I just wanted to play pinball!


Walter: I'm glad the Queen set up this little library here in the Royal Court. Just a few more skill points, and I'll have that paralegal job. Columbine: Good! Hurry up, because I don't want to wait forever. There's no point in us staying here all day, you know. I want to get that venue up and running. Walter: Sigh. Yes, dear. Why can't I say no to this woman? I don't even like her, or find her attractive.


Columbine: Ah! This is interesting. Taking the time to research the successful merchants in this place is very helpful. I see they invested quite a lot of funds in the bank, and we will do so, as well, to cover the taxes. It will mean that our business starts out smaller, but with patience, we'll have a venue that will be quite profitable. And more than that, I will be able to make friends and influence people, and become as powerful as my born rank deserves.


Columbine: No, we are not going to have an all-you-can-eat grilled cheese buffet! Walter: But... Columbine: No! As soon as you earn your Law career reward, you will be giving lectures at our venue. In the meantime, we'll have to encourage our customers to watch the news, to get them interested in current events and local politics.


Agata: While they're fighting about what to build and how to run it, I'm going to get a jump on making my lady's new wardrobe. I can't believe we had to world-hop with only the clothes on our backs. Well, and that bag of money my lady had stuffed down her bodice. Nice dowry. But still, she has nothing to fill her closet. Maybe I'll make something new for myself, too, once I get her set up.


Columbine: Ugh! I can't believe we have to live on the lawn, like this. Walter: You spent all our money building the venue. Agata: Yes, and everything costs more, because SOME PEOPLE are so mean! Mean to me, that is. I was just trying to play pinball, and... Columbine: Whatever. Hurry up with that dinner, husband!


Agata: Hello, potential father of my children. I'd prefer someone with recessive genes, but you'll do for a start, I suppose. Well, once we have a double bed. Those piles of leaves next to the outhouse just won't do. Sigh. We'll have to get that venue up and profitable quickly! Columbine: My thoughts, exactly. So, while my husband is at work, why don't you invite your new friend on a date to our venue? We can kill two birds with one stone.


Agata: Yes, my lady. But can I take this other guy, who just showed up, instead? He's blond. I want my beautiful genes to last as long as possible. Columbine: Very well. You know, you'll only be allowed two children, so long as you're living with me. I need to have room in the household for my own heirs. If you want more than that, you'll have to move into your own peasant home. Agata: In that case, maybe I should marry him.


Agata: Aww, it's so cute how he hides from the ball. And he says he's a “Bohemian,” which is peasant class. I don't really want to get married right away, but Meslar says I MUST breed. Marriage may be my best bet. Columbine: I understand there's a good peasant-class home that's just sitting empty, ready to be claimed. You'll have to save up for it, though. It's pretty pricey. I'll tell you what. After you create my wardrobe, anything else you make, catch or find is yours to sell and invest in your personal bank account. If anyone gives you a gift, that's yours to keep, as well.


Agata: Really? OK, I am so taking up a bit of moonlighting around town. I hear there are some great places to dig for treasure, and I can catch and sell fish, and I hear that the Royal Court can be quite lucrative. Alright, Jihoon. I don't care if we don't have any chemistry. You're gonna be my baby daddy, and we're going to buy that pre-built peasant house. I guess we'd better go to my lady's venue first, though, and build it up a bit, so she'll let me get to work for my own stuff. Let's go!


Jihoon: Sorry, lady. I don't like you, like, at all. Find some other baby daddy. Agata: What? Golly, the people in this town are so unfriendly! Columbine: Well, even without the date, we are going to open that business. And look at all the time you wasted. My husband is already home from work. WITHOUT a promotion, I notice. Well, he'll just have to work extra hard at the club.


Walter: You spent all of our money on this place, and this is all we have to show for it? Columbine: The Copperfield Club is small, at present, but even so, it is the height of luxury, where our customers can have all their needs met, even without snapdragons or golden statuary. It will expand, with time. Agata: Can I woohoo on those hammocks? I may not get a husband, but I need to find a baby daddy!


Columbine: Who better to be the first customer at The Noble Copperfield Club than the only other noble in town, Shawn Trace. Shawn: Wow, I hope I don't spend all my money before I even have a chance to build my own house and business. Columbine: As a noble, someone who will help run the land, you need to be abreast of all the news. Come and watch it on our wide-screen TV!


Columbine: Husband, I specifically said not to serve an all-you-can-eat grilled cheese buffet! Walter: It's not all-you-can-eat. I'm not standing over the stove all night long, to keep stocking a buffet. It's just one group serving. Chill out, woman! Columbine: Don't you talk to me that way! And don't try to “rules lawyer” me, either. From now on, you only serve grilled cheese at home!


Agata: You know my lady's husband well, don't you, Lord Shawn? Do you think he'll be upset to find out that his wife and I are both werewolves? That's one reason we were chosen as refugees, you know. Meslar wanted to protect all of his occult sims, first. Shawn: Walter? He'll be upset no matter what, probably. Guy's really cranky, especially since he lost the bachelor challenge. But if he gives you a hard time, just bite him.


Clovis: A monster! Quick! My axe! Wait. It looks like someone already chopped off her head. Columbine: No, I just bent back really far. And I doubt Her Majesty will approve of you randomly murdering her nobles, even if you are King Consort. Clovis: True. That's what makes it a funny joke. Columbine: Ha, ha. Are you going to buy a ticket, or not?


Agata: Aren't my genetics wonderful? Although, they do tend to make it hard to tell that I'm a werewolf, don't they, Lord Shawn? Walter: Wait, you're a what, now? Agata: I'm a werewolf, of course. So is my lady. In fact, she's the alpha bitch of our pack, which is why you have to obey her in all things. You have no choice. It's part of the magic, because you are her mate. Walter: Oh, NO! I'm a nobleman! I'm suppose to GIVE orders!


Walter: I always wondered why I just meekly agreed to everything she said. But now I know why, I am NOT happy. I'm the man! I should be in charge! Shawn: Wow, looks like Queen Michelle really got your number. You do realize this country is a matriarchy, right? I'm not surprised she set you up with a woman who will take charge over you. Maybe now you'll cause less trouble, around town. Walter: It's not fair! I'm not even a werewolf, myself!


Columbine: Oh, wonderful! Another furry person. Would you care to join my pack, Andrew? Andrew: Maybe. Give me some time to think about it, please. Would it mean I'd lose my standing as a merchant? I mean, I think I'm a merchant. I live with a merchant, but not so much as a peasant servant. They invited me to live with them as a friend. Columbine: Hmmm, take that up with the Queen. Anyway, the offer stands, whenever you decide to take it.


Columbine: Who are those two sims, and why is their public display of affection making the news? Allyn: Ah, they're just celebrities in the next town over. Columbine: I care little about current events elsewhere, unless it directly affects Youngdale. The reason to watch the news is so that you can know what's in your best political interest, locally. Allyn: Or just to keep up with the celebrity gossip.


Walter: Oh, no! This would not have happened, had my wife allowed me to cook my specialty. I've never made pork chops, before. Columbine: That had better not cost me customer stars, husband! And clean up that mess right away! Walter: Yes, dear. 'Sigh'


Agata: Hello, Mister Fireman. I can't quite tell. Is your hair color recessive? Mister Fireman: You know, I'm not entirely sure. Wanna have a baby together, and find out? Agata: Whoa! I'm not ready to leap into a relationship THAT quickly. Mister Fireman: Who said anything about a relationship?


Agata: Matthew Smith is HOT! Who says my baby daddy has to be a young man? Of course, there's absolutely no telling about his natural hair color. Well, maybe that's for the best. He's an eligible husband, after all. If he gives me a dark-haired child, I'll just wait till he pops off, collect the insurance, and get my recessive genes elsewhere. In fact, if I'm discreet, I won't even have to wait for that part. With a husband, I can be alpha bitch in my own home, even if I'm subordinate to my lady in the pack.


Walter: It's not my fault, this time, I swear! Someone snuck in and started lobster thermidore, while I was taking a bath, from the last fire. Columbine: Perhaps a buffet would be a better idea, after all. Walter: No kidding!


Matthew: I know we've only been dating for five minutes, but it's late, and the smoke from all these fires is giving me a cough. I had a good time, though, so give me a call sometime. I'd love to spend more time with you. In fact, I'd like to become a werewolf, too. Agata: Really? Hold that thought. I'll get permission for you to join our pack, and next time, I'll savage you.


Columbine: Husband, we have dropped down to level zero. I am not pleased. Now, you'd best clean this place up, so we can get some customer stars again. Walter: Yes, dear. Columbine: Then, we can go home. I'm getting tired, and you need to prepare for work tomorrow, so you can earn the promotion I want.


Agata: I'm glad Her Majesty put in this sewing station at the Royal Court. I can stay here until my lady's wardrobe is well in hand. And although I work for HER and not HIM, she asked me to make her husband some clothes more suitable to his station, so I'll finish those off, as well, before I begin collecting things to sell and earn the nearly $100,000 I'll need to buy that pre-made peasant house.


Agata: Fishing is so slooooow. And fishing in the rain is a drag. I wonder if Matthew will give me any good date gifts before I marry him? Well, only one way to find out.


Agata: No, it's not because I want him to give me stuff. I really am in love with the man, and we both wanted this. Actually, he wanted to do it in a car, but I don't have one.


Agata: Digging for treasure is forbidden at the Royal Court, but there's a nice spot for it at the local snack bar. Hey! One down, and only nineteen more to go. I think I'll take a break and fish for a while. It's slow, but with that golden statuary, it does boost my moods again. Back and forth and back and forth and boring, but I WILL have my own home. When I'm finished, my lady can get a Servo, if she wants a household servant. I'm going to be free!


Agata: Well, I'll be as free as a junior werewolf ever gets, I suppose. Still, I'm not the only pack member, anymore. My fiance finally got his wish. Welcome to the pack, Matthew! Matthew: Yeah! This is great! Let's go howl and scare all the normals. Oh, and I want to turn someone else, too. Agata: You'll have to get my lady's permission for that, first. She may want to keep it in the family.


Agata: I finally have dug up enough treasure, and earned enough interest in my bank account to afford that house. Now to soften the blow of losing a servant. I'll give my lady some snapdragons, and when I get back to the house, I'll build her a Servo to take my place. I even have some extra money, thanks to that lovely pinball machine. I want one of those for myself. I can't get a job as long as I'm a house servant, but once I have my own home, and my own family, I'll have my own tiki pinball game, too!


Walter: So, how was your evening out? Agata: Evening? Are you kidding? I spent more than a month hopping between community lots to get it all done. Jihoon: That downtown time is magic, man. Agata: Now, just let me finish this robot, and I'll be out on my own.


Walter: We're still living on the lawn, and I don't even like my wife, but as long as I can serve her grilled cheese, I'm platinum. Columbine: For the sake of your career, I want you to stay platinum, so you can serve as much grilled cheese as you want AT HOME. At the Copperfield Club, however, we will serve only upscale cuisine. Customers will enjoy Lobster Thermidore and Baked Alaska, between the lectures you give at your Law podium.


Walter: There has got to be a spell, or something, I can use to get the better of my wife. I'm tired of being pushed and ordered around, like a servant. I want to be in charge! Or at least be an equal. Man, I wish I could cast spells, but until I get this addiction to grilled cheese out of my system, I'm afraid I'll be stuck.


Walter: Maybe if I improve my skills, so I can get along further in my career, my wife will get off my case.


Columbine: I'm glad you finally got promoted. Now, maybe, we'll be able to make enough money to build a real house. Walter: Yeah, I want to have a nice house, too. Even with snapdragons, it's just not right to live without walls and a roof. Columbine: Well, I'm happy we finally found something on which we can agree. Perhaps, if we limit ourselves to only talking about money, we might actually become friends, someday.


Agata: Whew! I've been working on this for what feels like forever. Finally, I'm finished, and I can get my own place. I won't miss the drama between my lady and her husband. Hmm, if I'm not her maid, anymore, do I have to keep calling her, “my lady”? I'll ask the Queen about that, once I'm settled in my new home. I'll have to get an empty lot, first, and sell off my inventory, but then I can buy that lovely house, and get settled. Hooray!


Agata: It took more than a month hopping about downtown, but I finally dug up enough stuff to sell and buy that house. Not counting the hundreds of rocks and bones. Well, those will make good starter-stock for my home business. After they're sold out, though, I swear, I will never dig a hole again.


Agata: So, this is the famous home business that started the whole medieval thing, huh? Well, let's get rid of that ticket machine FIRST THING. And thanks to the Queen's “play rotation,” I have a week and a half before I have to actually start running this place. Plenty of time to redecorate. I'm a rainbow sim, and this place needs a few rainbow colors, yo. And maybe I'll make my own Servo servant to help out. All those kids I'm gonna have will need a nanny.


Columbine: Well, Mooney, we may not have a real house, but with your help, and my husband's continued success in the Law career, we soon will. How are you at architectural design? Mooney: Beep! That is not a part of my programming, Mistress. Columbine: I guess you'll have to hit the books, instead. And help me earn money at the club. Mooney: Beep! Yes, Mistress.


Columbine: I like the snapdragons Agata made for us, and want some more for our home, and for the club. Mooney doesn't know how to make them, so we have to buy them, and cell phones for each of us. I'm tempted to send Mooney out on the town, like Agata went, but he might decide to move out, as well! I'll keep a closer rein on this one. Better to buy a few snapdragons than lose my servant. I suppose I still have to pay him, as well.


Columbine: But first, time to cement my power over Mooney, by initiating him into the pack. I suppose I'll turn my husband, as well. Maybe we'll get along better, if we're both werewolves. And he'll get that wonderful energy boost at night, so that will help us keep the business running for a long time.


Columbine: NO! This cannot be! I AM the Alpha Bitch! We fought for three hours, and he beat me? HOW? Mooney: Beep! Mistress has insufficient body points. Columbine: Right. Before we do the business, we are hitting the Royal Court, where I shall read up on body skill at the Queen's magical library. You can study flower arranging, and my husband can go fish, or something. Nobody builds body but me.


Mooney: Beep! Illogical! Mistress lost the fight, but still turned me into a werewolf. Illogical! Does not compute! Walter: It's magic, man. I don't think we have any other possible outcome, when it comes to her. But look at it this way, Mooney. Now she won't savage you again. Mooney: My circuits are frayed. Must repair. Beep!


Beat: So, Walter, congrats on getting married. How's it going? Walter: Well, we don't hate each other, anymore. Columbine: I hope we will develop a better relationship once he is a werewolf, like me. Walter: Actually, we do get along alright, while we're sitting down to a lovely grilled cheese dinner. Enough shared meals, and we might become friends, eventually.


Columbine: Beat is so much more attractive than my husband. I fear I shall never have pups, although I must admit it is my duty to Youngdale, and to the house of Copperfield, to have at least one daughter. In our pack, the young bitch who has the best relationship with the alpha bitch at the moment the alpha bitch becomes an elder will become the new alpha bitch of the pack, so I must have at least one girl-pup. Preferably several. I suppose I should at least try to romance my husband, for the sake of the pack's future, if nothing else. What a bother.


Columbine: Now it's your turn, husband. Time to truly join the pack. Walter: Oww! Couldn't I just take a potion, or something? Columbine: A potion would not bind you fully to me. The old ways are best.


Contessa: Columbine, your husband is most attractive, now, with his new look. His fur is shiny and his outfit is much more appropriate to a male of his rank. Walter: Uhhh, please don't look at me like that. I really don't want to be a vampire, as well. Maybe I should go get involved in some activity that can't easily be interrupted. Yeah. Like, ummm, sitting in the hot tub during a thunderstorm. Yeah, that sounds safe.


Columbine: It would appear that citizenship is a subject on which we can both agree. Walter: Yeah! You know, as “The Law,” I'll be in a position to advise Her Majesty on immigration policies, as well as the status of all first-generation Youngdalians. Columbine: Exactly. After all, Agata and I may have come here from another world, but we're only a week behind the rest of the founders, and should have the same citizenship status.


Walter: Right! Because we're all first generation. But what about immigrants who come to Youngdale after it's established? Should they be able to become full citizens? Or should they be second-class citizens, regardless of what social rank Her Majesty assigns to them? Columbine: That's a very good point. Let's discuss it at length, and then we can write a position paper, to present to Her Majesty, to keep in the Royal Vault, in case of future immigration.


Walter: Let's call our position paper “Youngdale: We're great. You suck.” Because clearly, we're the best in all the multiverse, and we don't want any other multiverses messing with us. Columbine: That title encapsulates our shared opinion very nicely, Walter. You're not all that bad. Walter: Wow. That's the first time you've actually called me by my name.


Columbine: So, what do you say to cooking me up a nice plate of your delicious grilled cheese? Walter: Columbine, my sweet, you have found the way to this man's heart!


Walter: So long as you respect the Grilled Cheese, I think I might actually be able to fall in love with you. Or at least in like. Columbine: Oh, you've made me so happy that I have a new happiness point to spend. I think I'll become a Grilled Cheese secondary sim, so that we can talk about the sandwiches without fighting. See? I really am trying to make this marriage work. Walter: Me, too. Let's go build up the business and get your lifetime wish of earning $100,000.


Walter: And that is the official position on immigration for the House Copperfield. Any questions? Vesuvius: Don't you think that creating a second class citizenship is evil? And not in a good way? Matthew: What about townies who marry in? Jill: You do realize that townies were here before any of you founders, right?


Columbine: Alright, Walter. You've taught the townies, and now it's time for Mooney to get some experience at the podium. He needs to learn charisma skill, so that he can learn sales. Meanwhile, you can paint, and I can write articles, and we'll have the business turning a profit in no time. Well, soon enough. Walter: It's a good thing we can nap on those hammocks. I get the feeling we'll be here running this place for a long time.


Mooney: Beep. Must have aspiration points. Will you please date me? Amanda: Sure! You're cute, if a bit cold and hard. Mooney: Beep. You are cute, as well, if a bit warm and soft. However, you have lifted my aspiration as required, and now I can return to the business of making money. I share my lady's wish to earn $100,000.


Walter: I've earned a happiness point, and now I can paint grilled cheese! And since I have arts and crafts as a hobby, I actually get some aspiration points from this, as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to earn another happiness point, soon. You know, Columbine, I hear that you get a major lifetime happiness boost from your first woohoo, and those hammocks sure look inviting. Columbine: Very well. I could use a date, myself. I'm not permanently platinum, yet.


Columbine: But now I am! And in my joy, I will reinstate the kitchen, and allow Walter to cook his grilled cheese sandwiches here at the club. Walter: Wow! Thanks, Columbine! Columbine: You are welcome. Just make sure that no one else uses the kitchen, and no one sets a fire.


Walter: It's slow going, but I'm keeping up my aspiration, and I've almost got that last happiness point I need. Juan: Mmmm, lobster is good. So much better than grilled cheese. Walter: Please don't blaspheme at the table. I'd hate to have to put you on the banned list.


Columbine: With my husband busy eating grilled cheese, and my Servo busy making money, there's no one else to clean up around here. And cleaning is simply beneath me. I'll just have to hire help. At least they can wear an appropriate purple uniform. Now, you keep the place tidy, while I earn more money. $100,000 was enough to recoup the building cost for the venue, but not enough to expand and build our own mansion, worthy of a noble family.


Mooney: I have earned $100,000, as well. Beep! Lifetime want achieved! Strangely, my lady and I seem to be sharing the profit from her club, but it works, and I shall not complain.


Columbine: Since you have your lifetime happiness, and you will live forever with the family, I will pass my business perks along to you, so that you may keep them to pass on to all the generations following. Mooney: Beep! Does not compute. No thank you. Columbine: That is so strange. Perhaps your circuits reject the motivational perks. I'll just pass them to my children myself.


Walter: At last! I have enough lifetime happiness to conjure a grilled cheese sandwich and snarfle it down in one bite. That's SO MUCH FASTER than eating it from a plate. And with all the aspiration points, I can buy lots of energizers to keep me going. It will take a few days of constant conjuring, but I'm going to beat this addiction, once and for all! And then I'll be able to cast other spells and work some real magic, again! Huzzah!


Walter: I did it! I ate two hundred grilled cheese sandwhiches and will be permanently platinum! Nothing will stop me from working my magic now! Thank you, Columbine, for your support on this, and keeping the business open while I achieve my happiness. Columbine: Hey, I wanted more money. Big houses cost big fortunes.


Walter: Finally, it's time to go home, build a house, and get started on our family. You know, I've completely lost track of how long we've been here at the club. Columbine: So have I. It's been a few weeks, at least, though. Walter: Wow. You know, we may only need to visit once a generation, at this rate. Columbine: Once a week, perhaps. I'll still want more money.


“Good grief! Another glitch! The Copperfield family is stuck at their community lot, and I can't get them to leave, even with rampant cheating.” Clovis: I suppose you could just nuke them. You do have another noble family, after all. “Much as I'm tempted to do so, I have another idea.”


“I hereby declare the Copperfield's first week to be over. I'll move them all into Shawn Trace's lot, sell the community lot to the community, and then move them right back out again. They'll start next week lawn-living again, and they'll have to earn the money to buy back the Copperfield Club. Shawn Trace can keep whatever extra money this brings him. As for taxes, they'll just have to skip it this round. Columbine's greedy enough to make a new fortune and the taxes will even out, eventually.”

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