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An Alphabetepic Apocalypse Interlude: Simselfpocalypse Chapter 1 In Which Michelle Simself Faces the Music:

An Alphabetepic Apocalypse Interlude: Simselfpocalypse Chapter 1 In Which Michelle Simself Faces the Music


Ragnar: I have waited so long for this! I just got finished with my first apocalypse! Revenge is going to be so sweet. “I can't believe this is happening. This is MY game! I'm supposed to be omnipotent. Or at least pretty close to it. Glitches aside.” Ragnar: Glitches! I don't believe it. Anyway, it's just not good enough.


Count Robert: This is what happens when you make an avatar, and enlist the aid of a full Occult Court. Michelle Simself, you are here to answer for your crimes against this court. Nawwaf: She has screwed with our sentence! Admit it! Count Robert: Ragnar, did you, or did you not, receive special favors from the simself, in return for certain romantic favors?


Ragnar: Well, she built me a safe house, but to be fair, there were no romantic favors. I mean, she WANTED the romance, but I never did give in. Frankly, she pestered me, and I was getting really sick of it!


Allison: Your relationship panel says you are best friends forever with the accused. She should have been happy with that, but continued to push for romance, despite your refusals. What kind of “friendship” is that? Disgusting! Brittany: And I happen to know that while she was living in those safe-houses she planned for you, she stocked the refrigerators with forbidden foods! Fish and fresh produce!


“It wasn't really very much food. And it was necessary, or he'd never be able to survive lifting Criminal restriction first! He'd need enough to see his family through until his spouse could lift a restriction to allow them to refill the fridge! Like Natural Science, to buy groceries, or Business, to sell and replace the fridge, or even Athletic, to just store the old fridge in the inventory, and then buy a new one. Without enough food to last more than a week, he'd be stuck forever failing and replaying that apocalypse!”


Count Robert: But, he has shown that he could survive with his grilled cheese, and his chosen wife has an inventory full of fish, to allow the family to survive without refilling the refrigerator. They never even opened the fridge until generation two, and there were still plenty of fish left! With the judicious use of spoiled left-overs, they'd have plenty of time for her, or even the heir, to lift the necessary restriction. He was prepared, and so the stocked fridge was completely unnecessary.


“But when I made the safe-houses, I didn't know he was going to choose her, and have her fish so much before moving in! I thought he'd be stuck with some random walk-by, or something, with an inventory full of useless junk, and no food! And I had no idea he'd be able to do that with the grilled cheese. I've never played a Grilled Cheese sim before, and didn't know about conjuring up the sandwiches. Besides, YOU made him into a vampire, so his needs would freeze all night, and whenever he was in his coffin.”


Count Robert: MY actions are not on trial here. Besides, you knew that was coming. We agreed to that special arrangement, at Ragnar's trial. You can't use that as an excuse.


Nawwaf: Knowing what was to come, you took steps to ensure his success, thus eliminating or minimizing replays of each iteration of his punishment. Allison: Not to mention the sexual harassment to which you continually subjected him. Brittany: Just because the man is under sentence does not mean he deserves to be sexually harassed. That's just vile!


Count Robert: Therefore, as second-ranking member of the Occult Court, and head of the Coven of Blood, I sentence you to an apocalypse of your own, to experience it for yourself! You will be shipped to Strangetown, and wiped clean of all skills, talents, occult status, vacation memories, and college education. You will start over as an adult straight from CAS. “Oh, please! Do you know how long it took me to reach my present status?”


Brittany: Since this is an existing town, and we don't want to make all those innocent sims suffer from eternal winter, we will set up your lot with a weather control device, set for infinite days in winter, with snow on all the time. Your apocalypse will only affect you and yours, and you'll need to lift at least Science, Natural Science, Oceanography, and Music before you will be allowed to change the weather. And the constant snow means no digging for treasure or other outside activities that require clear ground. But don't count on school snow days every day.


Count Robert: In addition to your assigned home lot, you will have access to ONLY ONE community lot, which we will control, and update whenever a lift requires it. It will also be set to infinite winter, until you lift the restrictions we have assigned to allow you access to your own weather control device. You and your descendants may not buy this lot, nor may you buy a vacation home lot. Any vacations must be spent at hotels or campgrounds. Not like what Ragnar did with his. Not for you.


Brittany: As for college, your descendants will all have to live in approved apocalypse housing. Those not eligible to lift restrictions will live in the Apoca-dorm. The ones who are eligible to lift restrictions will live in the Apoca-house. It will not be a Greek House, but you MUST assign a placeholder from your own family to keep it open from one generation to the next. Only members of your own bloodline may live there, so no moving in prospective spouses! Heirs and spares, only.


Count Robert: Yes, this means that each generation that goes to college to prepare to lift their restrictions, you'll have to leave one behind until the next generation comes to release them. That will really slow things down for you. Also, you'll have to send a minimum of two at once, possibly more, in case of death. If you only send two, and one dies, you'll fail the challenge, unless you can raise that second one, and allow for a placeholder, as well as a graduate, or if you still have an eligible heir at home.


Count Robert: And for the Criminal restrictions – at your home lot, you will follow the original “buy and replace” method, while college students will pay the $600 fee per student, per semester. This is not going to be so easy as the last one! There will be no college preparation, no safe house, no figuring out who has what job and is good to marry in, no fortune left-over from college funds. No established friendship network. No maxing out the skills in college. Nothing!


Allison: Furthermore, Michelle, you, yourself, will not be allowed to lift Hopelessness. You're already married in Youngdale, after all, and this is a punishment for your sexual harrassment of Ragnar. “I wasn't married when I did that! I was single and free! I would have married Ragnar, if he agreed. It's not fair!” Allison: Whatever restriction you choose to lift first will not lift Hopelessness, so you won't be able to marry or adopt a pet. You'll have to bring in the first generation on your own, and one of your children will have to lift Hopelessness, before your heir can marry or adopt a pet.


Ragnar: Wow! That's really harsh! Even I don't want her to suffer that much. Hehehe. … Ahem. Wow! That's so harsh! Also, I am totally surprised at this. “Do you realize how many weeks' worth of disadvantages you're giving me there? Surely, you'll give me a few advantages to even the score.”


Nawwaf: We're not completely unreasonable. You may keep Rod Humble's aid package. Count Robert: Also, since you will have to bear and raise your children yourself, you may have one bottle of Elixir of Life as a “Lucky Discovery”, provided you are able to afford it and use it before you become an elder. However, you are the only one who may use it. If you become a senile elder before it is used up, you must delete it.


“Wait a minute. Let me check this out. An adult start, alone, is worth five weeks, and you're adding all sorts of stuff that's not even listed in the Apocalypse Handicaps and Advangages thread. “Now, you are giving me two minor advantages, which only add a week each, and putting restrictions on one of them! That's still putting me at a massive disadvantage!”


“I can't believe this! Well, no, I can. I knew I'd get in trouble, if y'all ever caught me. That's why I was so careful to meet Ragnar out in the boonies, like I did.” Ragnar: Hey, don't drag me into this! I have enough problems of my own. Is this going to affect my friend count, with you moved to another city? Or my ability to move into those safehouses you created for me? I like the safehouses. Those circular stairs are great!


“Hey, that's right! I'll be doing my apocalypse in another part of the multi-verse, right? So, I'll still be here, all witchy and immortal, and able to meet and stay friends with my Ragnar, even as I'm doing my own apocalypse in that other place, right? Just like it won't affect my Youngdale version of myself or my marriage there.”


Brittany: That is correct. There are many 'verses, and you will exist here, as well as in the others. You may be sure, however, that Ragnar will NOT exist in your apocalypse 'verse. There will be none of your disgusting flirtations with him there. In fact, none of us here at the Occult Court will exist there, although we will be watching you from here, and may, if necessary, pull some strings behind the scenes. If you get my meaning. “No cheating?” Brittany: Correct! Do not force us to add to your punishment.


“Oh, man! Well, at least I'll get to choose my own lift. Anyway, I've played through an apocalypse before, even with an adult start, so how hard can it be, anyway? I'm a simself! Even without my immortality, my magic, my skills and talents, I'm sure I'll ace this sucker.”


Ragnar: Hehehe. You guys have GOT to keep me in the loop on this one. I want regular updates about how she's doing! And I get to keep my safehouses, right? Right?


“Well, this should be... interesting. Should I alter my personality to start this apocalypse, or keep my own Libra personality? “Who am I kidding? With the chance to create myself anew being my ONLY real advantage here, yeah. I'm going to alter my personality to best survive under these circumstances. Oh, yeah, and don't tell the Occult Court, but I have a new mod to allow sponge baths, regardless of neat points. I put it in BEFORE the trial, and I am NOT taking it out. After all, neat people are MORE likely to clean themselves, right?”


“Yep, they did just what they said: Set it to infinite winter and snow. And they've disabled this thing so I can't fiddle with it. I guess I'll have to lift Science or something, so that we can turn off this snow, as soon as possible. “Actually, my lifetime want is to become a Mad Scientist, so that's good. I'm a Knowledge sim now, with ten neat points, ten nice points, three active and two playful. So not me. But, if it will help me succeed in this apocalypse, I'll put up with it.”


“I was so rushed getting here that I changed my pants to longer ones than I usually wear, but I didn't even get to look at any of my other outfits. Well, that fits with the apocalypse, I guess, until Show Business is lifted, so whatever. I'd better get started building my house.”


“And already my game is broken, and won't let me put anything on top of these walls. No roof or ceiling or second floor? PLEASE!” ... “Where's that save file?”


“So, here I am again, and the lot should work OK. I see through my binoculars that the community apocalypse lot is no longer there. Is that an aviary in its place? Maybe the Occult Court will set it up in Downtown, this time. Also, I got some lovely clothes, and a new lifetime want, to become Education Minister, although my personality is still the same: nice and neat.”


“The Occult Court still exercises power, here, however. They gave me just 7000 aspiration points, and forced me to set up this weather controller the way they had it on the old, broken lot. Too bad. Now, I'm back in normal green aspiration, with no points to spend, even if I could, and they have locked this thing, so I can't use it again until my family has made the requisite lifts. “And I just backed up the whole neighborhood again, at this point, because I know they'll make me start over, if I fail.”


“This time, I'm able to build properly. I have my bedroom/bathroom, basics I'll need for the Education career, with a table to hold the computer, when it arrives, a covered roof to hold left-overs, and I'm getting started with the stairwell, too, because those incremental steps are bothersome about where they will let you place them when they're indoors or next to walls, and I don't want to mess it up later. Also, I'm enjoying my LACK green recolors (thanks to Michelle at”


“Thank boolprop! The job for today is Education, just right for my lifetime want! I swear, I did not cheat! And although my kids won't be able to use the Bookcase of Education, until someone lifts Adventure, we can still have it unaccessible on the lot, and it's 1x1, so easily movable, and this is a GREAT start! “Maybe I should back-up the neighborhood from THIS point, instead. Yeah, I should do that. Be right back.”


“I try to earn some aspiration points, as I wait for the welcome wagon, and notice that my door is already glitched. Joy.”


“I don't need Creativity for the job, but for the money and entertainment? Sure. I'll write a children's book first. Someday, my children will want something to read, after all. And did I mention money?”


“Here comes the welcome wagon, and I immediately start flirting, so I can find a good father for my children. After all, I'll need someone to fall in love with me fast, so I can invite him over, despite my lack of a car. The streets are so dangerous.”


“Both men are attractive. In fact, I have two bolts with each! Nervous Subject, however, is the hottest. I start to work with appreciation, flirtation, and as soon as possible, kissing.”


“How I love good chemistry! It doesn't even matter that he's playable, because I won't be marrying him in. Is he hard to live with? Who cares? Will he give me good babies? I do believe so.” “Wait. Would that make Death my father-in-law?”


“YES! He throws me the red hearts, and I can invite him over on Tuesday! After I buy a phone, that is. Time to chat up the other sims, because I need a lot of friends for this career.” “Golly, I hope I don't get a lot of useless networking rewards.”


“I try to chat up the others, before they leave, but I spent so much time on Nervous Subject, I don't get very far. No matter, I have what I need for tomorrow's promotion.”


“And since I'm almost completely broke, I move everything I can upstairs, to protect it from any burglars who might be on the prowl tonight. Take THAT!”


“No promotion on Tuesday, but I did get it on Wednesday, and came home with a new person to play chess with. No, it's not her.”


“It's Dario, another two-bolter, and we already have a head-start on our relationship, as co-workers. We play chess long enough to get me an aspiration boost, and then I start flirting like mad. “We don't fall in love, but as a co-worker, he might come back and I can seal the deal then.”


“Huzzah! I'm a substitute teacher! More money to build the house, but it also means I need to buckle down and earn more skill points, and make more friends. It will be the weekend soon, though, and I can really focus, then. I just hope I actually roll wants for the skills I need, because I need that Elixir of Life!”


“A guaranteed promotion? Now THAT is my kind of networking reward! Thank you so much!”




Burglar: Sigh. Doesn't she have anything good? Like a chess set or a computer?


Burglar: Well, I'm not leaving here empty-handed!


“Eh. I couldn't put everything on the roof, and at least that was the cheapest mirror, at only $29. No big deal. Oh, yeah, this isn't easy, but with my experience, I know most of the tricks.”


“I'm rolling wants for skills, alright, but all the wrong skills for my job! Oh, well. I'll have to forego the aspiration points, in favor of a quicker climb up the career ladder.”


“Monday afternoon, and it's time to pay protection. Fortunately, I just got promoted to High School Teacher, so I can well afford it. And oh, look! There's a new friend, just waiting for me to meet her.”


“This week, my fridge will have a funky leaves pattern on it. I'm changing the fridge pattern every week, to help me keep track of paying the taxes. And now, I have a fully enclosed second room, and stairs! I have a basement, and stairs leading to the upper floor. Those were probably my biggest expenditures.”


“University Guest Lecturer! And I brought home a friend from work today, another man with whom I will build up as much romance as possible. I do have a man I can call over at any time, but it would be nice to have multiple options. Besides, this career requires oodles of friends.”


“College Senior Professor! Only two more promotions to go, and I brought home a friend! Really, I've been very lucky, getting only one chance card, so far. I hope that continues, until it's not an issue, anymore. Anyway, time to socialize and skill.”


“Weekends are for skilling, and I sure need it. So many points to get before Monday! But I'm doing well on my friend count, and I think I only need one more in order to max the career, so as long as I can hold on to what I have, I should be OK. Then, it's just a matter of enclosing the house, and getting it ready to start having babies.”


“It's Monday, my second week, and time to pay protection, and I have just made College Dean of Students! One more promotion to go! Of course, that means one more friend, and several more skill points, so it will take a few days to get there. But hopefully, by the end of the week, I will have lifted my restriction, and will no longer have to worry about being fired or demoted. My house is still not ready for a child, but when I get my lifetime want, I'll be able to use that Elixir of Life the Occult Court promised.”


“Boy, these last skills sure do take a long time. I zipped through this career, until the very end. This last promotion is taking me all week! “On the other hand, I've only had one chance card, so far. Keep your fingers crossed!”


“One more logic point, and I'll have all I need for that last promotion. Meanwhile, my first floor is almost completed. Two more days will have the ceiling done, and then I just need to put walls around the stairwell, to weather-proof it, and put up a few more interior walls for the bathroom and nursery. The bedroom is being expanded, to fit a double bed and another single, so that there will be room to sleep four sims here.”


“It's Monday morning of my third week here (note the new fridge), and if I lift the restriction today, I'd have one week left to have a baby. I have excellent job performance, thanks to going several days in a row, because it took so long to get the last skills, so today should be a shoe-in. Unless I get a bad chance card.”


“YESSS! I didn't lift Hopelessness, but I did lift Education, which means that teens can go to high school, and possibly my grandchildren to college. I can redeem my Knowledge Perks, and teach what I know to my kids. Teens and spouses can choose their own aspiration, including secondary aspiration. Once Adventure is lifted, sims will be able to train others, using career rewards, and they'll be able to use the excellent Bookcase of Education. It's a great lift!”


“Oh, yeah. And I can finally drink that Elixir of Life the Occult Court gave me. I'll need it, in order to stave off senility until my first child is a teen, at least. Time to get ready for a baby!”


“I'm going to teach my children body skill, so they can skip the stinky stuff, and go straight to yoga!”


“Oh, flergle! I forgot to move all the stuff to the roof, and now there's another burglar! Well, at least I know I can afford to replace it. Nothing is very expensive, especially since I got that networking reward for wholesale prices, and Education pays well in this game.”


Nawwaf: Wow. I've never seen so much good luck. Her dream job right off the bat, only one chance card, and the burglars are taking the most piddling things, which she can easily replace. Even protection payments hardly hurt her, these days. And she's 10 neat and taking sponge baths? What's up with that? Count Robert: We need to step it up. Any ideas? Brittany: Not multiple births again. We need something new.


Nawaff: I know! She's planning on prepping her kids so they can do yoga, and avoid the stink, right? Let's give them Stiff Joints! No Yoga until Athletic is lifted, and Athletic cannot be one of the first three lifted! Count Robert: I rather favor the Unemployment Office. It makes it impossible to plan your next lift, because once you start looking for work, you have to take whatever is available, if it's not blocked by another sim, or already lifted or suppressed.


Jumbok: I vote for the Jealous God handicap. Ever since those pets clawed up my underlings, it's all I can do to keep them from destroying ME! They keep prowling around me! Even now, when they're sleeping, they're dreaming of scratching me. I know it! So NO JUMBOK IV statue for her! Not until Oceanography has been lifted, and it can't be one of the first three lifts, either. So, even if her first child lifts Adventure, NO JUMBOK IV! BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!


Allison: I favor the Lost Childhood handicap, where no fun-raising items from the Kids category may be purchased until Entertainment is lifted. Like Stiff Joints, and Jealous God, it may not be one of the first three restrictions lifted. Alternately, Serious Business means no talking about hobbies until Entertainment is lifted, and again, not one of the first three lifts.


Brittany: Technically, all of these are feasible at this time. She has not yet broken any of the rules for any of these restrictions. I propose that we not choose one of these, but instead impose ALL of them. We need to show her who's really boss in this town, and SHE needs to suffer a real punishment.


Count Robert: I agree, Brittany. She only gets one apocalypse, and we need to make it count. So, to sum up, we have Stiff Joints, Jealous God, Lost Childhood, Serious Business, and Unemployment Office.* Combined. All in favor? * All the in-depth explanations for these can be found in the Apocalypse Handicaps and Advangages thread.


Nawaff, Count Robert, Brittany, and Allison: Aye!


Count Robert: Motion passed. Oh, this is gonna be good! I can't wait to tell Ragnar.

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