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Adventure Chapter 8 - Final


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 8:

Adventure Chapter 8


Peaches: Here, Helga. Before Michelle switches over to playing you through college, take these things. The bone phone, and some Takemizu Village souvenirs – they might speed up your studies. Also, you know how Venus looks kind of odd? Well, I'm giving you the plastic surgery kit, too. She can test it out. No problem if it doesn't work, but who knows? It might work great. “Yeah, I've never actually used that thing. Figure I'll try it out on a spare.”


Inga: It's still pouring rain here, but that won't last for long. For one thing, it's Fall all year round, now, and for another, I'm using the weather control device. No more lightning storms.


Helga: Hello, Grim Reaper? One brother, please, well done.


Helga: Welcome back, Sven! Gosh, but I've missed you. You know, it's been over three semesters since we lost you. You're only two days ahead of the triplets. Sven: I'm just happy to be back, Helga. Thanks so much! Helga: Thank David. He's the one who brought us the bone phone.


Helga: And you triplets can thank John for giving us our own wardrobe. Now we don't have to waste time going on vacation, just to get your outfits sorted out. You know, it's a pity, we won't be able to get your portraits painted for the house, but Peaches sent Corey away. He's done enough for us, after all, and Cream WAS meant to lift Artist. Well, too bad, so sad. Now, let's grind out the grades and get through college as fast as possible.


Helga: I don't know if the souvenir rack helps, but having the Fall boost sure makes getting the grades faster. You triplets don't know how easy you have it, now. Vulcan: Hey, I know we have some advantages. We've been keeping an eye on things from the Sim Bin. Sven: It feels so good to hold a book again.


Helga: That was the fastest study session, ever! And now we can just relax for the rest of the semester. I am loving this hot spring! Vulcan: So, I know we don't HAVE to go on vaction to get our outfits, thanks to Show Business, but does this mean we're just not going to go? “Yep. I just want to FINISH this thing. No more delays.”


“Autonomous Lobster Thermidore? Not a waste! Huzzah!” … “Burning Lobster Thermidore? Still a waste. What's up with that? Everyone has maxed cooking, but they still burn this dish, more than half the time they make it. Ah, well, with plenty of fish in their inventories, they are certainly not hurting for sparkly foods.”


Vesta: Whooohoooo! That was awesome! “Aww, I'm happy for you, Vesta. You finally got to meet your progenitor.” Vesta: Yep! And when I do my lift, I'm going to go back and join the alien disco party, forever! “I'm happy to hear you have such definite plans that do not involve me playing you later. Brava.”


Venus: I never did like my thin mouth, or pointy chin. Let's see how this thing works.


Venus: That worked great! I am smokin' hot!


“This time through college is pretty easy. With safety issues solved, and only a few restrictions, free will is actually do-able. As long as everyone does their term paper and goes to class, and the family meets for a meal at least once a day, they pretty much take care of themselves. After the toddler/baby years, this is a very welcome change.”


Helga: OK, Inga, Olga, and I have just graduated, and it's time for us to move out. Vesta, you're in charge for the rest of the time here. Don't forget to bring the bone phone home with you, to raise Grandma Angie. Vesta. Will do. Good luck on getting your jobs, and making your lifts!


Vulcan: Crepes suzette, anyone? “Wait! Don't set fire to that! It's dangerous! Do you know how many sims die from making that? And you have no smoke alarm, and can't call the fire department! … Wait. You have a bone phone downstairs, and over $100,000 in the bank. Sure, carry on. If no one puts you out, they can raise you.”


“Alright, Vulcan! Yummy food, and you just saved us $10,000.”


Sven: Great food, Vulcan. Hey, I have the map to the Pagoda in the Shadows. Want me to take you there, and all of us can learn the Dragon Legend. Vesta: It's nice, and all, but let's not. I just want to finish school. Venus: Me, too. I think Michelle's impatience is rubbing off on us. Vulcan: I don't care, either way. No wants for either.


“And as Sven pointed out, a vacation without a purpose is just recycling old actions. If anyone had rolled a want for it, I would have, even though they are perma-plat. But seriously, they roll wants for studies (except Vulcan), and for instruments (can't have, anymore), and to make friends (easily done right here). “So, I'm pretty much just zooming through this last bit of college without drama or comedy or anything much interesting happening. Even Vesta stopped stargazing, for now.”


“While the others are busy socializing with each other, on the phone, or online, Vulcan is all about the money. He keeps going online to give financial advice. The money just keeps pouring in, with this guy. “Other than that, there's a lot of catch, soaking in the springs, telling jokes, playing games, watching TV movies, and all sorts of things I don't have to cancel any more. Yay!”


“Oh, look. It's another genie lamp. We have four of these, now. Now that they can finally use them, they have nothing left to wish for. Normally I love these things, but if you can't use them, or don't need them, well... They do look nice, though, don't they?”


Sven: Well, I've finally graduated, and caught up to my quadlet sisters. “Yeah, you've been off schedule this whole time. Kind of annoying, that, but it's done, now.”


Vesta: OK, I got the bone phone. I'm leaving the paintings and all the rest of our stuff behind. We don't need it. We can't hang it up back home until Artist is lifted, and it might make a nice Greek House for some other sims, someday. “You're right! I'm going to package it to my lot bin. It really does function quite well, even with 8 sims, so long as at least four of them are couples or good friends, and willing to share beds.”


“And now it's time for the very last college graduates of this iteration of the apocalypse! I'm glad that all of you graduated, because that way, there is no career blocked, no matter how we wind up shuffling things around.” Vesta: Well, I hope we all get to take our own lifts. To that end, I'm going to ask Peaches to invite us all to move in, at once. It will be crowded, but we know we can manage. No problem.


“OK, that's everyone moved in. Time to hit the conveniently located wardrobe and mirror, and get you all set up again so that I can tell you apart. Then, you can take your jobs. I had you collect your newspapers in your inventory every day at college, so now, if it's not in the computer listings, you should be able to find it in the papers. Hop to it!”


Helga: I found a level 9 post in Natural Science, and the carpool comes in just a few minutes! Hey, Inga, come check the rest of the listings. I have to go. “Oh, by tonight, we may have snapdragons again. YES!”


Inga: Every other computer listing has already been lifted. “So, go for the papers. Thanks to the Slacker lift, you can check the computer again, every day, and see if there's a higher level position, but the paper collection should have an entry level job for each of you.”


Sven: Architecture for me! “Yay! Lift it soon, so we can actually build a usable swimming pool, OK?”


Inga: Dance for me.


Vesta: And I'm taking Law Enforcement. “That's it for the paper collection we already had. Now it's time to clear out those college inventories.”


Olga: I'm hoping for Artist. Since it's linked to my college major, I can check ALL the listings. Venus: Same for me, with Journalism. Vulcan: I think I'll just hold off for today, if all the careers are covered. Tomorrow, I'll check the computer again. “Right, Vulcan: You're our floater. Good luck to all of you.”


Vesta: Well, I'm half-way there. I got promoted to Vice Squad, and I work again tomorrow.


Sven: Same with me. Level 5. “I like that helmet with that crown. You should never change it.” Sven: Well, I'm afraid I can't control my work uniform, but maybe I can change my basic hairstyle in the mirror, now. If you want. “Well, I like the look, but I'm afraid it will confuse me, if you wear that with your diver outfit. So, thanks, but no.”


Inga: Thirty-one newspapers, and no listings for Artist or Journalist. “So I see. SVEN! Put that paper down! You're not allowed to read it. Better put them all back in your inventory, Inga. They're restricted. Better luck tomorrow.”


Helga: I did it! I brought back all of Nature! I am the Ecological Guru, for REAL this time. “Hooray! Thanks so much, Helga! Now, off you go to the sim bin, because this place is laggy. Bye!”


“Ahh, Architecture restrictions. Sigh.”


Peaches: I can't believe that two-thirds of my basement garden actually survived. I'll be expanding outside from now on, I believe. Not that we really need a garden, anymore. SNAPDRAGONS! “Yeah, no one will go hungry, and there's fish galore, even if you didn't have fish in your inventories.” Peaches: Still, it's fun.


Olga: You know, you were only hird as aspiration fodder. We really don't need you, anymore. Butler: It has been an honor to serve your family. “Hey, you didn't photobomb, and with the fridges turned backwards most of the time, you only wasted a little food. You've been pretty good, as butlers go. Thanks, dude.”


Venus: Olgaaaa! Wake up! There are jobs for both of us on the computer today! Olga: Woot! I can't wait to get out of this crowded place. Hey, check if any of the others can get a quick promotion, too. Venus: Nope, but you and I will start at level 9. Yeah!


Olga: Artist has such a short work week, and of course, I get the job the day after. I won't go in until next week. “Yes, but you should only need one shift to lift it. It will go quickly.”


Ragnar: Aaaah! I have waited a long time to be able to just magevestigium into the secret room, and sit all day on the throne. “You could have done that as soon as Angie lifted Paranormal, had she kept to the original plan.” Ragnar: No, Military was a good lift. Especially without a car. I may change things next time around, but I'm happy for now.


Venus: I have just lifted Journalism! Here, have a quill pen. Sven: Thanks! That's nice. We can have an energy booster in the living room, as well as upstairs in the dining room. Hey, I got a promotion today, too. Vesta: Me, too.


Venus: I'm moving out. You're down to eight sims in the house again. Sven: Great! That gives us room to adopt this cool kitty! “No. Fifi is nice, but I don't want her back in the house. I don't remember if she learned not to scratch the furniture, and I'm not sure snapdragons work on pets.”


Inga: Level 5 Dancer! Halfway there. “Do you know we only have four lifts left to go? You guys are just blowing right through them. Way to go!”


Vulcan: Every one of today's listings has already been lifted. There's not much for me to do. “Yes, but I want to keep you around, just in case. Just check every day, and if there's something listed for a faster lift than watching the others climb the ladder, the hard way, you let us know. That's your job.”


“Wow. With most things unrestricted, there's really nothing much for me to do, these days, but watch you guys socialize, while we wait for the next work shift, or for the new jobs listings to roll around.” Peaches: I love these snapdragons! We are ALWAYS in a good mood. “You're perma-plat. You're in a good mood, anyway.”


Vesta: Level 7. And some time off before my next shift. And guess what? This nice lady here promised me a promotion next work shift. “Yeaaaahhhh. Great.”


Inga: Level 6, and I have an evening shift. I'll be level 7 tonight, too! “At this point, there's not much point in having Vulcan check the computer every day, but I'll keep having him do it, just because it gives him something to do. Can't let him feel unneeded. “If anyone, Sven was unneeded, after he was replaced, but Shhhhh! Don't tell his mother that.”


Inga: 7!


Ragnar: Bored. I'm so bored. “Ragnar? It's the middle of the night. What are you doing sitting on your throne?” Ragnar: Because you put me here when the sun came up and forgot about me since then! “Oh. Well, you might as well stay there, I suppose. Keeps you out of trouble. And you never use your coffin on free will.”


Casey: I love these snapdragons. I stopped by to visit two days ago, and have been hanging out ever since. I may never leave. In fact, if I could get to that throne, I wouldn't ever have to. “Well, it looks like the Architecture restriction is good for something, after all.”


Vulcan: Hey, Sven! I found a job in Architecture for you!


Sven: Woot! From level 6 to level 9 in one fell swoop! Thanks, Vulcan! Vulcan: Yaay! I'm useful! Watch me repair this computer! “You're very useful, Vulcan. I'm proud of you.”


Casey: Still here. “Seriously? It's been three days. Are you glitched?” Casey: Does it matter? “I guess not, as long as you don't die.”


“Why are you in your underwear?” Visitor Whose Name I Never Bothered to Check: Wouldn't you like to know?


Inga: Yay! I got a promotion! “Yay! Also, I love that outfit on you.” Inga: Well, look quick, because I just have enough time to go in for another shift. “Great! I'll take a picture, and enjoy the look, at my leisure. You go get your next promotion.”


Inga: Off to work. Casey: Well, I've been fishing and adding to the lag for a few days now. I'm finally tired. Visitor: Don't worry. I'll hold down the fort here at the pond. Casey: Great! Thanks! “Well, it was nice seeing you, Casey. Drop by again some time.”


“Ah HAH! How is this happening? I didn't think I had a mod for this. Look, Casey, I love you, but you need to go home.” Casey: Sorry. Can't hear you. I'm sleeping now. “Uuuuugh.”


Inga: Level 9, with three days off until my next shift. “But it will be your last shift. Why don't you go play SSX3 with Helga. She's been playing for three days straight. Golly, that Journalism reward, in the same room with six snapdragons, really does make a huge difference.” Inga: SSX3 sounds great. I wouldn't mind maxing my Games hobby. Not that I'll actually spend the points on anything.


Author's Note: If you're going to multi-task while waiting for sims to finally have a work shift and lift their restrictions, I highly recommend knitting. See, the thing about multi-tasking by reading “just one” chapter in someone's Boolprop story, is that you wind up reading ALL of them, and then it's time for bed. So. Knitting. You can put it down. By the way, the Goldweaver Legacy by mysterymusic7 is wonderful. It's a pseudo-pocalypse and a lot of plotty fun.


Inga: Well, Dad, we're almost done. Everyone with a job is at work, and we should get two lifts today, with another promotion for Vesta. I'm just waiting around for three days till my next shift. Casey: Yep. The apocalypse will lift in just a few more days. I think I'll stick around to watch it end. “Yeah, you probably will, too. Well, I guess you deserve it, dealing with eleven children at once.”


Vesta: Promotion to level 8, with time for a night shift! I should be level 9 tonight, and hopefully make my lift tomorrow. “Good luck!”


Peaches: I'm home from work as mayor, and I brought some interesting people home with me. “That's nice. I'm sure they enjoy riding in the helicopter.” Peaches: Yeah, I thought at least one of them really deserves the ride.


Sven: Guess who just lifted Architecture! “Hooray! And congrats on fulfilling a second life-time want. I didn't even know it was there for you.” Sven: Just lucky, I guess. Peaches. POOOL!


Olga: I lifted Artist! Have a camera! Peaches: Great! We can take pictures of people in the POOOOOOL! Olga: That's the pool? That's it? No fancy deck or anything? No lovely landscaping? “Eh. I'm tired. But Peaches can swim, so yay.”


Peaches: POOOOOOL! “Don't you want to take a minute to wave goodbye to Sven and Olga?” Peaches: Whheeeeee! “OK, then.”


Vesta: I've just been promoted to Police Chief, level 9, and I work again tomor... Is that a POOL?! “Have fun.”


Ragnar: It's time! At last! We have room in the house. I can raise my wife.


Death: WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ANY SIMS WHO HAVE DIED. KEEP THIS UP AND I'LL BE PAYING YOU A VISIT. Ragnar: Uhhh, what? Angie's tombstone is right there! Michelle! Did you do this just because you were jealous I married her, instead of you, all those years ago? “I didn't, I swear! It's a glitch! A glitch, I tell you!”


Ragnar: I don't understand it, Angie. My only comfort is that I'll see you again soon. The kids are almost finished with their lifts, and then... Well,... I'll see you again, I know it. “Hey, what's with all the dramatic pauses? It's like you're planning something.” Ragnar: Don't talk to me, Michelle. I just KNOW you had something to do with this. Glitch, my eye. “It IS! I swear it!”


Ragnar: Whatever, Michelle. I'm just gonna sit on my throne and pout until this is all over. I can stare at my portrait of me and my wife. “Fine, you do that. See if I care.” … “Stupid glitch. I was actually looking forward to a full-family photo at the end. Ah, well.”


“See, Death? She's right there. RIGHT THERE.” Angie: Yeah, yeah, you talk a good game, but I'll bet you did this on purpose. “No, really! Look, I can see that you're angry. Please don't go on a haunting spree now. Go back to your grave? Please?” Angie: Hah. Make me.


Peaches: Poooooool “Yeah, it's lovely. In the daytime. You should all go inside with the snapdragons now. Just in case. Peaches: Well, alright, but only because some of us have work in the morning. “Right. That's as good a reason as any. You stay safe now.”


Vesta: YES! I lifted Law Enforcement. Now we can have burglar alarms. “Ragnar never sleeps, anymore. No burglars.” Vesta: And fire alarms! “Nobody ever cooks anything, and the fireplace went away ages ago. Still, it's a lift and one step closer to the end. Thank you, and farewell.”


Vulcan: Nobody ever eats anymore, and we don't need juice. Why am I gardening? “Because somebody wanted to plant it, and because we could. Anyway, isn't the harvest nice?” Vulcan: Whatever. I'm going back to the pool.


Peaches: OK, let's try this in the daytime, when she's not out haunting. Maybe that's the problem. Death: YOU NEVER MET HER, SO NO. DON'T CALL ME AGAIN.


Ragnar: But, Death, she's my WIFE! I had three children with her! Death: NOPE. I SAID TO STOP CALLING. NOW STOP CALLING. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


Ragnar: … “I'm sorry, Ragnar, truly. Seriously, this whole lot is going glitchy. Glitches all over the place. Really.” Ragnar: … “Maybe you should go back to your throne. You're smoking, Ragnar. Ragnar?”


Ragnar: I'll go back, but I'm not happy about this. “Well, watching your loved ones die, and not being able to bring them back is part of the punishment that Count Robert had in mind for you. And even if he is now your best friend, you did murder 25 of his clan, so, yeah. That's probably why Death won't cooperate with you. He was kind enough to give us back Sven. You'll have to be satisfied with that.”


Casey: So, how's Grampa doing? Inga: He won't come out of his throne room. Says he's just going to stay there until this is all over. Casey: How long until your lift? Inga: I have my next shift tomorrow afternoon. That ought to do it.


“Today's the day, Peaches! Inga makes the final lift this evening.” Peaches: Yeah. You know, with Grampa Ragnar being all depressed about not being able to raise Grandma Angie, it kind of put a pall over us all. I mean, looking at these couples pictures, it seems everyone's happy, but him. It's painful. “I know. But punishment is painful. He has to take his lumps.”


Peaches: They're all going to go away, aren't they? Grandma Angie's already gone, but everyone else is alive, and wandering the neighborhood, coming over for visits, or calling on the phone. They'll all be gone. WE will all be gone! It's not right, Michelle! It's not fair!


Inga: Well, this is bittersweet. My last day in existence, but also the day I make the final lift and completely destroy this apocalypse.


Peaches: I can't bear it. I just can't bear it. I'm an heiress! We're supposed to be played our whole lives! Roberto: So are spouses! Casey: You never played me after you moved me out! Peaches: I can't take this, Michelle!


“Ragnar, will you please talk some sense into your descendants? Ragnar? Look! I put in a door for you. You don't even have to magevestigium out. Come on, Ragnar.” Ragnar: … “Anyway, your great-granddaughter will be home soon, with the final lift. Don't you want to see that? Ragnar?”


Casey: Look, Michelle, you're supposed to be this omnipotent goddess-type, right? THINK of something. “Well, I did finally get SimPE to work. I guess I could extract you, maybe play you in some other project, or even add you as townies in another neighborhood. You'd have a chance to live again, even though you'd lose your relationships, skills, and all. Would that be alright?”


Peaches: Yeah, you BETTER! Or so help me, I'll come and haunt your computer. Viruses all over the place! Don't mess with a ROCK! “All right! All right! I'll extract you. I promise!” Peaches: AND you'll play us. Or townify us. Or something. Just get us back in the game somewhere. Casey: That's my girl!


“OK, Ragnar. I can't keep playing this save, because of the glitches, but I promised Peaches I'd extract your family, and either play them or townify them, in some other project. Will you please come out now? Please? Inga will be home soon.” Ragnar: … “Fine. I'm going outside to wait for Inga.”


“Did you do it, Inga? Did you do it? Or did you get another glitch like Roberto's where you go into work platinum with all requirements, and still not get the promotion?”


Inga: I did it. Dance is lifted.


Inga: Wow. The apocalypse is over. “Wow. Yeah. Feels so weird. Thank you, Inga. I'll see you somewhere else, I promise. I don't know where, and I don't know when, but I'll extract you and see you again in Simland.” Inga: Thanks, Michelle. It's been an honor.

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