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Adventure Chapter 7


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 7:

Adventure Chapter 7


Peaches: Yay! We're at college! Cream: I lost my hairstyle. David: So did I. But what's worse, John and I got the same hairstyle! Peaches: No worries. Just let me unload my inventory, sell some stuff, build the house, furnish it, and we'll use what's left to go on vacation and change our looks. Who's up for camping?


Peaches: Well, there's our house built and furnished. Having a full inventory from home really helped, and we have plenty of money left over for our vacation. I like this lot, too. It's right next-door to the community lot. “I upgraded that lot, you know, for the latest restrictions. It's nice.” Peaches: Thanks, Michelle. We'll visit it later. For now...


Peaches: … let's do the tour. I decided to embrace the duality of being a double-twin, and so I went with black and white, with the odd bit of accent color here and there. The top floor is sleeping for two couples, including one fun vibrating bed that I can't wait to try out. With someone. I wonder who. Ahem. Also, there's a bathroom.


Peaches: The middle floor is our kitchen/dining/study room, plus another bathroom. What's great about this room is that it also contains portraits of the entire family, as it was when we left home. You can't really see from here...


Peaches: That's better. On the right, we have our child-vacation portraits of all us groups of kids, just like the photos hanging on the wall of our vacation home. On the left is a picture of Grampa Ragnar, and another picture of Uncle Corey painting a picure of Mom and Dad. In the background is another picture of Grampa Ragnar, being turned into a vampire by Count Robert, who is Grampa's bestest friend, so he's sort of family, too.


Peaches: The first floor has our entry-way, complete with sentry bot, thanks to Grampa Ragnar, a bathroom, and our living area. We brought a Bookshelf of Education, just in case anyone wants to study something more quickly than with a regular bookcase, and of course one of Grampa's spare Jumbok IV statues. Plus there's the TV and gaming console, and a piano and violin to enjoy music, and another easel, so we can paint more pictures. And how do you like Mom's curtains she made for us?


Peaches: The basement is our singles' sleeping area. We couldn't put up windows and curtains and paintings, so that's where I stashed my Bust of Tylopeda, to boost the environment score. It looks snazzy, doesn't it? I just wish the Architecture restrictions didn't make us have to use those ugly brown stairs. Ah, well. Cream: Great. Tour's over. Now let's go on vacation and get our hair and clothes sorted out.


Peaches: Let's get our studies out of the way, first. One day of study, and we can spend the rest of the semester totally goofing off. As heiress for this generation, I declare that we will all get excellent grades, so that we can make our lifts as soon as possible. “I like it, too, because with all of you permaplat, once you get your grades out of the way, I don't have to manage you, at all. This might be my most restful university experience, ever.”


Peaches: All right, we look like ourselves again! I love my red tropical dress. Cream: And I love my orange one. John: I love having my wild curls again, and orange is definitely my color. David: Why they had to cut off my long locks, I don't know. So glad to have them back. Tourist: Weird sims. I'm just gonna stay quiet and fish. Yep.


Cream: This is great! Hey, maybe after I make my lift and move out, I can come back and get this Bigfoot to move in with me. Peaches and David: John is so stinky. John: Best. Vacation. EVER! No studying, no work, just fun! WHOOOO!


David: OK, first one to make best friends with Bigfoot gets to come back for him after our lifts. Cream: Awww! I called dibs! Peaches: Relax, you two. There are more bigfeet, and once you know the slapdance and have the map, getting your own is a cinch. Cream: Yeah, but I called dibs!


Peaches: OK, we've accomplished what we came here for, with the clothes and hair, and meeting a bigfoot, so we get all the vacation rewards. But I can't leave this campground without taking advantage of the chance to dance. Alright, David. Breakdance Battle!


Peaches: As heiress, I want to be family, and I don't want to wait for the Junior year re-roll. I want to find my spouse right away. “You know, you probably won't even have to mary.” Peaches: Well, I'm already Family, now, so I want to find my spouse right away. “That's nice. I suppose the spares can just roll at Junior year, though. It doesn't really matter, once they're perma-plat.”


John: Arrrgh! This never happened at home! Grampa gave us a faulty sentry bot! Cow: Oh, yeah! This is more like it. I'm gonna like this place. John: As soon as I get unsinged, I'm pounding that thing with a hammer, until it learns friend from foe.


“It's mostly freewill right now, but just because I can, I'm doing portraits for this house. Peaches and Cream, David and John, the double-twins look charming on the walls of the dining room. The trips and quads can decorate the first floor with their charming visages, after they get their new outfits.” Peaches: Hehehe. I already bought the clothes for them. Wait till you see the Quads! Royal swimmers, indeed.


Peaches: I have triple bolts for the mascot, but Roberto is my favorite. Spouse: found. “Congratulations. Maybe your sister can have the mascot.” Mascot: Hello. I'm right here, you know.


Peaches: OK, Roberto. I don't know if we'll need you for a final lift, or not, but just in case, let's get you trained up before I marry you in. “Well, that's nice, but no pressure. I am SO done with pressure. Y'all have fun, and when you've finished sophomore year, I'll swap over and get the Trips and Quads ready for college.” Peaches: Yeah, yeah. You don't need to micromanage. Just leave me and my sweetie alone, OK? I want privacy for that bed.


“Wow, it actually does vibrate.” Peaches: HEY! I SAID PRIVACY! “Sorry. Moving right along until Junior year, then.”


“Meanwhile, back to the kids. It's still a few days before they age up. So, whatcha doin' there, Corey?” Corey: I am the cool uncle. I get to take them to Twikkii Island, and get them perma-plat as soon as possible, so we can spend the rest of the time kickin' back and havin' fun. “So, less time studying, more time drinking eggplant juice, huh?” Corey: We didn't grow hundreds of eggplant for nothing.


Jan: Peaches called and told me exactly what outfits she bought for her siblings, and I'm sewing them their own copies so they can wear them after they graduate, as well. “Ah, yes, the rules do state that sims may use a small wardrobe to place and wear clothes that were sewn at home on the sewing machine. If they want to wear something different, they can change when they move out. Thanks, Jan! It does help me keep them straight, after all.”


“I see it's not all eggplant juice.” Jan: No, the kids can make friends as they skill, too. Although mostly, they're just downstairs at the Bookcase of Education. If we can get them almost maxed before Monday night, they can age up and have only one or two skill points left to go, and we can plow through the rest of the apocalype in record time. “No rest for the weary. What happened to free will?” Jan: The eggplant juice glitched. It kept disappearing.


Jan: There we are – twelve adult outfits. I even made one for Peaches' spouse when he moves in. “I see you moved the beds in the dining room.” Jan: Yep. After last night, we won't need those three anymore. We'll have some space again. Maybe we can have a second dining set. I can't believe we only have one more day of school for the kids! Huzzah!


Ragnar: OK, kids, everyone come outside and grow up in the thunderstorm. Because lightning is fun! “Sure, now that you can all take a shower after getting singed. Congrats to all the new Knowledge sims. Now, enjoy your vacation, and using the ReNuYu Orb until you get permaplat from maxing your skills. Then have some fun before college, and I'll see you there. In fact, don't even bother changing clothes as teens. You won't need the clothes that long.”


Vesta: But, I'm not ready to go away, yet! I still want to go to the stars, and meet my alien parent! “You know, there's no reason why you can't do that at college. In fact, you'll spend a LOT of time on free will at college, so... Vesta: Let's get this vacation underway. The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get back, and I'll get to college. “Attagirl!”


“Have fun getting permaplat, everyone. I see that the eggplant juice doesn't disappear, here, so this won't take long, at all.” … “Wait. Am I missing someone? Darn. Too many kids.”


“Ah, there you are, Vulcan. I'm glad to see you studying away, but why not drink some juice, instead. The faster you all reach permaplat, the sooner you can go have some fun. And once you come back with those vacation rewards, you can hit college, and just zip on through. Yay!” Vulcan: But, I enjoy reading. “Juice. Now.”


“Congrats, Helga! Our first perma-plat this visit. Why don't you go ahead and use the ReNuYu orb to get your real aspiration. You rolled a 5. Then, you don't have to fuss about it at Junior Year, and all your chemistry will be permanent.” Helga: Sounds good to me. Vesta: But not me! I want to stay a Knowledge sim. “Vesta, sweetie, you've always been a Knowledge sim.”


Corey: Now this is the life! We're all perfectly happy, and all becoming best friends! You know, I'm gonna miss you kids when you leave. But I'll stay at the house, until someone lifts Artist, at least. I hope you kids have as much fun at college as you're having here at Twikkii Island.


Casey: OK, kids! I'm so proud of you all! Now, it's time to call for scholarships, and then off to university! Your mother and I will move out, before you get back, but feel free to visit us at the spares house, any time you want. Love you!


Peaches: Welcome to college, Quads! Let's get the grades sorted for the first semester, and then we can take vacation and get your outfits sorted. I already bought them, in keeping with your childhood “royal swimmers” theme. I have the outfits for the Trips, as well, but they won't get them until we double-twins graduate. Helga, you'll be in charge when I'm gone, and Vesta after you. Now, let's learn this stuff!


Helga: Woow! The Takemizu Village Resort! Even Grampa Ragnar never stayed here. Peaches: Well, with the house already established, we didn't need any of the nearly $30,000 you Quads brought in scholarship money, so why not splurge? I think we deserve it. Now, we'll check in, get you into your “royal swimmers” outfits, and then we can explore everything Takemizu Village has to offer! We're here for the week!


Helga: Peaches, I am going to kill you. Peaches: What? Don't you like the continuation of the “royal swimmers” theme? I needed something aquatic that had matching suits for males and females, and at least three colors, for all you girls. This fits all requirements. Helga: I hate you. Perma-plat or not, I still hate you. Peaches: Love you, too, sis! Come on! Let's learn to bow!


Peaches: Aaah, my family. Um, guys, could you scootch in a little bit, to make room for me? Guys? There's only room for seven. I can't fit in there. Guys? Helga: Maybe if we ignore her long enough, she'll go away. Peaches: Fine, if you're gonna be that way. I'll just go find the Wise Old Man and learn the Dragon Legend. Helga: HEY! That sounds cool! OK, you're forgiven. Let's go.


Peaches: This place is perfect! Helga: I agree. I'll bring the Trips here, when you double-twins have graduated. Are their clothes as silly as ours? Peaches: Eh, I just stuck with the pirate theme for them. Helga: Good. I always thought the pirate clothes were silly. Wise Old Man: And the woman bowed to all her friends, and everyone was happy once more.


Ninja: And so it comes full circle. As I taught your great grandfather, so shall I teach you. Blessings on your family, and may the apocalypse never return, once you have completed your lifts. Peaches: Well... About that... Ninja: May the apocalypse never return to trouble you again. Peaches: OK, that works. Thanks, Ninja!


David: I have an inventory full of fish, and I know how to use it. Our fridge is going to be so stocked full of good food that no one will ever have to stuff their face at the fridge, out of hunger. “That's very nice, David, since I intend to play you on fast speed, for the rest of your time there. See you at graduation!”


“Oh, no! Oh, NO! SVEN! What the heck were you doing up on the roof during a thunderstorm?” Peaches: Well, I guess it's a good thing I have a spouse lined up, isn't it? “Gah. And this is why I don't usually play on free will at fast speed. Also, I'm locking the door to the roof, until the weather clears.”


“Goodbye, Sven. I'm glad I got your portrait painted, at least. It's too bad your grave is blocking the telescope. Vesta will not be pleased.”


Peaches: Oh, Roberto, will you make this official, and do the final lift? Roberto: You know, back when Ragnar took me on vacation with him to Takemizu Village, and imparted all his knowledge, I thought I'd marry in, eventually. I just never knew it would take so long to get here. YES! I've been waiting for this since the apocalypse began! A/N: Yes, he's one of the sims Ragnar prepped beforehand. I was waiting for an Intelligence lift, so Ragnar could invite him.


Peaches: Now that the storm has cleared, let's work on any skills that Grampa Ragnar missed. Oh, I wish I had that lie detector here, but it's at Twikkii Island. Roberto: Don't worry. I won't graduate with honors, so I'll still have to work my way up the ladder, anyway. I'll have plenty of time to get the last few skill points that Ragnar didn't teach me, before he graduated.


“Speaking of graduation, Roberto's not allowed to move in and graduate with the family, but he can have his portrait painted, before Peaches graduates. Now his and Peaches' portraits have matching gold frames, to symbolize their impending union.”


Peaches: Congratulations to all! We double-twins have graduated suma cum laude and the quadlets have reached their Junior year. Now we just need to move out, and the triplets can move in. I'll see all of you back home, for your lifts. And don't ANY of you die on me!


Helga: Just to keep the exam schedules even, we won't let the triplets move in until we finish this semester. Inga: I can't wait to grow up, do my lift, and get my own place. Do you think the triplets will join us, when they're done with theirs? Olga: When they finish their lifts, the apocalypse will be over. Do you really think Michelle will bother to play us, or them?


“Well, that was the easiest semester, yet. Thanks, girls. Now, I'm merging in the triplets, and then it's back to the main family. I'll see you again, after the double-twins make their lifts, and there's room for you at the house again.”


Casey: Kids! You're home! Welcome back! We're so proud of you. Corey: Heeey, Peaches! Are you gonna lift Artist, so I can get out of here and stay young? Peaches: No, that's Cream. I'm doing Natural Science. Jan: I can't believe my baby is dead! SVEEEENNNN!


Peaches: There, there, Mother. Roberto is going to take over Sven's assigned lift of Oceanography, and when we have Paranormal lifted, we can use the bone phone to bring back Sven and Grandma Angie. We'll have the whole family alive again, here in Eschaton! Jan: You're a good girl, Peaches. Thank you.


Casey: Sweetie, I hardly recognize you in that outfit. Your mother worked hard to sew proper clothes for all of you, which you can use regardless of the Show Business lift. The wardrobe's on the roof. Anyway, Jan and I are going to move out, now, and make room. Don't forget to call and keep us in the loop. Peaches: Will do, Dad. I love you guys!


Peaches: Roberto! My carpool comes in half an hour, and there's a listing for Oceanography on the computer for you, so let's get married RIGHT NOW. Roberto: Alright, babe! I've been waiting forever for this moment. Peaches: Good, because there's no party, or anything. Just you and me and a couple of rings.


Peaches: Ummm, no. Mother sewed an outfit for you, too. You'll fit right in with us double-twins. But I can't wait for that. Gotta get hitched before my carpool comes. Roberto: Suits me. I want to get started on my job right away, too. How did you know my lifetime want is to become Hand of Poseidon? Peaches: Really? I had no clue. It was Sven's assigned lift.


Peaches: Roberto, I had the hots for you from the first moment I scoped the room and saw your triple-bolted goodness. Even turn-offs didn't lower our chemistry. And now I find that your assigned lift will make you as permanently happy as I am – I think you were designed just for me. Roberto: I don't know if the clicky-person is capable or just darned lucky, but I have to agree. We were made for each other, by Michelle or Fate. “That's sweet. Not actual vows, but sweet, and in this game, legally binding. Congrats, you two.”


Peaches: YES! Studying hard was so worth it. One day, and I have lifted Natural Science! I am an Ecological Guru, and we are going to have snapdragons all over the house!


Roberto: This is amazing. I feel great, and with the Bookcase of Education, I'll have all the skill points maxed in no time. Although I already have all the skills I need for my career. Peaches: That's true. You know, we have something on just about every wall in the house. The only real reason to keep Uncle Corey around is so that we can continue painting. I think I'll put the easels away and just let him move out now, before he ages into an elder. He's waited long enough, surely. Plus, we can use the room.


Peaches: Uncle Corey, I want to thank you for all the art all over our walls, and on the floor. Our house looks fantastic, thanks to you suppressing the Artist restriction. Now, why don't you go ahead and get your own place, while you're still young. We can keep all the art we already have. We just can't place any more, but really, where would we put it? Corey: Alright. I sure don't want to become an elder, so thanks!


Peaches: Roberto, when Uncle Corey lifted Music, we got rid of the snow. When you lift Oceanography, maybe we can do something about those dangerous thunderstorms that killed my brother. Ragnar: I can't believe this is the last generation. This apocalypse is nearly over. Only 24 more to go after this. SIGH.


Peaches: Now, at last, we can have our own garden. We can only build two squares per day, because of Architecture, but that's OK. It will make it easier to keep up with it all. Fresh food, hurray! And we have all these newspapers for compost. Cream: WAIT! There haven't been any listings for jobs for me or the boys. Let us use those papers. We'll start lower on the ladder, but at least we'll start! I want to finish my lift ASAP.


Peaches: Wow, some of these jobs have been lifted for ages. Still, compost. Cream: Yes, and we found jobs for David and John, in Paranormal and Show Business. I'll keep looking for Artist. There are more papers on the roof. Peaches: Good. I'm off to work, then. I want to wear that outfit at least once.


Peaches: Alright, Roberto! You came home just in time to say goodbye. Roberto: And I'm heading out again. Double-shift, for a double-promotion, because I'm still platinum from skilling this morning. I'll probably pass out when I get home, though. So tired. Peaches: Well, pass out near a snapdragon, OK? Love you!


Roberto: Deep Sea Fisherman, level 8. Not long, now.


Cream: Nothing for me in any of the papers, or on the computer. Fine! I'm going for Entertainment, instead. Let Olga change majors and lift Artist. I want to be able to tell jokes and watch movies, like we could on vacation. So it starts at level 8, instead of level 9. My brothers are starting even lower. And I can check again tomorrow, anyway. Thank goodness for that Slacker lift!


John: Level 5, and I'm heading back for an evening. I'll be lifting Show Business quite soon!


John: Oh, yeah! TRIPLE shift! See y'all in a few more hours. And who knows? Maybe I'll have another shift after that. I feel GREAT!


John: And another promotion. I have a few days before my next shift, though.


Peaches: I'm back from my first day of work as an ecological guru, and I brought back a friend. Ragnar: HELLO! Where were YOU when I was befriending potential spouses? Elise: Hiding. I heard about your sentence, and wanted no part of it. Ragnar: But, you could have made it so much easier!


“What? No promotion? But, Roberto, you had all the skills, the friends, and you're platinum! What's up? Did you do a chance card? You're supposed to ignore the chance cards.” Roberto: No. It just didn't happen. Maybe my boss doesn't like me. Anyway, I'm off for the next few days. “When you left the lot, your performance bar was full. Now it's only ¾ full. Maybe because I exited the game during your shift.”


David: Well, I got my promotion, and now I have a night shift, so I'll probably be level 6 when I get back. “Go, David!”


“ROBERTO! What are you DOING?!” Roberto: I have a want to stargaze with a telescope. “Step away from the baby-making device. NOW.” Roberto: Actually, I do have a want for a baby. “Don't make me smite you. It may not be lethal, but it will be most unpleasant. Go to the computer and look it up.”


Roberto: Wut. Ummm... I'll just go chat with my wife. Maybe play a bit of red hands. Yeah, that will be sufficient. I don't need any baby. Nope. Nothing to tick off my clicky-person. “Darn tootin'. No more free will for you, Mister.”


Roberto: Look, Michelle. I even stopped rolling wants for my wife. I want to plant a seed, and now I want to hire a butler. “Great. A photo-bombing butler who wastes food. Just let me turn the fridges around, and go ahead. It's worth 1000 points, and I need to keep up your aspiration. Then you can go to bed, to keep it high while you sleep. At least your in-laws are being helpful and climbing up their ladders. They all three got promotions today.”


“Peaches, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. You've broken a restriction. You broke it while you were at college, and now there's going to be a price to pay.” Peaches: What? But I worked so hard! I made sure we all graduated suma cum laude! How could I have gone wrong? “You took your siblings to Takemizu Village, even though Politics has not been lifted, yet. The Occult Court will go hard on you.”


“They will, that is, unless you take my deal.” Ragnar: Trust me on this, Peaches. You do NOT want to face the Occult Court. They are extreme. Whatever deal Michelle offers, take it! Peaches: Golly! When you put it like that, I guess I have no choice. What's the deal?


“I'm afraid you'll have to give up your lift. Put all the snapdragons back in your inventory, along with the compost bin. As for your garden plants, you'll just have to ignore them and leave them there, until it's lifted by someone else.” Peaches: So, I wasted my whole education? “No. You're allowed to do a different lift. But this does mean the assigned lifts will need to be shuffled a bit. Again.”


Ragnar: Hey, thanks, Michelle! You're not so bad. I mean, we loved the snapdragons, of course. No one even needed to eat or pee, or anything but sleep. But taking them back is no big deal. We're no worse off than before. Peaches: I guess I've lost some time, but I'm the heiress, so I'll be staying here till the end, anyway. I have all the time I need to do another lift, even if it's not in my major. “Good attitude. Keep it up, and good luck. Let's finish this.”


Peaches: Hey, look! There's an opening in Politics! All the other listings have already been lifted, so Politics, it is. And if I lift it before you go back to playing the Trips and Quads, then they can go to Takemizu Village without any hassle, right? “That's right. Also, you can expand the house, two squares at a time, if you want to.” Peaches: Eh, we're OK. What's the point of expansion, now?


Cream: I'm a Prestiditigator! We can tell jokes and watch movies, or any TV channel, and read any book we want! We can tell the Dragon Legend and sing the Sea Shanty, juggle, buy games and bars, craft toys, and once Show Business is lifted, we'll be able to throw parties, as well! “Well done, Cream! You just made free will easier. No more cancelling autonomous juggling and joking, movies and books. It's just so much easier on me, now. THANK YOU.”


Cream: You want easy? I'm moving out, and since I have a cell phone, you don't even have to place me in a house. I can keep in contact, even if I stay in the Sim Bin forever. “Aww, Cream, you're sweet! Thanks, bunches!” Cream: Whatever. I'm happy. I always knew you wouldn't play me after I did my lift, anyway. Just let Grampa Ragnar and Peaches give me a call now and then, is all I ask.


Ragnar: Let's all sing the Sea Shanty, just because we can!


Count Robert: So, I see Michelle let you off easy again. Well, I suppose it's OK, because her punishment for all her other offences is all set up and ready to go. As soon as you finish this iteration of your apocalypses, we strike! Ragnar: Really? I hope you'll invite me to be there when the feces hits the fan. I so want to see this! Count Robert: You know it! But be sure to act surprised, OK?


Ragnar: Hey, Venus, thanks for stopping by. My relationships with my kids were slipping, and... Wait, what's that noise? “BWAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!” Ragnar: What's so funny, Michelle? “I just checked your relationship panel! Guess who's a creepy pervert, now? You have double-bolts with Peaches and one with Cream. Your own great-grandchildren! What a dirty old man!”


Roberto: Well, I finally got that promotion to level 9, and now I have just enough time to head back to work for a few hours, and if I'm lucky, I'll get my lifetime want and my lift this afternoon. “Good luck, Roberto! You ARE platinum, so it should go well. No more glitches, I hope.”


David: Hey, Aunt Darla. Love your taste in clothes. Darla: Yeah, it was a reminder of good weather to come, until Corey lifted Music. Now, it's just nice and tropical. John: Speaking of which, if Roberto lifts Oceanography today, we'll finally get to enjoy really good summer weather! David: Yeah, I can't wait. Spring is just a bit chilly for these clothes.


Roberto: I did it! Oceanography lifted, and I am perma-plat! Peaches: That's fantastic, honey! And I'm level 9, with work tomorrow. If all goes well, tomorrow evening, we'll put in a pool. Roberto: And my koi pond. Just because we can. Peaches: You got it, baby. Hey, I have a thought. Let's drink some Elixir of Life. No worries about getting old, no matter how long it takes the others to finish their lifts.


Roberto: And just so that we never have to worry about another accidental lighning death – I have set up the weather controller to give us clear skies, forever!


John: I'm level 9! David: And I'm level 8. “So close! Hang in there, guys! I need you to finish, so I can go back to the college kids.”


John: I've just lifted Show Business! Here, have my plastic surgery kit. I am OUTTA HERE!


Peaches: And here's Politics! We are getting a pool, and moving some things to the yard. We can't do landscaping or decorating, but I'm definitely going to set up a nice little area for fun and relaxation. “You definitely deserve it. Way to go!”


Peaches: Well... “Aren't Architecture restrictions fun?”


David: Level 9! Only one more promotion to go, and I can join my twin. I have another shift in just a few hours, so it may be that by early morning, I'll lift Paranormal.


Angie: You'd better raise me! I want to be with my Ragnar again! Peaches: Geez, Grandma Angie. You haven't haunted anyone this entire time, and now, we were just stargazing, and you come out and scare us. Roberto: I'm a logic sim. This is GREAT! Peaches: Whatever. We'll raise you soon, Grandma.


David: I'm a cult leader, and I can raise the dead. Who's first? Ragnar: I really would like to have my Angie back, but the house will be so crowded, once the other kids move back from college. She's waited this long. She can wait a while longer. We'll give this to the Trips and Quads, and they can bring back Sven, so he can graduate with them. Once we have some more lifts done, we'll bring back Angie, then.


“Well done, David. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of all of you. I think I'll call it a day on this chapter. Next time, I'll go back and finish off college, and we'll see the others lift this apocalypse, once and for all.”

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