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In which Michelle tries not to completely lose her mind, playing a full, FULL house.


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 6:

Adventure Chapter 6


“Alright, Jumbok. You think you're all that? You think you're soooo powerful? Well, use your great powers to save your followers, then!” Jumbok: Call your familiars off, Michelle Simself! If you do not... “Shut up! You totally earned this!”


Jumbok: Please! I've been glowing my eyes as strong as I can, yet I cannot stand against the onslaught of Mittens and Scout. “Yeah, you remember that, Jumbok. You are supposed to work for ME, not the other way around. Jumbok: But, the Occult Court...


“Enough. The Occult Court can deal with me through OFFICIAL means. No more of this sneaky stuff. “Did you hear that, Count Robert? I don't know what you and Ragnar had planned, but from now on, you stay within the rules of the court, and that's THAT!” Jumbok: Very well. But know that I most certainly shall be taking this, and your other infractions, up with the Court.


Ragnar: So, if the Court will listen to Count Robert's and my plan... Brittany: Mess! There's so much mess! Nawwaf: I can't stand it! Allison: This whole thing is giving me such a headache! Count Robert: If I were in a Western movie, I'd say, “I'm gonna clean up this town.” As it is, I'm just going to clean up that simself.


Ragnar: This is turning out better than I thought. They're so upset, Count Robert will be able to wrap them around his pinky finger. I'm so glad I befriended him, after all. … I'd better head back home, before she finds me here.


Count Robert: So is the court agreed on our findings and our course of action? Nawwaf: Agreed. Brittany: Agreed. Allison: Agreed. Count Robert: Then, when this iteration of the apocalypse is lifted, we will call Michelle Simself before us to hear our sentence.


“Ragnar, the sun's been down for hours. You have eleven small children to tend. Why are you hiding down here?” Ragnar: Oh, I was so burned up by the sun this morning, when I had my babies, that I needed more time to recover. I'm coming out, now. “Good. This is too much for your grandkids to handle alone. All hands on deck!”


Loki: Hello, little grandchild. I'm so glad to meet you. Jane: These nieces and nephews of mine are so cute! Michelle, are you sure you won't play me, so I can have six children marry off? “Sorry, no. But I love it when visitors come in and help with the babies. Ummmm, just don't wander off with them, or hold them until they starve, OK?” Loki: I'm feeding my grandchild. I would never withhold food from a baby! Casey: Mess, mess, MESS! I just can't pick up the mess fast enough!


“Seven cribs, two pet beds for the toddlers, a toilet for the potties, three trash chutes for bottles, and as many adults as we can have shuffling the kidlets around amongst them all, and we might just manage to stave off the Social Services until the little ones are grown into somewhat self-sufficient children. “Maybe.”


Casey: I don't know if we'll manage for all seven of the younger ones, but I do hope we can at least get the four of you older kids potty trained.


Corey: Yaaay, potty! “The girls are getting their training on, I see.” Corey: We want them to have as high aspiration as possible.


Ragnar: That's not always possible, though. The traffic jam at the potties is something else. Jan: Ragnar, go to BED! We don't want you dying before the kids grow up.


Jan: Thank you, Corey. At last, all the double-twins have their potty training, and all their toddler skills.


Jan: I want to throw away this trash in the chute across the room, but you're standing in the waaaay. Corey: Just use the one behind you. Jan: But I'm standing in the waaaaay. Casey: You certainly are. Corey and I want to change these diapers. Move, will ya?


Casey: Oh, thank boolprop, it's birthday time. “Yes, I see all the toddlers are growing up simultaneously. How twinnish of them.” Jan: OK, double-twins – to the bathrooms and then to bed. We have seven babies to grow up, and we need you out of the way, so we can maneuver.


John: Dibs on the basement beds for me and David!


Peaches: Cream and I will take the upstairs bedroom. “Umm. You're out of beds now. With seven more growing up, I foresee a problem.” Casey: Oh. Yeah. We're going to have to sleep in shifts, aren't we? Jan: Energizers. We adults will never sleep again.


Casey: OK, adults – gather round for the baby birthdays.


Casey: Happy birthday, Venus! “Venus is a cute little Capricorn, I see, and has Ragnar's skin and eyes. I'm not sure if the hair is stoney or alien. We'll find out when she becomes a child. She's 10/3/0/7/7, so I don't think she'll max body in a hurry, but she'll be a cleaning machine.”


Ragnar: OK, Vulcan. Your turn. “Vulcan is a Pisces, and I do believe he got all of his father's genetics, except for facial structure. OMG, he's so cute, I don't know what to do with myself.” Ragnar: You are not going to hit on my son. Go away. “Eww! I'm not a pervert, Ragnar! So, he's got a 5/3/9/0/9 personality. Chessmaster in the making, looks like.”


Casey: OK, Vesta. Time to grow up. “I see Vesta is a Virgo, 10/4/8/3/10. Sweet and tidy. Also cute as a button, with that alien skin and nose. And no, I'm not going to hit on her, either, Ragnar. Relax. I only hit on adults.” Ragnar: I still think you're creepy, Michelle. “Yes, but I'm only creepy with adults. Cute toddlers are cute, and I'm allowed to say so. So there.”


Corey: Ready to be a big girl, Olga? “Olga is a Gemini, 5/8/9/3/3, somewhat more balanced for the norm, in this family.” Ragnar: And? “Also cute. What, now you want me to say it? Sheesh! Make up your mind, will ya?”


Ragnar: Time for Sven to grow up! “Sven is a Scorpio, 10/8/10/2/5, neat and active.” Ragnar: Oh, you should be so glad we lifted Medical, already. “Ragnar? And?” Ragnar: See, when I say he's cute, it's no biggie. He's definitely cute.


Jan: It's Helga's birthday! Yaay! “Helga is a Sagittarius, 5/2/10/8/3, very active and playful, but mean. She'll probably be a little mischief-maker.” Jan: Not if I can stop it. We don't need mischief around here! I want a well-ordered home, please. David: My little sister is cute!


Double-twins: We heard there's cake! Is there cake? We want cake! Count Robert: Just calm down, young ones. Once the entire family is gathered together, we will celebrate the birthday of your youngest sister, and then there will be cake for all. Ragnar: Robert, stop taking over my lines. You're not the host, here.


Casey: And last, but not least – Inga! “Inga is a Capricorn, 10/10/1/8/6. Neat and outgoing, as well as playful and reasonably nice, but lazy as all get out. Is there no one in this family with a balanced personality?” Ragnar: Nope. Now, it's time to re-decorate, again, while all the kids are awake. “Wait, no one said she's cute?”


Ragnar: With seven toddlers to deal with, we can't be fussing with the cribs. Using pet beds, the toddlers can put themselves to bed and wake up when they're ready, without screaming to be let out, and waking up everyone else in the room. And the adults can give a bit more focus to training and teaching the ones who are awake.


Ragnar: Speaking of training and teaching... OK, double-twins! Hit the Bookcase of Education! You have all weekend, and we'll really appreciate it if you stay out of the way. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge, and you can clean up your dishes when you're done, socialize with each other, and generally take care of yourselves, for now. Double-twins: Yes, Grampa. “What obedient children! I'm impressed.”


“The toddler-training marathon continues. Do you really think they'll all seven get all four of their toddler skills?” Casey: We'll do our best. Thank boolprop for perma-plat aspiration and energizers. “No kidding. I'm glad you unlocked them, even if it did mean more babies at once.” Casey: And I'm glad Corey stuck around to help.


We interrupt this program for an emergency announcement. Please step away from the game, before you lose your mind. Two days off ought to do it. Try some of those stress-relieving coloring books. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Thank you. You may now return to your original programming.


“OK, back to work with the kidlets.” Corey: We haven't stopped working. Jan: Thanks to our energizers. Casey: Thanks to them putting themselves down for naps, and waking up in shifts!


“Hey, I thought you kids were studying?” John: We were, but we got hungry and bored, and need to take a break for food, fun, and … ummmm. What's a word for “using the toilet” that starts with F? “Beats me, but I get the idea. Continue taking care of yourselves, please, because the adults really have their hands full. Just don't forget to study, when you're mooded up again.”


“Why did the sun have to come up, just when a fourth toddler woke up?” Ragnar: The others will just have to deal. I can't help out right now. “Poor Sven never even gets the chance to be potty trained. The timing is always wrong for his poor bladder.”


“Hahahaha! Those kitten videos on the internet are so cute!” … “I should get back to micro-managing the toddler house.” … “Ooooh! Sphynx kittens!”


“Sigh. I have had enough of toddlers! Micro-managing never eeeeends!”


“Come on, kids. Do something interesting, will ya? I need the distraction from the little ones.” Cream: We thought you wanted us to study. “Well, yeah, but that's boring. Sigh. At least you chose an interesting outfit, Cream. Love the dragon costume.”


“Well, I guess it's not going too badly. Everyone is basically happy, even if I am going out of my mind.” Casey: Yeah! I'd be platinum, even if I weren't perma-plat, already! I love being a father! I want to teach them all! “Yeah. Hey, did you know that when you're using colored pencils on those stress-relieving coloring books, you can bruise your fingertips when you hold the pencils too tightly? Did you?”


“Alright! Go to school! Yaaay! Something different!” David: When do we get into private school? “HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAAAAAAA!” David: What? Business restrictions are unlocked. We're allowed to do private school! Whaaat?


“No! No, no, NO! Don't even think about it!” Casey: What? We're just taking a break to boost our social moods. Jan: Honest! “So play Red Hands, or something. You're freaking me out!”


“Wow, this brings back memories. It's Ragnar and Angie, all over again.” Corey: Hold that pose! I want to capture this moment for posterity!


“Seriously, Corey?” Corey: You'll thank me later. Anyway, the kids are mostly asleep or at school. I have a bit of a break. And an energizer.


“Speaking of school, how did the first day go, kids?” Peaches: It was great! I told all my friends how my uncle brought art and music back to the world. Cream: We got homework. Jan: Well, we'll get you through that in no time. Then you can study from the Bookcase of Education, instead! Yay!


Casey: Alright, gather 'round, everybody! It's birthday time! “Really? They're not all fully potty trained, and you still have a bit of time left, before they age up naturally.” Casey: Nope. It's night-time, and I want all the kids aged up now, because I have plans.


“They're not all high aspiration, but at least they're in the green.” Jan: Too bad we didn't manage to potty train any of them. Ah, well.


Casey: Now that all the baby stuff is gone, we have room for beds. We won't have to sleep in shifts, but we will have to vacation in shifts. So, who's coming with me for the first trip to Twikkii Island?


Casey: OK, first up, Jan and I will take the double-twins and the triplets. Everyone climb in.


Jan: Casey, honey, did we bring the kids here just to study? Casey: To study in comfort! Anyway, there's plenty of time for them to hula, and buy new clothes and have fun. But first, I want the triplets to learn about Lifelong Happiness, and as long as they're studying that, the others may as well earn a skill point, or two. By the way, how would you like to learn how to garden?


Casey: By the end of this vacation, you should be golden, and we should have enough eggplant juice for all eleven of the kids to get a head-start on college. Jan: Wouldn't it be great if they all went to college at the same time? With all the skills scholarships, they could build an incredible house! Casey: Don't forget the Tsang Footwork Award.


Casey: OK, kids! HULA PARTY! “Wow. You're really planning this out. Next, you'll be bringing them back here for a week-long pool tournament and UFO-sighting spree. What about the undead and orphans' assistance funds? Just how far are you prepared to go?”


Jan: Not that far! I don't want to die! Anyway, we can't do zombies until Paranormal is lifted, so the kids won't be undead. Casey: Actually, we could do that while we're on vacation. The restrictions don't apply, here. “No.” Casey: But, they could bring us back, after they collect the orhpan's money. And they're the last generation, anyway.


“OK, while Casey and Jan duke it out about how far they're willing to go to get their children the most scholarship money possible, I'll just turn to admire the lovely décor here. I see you've made good use of the Artist's camera. Let's get a family portrait (well, as many are here at a time), after they have their make-overs.”


“After the make-overs: Vulcan is the blue pirate, Venus is the red pirate, and Vesta is the green pirate. I'm sensing a theme here.” Casey: In order to keep the relationships straight, we're trying to keep the clothes in sets, along with the kids. “Right. How original.”


“From left to right, the double-twins: David and John, Peaches and Cream.”


Casey: Now, it's time for some good, old-fashioned family bonding. Of course, since we couldn't bring the whole family at once, we'll have to mix it up on future trips, and take several, so that we can get all the combinations of relationships. “Or you could chat at home.” Casey: Ah, where's the fun of that?


Casey: Hey, Jan, why don't you take the opportunity to study magic? Then you could have that infallible glow, like me! Jan: No, thanks. I'm good. Casey: Yes, but you could be better! Jan: Meh. I'd rather learn how to sew. Curtains and quilts and clothes! Alright!


“Look at that! A genie lamp! I love those things, because even children can wish for peace of mind, and be perma-plat. However, the genie won't work on vacation, so all you can do is take it home, and wait for a Paranormal lift. Besides, with eleven children who would be the lucky ones to get the wish? Some other apocalypse, perhaps.”


“Whatcha doin', kids?” John: We're studying. David: Yaay! I got a bunch of skill points and aspiration, too! On to something else! Cream: Yeah, we've all been rolling skilling wants today. It's awesome.


Casey: Whether they roll skill wants or not, they'll skill for the rest of our time here, while I make a bunch of reagents. I can't cast spells at home, but I want to be prepared for when I can cast them. Besides, I want to be able to make my own throne, and this is good magic training. “I see. Hey, nice portraits, by the way.” Casey: Yeah, the Artist camera is great!


“And the rest of this vacation was boring as all get-out. I did not cut it short, however, because the kids got all sorts of skill points. “I didn't let them max them all, though, in case they rolled “Max 7 skills” as a lifetime want. But they're pretty darned close. And some of them are even friends with each other, as well. “I was having them focus on socializing, until I realized they could do THAT easily enough at home. But where else could they sit in comfort from dawn to dusk reading books, happily, thanks to snapdragons? So, skilling it is. “On the plus side, I no longer feel so stressed that I have to take a break to color until my fingertips are bruised. I'm just BORED. “And I have to do this all over again with the other batch. Yay.”


“Then, I remembered they can't earn the Tsang Footwork award at home, and sent them to dance. For skill points, they can read and drink eggplant juice.” Vulcan: This is so much fun! Why can't we dance at home? I want to lift Dance!


“And finally I just said, 'skip it,' hit the fast forward button, and let them do whatever they wanted.”


Vesta: Daddy? Are you there? “Sorry, kiddo. I don't think children are allowed at the party, and they wouldn't give you the special blue juice, anyway. But maybe when you're a teen, you can go there and enjoy the disco dancing, at least. That's something you can do at home.” Vesta: Disco dancing? “Uh, no. Be abducted by aliens.”


“They spent their last night fishing, because they wanted to, and it was a good way to build relationships. Each of the kids had at least twenty skill points, after all, and I was pretty sure they had the dancing scholarship. It was good enough.”


“Lather, rinse, repeat with the quads. This time, however, there was room for Ragnar to come, and he placed all the career rewards he collected at home, thanks to the Slacker lift. Obviously, he took a job in Adventure several times, and this way, the kids can stay skilling even longer, before they have to stop to go to bed. He placed every career reward he could get his hands on, somewhere on the lot. It was crowded, but still usable.”


“From left to right: Helga, Inga, Olga, Sven. I suppose the theme here is royal* merfolk. Although, that's not quite right, because the girls are wearing mermaid outfits, while Sven is wearing a ducky swimsuit. But I can't call it royal swimmers, because the mermaid outfits aren't swimsuits, which they really ought to be. Ah, well. There's certainly no mistaking them, at any rate.” *Crowns are glasses, and can be found here . Thanks, Keika, for introducing me to them.


“And this is where my computer decided it just HAD to have updates, and it took me four freaking days to finally get the game to load again, and I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, so if anything goes flashy blue, I'm just glad I can actually replace it now. “The updated spell-checker has now decided that the words “and” and “this,” and “is” and “where” are not in the dictionary. Red squiggles everywhere! I'm just turning the whole thing off. “Coloring books. I have some new ones. They're so pretty! But I'm running out of colored pencils. I am starting to stress about my stress-relievers. What do I do when I run out?!”


“Back home, the family enjoys the nice weather and the fact that everyone came home in a good mood. They play waterballoons until the sun comes up, while the hobby leaders make their visits (for the next three days) for all the hobbies earned on vacation.” Ragnar: Woot! I want everyone to be best friends! You, too, Count Robert! Count Robert: I doubt that will happen before sunrise.


Ragnar: Ooh, I need to hit the coffin. But my son's plan worked well. All the kids are feeling good for school, at the same time, and more than half of them are platinum. The grades should come easily enough now. “Yep. It's just a matter of keeping an eye on all of them, and keeping them out of mischief until they can go to college. Five more days.”


David: Uncle Corey! Uncle Corey! I got an A+ at school! Corey: That's great, David! I'll cheer as soon as I get this turkey dinner in the oven. I invited over the headmaster, so you kids can get into private school! “Are you kidding me? Nobody has that want, anymore!” Corey: It will make their moods better. It's worth it. “grumblemumblemoremicromanagingmumblegrumble”


BJ Ryan: Although I rated you 93 points out of 90, I'm not too impressed, and your kids don't get in. Casey: Well, that stinks. I'll try again tomorrow. Prepare to be wowed by a golden trout meal. BJ: That might help. I did spend all but one hour of the visit eating that turkey dinner, so maybe something that will earn all the points all by itself will do the trick.


“Well, I see you've already got them all on different schedules.” Casey: I had to, in order to teach them all how to do homework. But now, they can be self-sufficient. As long as everyone gets to school, and gets their homework done, it doesn't really matter when they do what. “I suppose so. And good luck with the next headmaster visit. Make sure the place is spotless. Maybe hang some more art.”


“OK, I'm confused. Do I invite the headmaster for golden trout, or what?” Casey: Whatever, just get on the bus, already, kids! “Cheese and crackers, I can't wait for the double-twins to grow into teens! I've had enough, and I'm leaving it on free will, except as absolutely necessary. And to cancel forbidden interactions. Which means I still have to watch closely. Bleh.”


Corey: The bathrooms are clean, the beds are made, and there is art all over the place. I'm ready to call the headmaster. … Ummm, I can't call the headmaster. “Yeah, it's glitchy, but apparently that 93/90 score really was impressive enough, and the kids are in. Yay!” Corey: And I got to clean all morning! Yay! “Neat sims.”


“I wish I had sparkly food in real life. Anyway, I make sure the kids have food, do their homework, and then they pretty much take care of their own needs. Two more days until the double-twins are teens, and then it's off for another holiday, this time with Corey at the helm.”


Ragnar: Children, I'm very proud of all of you. Now will you please SHUT UP! The sun isn't even CLOSE to being down, yet. I'll cheer you all, but I don't want to burn to a crisp. “You're the one who taught them to do their homework.” Ragnar: You can shut up, too Michelle. I'm going back to bed. Eleven cheers in the sunlight. Why did they ALL decide to come to ME?! Flergle!


Jan: Happy birthday to John! And to David! And to Peaches, and to Cream! I made the birthday cake this time, as it is much more satisfying. Tonight, you'll be leaving for your teen vacation, and after that, it's off to college. Casey: I guess I should name an heir now. I've decided on Peaches. She's Jan's child, as well as my own, and will thus carry on the tradition of an heir's spouse continuing the bloodline.


Ragnar: OK, kids, remember: Education was lifted for a reason. You all are going to choose Knowledge, and anyone who doesn't roll “Max 7 Skills” for their lifetime want has to hit the ReNuYu orb until you do. You can re-roll your aspiration after you're perma-plat and ready to make your lift. Double-twins: Yes, Grampa. Ragnar: Alright, then. GO!


Ragnar: Let the reprogramming begin. I hope you all get it sorted out before Corey gets home from work. But I suppose you'll have plenty of time for more, if you need it, when you go to Twikkii Island. “Right. This is going to take all night. Literally. It takes all night for Cream to get hers. Fortunately, the others get the right LTW relatively quickly.”


“And so, the teen vacation. I won't bore you with details. They reprogram themselves and skill, and take a tour, or two, for the points.”


“And what is a tropical teen vacation without a summer love and a first kiss? Gotta love that wishing well! The lifetime happiness points are climbing, and that means work perks. “Yes, the vacation goes well, and the double-twins are ready for college and to lift any restriction they choose.”


John: Hello, admissions. Set me up with all your scholarships. … Well, OK, not the orphans fund, and I wasn't abducted by aliens. … No I didn't get a job, or play pool, or become undead, either. But I got all the skills and the grades and the dancing! David: Hello, admissions. I'm next in line for scholarships, right? … Yeah, I'll hold. Cream: Hello, admissions. About those scholarships...


“And on that happy, and relieving note, I think I will leave you. When I return, I'll be starting the double-twins at their college home, and moving in their younger siblings a few days later. Happy Simming, and don't forget to breathe!”

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