Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 5 - Stone

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Beat Stone finally gets his face time.


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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 5 Face Time


Time for Beat Stone, our second merchant. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Beat: I am Beat Stone, former spare, and now founder of my own merchant family dynasty. I have come to conquer Youngdale with my commercial prowess. And here is my new home: an empty lot. I've never seen so much emptiness before. It's so melancholy, but oddly soothing. So... uncrowded. Nothing like my old tower home. I hope I do not suffer from agoraphobia.


Beat: But, hey! I'm actually founding my own family. I'm gonna get SO MUCH FACE TIME!


Beat: I said FACE TIME!


Beat: Oh, come on, Camera Dude. Face time! I hired you to document my merchant dynasty, and now the camera is so far away, you can't even see my face. Zoom in a little, will ya?


Beat: Aaaand a little more...


Beat: OWWW! Get the camera out of my head, before it kills me! You zoomed in too far! Give me that thing! You are so fired, you need to call the fire department! Incompetent twit. I'll do it myself. Just give me a minute to figure out the remote control, and...


Beat: Aaaah, this is better. Face time! Yaay!


Beat: So, my LTW is to become Captain Hero, which is actually do-able, as Law Enforcement is on the list of approved careers for Merchant class. Score! I got an entry level job. But, I don't work until tomorrow night. What to do until then?


Beat: I'm a merchant. Gotta get a place to merch.


Beat: Hey! I'm a merchant! Got any good community lots for me to buy? The empty lot right next door?


Beat: Hmmm. I have an idea, and it's crazy enough, it just might work.


Beat: :sings: I'm gonna go get maaaarrrried, cause founders all get maaaaarrrried.


Beat: But first they have to get engaged... Hmmm, maybe that double-bolter I met at Rauta's? I hope she comes to my new Hangout!


Beat: Hi! Welcome to The Hangout! Potential Customer: Ummm, there's nothing here but a ticket machine. What am I supposed to do here? Beat: Dude! It's called The Hangout! You buy a ticket, and then we hang out.


Beat: Really! It'll be great! Come on, buy a ticket! Pleeeease? Brittany: Should I tell him that this is not how merchants make their money?


Brittany: Beat, I'm afraid you are not the most educated sim present, so I will tell you, charging $5 per hour, while offering nothing but the chance to hang out with you is not going to build you a successful business. None of us are willing to buy tickets.


Beat: What about that lady? She bought a ticket. And she's happily bird-watching, because I'm too busy trying to sell tickets to go hang out with her. I should go do that right now.


Beat: Hey, lady! Let's hang out! Let's hang out, lady! Lady: No thanks. I've seen enough. What lovely grass you have, here. I think I'll give you half a customer star. Maybe next time, I'll give you the rest of it. But for now, I have to go visit some other businesses and give a review there. Beat: Awwww.


Beat: Nobody wants to pay me to hang out. I guess I'll just jump rope until the next sim comes along. Maybe I'm charging too much? Is $5 too much? Maybe just $1? Just to get started, and when I get going, I can build it up to $2!


Beat: See, lady? I'm changing the price to one measley simolean. Surely, you'll be willing to pay that to hang out with me.


Clovis: Well, kid, it's not awful. I like meeting people and making friends.


Evil Witch: Ehhhh. Making friends if for nicey-nice people. There's nothing to really do here! Not even music! Elder customer: I hate to agree with an evil witch, but, yeah.


Clovis: Yeah, Beat. Music would be nice. Why don't you check your back pocket. I'll bet you still have that DJ booth my wife gave you as a consolation prize when you lost to me. Beat: D'oh! I completely forgot! My back pocket is so smooth, it's like there's nothing in there! I totally forgot I have stuff in my inventory!


Beat: Now, we'll have music, and a rockin' time! Clovis: DJ booths don't play themselves, boy.


Beat: NOW we'll have music, and a rockin' time! Say, do you guys mind if I raise the price on those tickets?


Allyn Rauta: Well, this isn't bad, but... Clovis: There's NOTHING to eat around here! Allyn: … as I was saying, in order to have a successful venue, you need to satisfy ALL your customers' needs. Fun and social, as well as food and comfort, and eventually, a place to empty their bladders and wash up. And coffee's good, too.


Beat: But, I want to make as much profit as possible, with the minimal amount of cost. Allyn: You gotta spend money to make money, Beat. Now, snapdragons are a great investment. They boost everything but energy, you know. Beat: But, I don't know how to make snapdragons. Allyn: No, but I do.


Beat: Wow, I've been here all day, and I've only pulled in $86. And the ticket machine cost $499, so... Maybe I should take Allyn's advice. She and Neptunium are rich, after all.


Beat: That's it. Keep restocking these suckers. I want enough, so that I never again have to worry about customers leaving early.


Beat: And a cell phone, so I can call my friends and invite them to my new and improved Hangout.


Beat: Vis! My man! Spread the word. The Hangout is the new place to be!


Customer: Now THIS is what I call a Hangout. It's a great place to meet new people and make friends. The Royal Court is great, Your Majesty, no offense. But it's so big and sprawling, with so many distractions. I sat at the poker table for hours before anyone joined me, and then, they didn't want to chat. It was all “Put up or shut up and I raise you twenty.” Michelle: I agree. This really is a great place for intense socialization. Well done, Beat!


Beat: Look at those customer stars fly, Your Majesty! And would you believe I got a Best of the Best award from both Adam and Erika? Michelle: It's amazing, but those “#1” awards are incontrovertible proof. And since you've kept the price down, even the peasants can afford to enjoy it.


Beat: Ugggh. I don't mind sims paying me to sleep here, but I put up that shelter for me to use, while the sims pay me to hang out. Oh, well, I'll just gather some leaves and kip out on them for a while. Mmmm, $8 per hour, per sim. Michelle: This is amazing. And friendships are popping up all over. Like June. :sings: Just because it's June, June, JUUUUNNNEEE! Hahah! I love that show. OK, I'm just gonna go watch a musical for a while, and check back later.


Beat: So, Lyndsay, you lovely Bohemian, you. Please tell me the names of all your friends and neighbors, so I can call them, and befriend them, and invite them over, so they can pay me to hang out, while I nap. Lyndsay: Sure thing, Beat. Hey, you're pretty cute. I love the nose. Beat: You mean the lack of a nose. Yeah, it's awesome.


Beat: I price the tickets low, so they sell themselves, and I can ignore it, but I'm gonna sell them, anyway and get my golden sales badge. DAZZLE!


Lyndsay: Oh, Beat! This is the best hangout, ever! Not only can I make friends, but I can fall in love, too! Have a star!


Vis: You two got engaged? That's so evil! Like, you know, she's only a peasant, and you're a merchant, so she's below your class. Way to go, breaking out of the class system! Beat: It's still totally legal. I checked. No medieval life for me, thanks. Vis: Awww. Well, I'm still happy for you, anyway.


Adam: I can't believe you encourage people to marry outside of their class! Whapwhapwhap! Vis: Ow!


Vis: You hit me! That's so evil! And not in a good way! Watch me, now, as I glare at you with my evil alien eyes. Adam: Whoa. Spooky. I'm so scared. Vis: That's RIGHT! You be SCARED!


Vis: I do NOT LIKE that undercover reporter!


Vis: Waaaah! I thought this place was the best of the best, but it's just the worst of the worst, for me! Michelle: OK, I'm back from my movie. Did anything interesting happen while I was... Wut.


Beat: OK, everybody. Time to leave. Now. Go home. Avoid the wrath of the vengeful God-Queen. Michelle: Darn tootin! Nobody makes my Vis cry! Beat: I'm just gonna take shelter, here, while they go away. Michelle: Don't MAKE me download that Klingon collection! Because I like the punishment to fit the crime. You torment my favorite alien, and...


Beat: Well, she's had all night to sleep on it. I sure hope the Queen isn't angry at ME. It's not my fault Adam acted like a jerk. Michelle: And then, I'm gonna make him find out just what a Pon Farr is. Who cares if I'm mixing my alien races. How DARE he... Beat: I'm just gonna sit here * very quietly * and avoid her notice. Yep.


Michelle: ... and then I'll... Wait four hours, instead of only three for this silly game to load. SIGH! Stupid slow computer, can't even let sims claim the Head for Numbers perk. Stupid bloated downloads folder. All RIGHT! I'll just keep his punishment small and simple. He's only a NPC, after all. Not vital to the story. Beat: Whew! Looks like she's finally finished. At least she never threatened me. I feel better.


Beat: You know, it wasn't my fault, at all, what happened to Vis. But this gives me an idea. How about I sell The Hangout to you, Your Majesty? Then, when Adam comes back, you can do what you'd like to him. Michelle: I already have the Royal Court. But, with the trouble-maker dealt with, I don't see why I shouldn't buy The Hangout for the community. It really is a good place for socializing, without all the distractions of the court.


Michelle: OK, Beat. You get Adam back here, and kill him off for me. Nothing fancy. You're only a sim, after all. But get rid of him for me, and I'll give you a good price for your business. Beat: Hey, he made my friend cry! And I am working for you, in the police force. Gotta maintain order. Sure. I'll do it. Michelle: And you can use the money to buy another business, or two. Youngdale could use some romantic places for dates.


Beat: Your Majesty, by the time, I'm through, Youngdale will be the most romantic place you ever saw! Romantic beach lots for the young lovers. Snack bars for strapped-for-cash teenagers. Fancy restaurants for the nobles. Why, I'll even give the peasants in The Hamlet a place to go for a change of pace. I promise, Your Majesty, that with your help, I am going to make Youngdale a thriving metropolis of romantic businesses. Michelle: Oooh! I can see it, Beat! I love it! I want it! Get to it!


Beat: Sorry, Adam. The Queen wants you dead. You shouldn't have slapped her favorite alien.


Beat: But, honey, he was a criminal! And I'm a police officer. My job is enforcing the Queen's laws, and sometimes, that means an execution. I'll never become Captain Hero if I don't obey Her Majesty's orders. Besides, without a strong police force, the criminals will just take over the land. … So, you're still gonna marry me, right?


Beat: I'll just pack up this ticket machine, so I can place it at my next venue. The Hangout will be a free place for the good citizens of Youngdale to enjoy.


Beat: And I am a whole lot richer! Thank you, Your Majesty. It didn't pay well in tickets, but you gave me a fantastic price for it, thanks to my “hard work” leveling it up. This is a great way to make my fortune. Time to buy that beach lot.


Hobby Leader: Why don't you make a stop at the Music and Dance club, first? Dancing is a great way to get fit, you know, and if you're really going to be our top Law Enforcement officer, you need grace, as well as brute strength. Beat: Sure, why not? Lead the way. I'll be right behind you. The beach lot can wait until I've checked out this place. Maybe I'll get some good ideas to incorporate in a future business.


Beat: Smustle Face Time!


Beat: Hmmm, I'm not sure about the rest of this place, but this dance bar gives me an idea for my beach lot.


Beat: And the shipwreck lot gives me some ideas, too. We should have more than one option for learning to pray the fire dance to our goddess-queen. Or just perform it for tips. Either one.


Beat: Time to open up Stone Beach, the most romantic rendezvous for lovers, complete with wedding arch, bar and buffet. Speaking of which, it's time to call over the most important people I know: my fiancee and my queen.


Michelle: I suppose you're going to bore us with sappy romantic wedding vows. Ah, well. I'm just happy to watch a wedding, and I have to admit, this venue is gorgeous for weddings! After all, not everyone can get married at the Royal Court. That's for Royals, only.


Beat: Lyndsay, I'm so glad I get to be a founder, and get married, and I hope you want lots of babies. Even though I'm a Family sim, I promise to make lots of money to keep your wants for expensive objects satisfied.


Lyndsay: And I'm so glad to be marrying a rich merchant, and have the opportunity to change careers, and fulfill my LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon. Also, I'm a Fortune sim, and already rolling baby wants, so I'm sure I'll make you happy. Michelle: Wow. Well, that was unexpected. Also, very straightforward, and I like it. Not only are you not sappy, but you are practical. Both your LTWs fit nicely within the approved careers for merchant class. Yes, I approve this match.


Matthew: Let's toast to the groom. To Beat! Amanda: Too bad the groom's not Vis. And me the bride. Or something. Matthew: Now, as soon as you all finish drinking your single toast, I'm going to be a neatnik and throw away the toasting set. Lyndsay: Well, I guess we won't have to worry about the toilets being overcrowded.


Lyndsay: I hope you didn't want a nice, neat wife who would delicately feed you from her fork. Beat: Whatever. I'm just happy to be the star of this show, tonight. Lyndsay: You know, they usually say it's the bride's show. Beat: Yeah, but I'm the founder, so it's mine. Face time!


Lyndsay: Just for that, you can sit waaaaaay over there at the other table. Vis: Don't worry about her, Beat. She's just got the artistic temperament. She'll forgive you soon. Beat: Great, because I want my first woohoo. In fact, I put in that hammock specifically for romantic woohoos.


Beat and Lyndsay: WOOHOOO! Beat: OK, date over. Let's get to work running this business. You tend bar, and I'll start a smustle group. After a while, we can introduce our paying guests to the fun tropical things on the beach.


Beat: You know, I thought the limbo stick and hot coals were group activities, or at least would attract some watchers. Maybe that's why they don't have it at the Music and Dance hobby lot. Still, it's a change from the ballet bar, and a lot of fun.


Beat: They don't know what they're missing.


Lyndsay: Just a few more steps... Ow! Owowowow! Nope. Not gonna happen. You know, I'm about ready for a break.


Lyndsay: Thanks for closing the business for a while, Beat. I know we need the money, but here at the Royal Court, we can mood up, and skill up, and I can check the jobs board for the career I want. Beat: No problem. You know, I'll bet if I ask the queen for a promotion, she'll give it to me. I did do that job for her, after all. Lyndsay. Great. After a few more games, you ask her.


Beat: OK, it's level 10 and time to take out the ticket machine, and with just a few final touches and one last cleaning sweep, it's ready to sell to the Queendom. It will be a lovely wedding venue, or just a place to hang out on dates and outings.


Lyndsay: Mooding up and skilling up at the Royal Court – what could be better? I bet I get my gold cashiering badge before you do! Beat: Too late. Lyndsay: Dang! Oh, well, when we open a store, you'll be in charge of the register, then. Beat: Sure thing, but first we need to finish setting up the Queendom's romantic dating venues. I promised Her Majesty.


Beat: Welcome to Stone's Snacks, a friendly, fun place for teens to hang out, eat, dance, and socialize. Of course, there aren't many teens in town, just yet, but when they come along, this will be just the spot for a cheap date.


Beat: Level 10. Time to replace the ticket machine with an arcade game and sell. Lyndsay: Sweetie, you left a hole in the yard. Beat: Yep. It's a perfect place for poor teens to dig for treasure. With the snapdragons there, they'll even keep up their hygiene longer! Lyndsay: You're so considerate.


Lyndsay: OK, Beat. My turn. I'm going to set up that fancy, romantic restaurant. Oooh, isn't it lovely? And there's fun stuff to do besides just eating or maybe dancing to the stereo. Beat: Yeah, about that stereo – did you know that you can't hula or smustle to that? How is that good for group outings? Lyndsay: Beat. It's a harp. It's supposed to be romantic. The smustle is not romantic.


Beat: Neither is a kitchen fire. Do you have all the business perks you want from this business, yet? Can we sell it? I hate running a restaurant. Besides, I promised the Queen we'd set up some sort of romantic dating venue in The Hamlet, too. Lyndsay: Yeah, OK. I got the perks, and an inventory full of Grandma's Comfort Soup to sell, too. When we finally open an actual STORE, that is. Some merchants we are; we never actually keep the business.


Beat: Clovis! My man! My wife and I are down here in The Hamlet, getting ready to build a tavern, and we realized we need a few modern objects, like a ticket machine and a customer controller and time clock, and the chef's stove... Yeah, we promise to camouflage them as much as possible. If we can make it invisible, we will, and if not, we'll just hide it behind a pot or something. What do you think? Will we be OK, legally? … Gee, thanks, Clovis! I mean, Your Majesty.


Lyndsay: I don't get it, Beat. We have a nice restaurant, and a bar, and upstairs we have a variety of games, and even bedrooms, in case the guests want to … rest. But they just stand there at the invisible ticket machine, buying tickets and just hanging around. Nobody wants to come in. Beat: I think the lot is glitched. But, hey, we got level 3! Something must be right.


Lyndsay: Yeah, level 3. Is that the Queen? I'm going to ask her to buy the business. Maybe she can use her simself powers to turn it into a medieval hotel, instead. If anyone can make it work, she can. And the Hunters need a place to vacation, right? Would it count as a $$ level hotel for them? It's hard to say, with all the games and things, plus two suites with private baths. But you'd think they would at least be able to stay in the room with the straw bed.


Michelle: Yes, I can do that, but don't expect ME to play test it. It's hardly $$$$ level. You two go home, and when I've fixed it as an inn, you'll come take a mini-vacation here. But walk to the lot, instead of driving; that car is way out of place. It's a pity I won't be able to keep your employees with their lovely uniforms. I really like the way you set up the staff. But I don't do global replacements. As for letting peasants stay here, I suppose, as long as they stick to the basic bedrooms, and share the communal bathroom, it would be OK. But only merchants and nobles may stay in the suites. Make things simpler for your next business here. I don't want to have to come in and fix things for you every time.


Beat: Well, the Queen asked us to playtest this new inn for her, so I hope it's not too expensive. Although, we've made plenty of money on those previous romantic venues. I hope she's satisfied with all the dating opportunities we've provided for Youngdale.


Lyndsay: Well, the inn seems to work just fine. Do you think we've done enough to satisfy Her Majesty? Because I, for one, would like to get started on our family. I've been holding onto the want to have a baby for you since our wedding. Beat: I hope she's satisfied, because I'd like to start actually living our lives, too. I'll check with her again at the weekend, so we'll still have enough time to do something, if she still wants it. For now, let's just relax for a while, and start our family.


Lyndsay: Holy Boolprop, I think I just walked into a circus tent. Beat: I know! Isn't it great? I did a pretty good job matching the red and yellow throughout, but I just couldn't get a consistent blue. But it sure is bright and colorful, isn't it? And the whole first floor is designed for entertaining. We are gonna have the most happening party house in town! Our kids are gonna be friends with EVERYBODY! Who knows? Maybe one or two of our kids will marry nobles! It's all in the schmoozing, my dear.


Lyndsay: The bedroom, too? If I weren't pregnant and exhausted, I'd probably never get a wink of sleep in this garish room. Why, Beat? Our bedroom isn't going to be a public party room, is it? Beat? Beat! Beat: Zzzzzzz...


Lyndsay: I sure am glad I can walk to work, when the carpool doesn't come, but I'm also glad they give me a ride home. I'm just one promotion away from my lifetime want of becoming a Business Tycoon.


Beat: And I'm one promotion away from MY lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero! Nothing can stop me!


Lyndsay: Well, this may stop you! I'm going into labor, right now, and you still haven't decided how to determine heirship! You know the law says we have to declare how we'll choose our heirs BEFORE the first baby is born. Beat: Oh, flergle. I forgot about that. Ummm... Heir poll? Lyndsay: Fine! Now let's just get this over with. I do NOT like being in labor.


Lyndsay: Beat, meet your son, Tony. Beat: That's great, Lyndsay! And look, you're platinum for that “have a baby” want that I, the family sim, never got in my want panel. Let's hire the nanny, and head off to work, so we can get those promotions, and be perma-plat. Lyndsay: OK. Are you sure you're a family sim? Don't you want to snuggle the baby, at least?


Beat: I'll snuggle when I'm perma-plat. Right now, we need to go to work, and let the nanny put the baby in the crib, then put him on the floor, then put him back in the crib, then put him on the floor, for hours on end. Lyndsay: Thank boolprop I put those snapdragons around!


Beat: I did it! I am Captain Hero! Lyndsay: And I'm a Business Tycoon! So, what do you want to do now? Beat: I want to go on a Mountain vacation. Is that nanny still here?


Lyndsay: Wow! Our very own Bigfoot! I'm so thrilled to have you moving in with us, Andrew! Andrew: Me, too! And now I can finally fulfill my lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff. Beat: You know, if it were anywhere else, I'd say you had a tough road to walk, facing bigotry and prejudice, but I don't think you'll have that problem in Youngdale. I've heard the Queen say she likes Bigfoots. Bigfeet. Your people.


Lyndsay: I think it's so nice to have a new member of our family. Beat: Yeah, Tony's pretty awesome. I love babies! Lyndsay: Yes, but I was actually talking about Andrew. Think of the advantages of having a Bigfoot live with us! You know, he knows all the skills and badges, and he'll be a third hand when we open our store, and... Beat: Yeah. We should try for another baby right away.


Andrew: Wow! Your house is amazing! And I love my new bedroom suite. It's so homey and woodsey, and really reminds me of my mountain home, but with way more luxury than I ever had. I'll be so comfortable and happy, that I'll zip right up the medical ladder and reach my goal in no time!


Andrew: So, you're Tony, huh? Nice to meet you. You know, we Bigfeet don't really have babies of our own, but we like children, so I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. We're gonna have a lot of fun, together.


Beat: Soo, Lyndsay, now that we're home, how about we get started on the next baby? After all, we can't have an heir poll without at least two choices, can we? Lyndsay: Sure, lover! And when they grow up to be teens, they can help out at our stores and venues, as well. Beat: Fine, but no more restaurants, please. Gah, I hate running them.


Beat: Happy birthday, Tony! Who's a big birthday boy? Lyndsay: Yeah, you were right. This place really is a party palace. Everyone's having fun. Even Walter.


Beat: Awww, you grew up into party clothes! How cute is that? This party is definitely gonna be a roof raiser, now! Lyndsay: I see that Tony is a Gemini – 5/6/9/7/1. Looks like we are going to have our hands full chasing him around and keeping him out of mischief.


Beat: OK, Tony? All glowing and smart? Good. Let's get you trained up and happy. I want you to be platinum, as much as possible, because lifetime happiness is awesome!


Matchmaker: Three wishes for peace of mind, at your service! Andrew: Great! I can be perma-plat right now! Lyndsay: Oh, no. What if I have two more children? You'll reach the top of your career soon enough. Save the wishes for the kids. Andrew: Awwww.


Lyndsay: Wow. What a week it's been. We made a fortune! $127,900 in taxes, but we have so much more than that in the bank. Next week we have to work just as hard, or maybe harder, because when I have this next baby, I want to give them the same $100,000 bank account I gave their big brother. My kids will never be poor, if I have anything to say about it. Ah! The Merchant life is perfect for us Fortune Sims! “And that's this week at the Stone family. Happy Simming, y'all!”

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