Youngdale Royal Queendom Challenge Second Royal Proclamation

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Second Royal Proclamation


“Hear ye! Hear ye! Queen Michelle Simself announces her second Royal Proclamation!” It has been brought to Her Majesty's attention that a rule has been broken, and sentence must be passed.


“King Clovis, you may present the criminals.” Clovis: They're sitting right in front of you, your Majesty. “And read the charges.” Clovis: Right. Joshua and Jasmine Hunter are guilty of breaking the First Proclamation rule, which stated that peasants could not have a venue home business.

Businesses By Class:

Businesses By Class Queen has Royal Court, set for free admission , and everyone is welcome. There are money-making objects and a job-posting board at the Royal Court. Royals and Nobles One venue lot per household, paid admission. May bar unwanted customers. Merchants Any form of business, unlimited number. Only merchants can have a regular retail outlet selling catalog items or a community lot restaurant. Peasants Home-based restaurant and/or retail store, selling home-made objects, caught fish, grown produce, cooked food, or found treasure. No venues. Mystics Mystic Manor household may have one community lot business of any type. Teen and YA mystics may have any business their original family rank allows, but must sell it before they move into Mystic Manor.

Businesses By Class:

Businesses By Class Queen has Royal Court, set for free admission , and everyone is welcome. There are money-making objects and a job-posting board at the Royal Court. Royals and Nobles One venue lot per household, paid admission. May bar unwanted customers. Merchants Any form of business, unlimited number. Only merchants can have a regular retail outlet selling catalog items or a community lot restaurant. Peasants Home-based restaurant and/or retail store, selling home-made objects, caught fish, grown produce, cooked food, or found treasure. No venues. Mystics Mystic Manor household may have one community lot business of any type. Teen and YA mystics may have any business their original family rank allows, but must sell it before they move into Mystic Manor.


“Normally, proper procedure would be to call for evidence, but since both King Clovis and I were customers of the venue business, the proof is incontrovertible. You're both guilty. I sentence you to death.”


Joshua: DEATH? Just because we sold tickets for fishing? Are you kidding me?


Jasmine: Joshua, you idiot! You're the one who suggested the fishing venue! It's your fault! I had a cloudless life, before I married you!


Joshua: Oh, Jasmine. I'm so sorry! Maybe, if we beg and plead, the great Michelle, in her infinite wisdom and mercy will...


“Can it, Joshua. You are going down. I will not tolerate law-breakers in my land!” Clovis: I love a firm hand. Rwowr! “Later, sweetie, when we're at home. We need to get going on getting an heiress, but now's not the time.”


Joshua: We can't even beg for mercy? Oh, flergle, did I screw up! Jasmine: Well, Joshua, perhaps they'll let you live long enough to impregnate me, so I can bear your heir.


“Jasmine knew the rules, as well, and is just as guilty as Joshua. They both have to die. Do you want to kill her, and leave Joshua to me, sweetie, or should I kill them both, myself?” Clovis: Are you kidding? Ever since you downloaded that CC, I've been itching to use it. I've been itching to use it for a long, loooong time. “I know, dear. I got it especially for you.”


Clovis: Aaaaah. Sweet, bloody axe of thwackiness, how I have missed you. It's been so very long, my pet. How I have longed to feel the smoothness of your haft beneath my fingers, to heft the weight of you, to see you fly through the air at my target, to hear the 'CHUNK' of metal striking soft flesh, and see the ooze of the red liquid of life, flowing from an enemy's body... Joshua: What? What are you going to do to me?


Clovis: Not to you, boy. After all, ladies first. Jasmine: What? Noooo! Look! I'm sticking out my belly. I mean, I'm pregnant! You wouldn't kill a pregnant sim, would you? That would be infanticide!


Clovis: Heeheeheee! That was so much fun! Thanks, Michelle! “Awww, anything for you, sweetums.”


Joshua: Oh, my boolprop! I didn't think she was serious! I didn't think she would kill off one of her subjects! For real! And we only lived here for a week! We're half of her peasant population, and she's killing us! Oh, Plumbob, save me! Grim: I'M AFRAID YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME IN PLEADING, JOSHUA HUNTER. ACCORDING TO MY RECORDS, YOU SHALL JOIN YOUR WIFE SHORTLY.


“Excellent execution, my love.” Clovis: Thank you. It was a blast. Now it's your turn! How are you going to off the criminal?


“Hmmmm... Choice, choices... A poison? A shooter? Tombstone of Life and Death? Death creator? Burn him to death with a voodoo doll?” Clovis: How about the cowplant in the other corner? “That's always a laugh, but I've done it before. However, I downloaded something very special and I have been waiting for a chance to use it.”


“Gee, I don't know why EAxis took it down. Good thing there was a cached file hidden away.”


Joshua: Aahahahahaaaahhhhhh! I know I'm going to die, but this is so much fun! I can't stop laughing! Aaaahahahahahahaaa!


“Sheesh, this is taking a long time. I keep having to drain his fun meter, to get him to keep going.” Clovis: Will you just die, already? We have places to go. Things to do. Babies to conceive. Joshua: Aaaahahahahhaahaaaaaa!


“BWAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh, golly! I'm glad it took so long. It just made it so much better when he finally went down!” Clovis: And the scissors are not even pointy, like my axe. They have rounded tips! Did you see how hard he had to fall? Peter Sims: I can't believe they're dead. If playables can be executed, what about us NPCs? Vyn: Whoa. Remind me never to tick off the Queen.


“Alright, you two. To the graveyard. I won't have your urns cluttering up my Royal Court.”


“Speaking of the graveyard, I finally built a little memorial to the poor sims who died in that shipwreck, when I was summoning the population for Youngdale. Of course, Groop sinks any ship he's on, so there were a LOT of deaths. It's a pretty big memorial. But, at least they have two giant divers to watch over their tombstones, for all eternity, and can enjoy the pretty water and seaweed walls, and happy fish rugs.”


“See? It's nice. I just need to get some sort of a plaque to list them all.”


“And next door, at the actual crash site, I built a little public park/store. There's a hot spring to relax in, and you can get a snack here, as well.”


“Inside, there's a basic store, where you can buy everything you need to get along, including clothes, groceries, personal electronics and pets. So far, the Rautas have the only store in town for clothes and electronics, and they don't even sell groceries or pets. Besides, where can the Rautas go to buy clothes, groceries, personal electronics and pets? Well, now that's not an issue, although I'll still encourage merchants to set up a variety of stores, for the good of the community.”


“And in front of the store is a fire dancer, who serves a double purpose. He dances a ritualistic prayer, honoring the dead of the shipwreck, and he teaches anyone who cares to learn how to do their own fire-worshipping-dance-prayer. Because I'm generous that way, and I also enjoy having my sims perform fire-worshipping-dance-prayers for their goddess-queen. Yeah. Other than that, it's pretty simple. Not even really decorated, but maybe later.”


“Alright, Joshua, Jasmine. Hope you enjoy your time at the graveyard.” Neptunium: Clovis, did you see those ghosts? Or is it just that I can see them because I'm an alien? Vis: I saw them, too, Neppie. Raising the dead! That's so evil! “Oh, you want evil, Vis? Just wait. You see, I'm not finished with these two, yet.”


“So, Jasmine, you haven't seen the Royal Residence, yet, have you? Well, how do you like the palace? Oh, that's right. You can't answer me, because you're dead! Ha!”


“Oh, the red smoke from the bone phone and the green smoke from the resurrection looks so Christmassy. Lovely.”


Jasmine: Joshua? You've known Her Majesty longer than I have. How many times do we have to sit in front of her court? Is she going to kill us again? She has all those potions and shooters, and that cow plant could give her five days extra life, for each of us, and I'm scared! Joshua: I don't know, Jasmine! I had no idea she'd do ANY of this, so I have no clue what's coming next.


“What's coming next, Joshua? Why, what's coming next is a long life, I hope.” Clovis: What? You mean that's it? I thought we agreed to stretch out this punishment a while. “Oh, I didn't say it was going to be a long HAPPY life, Clovis.” Clovis: Aaaah! Goody.


“Welcome to your new home, my peasants. You'll note that it does not look anything like your previous house, with all the modern luxuries you could afford. In fact, it's quite old-fashioned.”


“I based the design on my research into what a typical medieval peasant's house would look like. Well, I gave you a prosperous peasant's house, rather than a typical poor hovel. After all, I want you to be rich enough to pay generous taxes toward the Youngdale University fund. Note the large orchard and farmland, and the fishing stream, from which you can get all the fresh, clean water you need to live.”


“No greenhouse, of course. Even if that were a thing back then, it certainly would not be available for someone of your class. In fact, you're lucky you have glass in your windows. And since bug spray had not yet been invented, you'll fight off bugs the old-fashioned way: with pest-fighting insects of your own. I hope you weren't planning on becoming plant sims, with their three needs and easy living.”


“Back by the stream are your outhouses. Since there's no birth control, you'll likely have a large family, so I gave you two latrines and two bath houses. Yes, medieveal peasants did take baths, although they usually used a public bath house. But since you're more prosperous, I gave you your own. You can fill the tubs with water from the stream, and heat them at the kitchen hearth. There's even a potty bucket for your toddlers, and a changing pad for your babies.”


“And here's your kitchen hearth, located conveniently close to the outhouses. According to my research, peasants typically had an outdoor kitchen, or else they had an open hearth in the middle of their one-room hovel, which was always filled with smoke and in danger of burning down. I opted for the outdoor kitchen, because I spent too long building this wooden house to allow it to burn down at the first mealtime. Oh, and there are a couple of straw pallets for pets to enjoy.”


“And like the typical prosperous peasant house, there is a buttery, for you to store your drinks, and a larder, to store your dishes and food, with a small passage and a door leading to the outdoor kitchen.”


“Typical peasant houses were narrow, consisting of several 'bays,' about fifteen foot square, put together into a long rectangle, with a side entry in the middle. You have about six bays, which means it's a big, but not unheard of, size for someone of your rank. As I said, you're prosperous peasants.”


“Typically, peasants would sleep on straw pallets on the floor. Wealthier peasants could build a 'solar,' or sleeping chamber above their larder and kitchen area, taking advantage of the heat from the hearth.”


“As close as possible to the kitchen is your eating area, although normally, peasants such as yourselves would use a trestle table and benches, taken apart and stored against the wall when not in use, and put together for meals. I have given you two small tables and matching stools (actual chairs were rare and cherished), which you can leave up. The ladder to the solar is conveniently located right in the middle, for easy access.”


“Moving back along the right-hand wall, is a skilling area. There is a bit of polished metal for a mirror, and a small collection of books near a padded bench, so you can read in comfort. Sorry, no FreeTime options, but you are peasants, after all. Next to the door, you'll notice a special present from me: It's not medieval, more fantasy – a magical scroll by which you can contact me, or any other sim you know.” Clovis: You mean a phone, right?


“Here's the same area on the left side. There's a moses basket, where you can place your baby to sleep, and a little blanket for a toddler. It was typical to place sleeping babies near the fire, for warmth. But watch out! There's also a toy for your toddler, and a chess game for older sims to enjoy. Above the living hearth is another special gift from me: a bell that will ring loudly enough to alert the neighbors, should the fire get out of control.”


“In the left-hand corner closest to the street is a special place where you can produce items to sell. Yes, there's a sewing table, a pottery table, and an easel. And look! A real chair! Told you that you were rich.”


“And in the opposite corner are two packing stations, one to pack produce into wooden crates, and one to pack fish into wooden crates. This will allow you to sell more at once, and make more profit in your home business.”


“And on the right side of your property is a special out-building I designed just for you to use as a store. THIS is the kind of home business of which I approve. You may sell anything here that you create yourselves, be it produce from the farm, fish from the stream, paintings, pottery, or sewn objects. There are shelves on which to display your items, and even an extra wall, so you can hang up decorations to sell. You may not sell anything else here, even treasures you have dug out of the ground.”


“Let me reiterate: Although other peasants may sell things they dig up or otherwise acquire in their home-based stores, and so can merchants, you, Joshua and Jasmine Hunter and your heirs after you, will forever be limited to selling only those items you grow, catch, or create yourselves. You may sell treasures you dig up or other objects you acquire directly from you inventory, but not in the store. No jacking up the prices on those things!”


“Of course, no farm would be complete without its animals. You have a horse-drawn wagon to carry yourselves and anything else you want to carry, around town. That unhitched horse is eating right from the food bin! You might want to take care of that. And enjoy the chickens. You'll find a basket of fresh eggs near the kitchen hearth. And on the left, there, you'll see some things I set up for a cat. You'll want a cat or two, because there's no roach spray. But cats can hunt those pests for you.”


“OK, I admit, the extra horse, the chickens, the eggs – they're all just decorative. Because I felt like it. The wagon, however, is functional, and so should the cat stuff be.”


“Up in the rafters, I have hidden some special objects for you to use, if you need them. There are some things to fix errors and such, and everything you need to set up a home-school for your children. Peasants couldn't afford to go to private schools, run by the church, and very few villages had free schools for the peasant children. However, you both know how to read, so feel free to teach your children. After all, with $7,000 worth of scholarships, even a peasant may attend Youngdale University.”


Jasmine: Well, it's not that bad. She's provided everything we'll need to get our kids to college, at least. And if we earn money at our jobs and our store, we can build it up to a really swanky place! We'll be living the life again in no time.


“You'll be living the medieval life. From now on, until the sun sets on Youngdale for the last time, the Hunter family will be living in medieval style. Medieval clothing, housing, furnishings, everything. And as for building it up, YOU will not. Your children may upgrade all they want, in a medieval style. But you, Jasmine, and you, Joshua, will NEVER buy another object for your home. You may delete stuff, but never buy anything new. As Jasmine said, I've already set you up with what you need.”


Clovis: What about their kids? You said they can go to college and upgrade? “Yes, they can go to college. I've already converted a former monastery into an appropriate dormitory for them, just waiting for the university to open. And here's the thing about Hunter children: If they go to college and graduate with honors, they will be given the choice to move up the social ladder.


“The Hunter heir must stay at the same Hunter lot and keep their house upgrades within approved medieval limits. But a spare who graduates college with honors may move into a 4x4 lot, and start life as a medieval merchant. In fact, I've built a whole separate district for these medieval homes and businesses I expect to spring up. Spares who do not graduate college with honors, or at all, may start their own medieval peasant homes in the district, on a blank 3x3 lot.


“Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, you and your descendants will be medieval forever, unless I give special approval for one of your spares to move in with a modern family, either as a live-in servant or as an approved spouse. You'll live medieval and dress medieval. But don't be surprised to see modern-dressed sims around your neighborhood, especially the service sims. They work for me, after all, and I like my modern uniforms. But the two of you will never wear nylon again.”


Clovis: What about career rewards and aspiration rewards? Are you going to let them have those? “Plumbob, no! They're far too modern. Well, maybe the military obstacle course or some other career reward, if it fits. But certainly not the Slacker hyroponic planters, or any of the aspiration rewards. Nope. I'll just yank everything modern out of their inventories right now. Thanks for reminding me, sweetheart.” YOINK!


“Well, I reckon that's it for this sentencing. I hope you enjoyed your modern luxury while you had it, because as soon as I move you into your new house, I'm setting your family funds to zero. You can sell the NON-modern stuff you have in your inventory and use that to buy seeds for your garden. That's the best start you'll get. Everything else, you earn yourselves. “Now, remember the rules and don't make me punish you again.”


“I hope you like your new looks. Joshua, they had spectacles back then, but they were expensive and a different style, so you're lucky I'm allowing you to keep yours. This is as close as I can get. And they did tend to shave, but not daily, and the razors weren't sharp, so the perma-stubble is accurate, as well. You'll have to sew the wardrobe for the rest of your family, as they come along. Jasmine, there's no birth control, but at least you get to enjoy modern maternity wear. I didn't replace them.”


“Therefore, let it be known that the sub-neighborhood 'The Hamlet' has been officially founded to house Joshua and Jasmine Hunter, and all their descendants, in medieval fashion. “All sims are welcome to The Hamlet – to visit, live, or own a community lot – but all buildings in The Hamlet must be in medieval style, and anyone, of any rank, who is born there or chooses to live there, must dress and live in medieval style, as well. Modern clothing is for visitors and service sims, only. “Once a sim resides in The Hamlet, they may not move to a modern home, unless the Queen specifically authorizes it. “All formal residents of The Hamlet who attend Youngdale University will live and study in a specified section of the university, set up especially for them.”


“Official residents of The Hamlet may autonomously visit any modern lot, or be invited thereto. However, if they are being played, and choose to visit a community lot, they must limit themselves to the community lots within The Hamlet. “They may visit The Royal Court at the end of the week to pay their taxes on the special computers, or if they are specifically summoned to court. It's just too full of modern conveniences to allow them to visit at will. “However, since the Royal Court is officially open to all residents of Youngdale, if any resident of The Hamlet desires to attend the Royal Court and commune with the Queen, they may call and request a summons at any time. The Queen may deny the request for any reason.”


“All modern electronics are banned from The Hamlet, except: the scroll phone, magical smoke alarms, the crystal ball 'television' and 'Personal Conjurer' objects, the harp stereo, and some recolored or redesigned objects required to run businesses. “No robots of any form are allowed in The Hamlet, with the sole exception of an already activated Servo who personally chooses to move there. No one in The Hamlet may create or activate a new Servo.”


“Well, Clovis. I think that pronouncement covers all the bases, don't you? It's a punishment to the Hunters, but for those who seek a quaint life, it could be a welcome retreat.” Clovis: Yeah, quaint is nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. “You and me both. But if anyone else does, they're welcome to. Just as long as the Hunters don't leave, I'll be satisfied.”


Joshua: Why did I ever pick up that fishing pole? Why?! Jasmine: Wish I had a thinking cap. I need to memorize these royal proclamations before we do anything else. “Yeah, do that. You can pick up a copy on your way out. You're dismissed.”


“Happy Simming!”

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