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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 4 Waiting For Googoo


“Now to check in with Neptunium Rauta, our first Merchant.” Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Neptunium: I want to max all my skills, so I might as well start with body, since I don't need to buy anything for it. I can just jump rope.


Neptunium: Now that I've earned some aspiration, I think it's time to get started settling down in my new home. Of course, that doesn't mean building a house. Nope! I'm a Merchant, I'm going to Merch! Time to buy my first business.


Neptunium: Welcome, one and all, to Rauta's Rags and Riches!Here we will sell the best clothes and decorative objects, with a tendency toward a space theme, of course.


Neptunium: We have a large show room, two restrooms, complete with shower stalls, and in the back is the employee break room, where my family, employees and I will be able to meet all our needs, as well as build all our skills. I should be able to max my skills right here, and go perma-plat! In the meantime, I'll jump rope until the first customers show up.


Neptunium: Hey, thanks for giving me my first customer star!


Neptunium: And thank you, sir, for giving me my first simoleon!


Neptunium: And thank you, ma'am, for casting the first spell. Why don't you go look at the merchandise, while I clean up these roaches? There's a lovely statue I think you would enjoy.


Neptunium: Or, perhaps, you'd like this stereo? Evil Witch: Hmmm, I'll think about it. Neptunium: Take your time, ma'am. I'm just happy I got my bronze sales badge. And now, I want to become a warlock! Will you teach me? Evil Witch: I don't know you well enough to teach you magic. Ask me later.


Neptunium: I may not want to be a warlock, later. Already, I want to earn my cashiering badge, too. I can only lock one want at a time.


Neptunium: I'd better learn Restocking skill, too, but hey! Level 2! With the wholesale rewards, I'll be raking in the money in no time.


Neptunium: But money or not, I'm tired and hungry, and it's time to close the store for a while and take care of myself.


Neptunium: Mmm, this cheese dip plate I bought from Groop is really delicious! I should learn how to make these for myself!


Neptunium: But first, I'll restock the shelves. There's practically nothing left! When I get a better deal from the wholesalers, though, I'll be able to add more stock.


Neptunium: Golly! I'm just exhausted. Time to caffeinate...


Neptunium: … and have some fun.


Neptunium: Finally, I feel good enough to do something productive! Hooray for body skill!


Neptunium: MORE COFFEE!


Neptunium: Coffee cups, cups and more cups! No wonder the dishwasher broke. Well, I need the mechanical skill points, anyway.


Neptunium: But first, to The Zone! I'm feeling groovy, and I'll max my body in no time, now!


Neptunium: At last, I have earned enough aspiration points to really make a difference. With this Thinking Cap, I can conquer the world! Or at least, I can learn everything. Knowledge sim needs knowledge.


Neptunium: Knowledge sim needs to mood up!


Neptunium: Mechanical, check! Cleaning, check! Cooking, check! Now to max my cuisine enthusiasm, before I move on to something else.


Neptunium: No sense wasting the Thinking Cap when I'm just going for enthusiasm. But that's another 8000 points for me! Half a Thinking Cap!


Neptunium: Only three skills left to max out, and I've got the aspiration points to keep myself going with the energizer and thinking caps, until I make it. Perma-plat, here I come!


Neptunium: Charisma! Now I can talk to anyone about chili.


Neptunium: Logic! And perma-plat! And maxed games enthusiasm! I never need to worry about using the energizer in a bad aspiration level, again. So, who needs sleep? What I want now, is to track down that witch, and get her to teach me magic.


Neptunium: Or another one. It doesn't matter which witch, so long as she'll teach me. This one is pretty, too! Hey, pretty lady, do you want to go on a date? I know the way to the Royal Court. Witch: Everyone knows the way to the Royal Court. But it's a fun place. Sure! Let's go there together.


Neptunium: Thank you, chemistry!


Neptunium: And thank you, your witchiness! I'll make a good warlock! You just wait and see! Witch: So, do you want to come to my palace in Magical World? Neptunium: No thanks. I'll just stay here. I can sense the presence of a cauldron and spellbook, and I know there are thrones by the bookcase, so I'll be fine. Witch: Oh. Well, way to make me feel used.


Neptunium: Oh, don't feel like that, baby! We can still have a good time together. Let me make it up to you. Witch: Wow! You're a really good kisser! This date has been an absolute dream!


Neptunium: So, why don't you join me in Her Majesty's Magic Room. It is open to the public, after all. Hmmm, I need to make a whole lot of reagents, if I'm going to be able to cast a lot of spells.


Neptunium: So that's how you deal with fires, huh? I could probably just use a spell. I feel so refreshed, now, I'll go back to the studying, and see if there is something magical to use, instead of a messy fire extinguisher.


Neptunium: At last! I know all there is to know about good magic! Now I can create my own throne! The queen will be so proud of me. She's a good witch, too. And the best part? I'll never have to sit in a bathtub again!


Neptunium: With my own thrones, I won't need anything more than four walls and a roof to keep out the weather. Oh, and a throne will go so well at my store, too! And with enough reagents, I can turn everyone in Youngdale into witches and warlocks, and they can sit on my thrones, and they won't have to sit in awful bathtubs, either! Well, I suppose the kids will. Nerts. There's got to be a way to get rid of those bathtubs. Maybe if everyone in town flushed their toilets at the same time...


Neptunium: Now that I have that sorted, it's time to find myself a wife. I can't marry the witch, because our children would all be Mystics, and they couldn't inherit from me. Also, I believe she's a bit too old to bear children. I need someone with great chemistry, who's of the proper class and age.


“Too bad, Neppie. She's not eligible for you to marry. Only a Royal could marry her, I'm afraid. But feel free to have a fun date.” Neptunium: Thanks, Your Majesty. Well, I'll just have to try again later.


Neptunium: I'll just hang around, playing games, until she leaves and I can make another wish. Walter: This is why I hate you, Rauta. You keep hogging the best stuff. Neptunium: Oh, really, Copperfield? Well, maybe I'll get one of these for myself, and open a games venue, and block you! HA!


Neptunium: And she's still here, so I'll spend some time on this flower crafting bench, making bouquets for Her Majesty. Too bad I can't keep any, myself, but at least I'm not paying for the materials, either, and I get to earn the badge.


Neptunium: She's finally gone! I can make another wish! Please, give me a woman with good chemistry, who will be a good mother to my children.


Neptunium: Well, well, you got the chemistry right. Three bolts! But she's too old to give me an heir.


Neptunium: I might as well go back to my store, and see about setting it up a bit better. I've got a new uniform, and with my throne to keep my mood up, I can keep it open for a long time.


Neptunium: Oh, that lady is attractive. She's a member of the Garden Club, so she's a peasant, and I'd rather have someone of my own class. Still, I'll bear her in mind. Unless she doesn't like me, too, in which case, she can just go suck an egg.


Neptunium: Ah! Another Garden Club member, but we have two bolts! This is promising.


Neptunium: And she's a good customer, too! I finally got my gold sales badge!


Neptunium: Even so, the well gave me triple bolts both times before, so I want to try once more, for a triple bolter in my class.


Neptunium: Oh, COME ON! Never mind, lady. Let's just be friends. Stupid well, keeps giving me noble NPCs.


Neptunium: Well, at least I can learn how to make flowers, while I wait for the well to recharge. But this time, I'm just gonna wish for money. Then I can afford to hire the matchmaker.


Neptunium: Hello! I paid $5000 for this date, and I must say, I like you very much. So, what do you do for a living? Date: Well, I travel a lot. I'm a tourist, visiting towns all over the world, and... Neptunium: Never mind. You're out of my league. Melissa: I wouldn't mind giving it a try with you, Neptunium. Neptunium: I can't marry a Mystic, either. Sheesh!


Neptunium: Forget this. I'm just gonna go to work, and get that Tiki pinball game, and then I'm gonna ask Allyn out on a date. She's a peasant, but she's a two-bolter, and she's an appropriate spouse for a merchant.


Neptunium: Hey! Allyn! I'm so glad Michelle gave all you Garden Club members cell phones. So, want to come to my house for a date? I have a surprise for you.


Neptunium: Now you can be a witch, too! Come sit in my throne, and we can chat the night away.


Neptunium: In fact, since you're here, and we get along so well together, why don't you move in with me, and be my wife? Allyn: Oh, Neppy! I'd love to marry you! I love you so much!


Neptunium: Don't worry, Allyn. We have everything we need at home for the time being. Right now, we can really focus on making a fortune at our businesses. Allyn: Yes, and I promise to learn whatever I need to do my fair share. You won't regret marrying me. I'm going to rake in the money like autumn leaves. Speaking of autumn leaves, we really should add a garden to our house, don't you think?


Neptunium: OK, people. Before we open for the night, I'm going to do you both a favor. There are magic thrones for mooding up, but they only work on good witches and warlocks, so I hope you enjoy magic!


Neptunium: Now, it's time to cast your first spells, then change into your uniforms, and we'll open for business. With the three of us running the store, my wife will be free to skill in the back, and everything will be great!


Neptunium: And you, Pamela, will be my manager, so I want you to go in the back and study badges on the computer, while Allyn studies her own skills. Be sure to mood up in the throne from time to time. Allyn: It's really too bad you can't study badges from a book. Then you could sit in the throne the whole time you're studying.


Neptunium: Level Ten! Let's Rally Forth and take it up to Eleven! Allyn: That's nice, dear. Would you mind, please, pointing that megaphone the other way? I'm almost done with all my skills. Neptunium: Sure, sugar. I have to go fire Pamela, anyway. She's so annoying! Every time I send someone on a break, so they can mood up, she sends them back to work.


Secret Shopper: Wow! I'm impressed! With good employees and a smart manager, this place runs very smoothly. I'm giving you the Best of the Best Award. Neptunium: ELEVEN! OK, time to see what else we can do to make enough money to build a house worthy of a prime merchant family.


Allyn: What's this place, Neppie? Neptunium: It's an old house I bought to convert into a games arcade and computer lab. We'll charge people admittance and an hourly fee, so they'll pay us to play games, like our two Tiki pinball machines from work. Allyn: Yeah, you know, now that we both have that, I'm thinking of just quitting. I WOULD like to have babies, sooner or later.


Neptunium: Well, you can't quit until we have enough for our mansion, so round up the paying guests, and have them help you write articles. Allyn: They don't have the skills, so the pay is paltry, but it's better than nothing. And they're actually paying for the time they spend writing the articles! What a great idea, Neppie!


Neptunium: And when they're not writing, they're earning money at the pinball machine, or just paying to hang out and chat with each other. Snapdragons keep them happy for a long time. Joshua: I just fulfilled a huge want! Wheeee! Totally worth the admission! Shawn: I love making all these friends, before I even get to have my own week of play. I already have 2 BFFs.


Neptunium: Meanwhile, I'm free to stay upstairs and work on my reagents and thrones of light and other witchy stuff. Hmmm, maybe I'll open a Good Witch store next, where people can buy lights and potions and things to make their lives better. Allyn: That's nice, dear, but how much money is enough? We still don't have more than two thrones and a phone at home.


Allyn: Great. Two thrones and two computers. Why did I marry this man? Hey, walk-by, want to help me raise some money to build an actual house? The thrones are good for my husband and me, but I'm not bringing a child into this world until we have a crib, and Neppie keeps spending all the house-building fund on buying new businesses. Clarence: Sure, I'll help you out. One article won't hurt.


Neptunium: Time to build this business up to eleven. Or at least ten. If the “computer memory,” that the Queen told me about will limit my walk-by customers, then I'll just have to invite my own to get the numbers we need. And then Allyn can get them busy writing articles for us! Wheee! I'm gonna have all the business perks except for “Head for Numbers” and “Power Network,” because the Queen outlawed those two. Stupid computer memory. I would have liked those perks.


Neptunium: That's this place at level 10. Now we just need one more business to get those last few allowable business perks, and then we should have enough to build our mansion. Vesuvius: Don't forget your taxes. Neptunium: Right. I'll probably want to build that one up to ten as well. I love building businesses! Allyn: Oh, brother. I'm never going to have a baby.


Allyn: Neppie, honey, I love you, and fully support your dream to get all the business perks. Neptunium: Aww, I love you, too, sugar. Allyn: Good, because I'm a family sim, and I want to get on with having a family. I propose we sell this venue to the community, for a cool $50,000 profit. That should be enough to pay for your third business, plus allow us to finally build our house.


Neptunium: How about I sell it to the community, for the $50,000 bonus, and you buy it for the real value, and build it back up again, to get your own business perks. Allyn: Can't you teach me the perks, instead? Neptunium: Not the cash perks! We'll be so rich! Allyn: Fine. I can spend my time studying magic, while the business grows. After all, we know it works without much effort.


Allyn: Alright, Neppie, you're in charge of sales and keeping the customers happy and the place clean. Just get me to level five for the cash bonuses. That's all I care about. Neptunium: Sure! This is fun! And I can study on the computer and earn more badges, and make things in the cauldron to sell at a Witch store, and it'll be great. We'll hit level 10 again in no time!


Neptunium: Come inside. Help us get to level ten! Allyn: Five is good enough. Anyway, I'm infallibly good, now, and can do any of the good spells and make my own thrones. Neptunium: Leveeellll teeeennnnnn. Allyn: Fine. Level ten. Geez, you're persistent.


Allyn: OK, Neppie, while we're waiting for the customers to throw their stars, you can pass along the other business perks to me. I only want to own one business, so after this one, we do your last business, get you final perks, and then we START OUR FAMILY! Neptunium: Fine. You'd think I'd been making you wait for years. It's only been... ummm... Oh! 70 slides. I'm sorry. I completely lost track of time.


Allyn: Hey, thanks, everyone, for the stars. Between you customers and my husband passing on his perks, I now have a level ten business, all the business perks, and a happy husband. Neptunium: Just one more business, and I'll have ALL the perks, and all the money, and we'll build that mansion, sugar. Allyn: Mansion, shmansion. I just want the baby. I know you want to sell witch gear, but can we please keep it simple?


Neptunium: OK, now we just let the business run and give us money, while we make that witchy stuff to sell. Allyn: Sigh. Yes, Neppy. And THEN, we start making babies! Lots of babies! I want a house full of babies! Neptunium: Ugh. I grew up in a house full of babies. How about just one or two? An heir and a spare? Allyn: Why did I marry you?


Neptunium: At last, we can open the Magic Mart of Light. And you know, there's a lot right next door, reserved for the Magic Mart of Darkness, but that will have to be run by some other witches. Maybe our children will practice the dark arts. Allyn: Not if they never get born. Let's just get on with this, shall we?


Neptunium: OK, Allyn. If you and the employees run the store, I'll keep us supplied with witchy things to sell. The way magic is spreading in this town, we'll surely have plenty of customers. Allyn: True. Why put in all the study and work to make your own lamps and thrones, when you can just buy them? Level 1 good witches can have their own thrones, now, thanks to you. Neptunium: Thanks to us, darling. And I promise, when we reach level 10, we'll build that house and have those babies.


Neptunium: The Best of the Best Award? Oh, wow! Thanks so much! Allyn: Hooray! Are you satisfied now, Neppie? Neptunium: You know, I think I am. Time to get managers set up to run all the businesses for us, and we can start focusing on our family, instead. Allyn: FINALLY!


Neptunium: So, um, now that we're back, I realize just how long we were away. I have my full lifetime happiness meter. Allyn: And I'm just one line away from lifetime happiness. One baby, and I'll be there, right along with you. Neptunium: And yet, it's only Wednesday morning. I can't believe we spent so much time dating and running the businesses. I'm so sorry. I've really been selfish. But I promise, we'll build the house of your dreams now. We can certainly afford it, even with the tax money.


Allyn: It's a lovely house, Neppie! The yard could do with some work. Neptunium: I haven't decided what to put in it. I left some of the rooms inside unfurnished, as well, so that when our children grow up into the rooms, they can furnish them, as they like.


Neptunium: The bottom floor is all set up for entertaining our family and friends, as well as building all needed skills, while the top floor is for witchcraft. The middle floor is for bedrooms. On the left is the nursery and shared bathroom, and two bedrooms to decorate as the kids grow into them. On the right is the master bedroom, and the heir's bedroom.


Allyn: Did you save out enough money to pay our taxes? Neptunium: Oops. Back to the businesses!


Allyn: Great! With all the money we earned at the businesses, we have plenty to build a greenhouse, so we can feed our children healthy produce. I'm a Garden Clubber, after all. Neptunium: I'll just head back to work to earn enough money to cover the greenhouse, then. Sheesh.


Neptumium: Hey! I reached the top of the Gamer career! Do you know what that means? Allyn: If this were an apocalypse, it would mean you lifted your restriction and the phone lines were open. Neptunium: No, but I did make plenty of money, so we're back in the black, and have a bit left over to pay for seeds for the garden. We're all set now. Time to make a baby, sugar!


Allyn: Wow. My morning sickness matches the bathroom. Pretty much the entire house, actually. Why did I marry this guy? He's so obsessive. Ah, well. I don't mind a blue color scheme throughout the whole place, as long as I get that baby. We can redecorate later, to suit the child.


Allyn: So, now that we have a baby on the way, we need to decide how we're going to choose the heir. The law says we can pick any way we wish, but we have to announce the method before the first baby is born. Neptunium: We used to have a popularity contest in my old family. A poll, they called it. Some people called “readers” would vote and choose the next heir. We could do that, and carry on my family tradition.


Neptunium: Usually, the one with the most friends wins these things, but you never know. Sometimes, it's just the one with the most drama. Allyn: Sounds good. I'd like to carry on with your old family traditions. Neptunium: Yeah, just not the traditions of being poor and over-loaded with children. Let's keep it down to two kids, an heir and a spare. They'll never have to be overcrowded, then.


Allyn: So, I think I'll just spend the rest of my pregnancy in the hallway, reading about my hobbies, and trying to get a genie lamp. Whee. Have a good day at work, Neppie! Stupidhugehousebigenoughfortenandhewantstwokidsgrumble I'm a family sim. I want lots of babies. Why did I marry him?


Allyn: Neppie! We've waited in the chairs all day, and now it's time! The baby's coming!


Allyn: I mean babies. Twins! I am so happy! I'm perma-plat! Neptunium: Great! We have our heir and spare and now we'll never try for a baby again. Allyn: Sigh. Neptunium: But we can woohoo all you want, sugar.


Neptunium: And similar to my original family tradition, let's name them after elements. This is my son, Argon. Argon is a noble gas, and is super-stable, undergoing almost no chemical reactions. This makes it really useful as an inert shielding gas in welding and other such high-temperature activities that normally cause reactions. It's also used in fluorescent lighting and lasers and other fun stuff like that.


Allyn: An element, huh? Well, I'll name our daughter Helium, then. Helium is the first noble gas and also inert. It's very useful in all sorts of things, just like Argon, for the same reasons, but it's also lighter than air, so it has some different uses, such as balloons and airships. And, wait... What's this? It's a non-renewable resource, and when it is released into the air, it escapes into SPACE? Neptunium: That fits the alien theme.


Allyn: These balloons are tied to a stick, not a string. They are not lighter than air. Stupid non-renewable resource. Spoiled all my fun. Neptunium: Hey, you know what other gas is lighter than air? Methane! Why not just fill your balloons with farts, instead? Hehehe. Think of the fun you can have at parties with that. “Hey, kid! Why not suck the gas out of this balloon, and make funny voices?” Allyn: You are disgusting and I don't know why I married you. Neptunium: It's flammable, too! You can use it to grill...


Allyn: I'm just going to ignore you, Neppie. In fact, I'm just going to spend the rest of Sunday at the flower stand, making more snapdragons, while you take care of the garden and earn your gold badge. The babies will be fine, until it's time to pay the taxes. Maybe by then, you'll have something uplifting to say. Neptunium: Hehehe. “Uplifting.” You know what else is lighter than air? Allyn: NOT LISTENING!


Neptunium: OK, so our net worth is $267,333, and Allyn and I both have $452,000 in our bank accounts, so our total worth is $1,171,333, and at ten percent, I have to pay $117,200 in taxes to Vis White's bank account. Golly! That's more than one tenth of a university, right there! Well, my kids are definitely going to earn the right to go to college, now! I won't pay for the school, and then not have them go. They are definitely getting an education, whether they want it, or not!


Allyn: OK, time to redistribute the funds. $300,000 in each of our accounts for Neppie and me, and $100,000 in each account for Argon and Helium. The kids are going to be set for life by the time they grow up. Aah! I'm so glad I married a merchant! Neptunium: I heard that! Allyn: I said I was glad I married you, not that I know why I married you. Sigh. Neptunium: I love you, too, sugar.


“And so, we leave our happy (?), and rich (GOLLY!) family for the week. Join us next time, when Beat Stone gets to prove his merchanting skill. Happy Simming!”

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