Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 3 - the Meanderer

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Groop the Meanderer's first week.


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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 3 What Groop Does Best


Time to see what Groop the Meanderer is up to. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


Groop: It's not fair. Joshua has that big house, and Groop doesn't even have his swords. How can Groop do what Groop does best, when all he has is this stuff? There's not a weapon to be found.


Groop: I must find something else that Groop does best, to beat Joshua, and build a better business and a bigger house! If not sword-fighting, then... CHEESE DIP! Groop is VERY good at eating cheese dip. Nobody eats cheese dip like Groop.


Groop: The Queen will surely give me a cheese dip mixer. That's only fair, since she deleted my swords.


Groop: Your Majesty, since you took away the swords, and Groop cannot do what Groop does best, now Groop must do the next thing, which is cheese dip. Please give me a cheese dip mixer. “Oh, I'm sorry, Groop, but that's not something I can give you. You have to earn it. Cheese dip is a hobby reward, after all. Groop: Ah! A quest!


“I wouldn't exactly call it a quest. You simply have to build up your cuisine enthusiasm, until you unlock the ability to make cheese platters. It's easy!” Groop: How do I build this enthusiasm? “Well, first choice is to study cooking skill at the Bookcase of Education, because...”


Groop: Groop does NOT study from books. They all say, “No fishing,” over and over again. How can I learn how to cook, when all the cookbooks say is “No fishing”? “Errr. Right. Well, you can also gain enthusiasm by watching the Yummy Channel on TV, or just eating a lot of food. Or, if you prefer to learn by doing, you can practice your cooking skill by making chocolates. I have a chocolate machine in the attic.”


Groop: Thank you, Your Majesty. I will be in the attic, making chocolate and learning how to make cheese dip. “Good man, Groop. Have fun. Although I'm a bit disappointed that you're not going to use the gifts I gave you. I rather hoped I could buy some paintings or sculptures from you.” Groop: Maybe later, after the cheese dip. I can't eat paintings and sculptures.


“Well, here's the chocolate machine. I hope you like it.”


Groop: Glurphlsmupplewurf! Groop likes chocolate! “You know, if you're that excited about food, you might want to take a job in Culinary. Although, since you're a warrior, I would have thought you'd go into the Military, instead.” Groop: No swords, and they make you wear uniforms and follow orders. Groop does not follow orders. Groop fights on his own terms. Warriors do not make good soldiers.


Groop: Groop is in The Zone! “Congratulations! You can serve any cheese dip platter you can imagine. Feel free to try out the kitchen, if you'd like. You can't take the food home with you, but you can experiment there, and find the dish that works for you. It's just downstairs.”


Groop: I don't know who the woman is, but she rolls my wants. Bohemian woman: Well, that's me done for now. I've gotta go! Groop: Farewell! Perhaps Groop will call you, sometime. Bohemian woman: That's fine. I'm in the book. Groop: But... Is your name, “No Fishing”?


Groop: Now to the kitchen and the yummy cheese dip. Tadaa! “Oh, Groop! That does look tasty! Thanks for serving it.” Groop: You're welcome, Your Majesty. Now to find that job. “You know, Culinary requires some skills besides just cooking. You need to know how to present the food in a pleasing manner, so creativity helps, and you need logic, to be able to figure out cooking temperatures and times. You could use the bookcase...”


Groop: Groop would rather tell funny stories about battles and dragons and treasure hoards. “Suit yourself. You know, it's too bad I didn't put in a chess set or two. You could have learned logic, while having fun. Without the skills and friendships, you'll have to start at the bottom. It's too bad you don't read. It makes me think I'll have to make some special arrangements for you to pay taxes without reading all the instructions and forms.”


Groop: Working as a DJ is even better than telling stories! I can earn skill and money, too.


Groop: Woot! Woot! “I see you're in The Zone.” Groop: Oh, yeah! Music is so much fun! It's almost as much fun as fighting and eating cheese dip. “Well, carry on. I'm glad you enjoy the court so much, and you're making it more fun for the other subjects, as well.”


Groop: I had no idea music was so much fun. Now, when Groop does what Groop does best, it might be playing an instrument, instead. John: You should try dancing. It's loads of fun, and you can build body skill, too, if you do the ballet exercises. Groop: Groop already has the perfect body.


Groop: Now it's time for me to put to use what I have learned, and use the money I earned.


Groop: It's a small house, for now, but the large room will do well for the business, and with the garden, I will be able to grow all the ingredients I need to make my special cheese dip tray. And it's all green, too! That's the color that sounds the most like Groop's name, so it must be my favorite. See? Already I know how to logic. Still, I got a chess set, so I can get more logic, later.


Groop: Welcome to Groop's Cheese Dip Palace, where it's all cheese, all the time. Reviewer: Wow! I never saw a store devoted entirely to one item, before. And all the décor is one color, as well. How unique. Well, it might be boring, evenutally, but for now, I'm satisfied and I'm giving you a good review.


Groop: Hmmm. The problem with an all-cheese business is that the fridge runs out. I need to order groceries to be delivered, but the platters didn't sell for enough money to cover the cost of food and delivery.


Groop: It's going to take too long for these trees to grow cheese dip ingredients, and the rest of the garden isn't even planted, yet.


Groop: I don't have time to worry about that right now. Time for work. Perhaps I will get a promotion and a bonus and be able to buy more cheese, later.


Groop: UGH! What a night. I'm exhausted, hungry, stinky, and really need to use the facilities. Ah! I will go to the Royal Court, and use the facilities there. They are much nicer than here, after all, and there's music and dancing, too!


Groop: Ah, yes, this is much better. Now, to get some grocery money. “Aaah! Mood boosters everywhere, and you're taking a sponge bath in the public bathroom? This is the Royal Court! Have some decorum.” Groop: I don't know what that means. “I can plainly see that.”


Groop: Free money from the wishing well! I want one of these for the house!


Groop: In the meantime, I will have some fun, painting pictures, while the statues and quills do their work. Ahhhh! That feels so much better! And I can sell these pictures directly to the Queen! That will make her happy, and I won't fill up my backpack with bulky canvas. This backpack is designed to carry thin swords, as any fool can plainly see. “Whoooah! I think we're getting our lines mixed up, Groop!*” *In Groo, it's usually someone else saying “as any fool can plainly see,” and Groo saying, “I can plainly see that.”


Groop: Feeling good and platinum. Now perhaps Groop will get that promotion.


Groop: That was a great idea! Groop must go to the Royal Court and paint a picture every day before work. The promotions will come soon.


Groop: More money! More cheese dip!


Groop: My boss said that there is treasure buried in the Royal Courtyard. I will find it! Groop is good at finding treasures! Keeping them is another matter. Perhaps I will sell what I find at Groop's Cheese Dip Palace. That way, when the food runs out, I can still sell stuff.


“Hey! Stop digging up my yard! Dig up your OWN yard!” Groop: Whoops! Did I err? “Yes. You erred. Now either go home, or find something else to do.”


Groop: Yes, Your Majesty. I will learn to swim, instead. Although I have always had bad luck with ships, and every ship I have ever been on has sunk. I have never drowned, so swimming must be what Groop does best! “Oh, that's why the ship crashed, huh? I knew there were powerful forces working against me, when I summoned in all the people here. No wonder so many of them died. Well, no more boating for you, Groop. Stay away from the water.”


Groop: In that case, I will go back to painting. Groop does not want Her Majesty to chase him out of town, as has happened so many times before. And it is a good way to get money and stay platinum. Every day, I roll the want to sell a masterpiece, and every day, I sell my masterpiece directly to the Queen. Groop is rich! The Royal Court is great!


Groop: But the best part about the Royal Court is the pretty women who visit here. Marie Rauscher, my sweet bohemian, even though your outfit is not skimpy, it is green, so you are pretty! Would you like to join my peasant family and help out at the store and give Groop many babies to farm the garden? Marie: Oh, Groop! You say the most romantic things!


Groop: Before Marie can move in, I must set the store to rights. It is not what Groop does best, but Groop must do it, anyway.


Groop: And now there is room for all the things that I found. These should bring in some good money. One of Groop's new friends even gave a big TV to sell. Soon, Groop will have enough money to build a private bedroom for himself and Marie, and someday, a nursery. Groop will build a big green house, much better than Joshua's ugly yellow one. He even mixes other colors in, so not everything matches. He's a fool.


Marie: I had a fantastic time on our date, Groop! Here, have this karaoke machine as a present! Groop: This is amazing. Groop is nice to women, and they give him presents, like big TVs and music machines. Groop must be nice to many more women, so he can sell these things in his store.


Groop: And Groop must make friends to buy his treasures, too.


Groop: Marie, I have enough money to build a bigger house. Would you move in, now, and be Groop's wife and mother of Groop's children? Marie: Oh, yes! I can't wait to be with you! But let's not get married just yet. I want to wait until I roll the want to marry.


Marie: Before we build the nursery, let's get in some practice, Groop! We can marry and have a baby next week. Groop: Groop likes this practice. Quick! To the closet! It is brand new, and good for woohoo. Marie: The closet. The bed. Let's try all our options. I'm going to keep you very busy, Groop.


Groop: Marie is right. Groop and Marie should practice many times, before they settle down to have babies. Marie: Yes, indeed! Groop: After all, Groop must do what Groop does when Groop does what he must, and when Groop does what Groop does best, which I see now, is really woohoo. Marie: Huh? Oh, just kiss me, you fool.


Marie: Now that the date is over, and we're feeling fresh, we should take some time to attend to business. I'll restock the store, Groop, while you work in the garden.


Groop: Tomatoes are a good ingredient for cheese dip, but I want to experiment with cucumbers and strawberries, too.


Marie: How about experimenting with some actual cheese dip, Groop? We're all out, except for the three plates left in the display. I'm going to have to learn how to make cheese dip, too, as any fool can plainly see. Groop: I can plainly see that!* Two cheesedippers is better than one. *See? Just like that.


Marie: But before I can do that, I need to take care of these customers. I've restocked the shelves with all the rocks and bones that Groop dug up, at least. Now, if only we can get someone to buy the treasure chest and TV.


Marie: See, the treasure chest? Wouldn't it look lovely in your living room? Customers. Nope. But these rocks and bones are great.


Marie: Well, at least we're saving money on overhead, having no employees to pay. And despite the occasional drop from a dissatisfied customer, most of them are quite happy. The business is gaining rank, even if it doesn't gain much money. I hope that Groop is having a better day at his job than I'm having here.


Groop: I'm back, and I'll take over the store, while Marie works. The customer stars are flying. Groop's Cheese Dip Palace is Level 4! We can get money from grants, and have a big green house to raise Groop's babies in. Joshua: I hate you, but you sell good cheese dip. Groop: I added a “special ingredient,” just for you, Joshua. No refunds.


Marie: I'm home, Groop! And I didn't get a promotion, because I need to learn how to cook and put the stuff out pretty on the plates.


Groop: Come, Marie. We will go to the Royal Court, where you will learn to cook and play music on the DJ machine, and earn money and skills, and then we will be rich. Marie: Sounds good to me. I'd rather spend my time preparing cheese dip than digging up treasures no one buys. It's so dirty.


Marie: Groop was right to suggest the chocolate maker. This is great!


Groop: Groop already has a perfect body, but learning to dance is fun, when I'm in The Zone. “And even with your 'already perfect body,' you're getting that little skill point progress bar above your head. How interesting. I guess a perfect body doesn't need body skill points.” Groops: Groop's body is perfect because it is Groop's! “I can get behind that logic!”


Marie: So, I put the needle on the record like this, and... FLERGLE! It scratched.


Groop: Groop has a woman, now, Shawn! Groop has had much woohoo, and next week, we'll marry, and try for babies. We should marry before the babies. Shawn: Good idea, if you want them to have your name. By the way, have you decided how you will choose your heir? Groop: The one who fights best, by the time Groop dies, will be the next Groop. Groops are warriors!


Marie: Groops are also lovers. Let's woohoo in the photobooth! We haven't done that one, yet. Vesuvius: It's so evil to woohoo in public! And somehow, it gives me sales skill. Carry on. “Great. I'm going to have to give the guy a raise next week.”


Marie: Woot! Woot! That date was just what I needed! Now I can work again, and get in The Zone! Groop: Groop will sell another painting to the Queen. We must have much money, so we can pay taxes.


Marie: Groop, how do you like the pictures I took of us, woohooing in the photobooth? Groop: Hmmm, not enough skin. Perhaps you could get new clothes that show more skin. Or maybe the photobooth camera could point down a bit. At least the background is green. Marie: Well, if it showed too much, then we couldn't post it on the store wall. The Queen has rules about public decency.


Groop: It is almost midnight, and time to pay the taxes. We have a net worth of $160,884, so according to the computer calculator, we owe $8,100 to the tax man. Groop does not like taxes. Marie: True, but the taxes will pay for our children's education. You know, you're the only one in town who needs special software to read the instructions to you. Our children will learn to read and have it much easier than us.


Marie: Well, Groop. Our week is done. We just have time to finish planting those cucumbers and strawberries you wanted. Groop: They will go well with cheese dip. Marie: Yes, I'm sure our family will eat very well. I'm glad I married you, Groop, you big lug!


“And as midnight rolls around, we leave the The Meanderer family until next week.”

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