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This is what happens when you play at three o'clock in the morning, on pain pills.


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 5:

Adventure Chapter 5


Darla: Hey, congrats on graduating with highest honors. Now, if we can just get your careers to come up, you'll lift them in no time. Jan: I want to become a celebrity chef, so let me know if you spot an opening in that job, will you, please? Claire: Yummy! I love this whole food delivery thing. No groceries, yet, but pizza and Chinese food! Yum!


Casey: Hey, we haven't seen a new cat around here in ages. Hiya, Noodle! Would you like to join our family? Yes? No? Maybe?


Casey: Maybe you'd like to learn how to play dead, so that we can play together. I'm not sure you can get a career and lift that last pet restriction, because you look kind of old, but it's fun to play with you, anyway, and now that Culinary is lifted, we can even feed you, any time we want. Have a treat!


Jan: Gee, thanks for teaching me the cooking skill, so I can make my own lifetime want. Hey, we can get an extra one of these, from my work, to use elsewhere. Casey: If I lift Business, then we can put it on our own business lot. How's that sound? It would be fun to run a food store, and we can make candies right there in the back.


Ragnar: If you're going to visit Twikkii Island, you need to learn how to hang loose. Let's see you try it. Corey: Like this, Grampa? Ragnar: Not quite. Let me show you again, then we'll practice some more, and I'll let you know when you've got it right.


Claire: Oh, now this is a good day for jobs! I can take a job in Criminal, and there's a spot here for Casey in Business, and there's even an opening for Jan in her dream career. Nothing for Corey, though. Too bad.


Claire: And the timing is just right, too, for me to walk to work for my first shift as a smuggler. Hopefully, my only shift as a smuggler. “Thank goodness Jan lifted Slacker, because level 9 Criminal is my all-time most-hated chance card.” Claire: I will make good use of the “ignore” button.


Casey: Oooh! An opening as a CEO! It's a good thing I got such good grades at college, because it puts me right at level 9! That degree was so worth it.


Claire: I AM the Crime! Oh, that doesn't sound nearly as good for the Crime career as it does for the Law career, but it's just so great that I am now a master criminal! Next time, I get to wear my scary costume, and scare all the zombies on the way to work. Also, no more limits on quality furniture or how many crafted items we can have. Once we can have crafted items, that is. I think it's time to redecorate the house.


Claire: So, Jan, when you're finished with your cooking skill, we can get started on teaching you creativity, with my new lie detector! No Bookcase of Education required.


Corey: Welcome home, Claire. Grampa taught me how to hang loose last night, and I've been teaching everyone how to do it. Now we'll all be ready for our trip to Twikkii Island. Darla: Yeah, just as soon as you and I make our lifts. Thursday can't come soon enough! And you still need to get that job to show up on the computer. Corey: Hey, I'm doing my best. It's not my fault it doesn't show.


Casey: My first shift as CEO, and I'm perma-plat and can ignore the chance cards. No way I won't lift Business today.


Jan: Doodedoo. I'm gonna get a promotion. Hopefully, I won't have to wear this tacky “flair” ever again.


Corey: Oh, for goodness sake. All these papers, and I STILL can't find a job in Music? Oh, hey, this one's been lifted already. We can recycle it.


Casey: Business is lifted! We can buy a vacation home, which will please Corey no end, I'm sure. And we can start our own business, which will be fun. But the best thing? I made arrangements today for a pet store to set up down the road, and I am going to buy the pet we need to lift the Security restriction. No more wondering if the pet is too old. I can pick out exactly the breed I want, too. Hmmm, maybe a Chiwoodle?


Casey: See, Corey, our town is really growing, thanks to our lifts. Right over there is the eatery I'm going to open, where we'll sell gelatin and other pre-made foods, as well as some Twikkii Island treats. Jan and I will run it, after she's got her lifetime want, and we have our family well established. And here is the pet store. It's just a community lot, though. We don't own it.


Corey: Last time we had a pet try to lift Security, he got fired the very first shift. Let's double our chances by buying two pets. Casey: Sure! We have plenty of food now, as well as the room. How do you like my Chiwoodle? I'm naming her Gigi. Corey: Cute. Like my Rainbow Tux? She's Fifi. They look great. Hey, what would we get if we bred them? Casey: Nothing. You can't breed dogs and cats together.


Casey: OK, Gigi. First things first. You need to learn to stay. Corey: And you, Fifi, need to learn to use the toilet, because I don't want to deal with a litter box. Casey: You're wasting valuable skilling-for-work time, Corey! Corey: I don't want to deal with a stinky litter box! Casey: Fair enough. She's your pet. Bet mine wins, though. Corey: Are we racing?


Jan: Thanks, Ragnar, for helping me work my way up the Culinary ladder. Ragnar: No problem. You're family, now, and I want all my family to be perma-plat, if possible. Besides, I like candy.


Corey: YESSSS!!! At last, there's a job opening in Music! It's level 9, and I have a shift today! I am going to TWIKKII ISLAND!!!! Ragnar: You kids go ahead. As a vampire, I'd rather avoid the summer sun. Besides, I can stay home to look after the pets. But be sure to take advantage of all the stuff you can do there. Casey: Grampa, we'll be able to hire a nanny to take care of the pets, and buy a vacation home, so you can have your coffin. Come with us! It'll be great!


Corey sings: Twikkii Island. Twikkii Island. I'm gonna go to Twikkii Island. “I like the song, Corey. It's got a great rhythm, and the melody is very catchy, too. Corey: And with this pop sensation, I'll lift the Music restrictions, and then it's Darla's Intelligence lift, and then VACATION!!! “Gee, are you excited? I can't tell.”


Corey: Oh, yeah! I'm a Rock God! Now the next generation can learn Creativity skill with the lie detector or with my rockin' new guitar! And tomorrow, Darla will lift Intelligence, and then we're all off to Twikkii Island, and NO restrictions, at all! “So, you're going to change your look, back to the tourist outifit?” Corey: Oh, yeah. And we'll all get jewelry and make-up, if we want it, and new hairstyles, and all that jazz.


Corey: Well, that was a nice evening at work. I'm going to keep working forever, you know, or at least until one of the next generation unlocks Artist. Jane: Great. I'm just enjoying wearing my cool outfit, and will you please tell me why I'm freezing here, when we could be having lovely spring weather? Corey: Oops.


Ragnar: I have waited so long to paint my memories. Now my grandchildren will be able to see what their grandmother looked like. Casey: I'm painting a picture of the god, Loki, my Dad's namesake. Jan: You know, you could invite him over, and paint a proper portrait. Sheesh.


Casey: Hah! Gigi got promoted, and your Fifi didn't! Corey: She'll probably catch up and pass Gigi, later on. Don't worry about it. Casey: Hey, no worries, as long as one of them lifts Security, I don't care who wins. I can't wait to have better beds.


Doreen: OK, Fifi. Repeat after me. Meeow. Fifi: Purrr. Doreen: No. Meeow. Fifi: Mrow. Doreen: Close enough. Now let's learn to Play Dead.


Jan: How is it that with everyone being maxed out on cooking, we still managed to set the stove on fire? Claire: It's my fault. I autonomously tried to make Lobster Thermidore, and with the Oceanography restrictions still in place, Poseidon took his revenge. “Well, at least now you don't have to look at it longingly before you throw it away. You won't want to eat that mess.”


Darla: Guess who just lifted the Intelligence restrictions? Hey, Corey! Call the travel agency! We are going to Twikkii Island right now! We can leave while it's dark, so Grampa won't burn up in the sun before we even arrive. And then we'll come back to the nighttime, and it will be fantastic! Corey: You bet! And I'm inviting Hudson,Jane and Doreen too. It will be a nice family reunion. After all, we couldn't have made it without their contributions.


Casey: Oh, yeah! Who's the doggy? Hey, Corey, my dog got promoted to level 3! And just in time to greet the nanny, too. Let's go!


Ragnar: OK, you kids go have fun. I'll just chill out here on my throne. Now I don't even need a coffin. This is gonna be a great vacation! I brought my spellbook and cauldron along, too, so I can make reagents again, and cast spells! Wahoo! Who wants to join me in witchcraft?


Casey: I'm going to make a garden, so we can grow our own fresh food, every time we come here. Then we'll be allowed to stock our fridge and the Occult Court can't say “Boo!” about it. “You're not allowed to bring home restricted items.” Casey: We're not allowed to plant gardens at home, but the produce, itself, is not restricted. And I have lots of room in my inventory.”


Jan: I'm going to max my logic, so I have all the skills I need for my job. After that, I'll finish up on my body skill, too, so I'll be all set for when we return to the apocalypse.


Corey: So, Doreen, what do you think of your portrait? I have you, Hudson and Jane, now, although Jane's portrait is back home. Doreen: I love it! Thanks so much, Corey!


Jane: Hey, everybody, come join the dance competition. Not you, Grampa. You'll burn up. Besides, you've danced before, so you'd beat us all, hands down. Ragnar: Just wait until the sun goes down again. I'll teach you all the hula.


Jan: This is great! Imagine Ragnar holding his wife's military reward for all these years. I guess Peridotite lifted Athletic just in time for him to shift it into his inventory, before Angie died. Darla: Yeah, yeah. Just keep running, grunt!


“I see you've not been idle, Ragnar. Snapdragons all over, and all the garden plants are thriving. Casey's a member of the garden club, now, thanks to you.” Casey: My kids are going to be able to use that wishing well to wish for their own true loves any time they want to. Ragnar: That's good. They'll go perma-plat much faster that way. You should bring them here often.


Darla: Your kids can use it, but I want first dibs. I'm not perma-plat, and I really need some aspiration fodder. A real date will do just the trick to boost my lifetime happiness the rest of the way.


Jan: I just want to max ALL my skills now. I love this place! “Takemizu Village is better for skilling up.” Jan: So we'll take our kids there, or grandkids, since we have to wait for the Political lift. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy it here.


Ragnar: We can have robots now, so I'm going to make a couple. We only really need one for each house – the sentry bot. With no burglar alarms allowed, the sentry bot will keep us safe from now on.


Jan: Thanks for teaching me the hula, Ragnar. Whoa, hey! What's happening? Ragnar: I just turned you into a nice witch. Jan: But, why? Ragnar: Because I filled the house with thrones of light.


Jane: Between the snapdragons and the thrones of light, we never need to worry about our moods again, as long as we're here. This place is the best! Jan/Claire/Darla/Doreen: Yeah, but we all look alike! I can't tell my sisters apart, except you, Jane, and I can't tell my brothers apart, except Hudson. Ragnar: That's why I did this before we went shopping.


Ragnar: OK, kids! Time to hit the shops, and then we can really enjoy choosing our own wardrobes, for once. Claire: Can we change our hairstyles, too? Ragnar: Hair, make-up, jewelry, glasses. You name it. Claire: Alright!


“Look at the grins on those faces! I can tell you are pleased with your new wardrobes.” Ragnar: Yep. Of course, now we don't look like we used to, it's a bit confusing about who's who, anymore. “I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, Ragnar. No one looks remotely alike, at least.”


Ragnar: I look so snazzy in my stoney-suit that matches my skin.


Casey: Hey, check it out. My wife and I match in our tropical Twikkii wear. Jan: We're going to bring a touch of summer back to Eschaton.


Darla: I love my funky new hairdo, and this tourist outfit is so cute. Corey: Oh, yeah, I'm back in my right clothes, at last. And check out the shades, dude. I look sweet!


Claire: I am so kawaii . Jane: I don't know what that means, but you look like you stepped out of an anime. What is that, Japanese meets teen pop star? Claire: Yeah, and your spikey hair matches your personality, Jane. But I love it, and you.


Hudson: I'm just glad to be back to my old self. I liked my regular outfit just fine. Doreen: I like my outfit, too, but this new hairstyle is so chic! I'm so glad we came. Claire: Hey, thanks for making it possible! We couldn't have done it without you. Jane: This vacation was absolutely perfect.


Casey: Oh, boy! A green thumb! Now, when I bring my children here, I can feed them fresh eggplant juice, and they'll get their skills in no time! All the other produce can go in the fridge for extra food points. “With all those snapdragons, you don't need to eat.” Casey: I meant at home. We do have to eat there, and now we'll have our own fresh produce. Yay!


Casey: Just like the gardening, I can't use this at home, but I'm going to learn how to be a great warlock, just like my grampa. Well, a good one, at any rate. Whoops. I went up a level and went back into my magic robes. Now I need to change my outfit again.


Jan: It's our last night here. Hula dance party, girls! Doreen: Yeah, this is great! I wish we could do this at home. Jan: Well, maybe one of my children will lift Dance. Until then, we just have to enjoy it here, and hold onto the memories back home.


“And so, shortly before the sun rises, with everyone in a great mood, the family calls the airport shuttle to pick them up and take them home.” Ragnar: Yeah, so I don't burn to a crisp on the flight, thanks. What a great vacation! I'm so glad I came along. Jan: We are, too, Ragnar. Those snapdragons and thrones of light made a good vacation GREAT!


Claire: Now that was a fantastic break, and I'm so glad I was able to go. But now it's time to move out and make space for the next generation. Darla: I'll come with you. We can get one of those nice houses across the way. Corey: I'll stay put for a while, so the kids can enjoy the benefits of music and art. Maybe I'll join you later.


Casey: Now that Music is lifted, we can finally unlock the alien technology that has been blocked for so long. No Smart Milk or Elixir of Life until Oceanography is lifted, but those energizers would be fantastic.


Casey: Hooray! Energizers!


Fifi: Mrorw? Casey: Ow. Well, I had a great time on the party ship, and I got everything I wanted from the aliens. I guess I can stand a bit of bruising, after all.


Jan: Time to get started on the next generation. Please give us some space, Ragnar. Ragnar: Hey, the sun's about to come up, and I'm headed for my coffin. Just try not to wake me up, OK? Jan: Right. Well, hopefully the lullaby will put you back to sleep, if we do.


Jan: Oh, Casey, look what I made. “Are you out of your mind? There's already going to be at least two babies at the same time, from both you and Casey, and now you want to push twins?” Jan: Labor is painful. The fewer pregnancies, the better. “You have no idea what you're getting into, Jan.”


Casey: Fascinating! I have a baby bump, just like an ordinary pregnant woman. I wonder how it's going to come out. “Don't ask.” Author's Note: Thank boolprop sims are not anatomically correct.


Jan: It's time to go to work, but I just got my baby bump. Thank boolprop I maxed my body on vacation, because now I can walk to work. Wait. I'm a witch. I can FLY!


Jan: Alright! I got a promotion to level 9, and now I can turn around and head right back to work. Provided I don't pass out, I might just go perma-plat tonight!


Casey: Oh, wow! Gigi did it! She lifted Pet Security, and gave us all the best beds. Take that, Corey! Corey? “Corey's at work, Casey.” Casey: Oh, well, I win! Yaaaay! “Congratulations.”


Jan: I fulfilled my lifetime want, and now I'm perma-plat. I can easily deal with the challenges of children, now. “Uh huh.” (double-cheesecake twins – SHEESH!) Jan: I bought an energizer. I can so deal!


“This is, perhaps, not the best placement for an energizer.” Jan: Hey, it works. Don't knock it. Anyway, it's only until I don't need it, any more. “So, two weeks, then?”


Jan: Hey, Melissa. We're about to have double-twins, and won't have time or energy to give our pets the attention they deserve. Would you like them? Melissa: Sure! I like pets, and I don't have a family, so I'll be glad of the company. Jan: Great! That will free up some room for an energizer.


Ragnar: I don't know how long we'll have the ability to make or buy all these decorations, but I'm determined to make the house as beautiful as possible before Corey leaves us. Casey: Yeah, and I'm really enjoying all these musical options. I hope one of my kids lifts Artist, permanently. And Dance. I miss doing the hula. Ragnar: You wouldn't rather have Politics, or Architecture, or Paranormal or Entertainment, or Oceanography or... Casey: Maybe I should just let the kids decide what they want most.


Jan: Now that we can have shelves, it's time to fill out this family photo display and add myself to it. Hmm, I wonder how many generations it will take to finish this apocalypse. Should I have a second batch of babies, after this first one? “A batch of babies? You make them sound like cookies.” Jan: Mmmm, cookies!


Jan: Coookies! Casey: Geeelatin! Jan: Cooooookies! Casey: Geeeeeeelatin! “How about, “ooh, ooh, both, both!'” Jan/Casey: YUM!


Ragnar: I have a great idea! Now that Slacker restrictions are lifted, I'm going to take every job there is, every day, and then quit, just so I can build up a collection of career rewards. We may not be able to use them all here, but we can have them at our vacation home. The kids will get their skills in no time! “Even faster, if one of them lifts Politics and opens up Takemizu Village, again.” Ragnar: Yeah! I'll definitely encourage them to take Politics.


Ragnar: And since all of us are completely skilled up, we won't be using the Bookcase of Education ourselves, but I'm going ahead and moving it to the living room for the coming generation. We paid our penalty and trained up the hard way, but they won't have to. “True. You paid your penalty. The kids can read for all their skills. So, you don't really need to fill the vacation home with career rewards, do you?” Ragnar: Hush. I want them.


“Three generations of couple's portraits. I love the way it shows the gradual improvement in their lives.” Ragnar: That's not my favorite portrait of Angie and me. My favorite is downstairs. But you're right about this showing the progression. I wonder what the fourth and fifth couples will look like. “Hmmm, blond?” Ragnar: I doubt it. The remaining target spouses are not blond.


Casey: Oooooh, I don't like this giving birth process. Jan: No kidding. Still, you know it will be worth it, in the end. Casey: You're right. I can't wait to meet my children!


Casey: Please welcome David and John. They're so cute! Jan: I know, right? You know, I just now realized, we only have two cribs, and I'm going to give birth any minute, now. Casey: Time to reorganize the living room again. I LOVE that Athletic lift! Jan: I love being able to use the energizers. Thank you, little ones, for bringing us alien technology.


Jan: And I will use that energizer, just as soon as I give birth. I didn't even have time to give this baby a bottle. Casey: They're practically quads! How cool is that? “You guys are so weird. Next thing you know, Ragnar will get into the act, and start looking for aliens, too.”


Jan: Hey, Corey, meet your nieces, Peaches and Cream. Corey: Seriously? That's what you named them? Jan: What? They're twins. They're girls. They have peaches and cream complexions. It's cute. Corey: You're so weird. What would you have named them if they had the Rock skin? Jan: Ummm, Gravel and Grit? Pebbles and Stones?


“Ragnar, I know we agreed that you would be doing things your own way, and you wouldn't hear any advice from me, but I just have to ask you, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FLERGLING MIND?!” Ragnar: What? Hey, this was your suggestion, remember? “Ragnar, when I commented that you might take to the telescope yourself, I was being ironic.” Ragnar: Hehehee.


Casey: You know, Jan, I love all my children, but I was rather hoping to have an heir with the Rock skin tone. What do you say we try again? “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Jan: Did you hear something, Casey? Casey: Nope.


Corey: Well, that was a fun night at work. Now it's time to mood up and go bond with my nieces and nephews. They're just little meatloaves now, but I'm sure they'll be really cute when they grow up a little. “Or, you could try talking some sense into your brother and grandfather.” Corey: Sense? Why?


“Uh oh. Too late.” Jan: Lullaby! Casey: Come on, Rock skin tone. I want an heir to carry on the Rock look through the generations. “Or, you could choose your heir based on the most capable... Never mind. Rock skin. Your choice.”


Ragnar: My grandkids are having all the fun. Come on, aliens! “Go away, aliens!” Jan: Hey, Casey, I'm hungry. Let's go eat some cheesecake. “NOOOOOOOOOO!”


“You're going to drive me to distraction, Jan.” Jan: Did you hear something, Casey? Casey: Huh? No. Hey, have you noticed this statue's eyes glowing? “Wait, what? Glowing Jumbok eyes?” Jumbok IV: The Occult Court have been made aware of certain liberties you have taken, Michelle Simself, in regards to setting up this safe house. Count Robert has asked for disciplinary action.


Jan: I sure wish those magic thrones weren't restricted here in Eschaton. “I do, too. Go use the energizer, and then make out with your husband to earn more aspiration points to spend on more energizers, and keep the circle going, you fool sim, you.”


Ragnar: Come on, aliens. I know you're out there. “No. No! Please, step away from the telescope!” Ragnar: But Jumbok said... “NOOOOOO! Ignore the magic statue! He can't command you! Just because he commanded your son and daughter-in-law doesn't mean he can command you. You're the founder!”


Ragnar: So, then the aliens brought me to this FANTASTIC party room. You should have seen it. Casey: Did you try the blue juice, Grampa? It's delicious! Ragnar: Oh, yeah, and the way it makes you feel... I am SO glad I got to go there. What a blast! Jumbok IV: The Occult Court will also be pleased you got to go and enjoy the alien party room. I must make my report. “whimper... The EYES!”


Corey: Well, we seem to have things pretty well in hand with these babies. So, Casey, the Simself said something about talking sense to you? Casey: Oh, she's just upset because Jan and I want another baby. Corey: Well, I don't see the harm in that, once these little ones are grown out of their cribs. Casey: Jan's already pregnant. Corey: Wut.


Corey: Hey, sibs! Thanks for coming over. You can meet the nieces and nephews, and we can complete our family collection of portraits. Claire: No problem. I want to show off my new look, anyway.


Ragnar: Alright, family. It's birthday time!


Ragnar: Happy birthday, David! “David, I see, is a Pisces, 5/1/10/8/10. Very nice. He has alien-shaped eyes, but with the classic Rock eye-color. Potential heir, Ragnar?” Ragnar: Possibly. They're all potential heirs, you know.


Casey: Here you go, David. You're the first child of the apocalypse to ever get to build Creative skill as a youngster. Enjoy it!


Jan: OK, Peaches. It's your turn. “I see she's a Virgo, 10/3/10/8/4. She also has Ragnar's eyes, but where did the brown hair come from? Seriously, I have no idea.” Jan: Didn't I tell you? I'm a closet brunette. “Oh. And the poor girl has THE HAIRSTYLE, too. Well, you can take her on vacation and change that, when she's a child.”


Jan: Whoop! Baby bump! “What are you even doing downstairs? The action is all upstairs.” Jan: Too much action for a pregnant sim. “You had to throw up again, didn't you? Well, this is the LAST time for that, right? Right?”


Casey: Oh, look at John! He's such a big boy! “He's adorable. I love the nose! And he's a Libra, like me, but look at that personality! 0/10/8/10/7! He's gonna be fun.” Casey: Yeah, to clean up after.


Ragnar: Hold up a minute, son. I have to pop here. POP! Ragnar: OK, carry on.


Casey: And finally comes Cream, because the cream tops off the sweetest things! “Awww, she's so cute. A Taurus, 8/1/5/8/3, so she has a much more balanced personality, although this family really does lean toward extremes.” … “Alright, Jumbok! Why are your eyes glowing, NOW?”


“Four toddlers, with more on the way? Well, THEY chose to get pregnant, and THEY can deal with it. Not my problem. I'm just gonna walk on by.” … “What? I put in the big-family mod for my trailer park challenge, so there's room for more sims on the lot. Why are you looking at me like that?”


“OK, this is the only toddler spam pic for now. I'm too busy clicking to take more. They really are so cute! With the energizers, and all four adults taking turns with them, they soon learn how to walk, talk, and sing a nursery rhyme, but it takes longer for potty training. Still, these kids are having a pretty good toddler-hood In fact, with such devoted family and energizers to keep the adults going, they're having the best toddler-hood yet, in this challenge.”


Jan: Ooooh, it's time! This is harder than before. “Probably because of those darned glowing eyes behind you, Jan.”


Jan: Everyone, please welcome Helga, Olga, Inga and Sven. Corey: QUADS? Oh, brother, where are we going to put them all? Ragnar: Don't forget my own baby, who, by the way, will arrive any time now. Casey: Maybe we can replace our beds with cribs and energizers?


Ragnar: Here we go! Casey: Ooooh, it just occurred to me that maybe we didn't really plan this very well. We're so crowded, already! If we had waited one more day, the toddlers would be grown and the cribs would be free. “You're the one who just couldn't wait to have more kids!”


Ragnar: I was hoping for one cute little alien baby of my own. Now, I have Venus, Vesta and Vulcan.


Casey: QUADS? TRIPLETS? On the SAME DAY?! We have ELEVEN children! Seven babies and four toddlers! At the same time! This place is a mess, with diapers and potties and bottles and trash everywhere! I can't stand it! Jan: Ummm, I'm just going to zone off into my happy place now. “Yeah. You do that, Jan. You zone off and leave the ELEVEN children for the men to handle. Mmmhmmm.”


Ragnar: I'll just set up the picture stand for them all. “I am going to kill you, Jumbok!” Jumbok IV: The Occult Court is most displeased with you, Michelle. You should not have prepared the safe house for Ragnar, especially not with a fully-stocked fridge. Discipline must be applied to all, even simselves. “Then why didn't they call me to appear and face them? Why THIS?”


“You. You did this on purpose. All this time, you and Count Robert have been scheming to drive me out of my mind with an over-crowded house.” Ragnar: Ummmm. “My computer is going to explode!” Ragnar: Ummm. This wasn't actually what Count Robert and I had planned. This was all Jumbok.


“SIMSELF GLITCHING POWERS, ACTIVATE! WRITHE IN UNCOMFORTABLE BLENDING PAIN, RAGNAR!” Ragnar: Really, Michelle, it's not my fault! “I'm going to get you for this, Ragnar! I really am!” Ragnar: It's NOT my fault! It's Jumbok! Get HIM! Casey: Grampa, the sun is up. Please get into your coffin, before we turn this birthday into a deathday. We'll handle the kids.


“Crummy vampires. Don't you hide from me!” Ragnar: Not you. The sun. I'm as upset about this as you are. Having this huge of a family in one generation was not in my plan! “It wasn't. So you mean to tell me that you and Count Robert STILL have something cooked up for me?!” Ragnar: Ummmm... I have to go to sleep now. BYE!


“Crummy vampires.” … “Excuse me, readers, while I go bang my head against the wall for a while. I'll load up and play again later, when I've calmed down, and thought of my revenge. Jumbok is going down.”

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