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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 4:

Adventure Chapter 4


“When we last left our family, Ragnar was teaching his oldest four grandchildren all about Creativity.” Ragnar: Thanks for the update, Michelle. It's been about five minutes for us, you know. I think I remember what I was doing since you last saved. Hudson: Oh! Is that the time? I need to get to bed! I have my first day of work in the morning.


Hudson: Oh, yeah! A good night's sleep, a quick game of chess, and I am back in the low green for aspiration. But better than that, I got a good chance card, and a promotion! “Really? Did you sue for medical expenses?” Hudson: Nope! I played a game with my boss and won. I could have let him win, instead, but I'm a cut-throat lawyer, not a politician. He was so impressed, he promoted me, on the spot.


Hudson: A quick uniform change, and I'm walking back to work to start on my next promotion. “Too bad you can't take the carpool again. It's snowing and cold out, and you don't have your outerwear on.” Hudson: I'll be OK. I have maxed body skill, after all. And if I run into a zombie or two, the fight will warm me up. “Well, good luck in court, then. Lift Law soon.”


Claire: Grampa! Grampa! I got an A+! Ragnar: That's wonderful! If only someone would lift Education, so you could keep that grade. But your older brother is going for Law, instead. Well, if Jan marries in for that instant Slacker lift, I guess it will be worthwhile. Claire: Maybe I'll lift Education, Grampa. I like school.


Hudson: Double promotion! I'm at level 8, and have another shift tomorrow. With good luck, I'll have Law lifted before Jane grows up. And now, I want to learn Couples Counseling. “You know, Hudson, I have never seen Couples Counseling actually work in this game. I'm not sure what value it has.” Hudson: Hey, anything for aspiration points, Michelle.


“So, the kids spend the rest of the afternoon skilling up, of course. The older girls take the opportunity to bond with their younger siblings, and Hudson, who has befriended them all, long ago, earns some aspiration points with a useless FreeTime skill.


“Then it's time for a good fish dinner.” Jane: Why are Hudson and I standing up, instead of sitting in the two available chairs? Claire: I don't know, but I like you better for it. Best friends! Jane: Yay.


“With Hudson on a daytime schedule again, it looks like Ragnar's Night School is down to just the teens. He's just finishing up teaching the creativity skill, and then sending the girls to the bookcase for mechanical, until the sun comes up.”


Jane: Now, punch the bag like I showed you, Casey. Casey: Pow! Pow! This is fun! Thanks, Jane. Jane: Sure, kid.


“More sibling bonding, kids?” Claire: Bonding is great, but I'd play, anyway. I am in the ZONE! Corey: So, as I was telling Casey the other day, if you older kids lift the right restrictions, then we could go on a vacation. Doreen: I'd love to help you out with that, Corey. I'm planning on lifting Intelligence, so that's one part of it unlocked.


“Oh, my boolprop! Hudson, is that a platinum plumbob I see above your head?” Hudson: It sure is, Michelle! I made enough money to earn some serious aspiration points! Now, if I can just hold this mood until tomorrow, I'll be promoted, for sure! I still have two promotions to go. Hey, maybe one of my old friends will give me a network promotion. I'd better hit the phones!


Hudson: Well, no one guaranteed me a promotion for today, but with this platinum mood, I should be able to get it, no problem! “Unless you get a bad chance card.” Hudson: See, that's why one of my little brothers needs to marry-in that Professional Party Guest, Jan Tellerman. Then, we can ignore chance cards, take days off, go back into the same job, if we leave it. It's so worth it!


“Another day, another broken pipe.” Doreen: Yeah, yeah. I'm fixing it, already. You know, it would be great if we could just fix these things permanently. “Yeah, unbreakable plumbing would be a nice upgrade, but I don't have a mod for that. Sorry.”


Hudson: One more promotion to go, and we can marry in the Professional Party Guest! “Your brother's still just a kid.” Hudson: I know, but he can befriend her, so that as soon as he grows up, he can marry her. “Yeah. Which one should be heir, I wonder.”


Hudson: Speaking of marriage, I can't wait to move out and marry my own first love. “What? You don't want to wait until your younger siblings lift their restrictions, so you can all go on a family vacation?” Hudson: Hush, Michelle. I'm busy smooching.


“Well, stop smooching, because it's birthday time. The last children of this generation are about to grow into teens.”


Casey: Look! We all have hands! Claire: I know! It's awesome! Corey: I think I have a hangnail.


Claire: Well, red's pretty, but I'm not fond of the pants. I hope I get a better outfit when I grow into an adult. “Good luck with that. So, tell us about your hopes and dreams, Claire.” Claire: Well, I'm all about the romance and friendships, and I want to be a General someday, but I'll make my lift, first. I like men in swimsuits and jewelry, but prefer them to be low in their careers, so I really do hope we can go to Twikkii Island, someday, so I can snag one of the hot local boys.


Corey: Yeah! Twikkii Island! Man, I miss my flowery tourist shirt. Ah, well. Maybe when I'm grown. “You never know.” Corey: So, I'm a Knowlege/Fortune sim, and I like fat chicks who wear jewelry, but I hate brown hair. Hey! You're blonde! Ragnar: Stay away from the simself, son! Corey: Yeah. Anyway, I'll be too busy for love, maxing all my skills.


Casey: I'm a Pleasure Sim! “:groans: Not again. Not this early in the apocalypse!” Casey: What? I like Knowlege, too, so maybe I'll roll a few fulfillable wants. Speaking of wants, I want to be a game designer, after I lift my restriction. And I want to marry a woman who wears make-up and jewelry, but she shouldn't be too creative.


Jane: Ha! You'll probably have to marry the Slacker Queen. Casey: No! I want someone who's all dolled up, and she's just sort of... bland. Jane: Nyah! Nyah! Slacker Queen! Casey loves the Slacker Queen! “Relax, Casey. You have a ReNuYu Portachug you can take to make you like her better.”


Corey: Wow! I have really violent sisters. “Yeah, they're real feministas, aren't they?” Corey: I don't know what that means, but I think it's awesome they can hold their own against the zombies and such. Me, I'd rather go hide somewhere safe and warm. “Like Twikkii Island, no doubt.”


Corey: Do you think the simself likes me? I'm afraid she thinks I'm a coward, or something. Darla: Naah. She knows you're just a sim after her own heart, who enjoys travel to exotic locales and dancing the hula. Corey: Thanks, Darla! That makes me feel better. You're pretty awesome, you know? Darla: I love you, too, Corey.


Ragnar: I finally have all the kids available for night school, and all they want to do is play chess with each other. I'm so bored.


Hudson: Oh, yeah! I have lifted Law! And it's snowing! And there's a snowman! Life is beautiful!


Hudson: Now, I can move out and marry my love, and be happy ever after. “You sure can, because I probably won't play you, so you'll stay at that platinum aspiration, anyway.” Hudson: Just because you're not playing my household doesn't mean my wife and I won't be keeping busy, making woohoo, while your back is turned.


Ragnar: Finally, we have the whole family on the same schedule. Time for night school. Jane: Not for me. There's nothing left for you to teach me. All I can do is study on my own until I become an adult. So boring! Corey: I'm happy about it! It will make it so much faster for me to max all seven skills! It's just a pity that I can't do anything for Creativity until I'm an adult and can write novels.


Ragnar: Hi, Jan! Come meet Corey and Casey. Now that Hudson has lifted Law, I want you to marry one of them, and you might as well get started building relationships now. Jan: Sounds good to me. We can play a nice three-way game of Chinese Checkers. “I don't have that mod. IS there such a mod?” Ragnar: How about just hanging out, instead?


Jan: Well, this isn't awkward, at all. Casey: I'm glad you think so, because I'm feeling all kinds of awkward. But then again, I'm a teenager who just went through a massive growth spurt, so I'm feeling gangly, anyway. Jan: That's not what I meant. Corey: Wait, were you being ironic? Are you a hipster?


Claire: Thanks, Grandpa, for helping me build up my body. I'm not done, yet, but by the time I grow up, I'll be ready for the zombies. Ragnar: If you lift Law Enforcement, you can get rid of them! That would be great. Claire: I don't know. I'm still thinking about Education, so my nieces and nephews can go to high school.


Corey: So, I don't care which one of us you marry, as long as you lift those awful work restrictions, with the chance cards, and the no days off, and having to quit your job, just to take a vacation. I really hope that my older sisters lift Intelligence and Music in time for me to go to Twikkii Island, and we'll need your help to do that. I think it would make a great honeymoon for all of us. Casey: Corey, are you sure you know what a honeymoon is?


Corey: Well, if you'll excuse me, Jan, I need to go skill. I'm just too bored sitting here chatting with you. You can marry her, Casey. Casey: Well, I think you and I do have more in common. Jan: Ah! The sweet music of romance. Yay. Casey: Well, I'm sure our honeymoon will be very romantic, if the girls do their parts. We'll find some alone time at the island.


“Another day, another night spent skilling. And I see, Ragnar, that you have moved the furniture around again.” Ragnar: I LOVE that Athletic lift! And although I know that Corey really wants to go to Twikkii Island, I think it would be better for us to go to the mountains, and restock the family fish supply. Corey: How about both, Grampa? We have the money for it.


Ragnar: Speaking of money, Hudson left us with this great podium to practice charisma, and earn money, at the same time. You can step away from the mirror, Casey!


Jane: But first, it's time for me to grow up! Now I want to max all my skills, and fall in love. Well, if I can be lucky enough to get a job in Education, and use that Bookcase of Education, I might just get those skills maxed in record time. Of course, I'd still be the only one to be able to use the thing, until I lift it, but I will be in clover, anyway, and that's what's most important. Also, I got a good outfit.


Jane: Come on, Education! Journalism? Oh, I wish! But that's not the most useful lift for us right now. Culinary would be good for one of my siblings, I suppose, after I lift Education, and make it easy to study Creativity. Writing novels will be such a drag.


Jane: Waaah! I didn't get to go to college, and neither will my younger siblings, because there's no job opening in Education. “So, what are you going to do?” Jane: I'll take Culinary, I guess. At least then we'll be able to store our leftovers in the fridge, and avoid food poisoning, and not be so reliant on the Jumbok statue to keep us from starving. “Plus, you can use cakes to age up babies. That's handy.”


Jane: Wow, Claire. I had no idea your bottom was so... weird. Claire: Aww, you're just ticked off because you'll have to write a sappy novel to get your Creativity skill up for your job.


Jane: I'm a Sous Chef, and I have a friend from work, who will, I hope, become my first love, so I can get those aspiration points coming. Hmph! I'll probably start rolling wants to get engaged, and married, and have kids...


Jane: Wow. You rolled my wants, and now I have nothing fulfillable. We can't adopt a kitten, travel, buy a vacation home or dance. If I had not flirted with you, but just knuckled down to write that novel, I might have maxed all my skills, and gotten a cool 30,000 aspiration. Great.


Jane: I got the thinking cap on just in time, before I dropped into green territory. I hope it's enough. I need max creativity for my job, now.


Jane: At least I got a good head start on the skill, thanks to Grampa's night school.


Jane: If I had gone with Journalism, after all, I could go perma-plat, and get another mood-booster, like the Jumbok IV. Dangit! Maybe I should check the job listings again, because all of us crowded around that statue, with the skill-boosters is just too darned crowded. We could have two skilling rooms. “Or, one skilling room, but with twice the mood-boosting.” Jane: That would be better than Culinary. Maybe I'll check the listings again tonight.


Jane: I came THIS CLOSE to maxing all my skills and getting a huge aspiration hit, but no. I didn't make it, and I'm tired and cranky and not likely to get a promotion today. Flergle! “Better luck next time, Jane. Also, good luck on the chance card. Don't get demoted.” Jane: If I get demoted, I'm DEFINITELY checking the job listings again.


Jane: Finally! I finished my novel and got my platinum points, and now I am ready to hit the sack before my next shift. I haven't slept in so long... Doreen: Congrats, Jane! I can't wait to read your book. What's it all about? Jane: It's a children's book, telling them all about where babies come from. I tell them they grow in a cabbage patch. Doreen: What's a cabbage patch?


Jane: It worked. I went to work in a platinum mood, and got the promotion. With my skills and the family's friends, I should lift Culinary soon enough, if I can maintain my mood, and good luck with the darned chance cards. “I'm proud of you, Jane.” Jane: Feh. I'm a family sim, helping out my family.


“Speaking of helping your family, I see you're really making yourself useful at the night school.” Jane: Hush. Some of us are trying to concentrate. “Yes, ma'am!”


Jane: It's too bad I couldn't hold onto that platinum mood, but still, I got the promotion, and now I have a night shift I can walk to. If I make it tonight, I'll start looking for jobs in Journalism. If not, I have several days off, to sit around, twiddling my thumbs... “Not helping to teach your younger siblings their skills?” Jane: … and I really just want to get ON with it all. I want to move into my own place and start my own family, on my own terms. Is that too much to ask?


Claire: Who's the best zombie fighter? Come on! Say it! Doreen: Gaah! You are. Let me go, already. Claire: That's RIGHT! And if I don't lift Education, I'll probably go for Law Enforcement. Those zombies are going DOWN. Or maybe I'll just be a MASTER CRIMINAL and the zombies will be TOO AFRAID to face me. Doreen: Great. Stop yelling in my ear, will ya?


Darla: Hey, Doreen, if we grow up right now, we probably won't go into aspiration failure. Doreen: Aw, but everyone's asleep. And you have that thinking cap on your head. Shouldn't you be trying for a few more skill points before you grow up? Darla: Are you kidding? I don't have any wants for them, but I do want to grow up well, and I'm running out of aspiration, here.


Doreen: Nice underwear, Darla. Darla: Yeah, I like your robe. Well, let's get those jobs and lift our restrictions and go perma-plat, and get our own place! Doreen: Whoooa. Take a breath, there, sis. It might take several days to get the jobs we want. Darla: Well, get online and check the listings, silly.


Doreen: Hmmm, Education, Oceanography, Athletic, Science and Military. I might as well take Education. I know that Corey won't like it, if it delays his vacation, but I'm sure he'll be able to take a vacation before he dies. Maybe he'll lift the necessary restrictions. And Education would certainly be helpful for the family. Hey, Darla! I'll race you! First one to lift Education gets to look for her dream job.


Darla: You go ahead with it, Doreen. I'm gonna take the day to work on my skills. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. Doreen: Yeah, and maybe Corey can lift his own Intelligence restriction. I still want to reach the top of the career, for my own happiness, but time's awastin'.


Jane: Alright, Waylon. Let's try this again. I really want to be platinum before my next work shift. Waylon: Aw, shucks! You say the sweetest things. Jane: Really? You think that was sweet? Nobody thinks I'm sweet. Helpful to the family, maybe, but not sweet. Hmmm, this might work out, after all.


Claire: OMG! While I was studying, my sister was falling in love and getting engaged? I missed the whole thing! I was gonna tease her about her and whatzisname sitting in a tree. Jane: You snooze, you loose, little sister. And I am so close to lifetime happiness now, I can practically taste it. Too bad I can't marry you right now, Waylon, but I have to lift my restriction and move out, first.


Jane: But THIS should put me quite a bit closer. If I keep rolling these good wants, I should be perma-plat before my next work shift, and then I'm outta here.


Doreen: I got a promotion the first day! I'm a High School Principal, in the next town over, because we have no high school, but soon! I have four more days to get three promotions, so if all goes well, it might even be possible for the younger kids to actually go to college. Cross your fingers! “Well, I'll try, but it makes it awfully hard to type.”


“I see the night school continues to be successful.” Jane: Yes. I want to whip these younger kids into shape, in case Doreen really does lift Education. They'll need all the scholarships they can get, after all.


Jane: Come on kids. Don't make me get the whip. Claire: You haven't got a whip. I don't think such a thing exists, except in novels. Jane: Well, don't make me slap you, then. Claire: Alright, alright. We'll get the scholarships, even if we can't go to high school, yet. Sheesh.


Doreen: Another day, another step closer. I'm now a College Senior Professor, with only two promotions left to go. If I can give the kids just ONE day at high school, they should be able to get a D- grade, and be accepted into the new college I plan to build for them. Darla: Meanwhile, I still haven't found my job. Nothing is good, or it's already been lifted.


Darla: Well, it's not Music, but Intelligence will do, for now. I'll get my lifetime happiness some other way.


Darla: I only really have one male friend outside of the family, and he doesn't roll my wants. I want that romance, to get my lifetime happiness, so I'm going to drink my ReNuYu-Portachug. Talin: Hi, Darla. What's up? Darla: Rwowr! Now you roll my wants, you red-headed hunk, you!


Darla: First kiss and falling in love. I'm not platinum, yet, but I'll get there, thanks to you, Talin. Wish me luck at work, today, and I'll see you again tonight, OK?


Doreen: Oh, yeah! Dean of Students. Only one promotion to go! If I get it tomorrow, then the kids can go to school on Friday, and go to college! If I don't make it until Friday, well, I just hope that they stay teens long enough to go to school on Monday. I do want them to be able to enjoy the college experience. “You know, a lot of people don't enjoy the college experience.” Doreen: That's why I want to open the colleges, so that they can. Say, who's that guy who's acting like a zombie, but clearly isn't one?


Doreen: Well, hello, Nery! How would you like to be my aspiration fodder? Nery: Suits me. Does it mean I can come in out of the cold? Doreen: Just as soon as we make friends.


Casey: One skill left. If my sister lifts Education, and I can study Creativity with that bookcase of hers, I'll definitely ace it at college. Doreen: So, Nery, old pal... Nery: We just met. Doreen: Right. So, how about we build some lifetime relationship, instead of just daily? Flirt-fest!


Darla: I wasn't platinum at work, but I still got the promotion. Only three more to go, and Intelligence will be lifted. I just wish Slacker was gone, so I wouldn't have to worry about chance cards.


Darla: Hey, Talin! Come and help me make perma-plat, will you, please? Talin: Oh, you betcha!


Doreen: Well, I rolled the wrong wants last night, and I'm not platinum this morning, but at least I'm in a good mood. It's Thursday, and I have today and tomorrow to lift Education before the kids grow up.


Doreen: Yes, yes, YES! Education is lifted, and tomorrow the kids can go to school, get their grades up to at least a D-, and then, they can call for scholarships and go to college! At last, the children of Eschaton will once more be able to enjoy the full glory that is school! “Congratulations! I hope they appreciate it as much as you seem to do.”


“Now, let's see what you've unlocked. Teens can go to high school, and then attend college. Aspirations may be chosen. Knowledge aspiration perks may be redeemed. Business perks may be passed on. Anyone can use the Bookcase of Education, and sims can train others using career rewards... OH, FLERGLE! I GOOFED! Y'all were only supposed to use the punching bag and surgery set by yourselves, not train others on them. Well, you'll just have to pay the penalty by not allowing anyone to use the Bookcase of Education this generation. The kids will have to get their last Creativity points the hard way, by writing novels, once they've grown up.”


Darla: I'm a double agent! Two more promotions to go! “That's great! It's one step closer to Corey's dream of a vacation, and all the benefits of spending a week in a land without apocalypse restrictions. Plus, all those restrictions about who you can have in your house, who can propose, asking questions, traveling alone, and all that jazz will be lifted, too. Please don't get a bad chance card.”


Jane: Celebrity Chef! Real stoves and ovens! Coffee! Fridge-fresh left-overs! And as many meals as we want! And now, I can finally blow this joint and get married in a place of my own. Oh, yeah, and take the kidlets to their birthday cakes, instead of tripping over them, waiting for them to grow up, naturally. Hooray! I'm gonna have so many kids. “I'm not going to play you, Jane, but you go right ahead and dream about your 'kidlets.'”


Corey: I really wanted to max all my skills and go perma-plat before I left for college, plus getting the creativity scholarship. But at least I can study fire safety, and the like. Stupid penalty. Casey: I don't mind. I want to max my cooking enthusiasm, and Claire still needs to earn a few cooking points, so we can kill two birds with one stone. Claire: Maybe we can bring these rewards to school, for extra cash, since we won't get all the scholarships.


Casey: Good evening, Grampa. Doreen lifted Education, so if we make the grades tomorrow, we should be able to go to college. Can we take the chocolate maker with us? Ragnar: Go ahead. In fact, I think you should take all the career rewards you can use, and a bunch of furniture with you, as well. Just don't forget to bring it back, when you graduate! Meanwhile, we'll just wait here in stasis, so we won't need the stuff.


Ragnar: Now we can finally clean up all those fly-ridden, stinky left-overs on the roof. No more food poisoning or starving pregnant sims. It's gonna be awesome. Thanks so much, Jane! Darla: You just missed her, Grampa. She and Doreen moved out, like, fifteen minutes ago, while you were fetching down the plates from the roof.


Ragnar: Who wants omelets for breakfast? I feel like stocking the fridge with a nice variety of pre-cooked meals.


Bus driver: Hello, Claire! I haven't seen you since you were a child, but I'd know you Rock kids, anywhere. Welcome back to the bus! Claire: It's probably only for one day. All we need is a D- grade to get into college, and then we're off. Bus driver: Well, enjoy your first and last day of high school, then.


Casey: Oh, my plumbob! This gelatin is delicious! Claire: It sure is. So, how was your day at school? Casey: I got a D+, and this gelatin is SOOO GOOOOOOD! We HAVE to make this when we go to college. Claire: Ours won't sparkle, you know. No fresh food points. Casey: I don't care. I want gelatin, every day.


Casey: Hi, this is Casey Rock. I'd like to apply for scholarships, please. Really? $4,500, plus a $500 grant? If my sister and brother get the same, we'll be able to build a nice little house for ourselves, with $15,000. Thanks so much!


Casey: Now, there's just one thing left for me to do, and that's learn how to do my homework.


Darla: I got another promotion. Only one more to go, but I don't have another work shift for four days! “Look at it this way, Darla. The kids will go to college, while you and Ragnar wait in stasis. When they come home, Casey will marry Jan, and you'll never have to worry about a chance card again. No more scares about getting fired at level 9 of your career. And with work perks, you could plead for your job, anyway. It's just as well you have to wait for the last promotion.”


“Welcome to Eschaton University, where there is one blank lot for the Rock students, and one small university park, where they can visit, if they don't mind hanging out in the cold. Until someone lifts Architecture, community lots can't be fully enclosed.


“They all grow up well enough, although only Claire actually held on to the want to go to college, at the time, so she's platinum, and the others are wishing they had maxed all their skills.”


“Casey uses their $15,000 to build a nice, roomy (8x8, but with only three of them, at least un-crowded) house, and stocks it with the furniture from home. They all immediately sit down to write their novels, and max out their Creativity skill. Thanks to Knowledge perks, Corey is the first one, achieving his lifetime want, and will be platinum, ever more. The novels all sell well, so they have plenty of money, should they wish to upgrade their house a bit.”


“And now begins the rounds of studying, mooding up, studying, building some hobby enthusiasm, studying, and taking final exams.”


“Corey is studying Literature, with the hope of lifting the Music restrictions. Claire is studying Mathematics, and aims to lift Criminal, while Casey is studying Economics, with the goal of lifting Business.” Corey: You know, Claire, if you lift Politics, instead of Criminal, and Darla lifts Intelligence, we could go anywhere in the world, on vacation. Claire: Nope. I'd rather have unlimited crafted items and better quality furniture, thanks. Plus, I can totally scare people in my cool outfit.


“We interrupt this boring college interlude to inform you that Casey fell in love with Jan first, and is therefore the official heir of this generation. And now we'll leave the two lovebirds alone to boost Casey's aspiration.” Claire: I want a lover, too! I need aspiration boosts, too! “I suggest you chat up the fellows who pass by, then. Good luck, Claire.”


“All three of them got their first kiss, their first love, and their first woohoo, which really boosted the lifetime aspiration scores. In Junior year, they all became Knowledge sims, for more fulfillable wants.” Claire: You know, I'm not going to miss college, but I did enjoy some of those classes. Corey: I just want to lift Music as quickly as possible, with a Literature Suma Cum Laude degree. Casey: Geeeelatiiiiiin!


“Finally, they all graduated with highest honors. Time to head back to the home lot, and lift their restrictions. Corey: Hey, Casey, congratulations on being heir. I'm just as happy to go off on my own, so long as I get to take a vacation with you, first. Casey: Twikkii Island it is, bro. Claire: Good, because I want to pick up a hot island boy.


Casey: Well, here we are back at the homestead. Our outfits aren't too bad. Corey: I miss my flowery shirt. When we get to Twikkii Island, I am definitely buying a flowery shirt, and changing into it there, where the restrictions aren't in force. Claire: I kinda like my dress. It's snazzy!


Casey: Well, Jan is working tonight, so I have to wait until dawn to invite her over. Let's just hang out and catch up, while we wait. Ragnar: What's to catch up? Darla and I have been in stasis. Darla: Oh, I'd like to hear about college. Since I didn't get to go myself, I'd like to know what it was like.


“As soon as the sun comes up, Casey invites Jan Tellerman over, and they get married right there on the sidewalk. Her lifetime want is to become a celebrity chef, which is quite doable, if the job comes up in the computer. In the meantime, she can skill, and bask in the glory of lifting the Slacker restrictions. No more chance cards, and the freedom to take vacation days and use work perks, as well as taking the same career over again.”


Corey: Aw, nuts. Not one good job for any of us today! We'll just have to wait and hope that our careers come up soon. “Yeah, it's just a game of hurry up and wait now, I'm afraid. And on that note, I think I'll go ahead and end this chapter. Happy Simming, folks!”


Casey: Oh, yeah! Who's got platinum lifetime happiness? I DO! I LOVE being married!

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