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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 3:

Adventure Chapter 3


Hudson: Maybe I'll become a chef, like the people on this TV show. Ragnar: What's the matter? Are you tired of eating fish? You get a good fish meal every day. Hudson: Eh, a bit of variety would be nice. Look! That woman's using something called a “stove.” Doesn't it look neat? I want one!


Ragnar: Actually, I was hoping you'd open up the possibility of getting Paranormal lifted. With Education, your younger sisters could go to college, and one of them could lift Paranormal. Or, with Intelligence, I could invite one of my old college buddies to marry in, and they could lift Paranormal. “You only have one ghost on the lot. It's not that vital right now.” Ragnar: I miss casting spells! And I have a throne just gathering dust. Anyway, Michelle, you know we're gonna make our OWN choices.


Loki: You know, Darla, if your brother lifts Law, you could lift Slacker, and no one would have to deal with those awful chance cards ever again. Marylena: That's Doreen, dear. I have Darla at the changing table. Loki: Flergle! These twins are hard to tell apart. I'm as bad as my mother. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll grow into different hairstyles.”


Marylena: Come on, Politics! I can go to work now, and I want to be Mayor! “I'm rooting for you, but I can't make the job come up. Try again tomorrow.” Marylena: If this keeps up, I'll be an elder before I even get to run a campaign.


“Time at last for the twins to grow up. Doreen shows that she has her mother's, well, everything. Don't worry, dear. You'll grow into your nose.” Marylena: Meet the clicky-person, Doreen. She's not always snarky. “Doreen is a Pisces, 7/1/10/7/10. Nobody is nicer, and she does nothing by halves.”


“Darla would like to grow up, too. Loki, why don't you help your daughter grow up?” Loki: I'd like to, but my baby girl is in the way of me picking up my baby girl to help her with her birthday. “That makes no sense, Loki. Just pick her up and toss her, already.”


Marylena: Never mind, Loki. I'll do it. “Darla has her mother's hair, but the Rock eyes, so they'll be easy to tell apart from now on. She's a Gemini, 5/9/9/7/3. Too bad they weren't both Gemini, but I think it's fitting that at least one of these twins should have the sign of the twins.”


Jane: I wanna birthday, too! “You know, you could wait one more day. Enjoy your toddlerhood, without responsibility. Jane: Nope. I wanna birthday. I wanna birthday now. Ragnar: Oh, my boolprop! Jane, what a big girl you are! Hudson: Hey, Jane, want to learn to do my homework?


Jane: Why, yes I do. Grampa, will you teach me how to do Hudson's homework? Ragnar: What's the magic word, Jane? Jane: NOW. Ragnar: That'll do. “Awww, come on. What's wrong with teaching your kids some manners?”


Ragnar: So, for history class, all you really need to remember is that our clicky-person, Michelle, had a family full of mean sims, just like you, and made them suffer an apocalypse, just like us, and then she made ME suffer a whole bunch of apocalypses, and she is clinically insane. “I am not. I am only marginally ill, with shades of masochism, but well within the range of neurotypical. Not that there's anything wrong with... Why am I defending myself to you?”


Jane: So, our clicky-person likes to make sims suffer, huh? Sounds like my kind of girl. Ragnar: Well, perhaps you'll meet her, if the Occult Council doesn't put a stop to it. She has the hots for me, you see, but she's been pretty good about keeping her distance, lately. I think Count Ragnar may have locked her up, or something. “HEY! Don't give him ideas!”


Hudson: Jane, I bet you'll love this show. It's all about grilling hotdogs. Jane: I don't know. It's hard to beat watching that lady burn to death. Hudson: Well, it's a lot of fun. There's juggling! Jane: No carnage? Bleh.


Ragnar: So, last time for toddler training, huh Loki? Loki: I don't know. With my sisters gone, we have room for another pregnancy. Ragnar: But then your heir's spouse won't be able to move in. Loki: Well, Mary and I don't want to stick around until we're old. We could move into that new housing development, once the kids are grown.


Loki: Peri and Perdi are enjoying living in their Apocaspare house, with all that room, and no crowding. No yard space, but they can't really use it, anyway. Once the kids are grown, Mary and I can move to one of those houses, and leave room here for the next generation. And after the kids lift their restrictions, there is plenty of housing for them, as well.


Perdita: What do you think of our new house, Peri? Peridotite: I love it. So much elbow room! Perdita: I know! We can each have our own private bedroom, if we want! Peridotite: Woohoo! In real double beds! Yeah! Should I tell them that I have no intention of playing the spares?


“Wait a minute, Ragnar! What are you saying? Speak up so I can hear you.” Count Robert: Hehehehe. “HEY! You better not be talking about me!” Count Robert: HAHAHAHAAAA! “Stop it.” … “That's it! I'm taking a break to build my Royal Kingdom.”


Ragnar: Oh, so you're back? You finished with that Royal thing? “Eh, I got my bachelors sorted out, but now I have a whole palace to build, and building is not my favorite. Wait, you two are best friends again? What HAVE you been doing behind my back?” Ragnar: Hehehehe. “You know, my Trailer Park Challenge has been waiting for a long time.”


Ragnar: So, then she... Wait, I feel her watching us again. She's back. Count Robert: No matter. I have what I need. See you later, pal. “Oh, this is just so wrong.” Count Robert: Well, perhaps, Michelle, you should stay more focused. All this hopping around between challenges is detrimental to my plans. “What plans? What? This is MY game. I'm supposed to be omniscient here. Stop messing with my player-powers, Count!”


“Alright, Ragnar. He's gone, so spill. You know I can make your life miserable if you don't. I AM your clicky-person of power.” Ragnar: This is true. Well, remember how you and he cooked up that plan for a bit of delayed vengeance against me? Well, he has something cooked up for you. He has it all arranged. And since vengeance is a dish best served cold, I'm not going to tell. “Oh, you asked for it, Mister!”


Ragnar: Kicking over my trash can? Seriously? How immature. Besides, we have both Science and Medical lifted now, so the flu isn't a problem. I can kill the roaches, and whip up a bit of medicine, whenever I need it, since I have the Science Lab in my inventory. “Drat it. I'll think of something, Ragnar.”


“Jumbok IV, you have an avatar right there on hand. Do you have any idea what sort of mischief Ragnar and Count Robert are planning for me?” Jumbok IV: Sorry, I did not overhear their plans. I was in the other room. But, if you want a bit of vengeance, I can do something about that. My avatar is very handy for that. “Do it. I don't like being treated this way. I'm his Simself!”


Marylena: Still no posting for Politics. I'm about ready to just give up my dreams, Michelle. “Well, you could go ahead and have another baby, I suppose.” Marylena: Yeah! I love woohoo! Come here, Loki, baby, and feed my aspiration with some sweet, sweet lovin'!


Jane: Eww, grown-ups are gross. “If you become heiress, you'll have to do that, too, when you grow up.” Jane: GROSS. Anyway, shut up, because I'm watching the burning woman show. Hahaha! This never gets old.


Marylena: WoooHOOOOO, baby! Who needs politics with a lover like you? “If you stay in platinum for enough time, you'll go perma-plat just from the Freetime Lifetime Happiness. Marylena: Again! Again!


Hudson: So, I think we're going to have an addition to our family, soon, if the sounds from the tent are any indication. Jane: Gross. Hey, Hudson, don't you become a teen, soon? Hudson: Yeah, so? Jane: Haha! Guess who's gonna be home changing poopy diapers?


Hudson: Wow! Look at my hands! I still have them! “You sound excited. So, how'd you grow up?” Hudson: Platinum! And I'm a Fortune/Popularity Sim, who likes fat brunettes without jewelry, and I want to have 20 best friends! “That's actually doable. You can call sims on the phone and invite them over any time, now, thanks to your Dad and Grandmother.


Jane: Haha. I'm just gonna use the phone all night long to call MY friends. Ragnar: Wrong. You're going to do your homework. Grades still matter for you, young lady. Jane: Rats! Well, after I do homework, I can chat on the phone, right? It's not like Hudson really NEEDS 20 friends.


Hudson: OK, Doreen, let's prove Jane wrong. The sooner you learn to use the potty, the fewer diapers I'll have to change.


Jane: Yippee! Learning to punch things is even more fun than watching the Burning Woman show! Loki: And you may or may not need cooking skill, but you'll definitely need body skill. Until someone lifts Law and then Law Enforcement, everyone will need to be strong to survive in this world. Jane: Well, maybe I'll lift Law Enforcement. I'm mean, not evil.


Hudson: So, Grampa tells me that you used to be a Professional Party Guest. Are you still? Jan: I can't answer questions about my career until Intelligence is lifted. Why do you need to know? Hudson: Just trying to decide what I should lift. If I'm heir, I need to marry advantageously. Of course, if I'm not heir, then setting up my sibling's advantageous marriage is also advantageous. Jan: Huh?


Ragnar: So, it's important to learn how to do public speaking. Let me give you a few pointers, before you finish your training at the mirror. It will go much faster this way, especially as you won't be in high aspiration for much longer. Hudson: Well, if I could just buy some good stuff, I'd be happy. Ragnar: Sorry, kiddo. Restrictions.


Jane: I'm already bored with chess. Hudson: We could play some catch, if you like, after I use up my thinking cap. Jane: Make it football, and it's a deal. I need some aspiration fodder, too, you know.


“Awww, how cute is that? The twins grew up into matching pajamas. And with different hairstyles, they'll be easy to tell apart.” Ragnar: Yeah, I love my little relatives. Being a Grampa is awesome. “Oh, I'm SO glad you feel that way, Ragnar.” Jumbok IV: Hehehe.


Ragnar: And that is how you... Marylena: Shut up with the night school, Ragnar! I'm going into labor over here! Jumbok IV: Glowing eyes, check! Ragnar: Waitaminute.


Ragnar: TRIPLETS?! Are you kidding me?


Angie: Seven grandchildren! Yes!


Ragnar: Oh, brother. We don't have room for ten sims in this house. “That's an excellent point.” Jumbok IV: Glowing eyes, check. Ragnar: Wahaaat? Wait, you can't give us MORE babies! What are you up to?


Marylena: Must. Find. Own. Place. Jumbok IV: Take your husband with you. Marylena: Yes, Jumbok.


Loki: Must. Leave. Marylena: Goodbye, children. Ragnar: WAIT! Don't GOOOOO!!! Loki: Goodbye, Father. Ragnar: ...


“Congratulations on the grandchildren, Ragnar. Have fun!” Ragnar: You... YOU!... “Well, while you're trying to think of the appropriate insult, I have a bachelor challenge to begin.” Ragnar: WAIT! You can't leave me here alone with seven children! You gotta stick around until they're grown up a bit! PLEASE!


“But Ragnar! I'm lonely, and I have seven hunky men just waiting for me. And unlike YOU, they actually want to marry me!” Ragnar: Hey! You know it's against the rules for a simself to marry her apocalypse challenge founder. YOU KNOW THAT! “True, but you didn't have to collude with Count Robert against me. Gee willikers, Ragnar! That was just cold of you.”


Ragnar: Look! I'm sorry, already! Please, just see me through the rest of this chapter! I swear, I'll behave myself from now on. “Sure you will. Why do I have trouble believing you?” Ragnar: Pleeeeease? “Maybe. But no more scheming.” Ragnar: Are you kidding? I'll be way too busy to scheme.


Ragnar: If it's not one, it's another. Bottles and diapers and cuddles, all night long. Hudson: And I have it all day long! When they are toddlers, can we at least give them pet pillows to sleep on, so they can go to bed themselves? Ragnar: Sounds good. Thank boolprop we have Athletic restrictions lifted, and can put the furniture in inventory.


Doreen: I'm so glad we're kids, and don't have to stay up all night taking care of the babies. Jane: Yeah, they'll probably be children, too, by the time you're teens. I'm gonna grow up in time to potty train them! Darla: Yeah, like you'd ever stoop to potty training anybody, Jane. Jane: Yeah, I'd rather watch the juggling show, and that's sayin' something. Burning Woman, all the way!


Hudson: Well, at least there's one way for me to earn some money and aspiration points. “Good thinking! I thought you were doomed to aspiration failure.” Hudson: Almost. It's pretty tough, when all I want to do is go to college, get a job, get good grades, and buy better furniture.


Hudson: Come on, games enthusiasm and 8000 aspiration points! I can just keep playing here, between baby-demands, and hopefully, I'll go platinum, for a while, at least. It's tough, though, because I keep getting interrupted. “Well, your sister Jane will grow up in one more day, and she can take over the burden for a while.” Hudson: HAH! As if! She's too mean for child-care.


Hudson: I'm supposed to be building games hobby, not tinkering! Besides, I need logic for the Law career! Rassin' frassin' faucet! “Well, in one more day, Jane can take over the rassin' frassin' plumbing, at least, even if she doesn't help with the childcare. Hang in there, Hudson.” Hudson: We need another bathroom. If they hadn't both been occupied, she wouldn't have spent two hours washing her hands and breaking the sinks.


“Great. Wake up the vampire to cheer for your grades.” Ragnar: I am proud of my grandchildren's academic achievements. “Yeah. Now get back in your coffin, so you can take care of them tonight. Sheesh. It's worse than the darned doorbell.”


“Way to go, Jane! You grew up platinum, and you're stylin' too.” Jane: Yay. I'm a flergling FAMILY sim, with Knowlege to go with it. I want a highly employed sim who likes to wander around in his underwear, and I don't want him to wear make-up. I want to become a Media Magnate. And did I mention, I'm FAMILY? Hudson: BWAHAHAHAAAA! Guess who's gonna be potty training, now! Jane: Shut up, Hud.


Ragnar: Happy birthday, Claire! Aren't you a cutie, with my eyes? “I see Claire is an Aries, with a nicely balanced 5/8/6/7/3 personality. Not too nice, but not as mean as Jane, for sure.”


“And Corey has the Rock skin, and his mother's hair and eyes. A Scorpio, with 9/4/10/8/3 personality, he's a bit more extreme than his sister.”


“Finally, Casey has the most Rock-like genes, with the skin and the eyes, but not one of Ragnar's seven grandchildren wound up with his hair. The blonde is strong in this family. Casey is also a Scorpio, with 10/8/10/3/3 personality. Thank your lucky stars you weren't born first generation, kid. You have baths.”


“Let the toddler training begin. Each teen or adult take a toddler, and may the best sim win!” Lyndsay: Hey, don't look at me. I don't even live here. I just came inside when I heard there was a birthday. I was hoping for cake. Jane: Beat it, lady. No cake here. We don't even have fish tonight because SOMEBODY had to get a can of juice.


“Jane, the mean family sim, pulls out for an early lead.”


“Grampa Ragnar is behind by a length, and Hudson has collapsed just out of the starting gate. Well, he did the lion's share of childcare when they were babies, and is flat-out exhausted.”


“Looks like nobody but the vampire will really get to have a good night's sleep (well, day's sleep for him), until these three are children. But naps in front of Jumbok IV should keep them going long enough.”


Ragnar: Aaargh! I turned around the fridge for one minute, to get a bottle for Claire, and Darla just HAD to get some chips. Now I can't cook a meal for the family AGAIN. Hudson: Looks like we're gonna have food poisoning. At least we have a few meals in reserve on the roof, but MAN! Darla, what were you thinking? Darla: Yummy chips! Omnomnomnom!


“Thanks to some fulfilled wants, the teens have the aspiration now to do some Thinking-Cap skilling, while the toddlers nap. It's a very busy time, with a few breaks now and then to catch a quick snooze on the couch, and then back to toddler training or skilling, while the aspirations are high enough to use the thinking caps. Once they fall again, skilling will be very slow.” Hudson: And when I'm the Law, I'll put safety releases on all the handcuffs!


“The thinking caps are good for the toddlers, as well. It's not quite as good without SmartMilk, but it's still a lot better than before. If they can get all the little ones trained, they can have a bit more freedom to deal with their own needs.”


“Thanks to some micromanaging of the refrigerator, the family is finally able to enjoy a good meal again. It's a pain to switch it out every time someone wants a bottle, though, because that happens about twenty-four times a day, it seems.” Hudson: And yet we still can't potty train them fast enough. They mess their diapers about half the time. Jane: They'll learn at school. If they poop their pants at school, the other kids will beat them up. I'm focusing on walking and talking.


“Meanwhile, Darla and Doreen help out by keeping out of the way and watching the Cooking channel. It's a skill they can build by themselves, while the more grown-up sims in the house are unavailable to help them build up their bodies. Nobody's going to a community lot or a job, anyway.”


Hudson: At least I'm getting a good head start on my lifetime want of having 20 best friends.


Darla: Yeah! Cooking is great! I am totally in the Zone! Hey, maybe I'll be the one to lift Culinary! “Maybe so. You'll certainly have a head start on your lifetime happiness, though, so that's always good.”


Hudson: :sings: Just in time. You pottied just in time. Before you learned my time was running looooowww! “Yes, it's mere hours away from their birthday when the toddlers finally learn the last of their skills. Lifetime happiness is important, and those toddler skills are extremely valuable.” Jane: I still think it's fine if they learn in school. The kids will beat them up, anyway. They have no body points.


“Quintuple birthday! It's Sunday evening, and both the twins and triplets grow up together. No more toddlers for another generation.” Hudson: Finally, I can get back to my own skilling. At last.


Doreen: I'm a Romance/Fortune sim, and I want a stinky man who knows how to clean, and doesn't ever go swimming. “Not even skinny dipping?” Doreen: Well, if skinny dipping were an option, that would be great! Nake swimming is romantic. But have you seen the swimwear in this game? Yuck! Anyway, I want to lift Intelligence, because being a spy is awesome!


Darla: I am all about pleasure and making friends. Nothing turns me on like a man in a tuxedo fixing the plumbing, but I really hate custom hair, you know like Dad's or Grampa's. When I grow up, I want to become a Rock God. YEAH, music!


Doreen: Yeah, I love this cooking show! Darla: Whatever. I just want to earn the skills and have a bit of fun. Claire: I just want to hang out with my big sisters. Yay!


Corey: So, logically, if we all lift the right restictions, we could conceivably go on a vacation to Twikkii Island, where my outfit would fit in quite well. Casey: Uh, I don't think that vacationing is really the priority here, but you go ahead and dream, Corey. Corey: All we need is Adventure, Intelligence, Military, Music, Science and Slacker, and we have three of them, already. Alternately, we could go on a mountain retreat, thanks to Athletic.


Ragnar: OK, kids. It's Sunday night, and the children have to go to school tomorrow, but all you teens can start adjusting to being nocturnal. We'll start Night School on Monday night, and you'll all learn creativity together. For now, just focus on your favorite skills and stay up as late as you can.


“I see you've rearranged the kitchen.” Ragnar: There's seating for 8, napping for 4, logic for 4, and body skill for 1, plus 2 mirrors for charisma and the bookcase. We can skill and nap and keep our moods up with the Jumbok IV statue. It's good. “Well, good luck with that. Looks like the whole family is intense about skilling these days.”


Ragnar: OK, does everyone who can wear one have a thinking cap on? OK. This will make the Creativity skill go as fast as possible, and you can train your other skills during the day. Hudson: :Sigh: I wish I could fulfill a want or two, so I could have a thinking cap, too.


Ragnar: And since not one of you children has rolled a want to learn how to do homework, you can all study Lifelong Happiness, and then go to bed. Maybe one of your siblings will teach you homework in the morning, before school. Corey: I'm hoping for a snow day, thanks.


Ragnar: Now, Hudson my boy, since you have all your body skill, and you keep rolling unfulfillable wants, let's shake things up by going to Eschaton Park. It's the only community lot available right now, and we won't stay there too long because we'd freeze or I'd burn in the sun. Still, you should be able to make a few new friends, at least. And we can buy you a cell phone and gamepad, as well.


“We interrupt this chapter because I got bored with their repeated trips downtown, interrupted by dashing home at sunrise, and heading back again. I have instead taken the time to play through my Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge. Hah! Take THAT, Ragnar! You may have three bolts with me, but I'm marrying someone else.” Ragnar: You do realize that I never wanted to marry you, anyway, right? “Chemistry is such a lie.” Ragnar: Whatever. Does this mean you'll stop bothering me, now? “What did you and Count Robert plan?” Ragnar: Nope. Not gonna say. “Nope. Not gonna stop bothering you. Hey! Wanna meet my fiance?” Ragnar: You're kidding, right?


“Rearranged the furniture again?” Ragnar: One of the chess chairs wasn't working, and I want my kids to build friendships, while they build logic. Anyway, with the triplets grown into children, we don't need to have four napping places at once. Two couches will do. Darla: Almost there! Almost maxed!


Doreen: I did it, Grampa! I maxed my body skill! Ragnar: That's great, sweetie! Now you can really kick zombie butt. Plus, with all the teens trained up on body, you can all go together to the community lot, and ...


Hudson: So, Grampa says that our Creator got sick and tired of watching us freeze at the community lot, so she's just gonna ignore us, in favor of some other project. Can you believe that? Joe: Oh, those players are all alike. They have the attention span of gnats. Hudson: Too bad. So, friends? I need 20 best friends. … So bored with this lifetime want.


Ragnar: Alright, why are your eyes glowing NOW? You can't give me more babies to raise! Jumbok IV: True. I just think it's funny, that's all. Ragnar: What's funny? Jumbok: You had all that chemistry with Michelle, and you wasted it, and now she planning a Royal Wedding, with all the frills, and you're not invited.


Ragnar: Awww, who wants to go to some snooty wedding party, anyway? Jumbok: Well, if you had been a GOOD apocalypse sim, she might have invited you, as well. You wouldn't be the only apocalypse sim in attendance, you know. Ragnar: Really? Some other apocalypser got to go to a Royal shindig? Maaan! Who got to go?


Jumbok: Wouldn't you like to know? Ragnar: You know what? I wouldn't like to know! NOPE! Jumbok: HAHAHAHAAAA! Ragnar: Will you shut off those glowing eyes? You're giving me the willies.


“It's Hudson's last day as a teenager, and after one final trip to a community lot in the morning, he still hasn't reached his lifetime goal of having 20 best friends. So, he spends the rest of his teenhood with his sisters, studying, while the little ones are at school.” Hudson: Why do you keep telling us what we already know we're doing? “I'm telling the readers. Never mind, just carry on studying.”


“When the kids get home, they have a pseudo-party for Hudson, with a fun snowball fight. There's even a guest! Although why the mail carrier came home with one of the kids, I cannot say. Weird.” Jane: She's doing it again. Hudson: Shhhh! Ignore her, and maybe she'll go away.


“When night falls, and the cold forces them inside, Hudson grows up. He has a green aspiration, which is enough to get +5000 points.” Darla: Hi, mail-delivery person! Your skin matches your shorts!


“But since he did not go to college, Hudson soon plummets into deep red terriotory.” Hudson: bpbpbpbpbpbbbblllll... “Hehehe. That never gets old.”


Pscychiatrist: Vell, now, you zee, your problem iz zat you are living in un apocalypze. Vonce you can aczept dat, you vill be fine. Hudson: Uhhhh, OK.


Ragnar: Feeling better, son? Hudson: Meh. Still in the red, but I guess I can live with it. Anyway, time to get a job. Ragnar: Yep. The sooner you make your lift, the sooner you can move into your own place, and then you can invite over all your friends, with plenty of room to play. Hudson: Yeah, I'll be permaplat then!


Hudson: Hey! There's an opening in Law! And it's Level 6! I should have Law lifted, in no time, and then I can move out! Once that's done, one of my little brothers can marry that Professional Party Guest, for an instant Slacker lift! Ragnar: Let's see, now. Green wire crosses with the blue, and connects to the red. No, that's not right.


“And with his career squared away, Hudson asks Ragnar to teach him some more Creativity for a few hours before he has to go to bed. He has his first shift in the morning, and wants to do well, but if he should get a bad chance card, he wants to be prepared for the next available job.” Ragnar: So remember, kids, when you're writing a novel, always make sure that your icons have some sort of logical order to them, and match the cover theme.


“And this is where I'll leave you, folks. Everything is going along smoothly for the next generation to take their places in the list of restriction-lifters. Hopefully, Hudson will roll some fulfillable wants, soon, and get out of the red, and the girls will avoid his fate, when they age up.” Ragnar: And be sure to make a note of what you were writing, because by the time you finish that novel, you'll probably forget what it was about, and wind up with a title like “Something Simmy,” or “Ragnar's Novel.” “So, I'll let them continue with their night school, and wish you all some Happy Simming!”

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