Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 5

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 5 Kissing, At Last

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


Today there is no race to the hot tub. All three of my remaining men join me, and there is much splashing and plus-signage.


“Now, men, I'm tired of fighting, and want all of you to become friends, so PLEASE be careful about those autonomous romantic interactions, OK? I'd hate to see one of you suddenly drop out of the competition because you saw a flirt.”


As the man in the lead, Clovis gets the first kiss. I have decided that today, I will do a “Suck Face” with each bachelor. The interaction is so cute, and it's pretty high level.


“Oops! Squished my nose.”


“Mmmm.” Totally worth getting a squished nose.


Next is Walter. His foot pops! Did I mention that “Suck Face” is just ridiculously cute?


Best Friends!


Shawn enjoys his kiss, as well, but I mis-timed my camera, so no really cute pics. Still, the dates all went well. They're way too short, though, and we have the whole evening on free will time, which means I have to be careful about canceling autonomous flirts, especially in public. Constant vigilance!


Eating is safe enough. Everyone is hungry and goes right for the turkey.


Sloppy sims are sloppy.


Sloppy sims are also very fast eaters, which means that Clovis and I have extra time for autonomous actions, while Shawn and Walter are still graciously using their forks. Walter: So, this kid goes to a doctor, because he managed to shove his spinning top right up his nose...


“Hahaha! That's so funny! Hey, did you hear the one about the fish who...” We swap dirty jokes for a while, and then...


“Hey! No autonomous kissing in publmmrph!” Really, I tried to cancel, but he already had his arms around me by the time I managed to click.


Shawn: Yes, I'm very fond of film and literature. There is such a store of classics in the library upstairs. Walter: Fascinating! I'm so fascinated, I'm not even noticing what is happening a few feet away from us. “WHEW! That was close!”


We continue with our autonomous interactions, thankfully in a less romantic way, with some gossip about the previous contestants.


Clovis: Joshua is really hand-shakey, you know? I wonder about that guy.


And some random idles and attractions. Clovis has neither of my turn-ons, and I have only one of his, yet we roll each other's wants. A trip to the mirror and/or a bottle of Re-Nu-Yu Portachug, would probably put us right in triple-bolt territory.


In fact, out of curiosity, I scope the room, and find that although both Shawn and Clovis roll my wants, Clovis is the one who I find really... Wait, WHAT are you saying about me, Shawn?


I get a phone call from Neppie, and decide to answer it, so my bachelors can take up something less annoying than gossiping about me behind my back, right in front of my face. Instead, they line up to interact with me, once I'm off the phone.


Except Clovis, who decides that a work-out is in order. He's all about getting the body skill. Way to stay in character, Clovis!


Then Walter decides that badmouthing me is a good idea. Nope. Shawn has been glowering for the last hour, and I'm not even sure why. Maybe he wasn't as oblivious to that smooch as I thought he was?


Well, at least these two are taking seriously my desire for them to be friends.


While the men are doing their own autonomous thing, I entertain myself at the piano. I miss those creativity points I wiped out to start this challenge. I had maxed all seven skills in college, after all, as a queen ought to do. Maybe I'll put them back, after the wedding. I mean, I did EARN those points, once upon a time, in a 'verse far away.


Eventually, it's time for bed. Clovis: Hah! You sluggards! I'm the only one in this house who even has any body points, so you'd better not mess with me or my woman. I'm sure to beat you in any fight.


The next morning, I head to the dating room, call over Clovis, and lock the doors behind him. I'm not using the love potion for the rest of the challenge, because at this point, I want to be sure we'll be compatible for life, not just a single date. Besides, we all have double bolt chemistry, anyway.


Today's flirts will be caress, serenade, and goose. Clovis gives me options for all three, even without chemistry. He accepts the caress, ...


And the serenade...


And the goose. He likes it all.


In fact, that goose pushes him right into love.


As he walks out of the room to make way for the next bachelor, I realize I have fallen for him, as well.


Shawn is busy tub-pirating, so I call Walter over for the next date.


Meanwhile, Clovis makes a beeline for the ballet bar. I guess after a lifetime without music, he's making up for it now. Clovis: You got that right, Goddess!


As I'm caressing Walter, he's kind of distracted, bemoaning his loss in a fight.


I have to use chemistry to get the option to serenade, but it goes over well.


And the same with the goose. If we didn't have two bolts, I probably couldn't do it at all.


Shawn finally sails his tub into dock, and comes down for his date. Just as with Walter, I have the option to serenade and goose only by virtue of our chemistry.


However, he does accept all three flirts, and the dates finish without incident.


Time for free will interactions, while we pass the time until the elimination. Walter is either very confident, or just doesn't care. Clovis is confident, and working out again, and Shawn actually tries to boost his relationship with me. Shawn: So the alien said to the mermaid, “That's why I ride sidesaddle.”


Shawn discovers that Rock, Paper, Scissors might be fun to play, but it's not the most effective means of building a lifetime relationship.


So, with the other two contestants preoccupied, he goes in for some romantic interactions.


I follow with a few autonomous acts of my own, and get the rare “Slow Dance Kiss Twirl.” Walter just keeps playing, and doesn't even notice. Poor guy.


Time for the elimination. Shawn: Walter, you are going down. I spent the free time getting in extra hugs and kisses. Clovis: Well, I built up my body skill, so if I catch you at it, Shawn, you're going down. Down on the floor! “All right, men. Settle down.”


All men: Yes, your majesty! Ah, the sweet sound of submission to my rule. “Walter, I'm afraid Shawn was right. Although he only beat you by six points, you started out ahead of him in the morning, but fell to the rear by noon, and you are going to be our first founder of a noble family.”


“For you parting gifts, I'm giving you the standard newspaper, and three lovely electronics, so that you can enjoy your life of luxury. You'll probably want to get a job, anyway, to improve your house and support your family in the style to which you would like to become accustomed. I recommend politics or law, as befits your new station. You get starting funds of $150,000, so whether you work or not is really up to you.”


Clovis Badass – 100/73 – 173 Love Shawn Trace – 100/68 – 168 Crush Walter Copperfield – 100/62 – 162 Crush


“Goodbye, and good luck, Walter. I've removed our crush status, and now we're just good friends.”


“Now it's time to take two drinks of Elixir of Life, and then find your own place on a 5x5 lot. See you at the wedding!”

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