Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 4

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 4 Royals Don't Need To Be Neat

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


Day 4 begins with the hot tub, of course, and as soon as I am settled in my seat, I unleash the bachelors in the race to join me.


Oh, this could be quite the upset! The leader in relationship points is the last to the hot tubs, and has to sit out by himself in the second tub. Seriously, folks, the winner of this challenge is anybody's guess! Even Clovis, who avoided leaving yesterday by one point, has a good chance, since he's right beside me in the tub.


And he takes advantage of that position, by starting some autonomous splashing. I'm very playful, so it gets a good response, and who knows? He may pull ahead, after all. Beat, sweet man that he is, gets us started on the assigned topic of weather. I like seeing those positive responses to conversation, and watching my men become friends. Hopefully, with three of the fighters out of the house, there won't be any more violence.


I guess Shawn wasn't too happy about being left all alone in the hot tub, and greeted Neptunium, as he walked by. I definitely need to install hot tubs at the Royal Court. After all, historically, a royal court was not only the place where the monarch heard petitions and issued laws and proclamations, but also a hotbed of feasts, balls, and other assorted entertainments. My modern monarchy will be the same.


Look at those plus signs fly! Splashing in the hot tub really does wonders for a relationship, it seems, and Clovis and I are now friends.


Yesterday's dates in the library showed me that having a less interesting room might be better for private dates. The men kept wanting to come into the library to read or write in their diaries. I wanted to add on a kitchen, anyway, since after the wedding, I'll want one in order to allow more variety than just buffet food. This kissing couch is the only furniture, and hopefully, no one will walk in on me as I date my bachelors here.


I decide to start with the lowest score, and work my way up. “Oh, Clovis! Come join me in the future kitchen, please!” Really, we don't actually need privacy for this date, because it's just sharing our interests, but I figure better safe than sorry.


Clovis is a bit distracted by the fight going on by the hot tubs. Come ON! What is it with this house and fighting? We've had a dust-up every day! This time, it's a couple of stray dogs, and I don't remember inviting them in. I don't want them chewing up the furniture, so I shoo them off, and then invite Clovis into the future kitchen, again, for our date.


“Oh, Clovis! You like weather, too? That's wonderful!”


The dogs may be gone, but the fighting isn't. Walter notices that Neptunium came for a visit, and he's angry. So, once again, I have to interrupt my dating schedule to head violence off at the pass, and send another visitor away.


One more day until I finally get to enjoy some kissing! For now, though, it's time to share my interests with Beat.


Beat: Oh, yes, your majesty. I think that establishing good emergency services is very important in setting up a new kingdom. “Queendom.” Beat: Right!


“You know, Walter, even though you can't cast spells, right now, I must say it's nice to have another magic-user in my kingdom. Oh, sure the Good and Evil witchcraft guilds will be setting up their headquarters soon, but you're playable, and that makes a big difference.”


“So, Shawn, I was thinking about what to choose for my wedding gown...” Shawn: Oh, I know just what you need! I saw the most gorgeous gown in a movie the other day. I'm sure, if you write to the producers, they'll tell you who designed it, and you can get a copy for yourself!


I like all of these men. We all have two bolts, and it's rather hard to tell just who's going to win my hand and heart. I try to envision my wedding day as we sit down to our turkey dinner.


The problem with eating first is that you finish first. What to do to fill the time, after I finish my plate? Pfffft! Whoops. Excuse me. No, I am not a neat sim. Royals don't need to be neat. I have a magical servant, and after I have chosen my husband, I'm going to move my favorite Servo back into the house, as well.


Clovis: So, Michelle, about me being in last place. Anything I can do to change that? I really do find you attractive. “Well, Clovis, compliments like that are one way to pull up your place in the ranks. Keep it up, do.”


Clovis: So, did you ever hear the joke about the traveling salesman and the harem girl? “Oh, do tell!”


Walter: Hey! Clovis, don't tell that dirty joke! Can't you see that our queen is too dignified and refined for that sort of vulgar humor? Clovis: She farted at the dinner table. Oh, dear. I hope this isn't another fight brewing. OH! Look at the time! Off to bed, gentlemen, and we can start afresh in the morning.


The next morning, I take advantage of my royal influence and make sure all my suitors have used the bathroom before calling them down for our dates. It's three flirts, this morning, and I have decided to go for holding hands, caress, and a goose, because goose just so happens to be my favorite flirtation. If goose is not available, I'll just do the highest level flirt available, instead, for my third flirt.


Walter: Ooooh, I can't believe I lost that fight! I want a rematch! “Not in my house, you don't. I'm tired of all the fighting. This bachelor challenge is supposed to be ROMANTIC. Now come here, and let me flirt with you.”


Holding hands with Walter goes very well.


And he accepts my caress.


Best of all, he likes my goose! Did I mention that goose is my favorite flirt?


Shawn gives me a whistling appreciation when he comes in for his turn, and I'm not surprised. He's been a front-runner from the get-go.


So, it's not at all surprising that he likes to hold my hands.


What is surprising, though, is that goose is not even an option with him. Shawn: Well, I was raised in a noble family, with a certain standard of behavior and decorum. “Your father was a Romance simself, with a lifetime want to woohoo with twenty different sims. Which he fulfilled, by the way. Don't give me that decorum business.”


Beat accepts my “hold hands” flirt, just like the others.


But the date quickly goes sour, when he rejects my caress. Since my rule was that I could do the highest flirt available, if I couldn't goose, I had no choice but to attempt a second caress, which was met with the same rejection. And he was doing so well, since he stopped talking about face time.


Finally, it's Clovis' turn, and I'm a bit nervous about being rejected again. Yesterday, Clovis was not even my friend. He kept his place in the competition by one measly point. However, he's been really trying over the last day, and he does hold my hands.


And unlike Beat, he accepts my caress. Although I don't have the option to goose him, be is happy to accept another caress, and soon we are crushing on each other. What a surprise! I guess some people just need a little while to warm up to others.


The dates went by really quickly this morning, and now we all gather in the living room for free will, until noon. My only rule is to cancel any flirts or kisses the men might throw at me, because I am SICK AND TIRED of fighting, and I want no jealousies. “OK, men. Feel free to chat me up, joke with me, play with me, congratulate me, and even give me backrubs.” Walter: Actually, I just feel like training my skills, thanks.


Beat: Please allow me to rub your back, and maybe regain some of the relationship points I lost when I rejected you, before. “Mmm, that does feel good. Thanks, Beat.”


Clovis: Go away, little man, and let me show you how a REAL man rubs his queen's shoulders. “Mmmmm, that DOES feel good!” Shawn: I think I might be having some serious competition, here. Michelle, would you like me to rub your shoulders, as well?


“Too late, Shawn. It's twelve o'clock, and time for today's elimination. Please, everyone, take your seats.” Shawn: I wonder who's going home today.


“Well, it was quite the upset, I have to say. Clovis had been behind by a full eleven points this time yesterday, and avoided leaving by just one point! But he really made the effort, and is not the one leaving us today.”


“Beat, I'm afraid you lost standing, when you rejected me, and you just didn't make the most of freewill time, allowing others to slip in and boost their own scores, as well. You're going to leave us, and become the founder of Youngdale's second merchant family.” Clovis: Hah! I wish I had placed a bet on that!


“Like Neptunium before you, you will also get a merchant's parting gifts, although I did change the colors. I hope you like them. Use the newspaper to pick a nice 4x4 lot, and take $75,000 starting funds.”


Clovis Badass – 100/45 – 145 Crush Walter Copperfield – 100/44 – 144 Crush Shawn Trace – 100/41 – 141 Crush Beat Stone – 98/40 – 138 Crush


Clovis Badass – 100/45 – 145 Crush Walter Copperfield – 100/44 – 144 Crush Shawn Trace – 100/41 – 141 Crush Beat Stone – 98/40 – 138 Crush


Clovis Badass – 100/45 – 145 Crush Walter Copperfield – 100/44 – 144 Crush Shawn Trace – 100/41 – 141 Crush Beat Stone – 98/40 – 138 Crush What a comeback!


“Good luck with your business endeavors, Beat. I've removed our crush relationship, and in time, I'm sure you and I will become best friends. Let me know when you get settled, and I'll be one of your first customers.”


“And remember to stop and get one glass of Elixir of Life on your way out.”

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