Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Introduction

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Introduction Meet the Contestants


So, here I am, all ready to find a new love, and begin ruling over Youngdale, with my husband at my side. But first I have to choose him, from among the following seven bachelors:


Walter Copperfield*, the Warlock. He's a Taurus, 8/6/3/5/3, and he likes formalwear and good cooks, but hates athletes. Walter wants to become a great magician, like so many others in his family have before. Unfortunately, his addiction to grilled cheese blocks his powers. His potential is strong, though, and if he can ever beat the need for cheese, he'll probably become a powerful warlock, indeed. He loves purple, almost as much as he loves grilled cheese. *Requested by shannonagins .


Shawn Trace* is a Fortune sim, and wants to plan the city of Youngdale, so that it becomes a well-organized, thriving metropolis of outstanding beauty. He's a Capricorn, 9/3/5/9/8, loves jewelry and blondes, and hates sims who clean too much. Not that he likes messes, but cleaning is servant's work. He was raised as a noble, after all. Unfortunately, his father, Thai Trace, was known for his promiscuity, and the other noble families therefore considered Shawn's blood “tainted,” and refused to allow him to marry one of their daughters. Wifeless, he decided to try again here. Ani-Mei's Once Upon a Kingdom


Neptunium Rauta* is a Leo, 4/10/5/5/3, who loves make-up and unemployed sims, but hates formalwear. He's naturally curious, and wants to max all his skills before he dies. Neppie was raised in a trailer park, and never thought to be more than a fast-food shift manager. Wouldn't it blow his mama's mind if he became king? Nep is snarky and contrary, and hates baths. *From Radiochocolate's Iron Values Trailer Park Challenge


Joshua Hunter*, with the aquiline nose, is a pleasure sim, and wants to become a professional party guest. As king, he would certainly be invited to all the parties! He's a Leo, 4/10/5/5/3, and likes jewelry and creative sorts, but hates perfume. Joshua's natural curiosity and a love of time/space travel sent him to explore Youngdale. HE IS NOT GOING THROUGH A MIDLIFE CRISIS! That's his story, and he's sticking to it. He loves music, and can't live without his mp3 player, and his favorite sewing machine. Requested by mysterymusic7 .


Groop the Meanderer* was brought up to be a warrior, but his heart has always been held by the sea, which is unfortunate, given his family's history of sinking ships. He hopes that in this new land of Youngdale, he'll be able to escape his legacy, and begin anew. He's a Fortune sim, and wants to become Hand of Poseidon (if he can ever stay afloat long enough). He's a Sagittarius, 0/4/10/10/1, loves formalwear and jewelry, and thinks werewolves make a tasty stew to enjoy with cheese dip. Don't call him a mendicant. * Groo the Wanderer is copyrighted, but this should count as fair use.


Clovis Badass, founder of my Badass Alphabetocalypse , was promised a new life in a non-apocalyptic world. When his challenge succeeded, his “Goddess” came through, and he's really looking forward to living the good life, now. Since Clovis's namesake was a great king, Clovis naturally feels he has the right to win this challenge, and rule at his Goddess' side, regardless of chemistry. He's a Sagittarius, 0/7/10/8/0, who loves charismatic and mechanically inclined sims, and hates, REALLY hates, vampires. If he can't be king, he wants to own five top-level businesses, and monopolize the mercantile industry in Youngdale.


Beat Stone is a Family sim, and wants to become Captain Hero. He's a Sagittarius, 5/6/10/7/5, who likes make-up and charismatic sims, but is turned off by fat. Beat was a spare in From the Ground Up , a Towering Legacy by Sam/Superfrog, and was barely even seen there. He hopes to actually get some face time now, because look at that FACE! Adorable, no?


And I'm a Family sim, who is already perma-plat, thanks to a previous LTW. I'm a Libra, 2/8/2/10/10, and I love blonds with glasses, but hate make-up on men. Well, some men can pull it off. Captain Jack Sparrow comes to mind, but he's not in this competition. I'm an Infallibly Good Witch, but even with all my goodness and platinum-tude, I still find myself lonely and truly hope to find love.


Speaking of true love, I just took Romance as my secondary aspiration, just for that massive attraction perk. And where are my Love Potion 8.5s? I want to get these relationships going as fast as possible.


Oh, yeah! Seven men swooning over me is JUST what I want right now. Let's get this party started!

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