Youngdale Royal Queendom Prologue

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Prologue “And I Shall Call It, 'This Land.'”

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


Here I am, Michelle Simself, in a brand-spanking-new, pristine land. Yes, yes, this is a fertile land, and I shall thrive. I shall rule over all this land, and I shall call it, “This Land.”* No, that's a silly name. I shall call it, “Simburgdorptonville.” Nope. Too hard to type. I shall call it “Youngdale.” Yeah, that'll do nicely. *See the TV show “ Firefly .” Really, it's a fantastic show. You gotta see it!


Now for some minions. I mean, “subjects.” What is a queen without her subjects?


Well, these results are not ideal. A lot of my subjects have died off! The social groupies are still around, and the vacation locals and tourists. The college students and professors are safe, and all the service NPCs, but the townies and downtownies are all dead! Well, the witches and vampires survived, of course, as did Mr. Big, the Diva, and the Slobs, but poor Goopy Gilscarbo! Although... I do have seven very interesting young men left to serve me. Hmmm, a Queen Regnant does need a King Consort.


Which one to serve as my consort? Clovis: Me, of course. I'm a king in my own right, plus I did that whole apocalypse* for you, “Goddess.” You owe me. Hmmm, he has a point. But to be fair, I have to give them all a try. I know! I'll have a Royal Bachelor Challenge! The winner will be my King Consort. The losers will be founders for their classes of Peasant, Merchant, and Noble. * Badass Alphabetocalypse


Then, once I have my husband, and all the classes founded, I can get started really establishing this Queendom. We'll have to keep all the classes going for five generations. That is, until my great-great-great granddaughter becomes an adult, and takes her place on the throne. Each class will have its own restrictions as to marriage, careers, and living arrangements, and of course they'll all have to pay taxes to me. It will be the greatest queendom, ever!


But first, I need to change into some more queenly attire.


And get my prospective husbands to build me a palace, worthy of a modern queen.


Well, that was fast. It's a nice royal residence, in a modern style. Who says a queen has to live like a medieval monarch? Give me all modern conveniences, thank you. It's not too grand, but then again, it's designed for the purposes of my bachelor challenge. I'll probably remodel when I'm ready to have a family.


Speaking of ready, are you fellows ready to compete for my affections? Let's go!

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