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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 2:

Adventure Chapter 2


“Ragnar's Night School continues, with everyone on the same nocturnal schedule. Without the Bookcase of Education, it's the only way for the children to learn Creativity, although they can only get as high as level 7 (and partway to level 8), before they stop learning from their father. They won't max all their skills before they grow up, but they will be set to excel in any career.” Rangar: Shhh! I'm teaching here.


“And thanks to Jumbok, they have enough energy to keep going most of the morning, as well.” Angie: Being an elder without any babies around is kind of boring. I have nothing to do! Loki: You could join me in a game of chess. Angie: You're a good boy, Freddy.


Peridotite: Alright! I have maxed all three skills I need for both Athletic and Military! I don't have to learn anything else, for as long as I live. “Right. Unless you get fired from Athletic and Military. May I suggest you have a back-up plan? Intelligence or Education, maybe? Peridotite: Get out of my head, clicky-person.


Peridotite: Oh, yeah, I grew up well, and now I am platinum and ready to go! All right, everyone empty your inventories. I hope there's a job in Athletic in one of those newspapers.


Ragnar: Don't worry, honey. With a collection like this, we'll surely have the job you want. But I don't remember which one is which, so I'll help you search through them. Peridotite: Thanks, Dad. I want to start that Athletic lift as soon as possible. “Hat tip to Rflong7 for teaching me how to really work the newspaper collection.”


Angie: Hey! What are you doing in our house? Nobody invited you in. You can't be here. Shoo! Count Robert: This is not right. The family is succeeding far too well for my liking. I want to see suffering! And I'm sure you're playing fast and loose with the rules. Angie: No, we're not. We're taking advantage of features, not glitches. Count Robert: Riiight. I must report this back to the Occult Court. Something is just not right here.


“What apocalypse family is complete without having all the children maxed out on logic?” Peridotite: Yeah, yeah. I'm just in it to fill the time, and have a back-up, in case I get fired. But thanks to maxing my enthusiasm, I'm closer to perma-plat from lifetime happiness, so it's all good. Perdita: I'll probably need logic for my lift, anyway.


Ragnar: Thanks for coming over, guys. You know, if my son lifts Gamer, you'll be able to come over any time, not just on Tuesdays. And I really want the four of you to stay friendly with my family, because of your careers. Business and Culinary are lifts I want to get early.


Peridotite: You don't roll my wants, but I have one bolt with you, and I still want to have my first kiss. Alec: As a mascot, it would be well within my job description to give you that first kiss. I'm all about boosting morale, after all. Peridotite: Ummm, OK. Anything to boost my lifetime happiness, anyway. I'm close to perma-plat, already!


Peridotite: That was great! Let's do it again and again, until we're ready to woohoo. Alec: Oh, did you lift Medical, so you have contraception? Peridotite: Flergle! My brother can't marry that doctor soon enough!


Count Robert: I have come to investigate why your family is doing so well. It's not right! Ragnar: Hey, I worked really hard in college preparing for this apocalypse thing. Plus, I got that Jumbok statue, which is amaze-balls. Count Robert: You should be starving! Your whole family should be starving. Ragnar: Nope. I eat grilled cheese, and the rest of the family eats fish. We haven't even touched the fridge since we got here, although it's supposed to be stocked with groceries and fish, as a safe house.


Count Robert: Wait. Stocked? Groceries? FISH? Ragnar: Yeah, it's a safe house. Michelle built it up and lived in it before I graduated college, so when she moved out, she left behind some food and some toys, so the kids would have something to play with, and my wife brought... Count Robert: You were supposed to SUFFER! This is NOT acceptable. I'm going back to report to the Occult Court now.


Peridotite: The promotions are coming, but being an athlete really does take a toll on the hygiene. How long until my brother can marry Marylena? Loki: Hey, I'm growing as fast as I can, but unless she walks by, we'll have to wait until next Tuesday, anyway.


Loki: Well, Peridotite. I hope you're happy. I grew up, but without any fulfillable wants, my aspiration is in the tank. Peridotite: That's not my fault. Anyway, Dad says there's a job in the Gamer field waiting for you. The faster you lift that, the faster you'll be able to achieve your lifetime want and be happy forever.


Peridotite: I'm half-way there! Halfway to being able to move any object, and hold as much as we want in our inventories, so we don't have to be afraid of those networking benefits. Halfway to being able to jump rope, swing around, leap into arms, and use some fun athletic equipment, if we want. I'm eager to put down the punching bag, so that the next generation will be able to build body really quickly. It'll be great! “Yeah, just don't get fired from a bad chance card, OK?”


Loki: Oh, yeah! I'm a Button Masher! “Congratulations. You made it past the first dangerous chance card. This level's card is even more likely to get you fired, according to the percentages, but you can take the option where firing isn't a possibility. Really, the first four levels of Gamer career have the possibility of getting fired, so always go for the safer option, even if the probability of success is low.”


“Loki, what are you doing? I thought you were planning to marry Marylena Baity. She's a Chief of Staff. Candice is merely a Fish Chummer.” Loki: She's here, and she rolls my wants. I'm desperate for some fulfillable wants. Anyway, Marylena need never now. “Argh. Just be discreet.”


Loki: I'm in love! Now I want to go earn another skill point. Candice: Don't you want to kiss me, or flirt, or something? Loki: Strangely, no. I want to earn another skill point. But, hey! It's a fulfillable want! Thanks for rolling my wants, baby.


Peridotite: Booyah! Not only did I get promoted to level 6, but I also achieved perma-plat status, thanks to having fulfillable wants, and earning lots of lifetime happiness. Falling in love with the mascot really did the trick, even without that woohoo. With the skills and the friends, and the perfect mood for work, I should be able to make my lift in no time!


Loki: YEAH! Double-promotion day, thanks to Mom's Military lift that lets me walk to work, without worrying about the carpool. I'm a Gold Farmer, now!


“I'm so glad you're going to be the heir, Loki. You look just like your father.” Loki: Ummm, you know I'm not going to marry you, right? “I don't want you to marry me. First of all, I'm loyal to your father. Secondly, you and I have negative chemistry. You can't fight the bolts. No, I'm just happy that you're passing on those lovely genes of his.”


Loki: Yay, favorable chance card. I chose to flee, rather than stand and fight against the ogre horde, and because I did, I was promoted to Flag Capturer. Now I have another shift this afternoon, and another chance to make good.


Peridotite: Superstar! “Yeah, but you don't have another work shift for four days. Peridotite: Yeah, but Superstar! I just think it's cool to say. Superstar! Anyway, tomorrow is Tuesday, so my brother will get married, and we'll get baths, and I'm just so happy!


Loki: I'm a Platform Jumper, level 6. Only four more promotions to go, and since I get married tomorrow, and my next shift is the day after, I should be going in a platinum mood. I hope. My wife had better roll my wants!


Loki: Marylena! My best friend, and Chief of Staff at the hospital. Will you please give me my first kiss, marry me, and lift the Medical restrictions? Marylena: Sure thing, Loki. I've waited a long time to get out of Townieland.


Marylena: The nice thing about Show Business being restricted is that we don't have to have all the fuss and bother of a wedding party. Loki: Yeah, I don't want to wait, either. Come here, baby! Let's make a baby!


“I'm just going to back away and give you two your privacy. Although, I suppose it's time to check those newspapers for a job in Science, for Perdita. After all this time, we still don't have a Science option for her. She may go for Intelligence, after all.”


Angie: Time to downsize the spouse's inventory. Hopefully, this will be the last time it's necessary, if Georgie lifts Athletic. “That's Peroditite, Angie.” Angie: I don't know why you keep getting her name wrong. You're a lousy clicky-person.


Loki: Wow, I never knew taking a bubble bath could be so heavenly. This is great! Ragnar: Yeah. It's making me think that maybe your mother should have lifted Medical first, instead of Military. Although Military sure has been useful.


Perdita: I like the bath, too. Where else should I age into an adult, but in front of the new bathtub? “So, are you going to take a job in Intelligence, to please your mother?” Perdita: Since nothing has come up in Science or Journalism, then I suppose I must. Although I'll keep checking every day. Science would have been such a good lift.


“Baby bump! Congratulations, Marylena. May I call you Mary?” Marylena: Uhhh, OK. I guess it will take some time to get used to hearing the clicky-person's voice in my head. “Probably, but you'll do fine.”


Perdita: YES! Science! It will mean leaving my job in Intelligence, so poor Mother will just have to be unsatisfied. But Science is just more important to me. With Science and Gamer lifted, my sister and I can move out, as soon as we've finished our lifts. Mary: That will be good, because I want room for lots of babies.


Angie: Hello, Scout! We can give baths to dogs now, so why don't you join us and help us out, by lifting the Security Pets restriction. If Georgie lifts Athletic, we can stow the old beds in inventory, and replace them with better ones, but only if the better beds are available.


“Scout! How could you get fired on the very first night? OK, so you followed orders, instead of taking initiative, but for Plumbob's sake, why'd you have to get fired? Now the family will have to give you away and find some other pet to lift that restriction. “Well, I suppose it could have been worse. You could have been fired on the day you were supposed to lift it.”


Ragnar: Allison, what are you doing here? Is the Occult Court checking up on me again? Allison: Well, Count Robert had some disturbing findings, so, yes, I'm here to confirm his report. Is it true that Michelle Simself gave you a safe house with toys already on the lot and food in the fridge? Ragnar: Yeah, but that's totally not MY fault. She's the clicky-person! Besides, my wife brought an inventory full of fish, and my family live on that. We haven't even made hot dogs, yet, so the groceries are kind of meaningless.


Allison: That is for the court to decide, not you. But thank you for the information. Ragnar: Say, how would you like a cute little puppy-dog? Scout is really sweet! I'm sure you'd really like this little dog. Allison: He failed his lift, didn't he? Ragnar: Well, yeah, but he's still sweet. Allison: Fine. I'll take him off your hands. We have room.


Mary: Soooo hungry! Even with Jumbok, I just can't seem to stay full. Thank goodness I was able to make hamburgers. I got so tired of waiting for everyone to come home from work, and they don't get as hungry as I do. Ragnar: Well, there goes that argument. I hope the Occult Court don't make things even worse for me because of that.


Loki: Two more promotions to go! “For you and for your sister, Peri. Perdita has some catching up to do.” Loki: Yeah, and I have the weekend, off, so I won't lift my restriction before the baby comes, but then again, I get to be here to witness the birth. Cool!


Mary: Awww, aren't you the cutest little boy in the whole sim world? You take after your Mama. Yes you do. What shall I name you? I know! Hudson! “So, the first of the third generation is born. I'm glad for Angie that she lived long enough to see her first grandchild, at least, although I doubt she'll live to see another one born.” Mary: Come on, Hudson. Let's go say hello to your family.


Angie: My happiness is complete. I can die now. Loki: Well, I really wish you wouldn't. I'll miss you, Mom. Angie: Oh, don't worry. I'll stick around the lot to haunt you. I didn't lift Paranormal, after all. But with my body out of the way, you'll have room for another baby. Loki: Well, I hope you're the only ghost ever to be on this lot. If Perdi lifts Science, everyone else will just move out before dying.


Peridotite: Hi, little Hudson! I'm you're favorite aunt! Yes, I am! Angie: Now, Georgie, give Perdita a chance to spoil him, too. Ragnar: My grandson! I hope someday he has the opportunity to enjoy grilled cheese.


Ragnar: Oh, Hudson, you don't know how lucky you are. I LOVE this changing table, and I hope you do, too. And when you get older, you'll have lovely bubble baths, as well. I wonder what restriction you'll lift. You're so full of life and promise.


Peridotite: One promotion to go! I have work again tomorrow, so I really, really hope that Mom will live long enough to see me lift Athletic. I want her to be proud of me.


Perdita: I finally got my first kiss! Will you help me fall in love and woohoo, now that we have contraception, so I can fill my lifetime happiness bar? Corbin: Hey, I'm Mr. Big! I'll make love to any pretty legacy lady who asks me. Perdita: Ummmm, way to make me feel special, Corbin.


Peridotite: I did it! Mom! I did it! Athletic is lifted, and we can carry and move anything we want! Perdita: Congratulations! I just had my first kiss! Peridotite: Congratulations! Good luck at work. I'm gonna go make snowmen with Mom.


Peridotite: Now we can really use that utility room as a utility room, instead of a storage room for contraband items. Mom has all the contraband in her inventory now. And I put down my punching bag, so that Hudson and his siblings will be able to enjoy using it, when they are old enough. Everyone needs to have maxed body skill, after all.


Grim Reaper: ANGIE ROCK. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO COME TO THE LUAU. Angie: All right. I lived a good life, with a full lifetime happiness meter. I got to see my grandson born, and my eldest daughter lift her restriction. I had 80 great days. Well, some of them were lousy, but all in all, I'm satisfied. Peridotite: Mommy! I'll miss you so much!




Perdita: I'm sorry I missed Mother's passing. But at least I got a promotion. I'm level 3, now. Seven promotions left.


Peridotite: If Perdita lifts Science, we'll have lights, as well as computers and electronics. But if she doesn't, a glowing treasure chest will do as well. And now that I can hold unlimited items in my inventory, I can dig for treasure as much as I want!


Perdita: Science Teacher!


Loki: Guild Leader!


Mary: Hudson's a big boy now. Yaay! Time to learn all those toddler skills. “Hudson is a Gemini, 5/7/8/3/4, and is bound to have a much happier toddlerhood than his father did. Being able to be clean all the time will really help his mood, his skilling, and his lifetime happiness.”


Loki: Time to make another baby, baby! Mary: You know it. Come to Mama! “Yay! Another little Rock to lift another restriction. Gotta love the lullabye.”


Perdita: Project leader! I'm halfway there, and just have time for another shift this afternoon. With good luck, I'll have a double-promotion today!


Perdita: YES! Double promotion! I'm almost there!


Perdita: And now to make my happiness complete, Corbin, will you woohoo with me? Corbin: You betcha! I'm so glad you invited me over. Perdita: I'm so glad my sister fell in love with someone else, and there's no competition or awkwardness.


Loki: Oh, yeah! Gamer restrictions are lifted! Now I can quit my job and focus on my family. “I didn't know you were a Family sim.” Loki: I'm not. But I'm perma-plat, and have nothing more important to do. It's good to have multiple adults around to take care of the little ones, especially when one is a vampire, and another is pregnant, so her moods keep dropping.


Perdita: Perma-plat from lifetime happiness. I LOVE lifetime happiness! “Yeah, it's my favorite part of FreeTime. It really helps when you're climbing up your career ladder. Congratulations.”


Count Robert: It looks like your family is doing well. Quite well. Perdita: We worked hard for it. You're not gonna mess things up for us, are you? I'm completely innocent of the stuff my Dad did to earn this apocalypse. It's one thing for him to suffer, but if you start adding obstacles for the rest of us to overcome, it's just not fair at all. Is there no justice at the Occult Court? Count Robert: You make a fair point. I'll think about it.


Perdita: I'm a scholar! Peridotite: Great. Because I've been digging and digging and digging, and still haven't found a single treasure chest to light up our house. Perdita: Don't worry. We'll have lights and electronics soon, I'm sure. I have work again tomorrow, and only three promotions left to go.


Any treasure chests, yet?” Peridotite: Not a one. This is really becoming frustrating. I mean, I'd just like to see the house lit up once, before I go, you know? “Well, to be fair, you won't be able to go, unless Perdita lifts Science, so you'll have lights, anyway.” Loki: Unless she gets fired, and has to lift Journalism, instead.


Perdita: I am a Top Secret Researcher! Only two more promotions to go, and I am outa here! “Keep it up, Perdi!”


Perdita: Wow, we sure have had good weather, lately. Surely, with all of us digging like this, we'll get at least one treasure before the snow comes back. Loki: You'd think so, but all I'm getting are rocks and bones and bones and rocks. Perdita: Just keep digging.


Perdita: At last! Oh, see how it glows! It's so pretty, and bright. Loki: Yeah! Hey, maybe we can get one for the bedroom. Perdita: Hahaha! You just want to put off changing your son's diaper. Loki: If I ignore it, his mother will get it. Keep digging!


Loki: OK, Hudson. You're platinum, and your little brother or sister is about to be born, and there might be twins, so why don't you go ahead and grow up right now? Tomorrow, you can start school, and then have the whole weekend to learn how to do your homework, so it's good timing, and we'll have two cribs available, just in case. “You know, you could let Hudson get a couple more Charisma points. Oh, never mind. Without high school, there's nothing to do but skill, anyway.”


“Hudson Rock is a very handsome little man, with the Rock eyes. If he doesn't take heirship this generation, I may have to create a nice Day Doris for him to marry, once he moves out. Of course, with twenty-five of these apocalypses to plow through, I doubt I'll spend much time playing the spare houses. But I could package the household for play in another neighborhood, later.”


Loki: Wow, pregnancy sure is hard on Mary. Too bad we can't carry her to bed. Ragnar: Yeah, but this game just wasn't designed for that. “I would have sent her to bed, but I didn't want her waking everyone up when she gives birth. Still, this is rather ridiculous. There's that second bedroom upstairs that she can use, instead.”


Mary: Oh, aren't you cute? You have my eyes and hair! “I'm still rooting for an heir with all three Rock attributes. However, having the skin, at least, makes for a strong second. What will you name her?” Mary: Jane. It's a nice, simple, straight-forward name.


Loki: Seven sims in the house. We have room for one more, Mary! Mary: If Perdita lifts Science, and both your sisters move out, we'll have room for three more. Loki: I'll be happy with four children. After all, we need to leave room for a spouse. Let's cross our fingers and hope for twins. “Too bad you can't have cheesecake.”


Perdita: Oh, yeah! I'm a Theorist! One promotion to go! Unfortunately, I don't work for another three days. But at least the living room is nicely lit, thanks to the treasure chest. In the meantime, I'll just get to know my niece and nephew.


Loki: And that's how you do homework. Now you have the whole weekend to play! But I suggest you study Lifetime Happiness, first, so that you'll stay platinum longer. Rock: Yes, Daddy. I want to be perma-plat, just like you!


Ragnar: Geez, Count, will you stop bothering me, already? Count Robert: You are having entirely too much fun. You're supposed to be suffering. Ragnar: Hey, my son, who is totally INNOCENT, earned this reward. I have every right to use it. Count Robert: I'm going to have my revenge, sooner or later, you know. Real revenge. Not this fun time stuff.


“HAHAHAAAAA! Count Robert, you've harassed Ragnar so often that you've become best friends! Maybe your un-fun revenge will have to wait until a different iteration of this apocalypse.” Count Robert: You know, Michelle, for a simself, you're really annoying. I think maybe I'll take that up with the Occult Court, instead of prosecuting my new bestie.


Hudson: So, I'm supposed to slap your hands before you can pull them away? That sounds like a rather violent game. Mary: It will prepare you for the dangers you'll face whenever you leave the lot. We still have a lot of zombies and criminals out there. In fact, you should build up your body skill early. Hudson: Yes, Mama.


Perdita: I'm glad we have the whole weekend together, Hudson. I'll move out, as soon as I lift Science, but I am glad to have the chance to really bond with and help out at least one of my nieces and nephews. Hudson: Nieces and nephews? There's only two of us, and it's one of each. Perdita: Yes, but your parents want more, so... Anyway, imagine this bag is a zombie, and knock its block off!


Peridotite: I have nothing to do now, but wait for my kid sister to lift her restriction. In the meantime, I might as well get started on my own library, or Perdi and I will have nothing to read in our new home. “Good luck. I hope you write a bunch of best-sellers.” Peridotite: I'll just be happy to have books of any sort, really.


Peridotite: I'm almost maxed on Creativity, Dad! Ragnar: That's great! You know, when I lifted Adventure, I could have taken a bunch of Thinking Caps to help you kids along, but there was no room for them. I had to save the space for your mother's fish. Peridotite: No problem. We're skilling fast enough, thanks to your night school, and all that free time as teens.


Ragnar: You know, Jane, you don't realize how good you have it. Mary's medical lift was a real blessing for this household. Don't tell anyone, because I know my kids love their Mom, but I think next time, I'm gonna break up with your Grandma, and marry your mother, instead. That instant lift is amazing, and if I get the other safe house, I can have a car, and still get my best friends over to visit, even without the Military lift. So it'll be a bit crowded. No big deal.


Marylena: When I'm done having babies, I want to become Mayor of Eschaton. Gee, I hope I live long enough. “I hope you do, too, Mary. You've certainly earned some happiness, and I'd like to see you perma-plat.” Mary: Thanks, but it's really more important to make sure we have all the children we need for the next generation. I'm hoping we can have five lifts.


Marylena: It's your birthday, Jane! Too bad there's no such thing as cake for you. “I see that Jane is a Virgo, 10/1/9/7/1. Thank goodness you brought back baths, Mary. She would have been utterly miserable without them.”


“Apocalypse children – their lives are skilling. Hudson just maxed his body, and Jane is learning to walk. Still, they do get the odd break to play with the clown-in-a-box.” Hudson: Daddy, does she always narrate like that? Loki: Not always. Anyway, you can ignore her. Dad said we're doing this apocalypse by our own strategy, so you don't have to listen to her, at all, if you don't want to.


Ragnar: Mary, you're doing a great job having all these babies. I'm so glad you married into the family. Hudson: I learned at school about basic woohoo ed., and it seems that Daddy had something to do with it, too. Ragnar: They teach that in elementary school? Schools sure are different from when I was a kid. Mary: Without high school, they have to cram it all in early.


Ragnar: Wow, pregnancy is REALLY hard on Mary. Maybe she shouldn't do it any more. Three kids was enough for me and Angie, so why not for Loki and Mary? I should learn from this and plan my future apocalypses better. “Would you like a suggestion?” Ragnar: No, thanks, Michelle. I'll do this my way.


“Despite the eternal cold and bleak landscape, I have to admit that it's neat to be able to make snow angels and snowmen.” Hudson: Yeah, I like winter! Sometimes, they even let us off school, if it snowed a lot during the night. “You could walk to school now. You have the body skill.” Hudson: Why? Grampa makes fresh fish dinner every day, so I don't need the school lunch. I'd rather play.


“I like playtime, too. You kids are just so cute! I'm glad that Ragnar isn't forcing you to skill up ALL the time. Anyway, there will be plenty of time for skilling when you're off school as teens, and he can do his night school, again.”


Marylena: Ooooh, Loki! I feel like I'm about to split in two! If I survive this, you are never touching me again! I don't care if it does take an extra generation to finish this apocalypse! Loki: But, darling, you brought back contraception! We can woohoo without having a baby. Marylena: I DON'T CARE! OWWWWWW!


Marylena: Well, no wonder I had such a hard time. There were two of you in there. Welcome to the world, Darla and Doreen! And now I really am finished, because there isn't room for any more babies, anyway, and even with your aunts moving out, we have to leave room for next generation's spouse. “Congratulations, Mary! Well done!”


Loki: Well, Moonshine, we're not quite ready to adopt you, yet. I want to have more of a pet-food reserve. But I can teach you the tricks you'll need for the Security career. I'd sure like to sleep in a really comfortable bed before I die.


Perdita: YESSS! I am a Mad Scientist, and have brought technology back to Eschaton. We can use the computer any time, for online games and job searches! And we can have lights, televisions and any other electronic gadgets that are not otherwise restricted. Most of them are restricted by Criminal, and having to get only the lowest-quality items. But, hey, with two or more computers, we can have a LAN party!


Perdita: And here are a bunch of Thinking Caps for the kids to use when they grow up. We can store them in inventory, and buy new ones whenever we want. And thanks to the computer's job search, we can probably do away with all these newspapers. Ragnar: Let's keep them, in case the job we want doesn't turn up. At least we know we have a listing for it in the papers.


Marylena: Flergle. No jobs in Politics. Still, all the openings were for level 6, thanks to having all the skills and friendships. Whenever it does open up for me, I should be able to get my lifetime wish pretty quickly. Ragnar: So, use the newspapers. Marylena: And pass up the opportunity to start at level 6? With those pesky chance cards? No thanks. I'll try again tomorrow.


Marylena: In the meantime, I can browse the web for blogs about Fitness. If I max out my hobby enthusiasm, and keep platinum, maybe I'll get that lifetime happiness, after all.


Hudson: Mama! Mama! I got an A-plu... Waaaait. What's that I see behind me? Marylena: There are three computers now, sweetie, and we can use them for almost everything. No blogging or online chats, because of Intelligence restrictions, but we can browse the web and play games. Hudson: AWESOME!


Hudson: This television is great! I can't decide what I like better, playing SSX or watching that kooky chef lady set herself on fire.


Peridotite: I'm almost ready to move out. But first, I want to take a couple of souvenir photos. One to take with me when I leave, and one to hang on the wall here, so my family will remember me when I'm gone. Perdita: Wait for me! Let's take a goofy picture together!


Peridotite: Let's do a normal picture, too, sis. You know, since we both have the same work uniform right now, it is so hard to figure out who's who in this picture. Perdita: I know. It's awesome. We're almost twins. Peridotite: I hope that Darla and Doreen grow up to be a bit more different. Poor Mom had the hardest time telling us apart, and we weren't even the same age.


“And so Peridotite and Perdita Rock move out of the legacy lot and on to... well, not really greener pastures, but a place of their own, with a bit more elbow room. They leave behind these mementos of themselves, and all the benefits of the Athletic and Science lifts. “Next chapter, we'll see the children grow up, and maybe get started on their own lifts. Until then, happy simming!”

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