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First Generation of the Adventure Iteration of the Alphabatepic Apocalypse Challenge


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!

Adventure Chapter 1:

Adventure Chapter 1


Ragnar: I've grown into a full adult, and I feel strange. My hair, it just doesn't feel right. “Yeah, that looks weird, all right. I guess that 'stoney' hair wasn't designed for vampire warlocks. Well, maybe you'll have an early Show Business lift. Anyway, off you go to your safehouse, and you're going to start with the Adventure career. I'll use the power of boolprop to get you your first job, and after that, it's all up to you and your family.”


“I see you chose the larger house, with a basement. Better have an early Military lift, if you want to be able to invite anyone over to visit.” Ragnar: Thanks for the tip. Meanwhile, I'm burning up out here! “Sorry about that. The desert sun is hot. But there's a coffin waiting for you in the basement.”


“As you can see, I designed the basement to sleep one vampire, two singles, and a couple in the tent. That will do for woohoo, as well as saving space. Until you can buy more comfortable beds, tents really are useful. You should lock that gate, so that only you can use the coffin, or you may find it occupied when you need to get out of the sun.” Ragnar: Speaking of getting out of the sun, please shut up and let me sleep now. Ouchies!


Ragnar: Now that the neighbors have finally stopped ringing the darned doorbell, and let me sleep, I'm able to face the night in a reasonable mood. I have work in the morning, and tonight, I'm writing a novel, so that my family and I will have something to read. “Oh, so no tour of the house?” Ragnar: Later. I'm busy.


“Wow! That was fast!” Ragnar: I started it at college. It's the story of a man who plays a prank that turns out to have deadly consequences, and he has to face the Occult Court, and is sentenced to multiple lifetimes of suffering. “Ah, so it's a work of fiction, then.” Ragnar: That's what I told the publisher, yeah.


Ragnar: Part 2 of the epic adventure should be easy to write. It's all about a long, loong, loooong, winter. “That's nice. Well, while you're working on that, I'm just going to show the readers the house, OK? I won't disturb you. “This is the ground floor, with a bathroom, and a tiny secret room for Ragnar's throne, which he can't use yet. As a safe house, I was able to use some better building materials, as you can see.”


“Above (1 st floor for you Europeans) is the main living and dining area, with the kitchen – the grill is on a little balcony – and two rooms for the tots to come, so they don't wake each other up when they cry. Yes, I have planned for twins, or just single births close together. Lots of open area for teaching the kidlets how to walk and for their bunny toys.”


“Next up is the utility room. There's also a bathroom, a small bedroom for two singles, and the secret room for the cauldron and spellbook, which still can't be used yet. In the corner is another stairway with a door that can be locked, leading up to the roof. Behind the stairs are the batbox and Simblender, for fixing glitches, only. No cheats allowed.”


“And the roof – which is covered by an awning, but you can't see it right now. There's a fireplace, in case any sims get really cold, a blocked-off area for contraband items, such as the genie lamp, and next to the stairs are some crafted toys. There's a brick, a clown-in-a-box, a kite, and a fire truck. The advantage of having a house someone else already lived in is that sometimes they leave nice things behind.”


“Hey, Ragnar! I just noticed. Your hair is back to normal.” Ragnar: Yeah, it does feel like itself again. Man, it's weird not being able to see myself in a mirror. “You couldn't use it to do anything but practice speeches and romance, anyway. Well, I'll let you get back to work. And good luck on that first lift! I don't want to have to start over again.”


Ragnar: Hi, it's Tuesday! The phone lines are open and I'm calling all my friends! All 68 of them. Well, all the ones I can manage to call between 7 and midnight, anyway. So, how ya doing? Fine? Good. Bye. NEXT! I'm just as glad I had the day off today, so I didn't miss any phone time.


“Ragnar, you are so melodramatic.” Ragnar: Hey, I'm teaching this stray cat to play dead. Hopefully, he'll come back when I've lifted my restriction, and I can adopt him then. This way, I skill him up, while making a friend.


Ragnar: Stupid neighbor knocked over my trash can, and I had to clean it up in the sunlight, or else I'd get roaches and disease! Now I'm starving, but the sun's down, so I can get my grilled cheese, and then take a nap for a while. I have to be in a good mood for work tomorrow morning.


Ragnar: I'm so glad I can teleport right from the coffin to the carpool! Otherwise, I'd burn up before I get to work! “And you're platinum, so even if your mood is low, your performance should be high. Still, burning up is always a danger. Take care. And good luck. Don't make me play this twice.”


Ragnar: The sink keeps breaking, and so does my hair. Why won't it stay the same? “I don't know, but it's not a game-changer. Just ignore it. Oh, and you can ignore the protection payments, as well, because I'm playing by Apocaborg's rule for the Criminal restriction – instead of paying every week, you're limited to the least expensive items.” Ragnar: Wasn't I limited by the Intelligence restrictions, anyway? “Shhhh!”


Ragnar: Another day, another blistering sunburn. But I'm another step closer to lifting my restriction. Thank Plumbob I learned to teleport, and got perma-plat!


Ragnar: I did it! I am a Space Pirate! Now, anyone can place their career rewards, and they can be used, once they are unlocked for their particular restriction, and I can adopt stray pets and move in my fiancee! This is great! “Yeah, and I'm safe from having to play this iteration all over again. Well, assuming you don't burn up before your two-bolt lover can move in. So, well done, Ragnar.”


Ragnar: Due to the whole thing with the Culinary restrictions, I think I'll have a pet lift a restriction before I ask Angie to move in. I can feed the pet every day, and use my magic grilled cheese for myself, and then, after Sake here has lifted Showbiz, I can give him away to the first sim who passes by after dark, and invite Angie over the very next Tuesday.


Ragnar: Now, why couldn't my friends have given me these samples when I was in college, and could use them? Now I have to move the fireplace into the utility room, and set the house ablaze. Good thing I added a locking door, so that the cat doesn't run in and catch fire, as well.


Ragnar: Now, I just have to clean up the mess. Although it would have been nice to be able to invite my friends over, I'm glad I had the extra room for all this stuff. I just need an early Military lift, so the carpool isn't my only transportation option, any more.


Ragnar: Meanwhile, Sake is moving up the Showbiz ladder. He's an understudy, now, and his mood is great. Thank Plumbob that cats clean themselves, and that I can fill his dish every day.


Ragnar: I took a risk and went out to greet another cat that came by, even though the sun was coming up. I got a bad burn, but managed to make it into my coffin in time. “Why are you wearing work-out gear?” Ragnar: I forgot that I can't do Tai Chi. I keep trying to do it, and change into my gear, but then my body just feels so weak, I can't continue, so I have to cancel my plans. It happens a lot.


Ragnar: Man, I could just conjure this grilled cheese all night long. And then just sleep again. Good thing I can quit my job. “Yeah, you don't need the money, since you were planning on having a cushion for the protection payments. But then again, you can't buy any nice furniture, either.” Ragnar: I will. My children will lift Criminal, and I'll deck this place out!


“Now, what is that cheat code to turn off the censor blur?” Ragnar: HEY! Get out of here, you PERV!


“Happy Wednesday! I see Sake has celebrated by being promoted to Stunt Double.” Ragnar: Wait, Wednesday? I MISSED THE WEEKLY PHONE CALLS! “So, you don't have 68 friends, any more? Too bad.”


Ragnar: Hey, check it out! Showbiz Pets restriction is lifted, thanks to Sake! Now, my kids will be able to learn to do homework, and study any skill, even if it isn't fun. “That's great, Ragnar. Now you just need to have some kids.”


Ragnar: Jill, I'm risking the sunshine, because I need to find a good home for Sake, and I think you're just the person to keep him. What do you say? Jill: Sure! I'd like to have him. Thanks so much! Ragnar: Oh, no. You're doing me a favor. Now I can get another cat, and lift the Service restrictions.


Ragnar: Alright, Kobe, are you ready to lift the Service restriction, so that my wife will never go senile? Kobe: Meow. Ragnar: Good girl!


Ragnar: My friendships are falling, and I don't want to wait another week. I'm stocking up on cat food, and my wife can eat spoiled food, and by alternating, we'll make it through. “Are you sure about that? You don't want to wait another week? It's not like you're getting any older, after all.” Ragnar: Nope. I'm tired of waiting. Besides, my wife can greet walk-bys during the daylight, and make calls before sundown.


Ragnar: Quick! Move in, so I can go back to bed, and you can start making phone calls. Angie: Aw, you're so romantic.


Ragnar: Angie had to downsize her inventory right away. Besides the fish, she had two maps, a dragon legend, and a ReNuYu PortaChug. Now she's turned on by witches and vampires, and turned off by redheads. We'll have great chemistry!


Ragnar: With the roof full of fish, we'll manage quite nicely, I'm sure. And Angie can search four newspapers (today's and three previous days, which I had saved in my inventory), and cycle through until she gets her chosen career. She's got a degree in Art, which means a boost for Culinary, Slacker, Artist, Journalism, and Architecture, but she's still going to search for Paranormal, for now. Angie: Rangar, I know you're used to narrating, but I can speak for myself.


Ragnar: Hehe. Autonomous visitor Tai Chi. Yeah, you build that body skill, Demi! Someday, you may marry in, and need it.


Angie: So, I get one good meal, and a few days of spoiled food, while the cat gets to eat pet food. Hopefully this will work, and Kobe will lift the Service restriction soon. I don't relish the idea of food poisoning.


Angie: Learning Lifelong Happiness should help keep my aspiration high, I hope. I'm not rolling any fulfillable wants.


Ragnar: Look! I can train cats, so why not this brick? I'm teaching it to stand up. That way, by the time the babies come along, it will be ready to go. “That's great, Ragnar. I'm sure they'll love playing 'stand up' with a brick.”


Ragnar: Kobe's halfway there. Only two more promotions to go, and she goes to work again this morning, so maybe we'll be there by the end of the week! She has all her skills, and her mood is pretty consistently good.


Angie: Paranormal is great, but I'm taking this job in Military, because if I wait too long, I won't be able to have children. Anyway, an early Military lift will mean that we can invite our friends over to meet the kids, and walk to work, and it's really useful. Maybe after one of the kids lifts Intelligence, then someone else in the family can lift Paranormal.


Angie: Way to go, Kobe! One more promotion to go! What a pity you don't work again until Sunday. But there's enough food to go around, thanks to my spoiled left-overs, and the Jumbok IV idol, helping me stretch my needs even further. You'll make it!


Angie: I'm already at level 4, and doing well, thanks to aspiration fodder from Ragnar every night. I'll give it one more try with the newspapers to see if I can get Paranormal, and then if I can't, I'll stop searching for it. The sooner I lift my restriction, the sooner I can have children, and I want at least three!


Angie: I have seven chances, every day, but it's still has not come up! Let's see what it's like today. Nope. Nothing. In fact, the same job keeps coming up over and over. I think it's time to just concede defeat on that score. We can get rid of all these papers, and start a new collection for the next generation to try. Maybe a nice Journalism lift would be good. Maybe I'll have four or five children.


Ragnar: Kobe did it! It's time to give Kobe a new home, and start working on our family. Angie: Better wait until I lift my restriction, first. At any rate, we don't have to worry about me going senile. Hooray!


Angie: Thanks for taking Kobe. She's trained to take care of elderly sims just like you. Leo: Oh, I'm sure we'll have a grand time together.


Angie: Things are looking up! I've got my skills. I've got a platinum mood, and if all goes well today, I'll be able to try for a baby tonight, and be pregnant over the weekend. I hope to lift Military before the phones go down on Tuesday, and then we can start inviting friends over!


Angie: Ragnar, the timing is just perfect! I'll bear the baby, and you just have to take care of it. It shouldn't take up too much of your time during the day, especially if you put the idol close to the crib, while you're sleeping. I have a weekend coming up, and I want to start our family right now.


Angie: YES! Morning sickness! All I have to do is make it through today, and then I have the weekend off. No problems.


Angie: A good chance card, and I got an early promotion to astronaut, which means I have three days off! I don't work again until Tuesday, but if I can go to work in platinum mood, then by three in the afternoon, we should be able to invite friends over! And walk to work, so we're not dependent on the carpool. It'll be great! I hope I have a girl.


Ragnar: Oh, Angie, I can't believe my son will be here so soon! Angie: You mean your daughter. Ragnar: Whatever. I'll be happy with either. Angie: Actually, I'm hoping for both. Not necessarily at the same time, of course, but I hope for three, or maybe even four children. One can marry a doctor, and the kids can lift Intelligence, Gamer and Journalism.


Ragnar: Or, if one lifts Intelligence, any one of them can marry one of my college friends, and that sim can lift Paranormal! Then, the kids can wish for peace of mind, and we won't have to worry about ghosts, either. Angie: Yeah, that seemed like such a great idea, before I had to do without baths. But I'm thinking of the children. They can't take spongebaths, or groom or primp, and they'll really suffer for lack of hygiene. I think we should marry in a doctor, ASAP.


Angie: Hello, little girl! Ragnar, look. She has my hair! Ragnar: And my stoney skin and eyes! Let's call her Peridotite. Angie: Really? What sort of a name is that? Ragnar: It's a kind of igneous rock. In fact, it's the dominant rock of the upper part of the Earth's mantle, and since she's the very first-born of the great Rock dynasty, destined to save the world, I think being named after the world's dominant rock is quite appropriate.


“Green is my favorite color, so I approve. I find peridotite to be quite lovely, and I also like the symbolism of the beautiful, sturdy stone being formed out of the fires of tribulation (lava). I've always had a soft spot in my heart for igneous rocks.” Ragnar: Approve all you want, but she's MY baby, and I'M the one naming her, whether you approve or not. Angie: Maybe we should name her Georgie.


Angie: Hello, little Georgie. “Peridotite. I already saved. Her name is fixed at Peridotite.” Angie: Don't listen to the nasty simself voice, Georgie. She won't hurt you. She won't hurt Mummy's widdle Georgiekins. “Oh, gee whiz. If you're gonna talk like that, I'm turning the sound off till something interesting happens again.”


Ragnar: … “Oh, right, I had the sound off. Well, I see you're being sensible in keeping everything tight, while Angie's at work. Hopefully, she'll lift her restriction today, and you can sleep in peace. You should have moved that window out of the nursery, you know, so you could have a bit less sunshine.” Ragnar: ...


“Congratulations, Angie! You lifted the Military restriction!” Angie: Can't talk now. Gotta barf. “Morning sickness again? Already? Well, you can quit your job and be a full-time homemaker now, if you want to. It's even Tuesday, so the lines are open. Congrats, again.” Melissa: I thought I was on the line to lift Military. Guess I won't be marrying in, after all. Well, maybe next iteration.


Angie: Speaking of marrying in, it's time to invite over some prospective spouses, and maintain those relationships. House party, tonight! All the sims with good careers, or good potential for college careers are welcome.


Angie: I am so hungry with this pregnancy! Thank goodness I brought all those fish with me, because hamburgers just would not do. Still, I wish we could shove those fish in the fridge, and keep our left-overs from spoiling and attracting flies. But it keeps me alive, and will see us through until someone does lift Culinary. So far, we haven't actually used any food from the refrigerator, and I like it that way. Ragnar eats nothing but his magical grilled cheese, but I'm a fish fan.


Angie: Wook at Mummy's widdle Georgie! She's a big girl now! “Ugh. Peridotite is a Pisces – 5/3/5/4/9. She's neat enough, but still able to do sponge baths, and almost as nice as any sim could be. I think she'll do well in this apocalypse.” Angie: Mummy's going to teach Georgie all about the potty, and nursery rhyme and how to walk and talk and everything! And soon she'll be a big sister, too.


“Wow. Four toys to choose from, and the first thing she goes for is the brick. I guess it is a good thing that Ragnar 'trained' it to do the 'stand up' trick, after all. Every toddler needs a trained brick for a pet!”


Ragnar: I'm tired of having to burn all these networking gifts. It's such a mess to clean up.


Angie: Awwww, it's widdle Fweddikins! He wooks just wike his Diddydaddums! Ragnar: OK, even I find that talk annoying. Let's name him Loki. Loki is a Norse god of mischief, who's actually a frost giant, and is destined to rise up to fight Odin and the other gods, at the end of the world. “Doesn't he have to spend eons with a snake dripping poison on him? I'm not so sure about this.”


“Of course, when you put it that way... Yeah, I guess Loki is a good name for an apocalypse baby. It's just I've been looking up all these rocks...” Ragnar: Well, he's my son, and I'm naming him Loki. And before you get any ideas about triple bolts with HIM, I'm already planning for him to marry Marylena Baity, who is Chief of Staff at the hospital, and can bring us baths.


Ragnar: Aaargh! This place is a mess! Angie: Aaargh! There are diapers and spoiled bottles everywhere! “Actually, there is one diaper and one bottle, and I just love it when you two do your synchronized complaint routine. It's as close to a dance as you can get with both Music and Dance restrictions in place.”


Peridotite: Yaaay! I'm a really big girl, now! I can go to school! “Congratulations, Peridotite!” Peridotite: Huh? Who's that? Mommy? Why is there a voice in my head? Angie: Pay no attention to the clicky-person, Georgie. Ragnar: Just ignore the voice, Peridotite, and she'll go away.


Angie: My widdle Fweddie is a bumblebee! See how he fwies! “I see that Loki is a Sagittarius, 5/1/9/7/4. Oh, golly, he'll have a hard time staying clean.” Angie: Come on, Fweddie, and I'll teach you to talk. “With a ridiculous accent, no doubt.”


Angie: So, Georgie, I have your future all planned out. You won't marry, because little Freddy has to grow up and marry Marylena Baity, the doctor, but you can have all the lovers you want, after you lift Intelligence. Peridotite: What if I want to be a cartographer? Angie: Don't be silly, Georgie. That's not a real job.


Peridotite: And when you grow up, you have to get married and have babies! Loki: No! Don' wanna gwow up! Don' wanna get married. Whassa babies? Wanna has babies! Peridotite: You won't have them, silly. Your wife will. Loki: Noooo!


Angie: Oooh, morning sickness again? Or is it food poisoning? I ate left-overs for breakfast to be sure that I could cook a fresh dinner for little Georgie, and now I'm just not sure. “How about both?” Angie: You're a cruel clicky-person, Michelle. “Hey, you're the one who wanted to woohoo with your husband. Anyway, you said you wanted three or four children.”


Peridotite: I don't remember being this stinky before. “I know. You made it all the way through toddlerhood without getting that bad, except for one time, when you needed a diaper change. Nothing for it now, but to wash and wash and wash your hands, I'm afraid. You can't even primp.”


Ragnar: So, listen Peri. I worked hard in college to be able to teach people the skills I have learned, and now you can learn from me, too. Before you get old enough to do yoga, you should know the basics about your body, so that you don't injure yourself. Yoga is the best exercise for you, since it won't make you quite as stinky as working out to the stereo, or even Tai Chi, which you can't do, anyway, without the Dance restrictions being lifted. So, just stick with yoga, and you'll be fine.


“Baby number three! She looks just like her sister. What are you calling her?” Angie: Perdita! Ragnar: That's not bad. What, no baby talk this time? Angie: Eh, it wears thin after two kids. I'm too tired to fuss much. Here, Georgie, meet your baby sister.


Loki: Yaay! I'm a big boy! Boooh! I stink! Angie: I was hoping I'd have one last chance to change your diaper before you grew up, Freddy. Well, get to washing your hands, I guess.


Angie: I am surrounded by stinky children. Yes, I do believe that three is enough for this generation. “Awww, not going for four lifts, after all?” Angie: NOPE! And I don't care how much or how little chemistry Freddy has with her. He's marrying that doctor! I am so sick of stink. Besides, I turn into an elder in just four days.


Angie: Alright, Perdita, it's time to grow into a big girl! “I see that Perdita is an Aquarias, 2/3/5/7/8. She'll do alright. I'm glad for all these nice sims. It makes a pleasant change.” Angie: Change from what? “Never mind. Enjoy your last toddler.” Angie: Yeah, I'm too old to have any more babies, now.


Ragnar: Alright, Peri, time to grow into a teenager. Angie: Goooo, Georgie! Peridotite: I am soooo glad I'm not the heir and have to get married, because I just want to have love and friendship. “Romance/Popularity, huh? Yeah, I'm glad you're not the heir, too. Any idea what you want to really do with your life?”


Peridotite: Well, Michelle, I want to become a General, just like my Mom. Angie: Oh, I'm so proud! “Well, you'll have to lift your restriction, first, but then, why not?” Angie: You're going to lift the Intelligence restriction. Peridotite: Nope. I'm going to lift Athletic. Intelligence can wait.


Angie: Nobody listens to my plans, Mr. Jumbok. And they keep calling my children by the wrong names. Peridotite: Athletic is more useful than Intelligence, Mom. And it requires the same skills as Military. Angie: Yeah, yeah, Georgie. You do what you want. You will, anyway.


“Nice aspiration score there, Angie!” Angie: Right. I am growing into an elder right now. I don't care what time it is. I want as long a life as possible. “I don't blame you. You've had a hard time of it, and although I was jealous, at first, I have to admit that you did good by Ragnar, so no hard feelings that he married you.” Angie: I never had any hard feelings that he married me.


Peridotite: At last! I have maxed my body skill! Now I just need to max mechanical and charisma, and I'll be set to lift Athletic and head right on into Military. “Way to go!”


Loki: So, Marylena, my folks say that you and I are supposed to get married when I grow up. Perdita: Wah! Me wanna get married! Marylena: Sorry, kiddo, but I have to marry a male, and your brother is the only option. You do want me to bring baths to the house, right? Perdita: Whassa baths?


Loki: Now, Perdi, before you grow into a big girl, you need to learn your nursery rhyme. So, sing along with me. “Awww, they are so cute together! Best friends!”


Perdita: Yaaay! I'm a big girl, now! Peridotite: Yaaay! We have the same hairstyle! Angie: Oh, boy, I'm gonna have a hard time telling them apart. Loki: It's easy, Mom. Peri's the teen, and Perdi's the child. Come on, Perdi. I'll show you how to wash your hands.


Ragnar: Why are the sinks always broken? I spend my nights fixing plumbing and mopping puddles. Loki: So, remember, Perdi, always use soap, and then dry your hands on the front of your shirt, like this. Perdita: Thanks, Loki! You're a good big brother.


Ragnar: Oh, Angie, even as an elder, you still roll my wants. Angie: Double-bolts, baby! I love you. “How did you two manage to get dressed?” Ragnar: We pretended to walk to a community lot, and then stopped before we left the house. I want to remember this picture forever, or at least until the Artist restriction is lifted, and I can paint the memory.


“It's nice to see the family so close. Best friends all around is a good way to live, even if everyone spends most of their time washing their hands.” Peridotite: I can't wait for my brother to get married. With baths and showers to keep us clean, we'll have more time to make friends!


Peridotite: With an outfit like this, I was born to lift Athletic! Yeah, lookin' good! Now I just need to plan out my MVP speech.


Perdita: Wow! How'd you get the pictures of all of us? Ragnar: I used the desk locator, and let each of us claim one. It will probably only last for as long as each of us is alive and in the house, but still, it's nice to have our pictures there, isn't it? Plus, you kids always bring your homework inside, now, rather than drop it out in the snow to get soaking wet. Perdita: You're so smart, Daddy.


Angie: Go, Freddy! Time to be a teen! Loki: Yeah! I can't believe I'm so big! Now I'm all about making friends and making money. Popularity and Wealth, yeah. And my lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous best friends. That's totally doable, right? Angie: Maybe if you lift the Gamer restriction. Otherwise, I don't see how you can.


Peridotite: Oooh, nice! We only have one bolt, but you definitely roll my wants. And I want to have my first kiss! Teen walk-by: Yeah, I don't even know who you are, so no. Peridotite: But, I'm a romance sim! I need a boyfriend!


Angie: And that's how you charge a capacitor! Yes, thank you. Thank you very much. Any questions? “Very good, Angie. You just maxed all your skills. If you aren't perma-plat before you die of old age, I'll be very surprised. Your lifetime happiness meter is almost completely full.”


Angie: Now, children, take my example and max out your skills, as well. Loki: I just now maxed out body, Mom. I'll hit the bookshelf next. Peridotite: I'm almost maxed with all three skills I need for Athletic and Military – body, mechanical and charisma. Perdita: I'm just working on logic, 'cause it's fun.


Peridotite: So, Perdi, are you going to lift Intelligence, like Mom wants? Perdita: Actually, I was thinking of Education. Angie: Doesn't anyone listen to me? I made plans for you! Loki: I'm still gonna do Gamer, Mom. Angie: Thank you, Freddy. You're a good boy.


Peridotite: Who needs high school when we have Daddy's night school? Perdi: Can I stay home from school tomorrow, please? I'm tired and stinky, and didn't have time to wash my hands all night, since I was listening to you. Ragnar: Depends on your grades. We can't risk the social services taking you away. But you all need Creativity skill, too.


Loki: You know, Marylena, even though I may not have any chemistry with you, I'm glad that we'll be best friends. That's a good foundation for a marriage, isn't it? Marylena: Sure it is. I hope we roll each other's wants, though. It makes it easier to stay in good aspiration.


Perdita: It's Tuesday, and this is the closest thing to a birthday party I'll ever have. I'm a Family sim, who also likes money, and I hope one day to move out, marry, and have six grandchildren. Angie: If you want to move out, then you can't lift Education. Journalism or Science for you, Perdi. Perdita: You're right. I'll probably go for Science, then.


Peridotite: Man, I am never gonna get my first kiss, am I? “I'm sure you will. You just need to take it slow. Don't worry. You have time.”


Perdita: At last! I can finally get clean! I hope this is the last time I ever get stinky! Loki can't grow up soon enough.


“With everyone grown into teens, and no high school, I suggest you all take up the same nocturnal schedule, and keep that mood-boosting Jumbok statue with you. Sweet dreams!”


“So, the first generation of children are nearly grown up now, and I think it's a good time to stop this chapter. See you next time, as Generation Two start lifting their restrictions.”

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