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Ragnar Rock's College Years - At least he knows what's coming, so he's making the most of it.


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Alphabetepic Apocalpse Using rule set found here: Apocalypse Challenge – Ultimate Edition ( I will have to play through 25 times, with a new first lift each time, done in order, which makes it both alphabetical and EPIC!




Ragnar: I can't believe that crazy simself sentenced me to an apocalypse! What am I saying? TWENTY-FIVE APOCALYPSES! She's absolutely nuts! “I heard that.” Ragnar: What, you're in my head, too? “I am your clicky-person. Prepare to be annoyed.”


Ragnar: Well, I'll show YOU! I am going to make college really count, and totally ACE this apocalypse! You think you're gonna make me suffer, but I'll build up a family that can just breeze through the challenges you throw at me. “It won't be a breeze. Believe me.” Ragnar: I hate you.


Ragnar: I'm on an empty lot, and I'm broke. Where am I going to sleep? What am I going to eat? “Do you want a suggestion?” Ragnar: What, like YOU would help me? “Well, I am your clicky-person, and I have to play through all these apocalypses, so I'd like to make it a bit easier on myself, at least. But suit yourself.”


Ragnar: I will suit myself, and I'll figure out my own strategy, with no help from you. I wouldn't trust you as far as I can spit. “Sims don't spit.” Ragnar: EXACTLY!


Ragnar: First thing, I'm going downtown and buy myself a cell phone, so I can keep in touch with all my friends. “You can't afford it. I put you on a 2x2 lot, and there's not enough money left for any personal electronics.” Ragnar: Curse you! But I'll find a way to earn some money. You just watch.


Ragnar: Oh, I'm the king of the 'pocalypse. Ima be cruisin' with all the chicks. Watch me ride the snowy tide And give me some cash so I don't have to hide. Christy: You stink! And I don't mean from bad hygiene. “That was pretty bad, Ragnar.”


Ragnar: Man, I didn't get a single simoleon! How will I ever get a cell phone, let alone a bed and a fridge and all that stuff? Seth: Why not go to the park and take up fishing? There's a nice campground, so you can eat and sleep there, and stay as long as you need. Ragnar: Fishing, huh? That could work. Thanks, man.


Ragnar: This is cool. Fun in the sun and the open air, and I can meet new people, too. When I have enough fish, I'll go home and sell them, and then I'll buy that cell phone, so I can call my new friends.


Ragnar: And when the weather turns bad, I'll just head into the little clubhouse, and busk for a while. Of course, I don't make much money at it, because the clubhouse is small, and not a lot of people come in to hear me, but I'm making enough that I should be able to buy a cell phone and a bed! In fact, I think I'll stay here long enough to be able to afford a cell phone, a bed, a toilet, a shower and a fridge!


“Wow, Ragnar! You've been busking for a loooong time. How much money have you made in tips?” Ragnar: One thousand whole simoleons! And I earned a whole lot of aspiration points, too! I can get an energizer, and I won't even need to buy that bed!


Ragnar: More aspiration points! This place is great! I may never leave it!


“I see one of the evil witches over there. I'd steer clear of her if I were you, Ragnar. Evil magic can be lots of fun, but it's not really all that practical.” Evil Witch: So, Her Witchy Goodness is destroying your world, is she? What a hypocrite!


Evil Witch: You know, if you really want to stick it to Michelle Simself, I can help you with that. Ragnar: Now you're talkin' my language! Anything to make life harder for her. “Won't that make life harder for you, as well? You have an apocalypse to face.” Ragnar: Curse you.


Good Witch: I know you don't want to hear it, but the simself is right. Good magic is simply more practical for someone facing an apocalypse. The Benemoodus Populus spell has got to be the best spell, bar none. Well, except perhaps for the ability to banish death. That's pretty useful if someone decides to keel over right in front of the refrigerator, or block the only exit. Ragnar: I'd rather raise zombies. Then I never have to worry about getting scared to death by ghosts.


Ragnar: Oh, yeah! I've made some friends, I've learned some skills, I caught a golden trout, so I'm set for funds! This place is great! I love that I can just cook free hot dogs and hamburgers, and sleep in the tents, and just keep going without any problems, at all.


Ragnar: Waaaaaaagggghhh! Curse you, Michelle Simself! “What? I didn't do anything. You're the one who decided to repair the dishwasher in the rain.” Ragnar: Well, the lot was getting trashy, and my environment score was going down, and I needed to be able to get the place cleaned up... “In. The. Rain. Oh, and you just lost your only mechanical skill point.”


Ragnar: I'm feeling better, but there's one of those vampires. Count Robert probably sent her after me to torture me, because of that prank. Geez, can't they take a joke?


Ragnar: I'd better head out of here before she hurts me. Anyway, I need to spend my money and my aspiration points.


Ragnar: Wait, what? Where's my money? Where are my aspiration points? What the heck happened? I don't even remember my new friends' names, but I'm sure I made several friends! What happened? “Sorry, Ragnar, old boy. The game crashed. It's back to the previous save for you.” Ragnar: CURSE YOU!


Ragnar: OK, let's try this again. This time, I'm gonna go to the library first, and get some aspiration points for making the grade. I need a good grade to prepare for the apocalypse, after all, and I can get that 3000 point want for writing my term paper out of the way early. Then I'll go do the fishing and stuff downtown. “Good luck. I hope the game doesn't crash again.” Ragnar: Well, I'll keep on the move, so the glitch monsters can't catch me.


Ragnar: I don't have any wants to get the skills, but I need the skills so I can write the term paper, so I can get the 3000 point want, and get closer to having my own energizer. “You also need logic and creativity, and you can't get those at the college library.” Ragnar: Well, I need to keep moving on, right?


Ragnar: This campus lounge is much better for getting an audience! And I met a couple of cool students. Roberto is oddly formal, but I like him well enough. And Amy has just given me the tip I need. Time to go downtown!


Ragnar: Aaaah! A cell phone, at last! I'm so happy! I'm also hungry! I'd better get some hot dogs, fast.


“Oh, Raaagnar, look behiiiind yooou.” Ragnar: What is it, Michelle? Can't you see I'm playing with fire, here? “Oh, yeah, I can see that. Can you?” Ragnar: Oh, flergle! Now there are two of them after me! I guess it's time to hit the campground, after all.


Ragnar: She followed me! I'll just hang out in this tent until the sun comes up. As long as I'm hidden at night, they can't hurt me.


Ragnar: With a bit of chess, I make a new acquaintance, and get the last skill point I need for this semester. Take THAT, Michelle Simself! I'm gonna ACE this apocalypse!


Ragnar: I am getting the strangest sense of deja vu . Evil Witch: I'm not surprised. That happens a lot, when there's a simself in town. So, let me tell you about the fun that can be had by being an evil warlock. My coven doesn't have any warlocks, so I'm looking to recruit. Ragnar: Sounds good. Tell me all about it.


Ragnar: Again with the deja vu . Good Witch: So, let me tell you all about the practical benefits of being a good warlock. My coven doesn't have any warlocks, and I'm looking to recruit. Ragnar: Do you witches follow a script, or something?


Ragnar: Now that I've made a few friends and boosted my skills and my mood, I am ready to make the grade. I've got all my studying done for this semester, and I can spend the rest of the time building up for the future. Hehehe. I'm so clever. Michelle Simself thinks I'm just gonna coast on through, just because that's all I ever did as a kid, but knowing what's coming, I'm going to really put in the effort now. I'm no fool! I wonder what that “special arrangement” was supposd to be.


Ragnar: I got my cell phone and my grades, but I still need enough money to build a house. This campground is great for that! I'm going to fish for days!


Edith: I have noticed you busking, and I have to say, I like your enthusiasm! Why don't you come down to the Music and Dance clubhouse, and we can hang out together. Ragnar: Sure! Why not? Say, you're pretty. I'm going to need a wife for my apocalypse family. Are you interested? Edith: We only just met. Don't be inappropriate.


Ragnar: Maybe if I win the dance contest, I'll impress her. Of course, that means I have to learn how to dance, first. Well, I need the body skill, anyway.


Ragnar: Uh oh. Looks like I'm not the only one who wants to impress her. And I'm not sure she really has what it takes to be an apocalypse wife, anyway.


Ragnar: Well, I may not have enough money for a house, but I have enough aspiration points for an energizer. And to keep me raking in the aspiration points, I'm going to change my aspiration. Being a fortune sim without any money is a real drag, and I can't even achieve my lifetime want, like ever, thanks to the apocalypse rules. So, I'm going to become a Knowlege sim! I need the skills, anyway, so why not rack up some points for them? And maybe I'll get lucky on my lifetime want, too.


“Ragnar, are you sure you want to do that JUST NOW?” Ragnar: Sure! No time like the present? Why not? “Because I'm only going to let you use that thing one time. No shifting back and forth and back and forth until you get the “Max 7 Skills” lifetime want. You get only one shot at this thing, and then I'm taking it away.” Ragnar: You're a cruel simself, Michelle! But I'll be fine.


Ragnar: Aaaaaaargh!


Ragnar: Oooooooh, must have grilled cheese! I need a stove and a fridge and a counter, so I can make grilled cheese! Everything else can wait. “Uh huh. Well, have fun with that, Ragnar. YOINK!”


Ragnar: It's gone! I can't become a Knowledge sim! I'm stuck craving grilled cheese forever! “And facing an apocalypse, yet. This should be interesting.” Ragnar: Give it back! Was this the “special arrangement” you had planned for me? “Nope. And nope. The special arrangement is yet to come.” Ragnar: Curse you!


Ragnar: Well, if I eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches before I graduate, I'll be perma-plat for the apocalypse, at least. I'd better get to it before I even think about using that energizer.


Ragnar: On the other hand... Who knew I could use my lifetime happiness points to just create grilled cheese sandwiches out of thin air? I'll never be hungry again! “Hey! That's cheating. You're supposed to suffer during this apocalypse thing, and if you're not stuck with rations, and spoiled food then it's just not right. Ragnar: Haha! Point for me!


Ragnar: Here's another cool thing about grilled cheese. I can paint pictures that no other sims in town can. And although busking is fun, painting is much more lucrative. I'll have that house in no time, now. “You know, I never played a Grilled Cheese sim before. If I had, maybe I wouldn't have yoinked your ReNuYu SensoOrb. You're just making things too easy.” Ragnar: Heeheeheeee!


“Well, you might not have to worry about Culinary restrictions and rationing for yourself, but your family still will. They won't be able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches out of thin air.” Ragnar: Not if I find a Celebrity Chef to marry. You know, I think I'll start asking around, and see who would make the ideal wife for me. Edith is cute, but I need to be practical.


Ragnar: Even if I didn't win the dance competition and impress Edith, learning to dance still came in handy. I can bust a move and really increase my relationships with important sims. “The evil witch is an important sim? I thought you were going to be practical? Good magic is much more practical than casting spells like juvenile pranks. Besides, playing a prank is how you got in such trouble, in the first place.”


Ragnar: Well, hello potential university graduate who already has 10 body skill! Trina: Errr, hello. Ragnar: We have no chemistry, but we definitely need to become friends. Maybe you can marry my son, after he lifts Intelligence. Trina: Oh, Plumbob! You're one of those challenge sims.


Ragnar: At last, I have something of a house. “You call that a house?” Ragnar: Hey, I have food, a toilet stall and dorm-style shower on the other side of this wall, and here I can study body skill and charisma. I have a tent for sleeping. I'm good. “Glad you're getting used to really roughing it. Apocalypse life will be luxury compared to this.”


Ragnar: So, Brittany, have you heard about the wonders of grilled cheese? Brittany: No, but I am programmed to be nice, so I will listen as you tell me about it. Ragnar: Great! Because all I ever want to do is talk about grilled cheese, or eat grilled cheese or serve grilled cheese, or influence someone else to serve grilled cheese...


Ragnar: So, Linda, what's your job? Linda: I'm a fast food shift manager. Ragnar: Oh, flergle. Right career, wrong level. Well, I suppose we can still be friends.


“Why are you standing by a tent, conjuring up grilled cheese after grilled cheese, if you're already full?” Ragnar: I want to be able to devote myself fully to my future spouse hunt, and that means it will be easier if I'm already platinum. All I have to do is eat 200 of these babies, and I'm good to go. But it does sap my energy, so I like being able to nap between bouts. And now and then, to break the boredom, I check out the chicks at the campground.


“I just can't help but be attracted to you, Ragnar. Even though you're a mass murderer, I still have triple bolts for you.” Ragnar: Yeah, well, don't get any ideas. I'm still angry with you for sentencing me to all the apocalypses.


Ragnar: Besides, you're not the only smokin' hot babe around here.


“Maybe not the only smokin' hot babe, but I am certainly the hottest. We have triple bolts, baby! You don't find anyone more attractive than me!” Ragnar: Curse you. I'm not going to marry you! Stop distracting me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go back to eating my grilled cheese.


Marie: I'm a drive through clerk. Ragnar: D'oh! Again with the right career and the wrong level. “You might want to reconsider that career for your spouse. There are other, more advantageous, lifts she could do for you. And a college grad, like me, can be even more flexible.” Ragnar: I'm not going to marry you, Michelle.


Ragnar: Now what are you doing? “It's called Tai Chi. I learned it at Takemizu Village. It's a great place, and you can learn all kinds of good stuff there, like Tai Chi, teleportation, the Dragon Legend...” Ragnar: Wait, teleportation? That sounds really useful, especially since I hate running. Sounds like I need to sell a few more fish and paintings, and take a trip!


Ragnar: Hello, real estate agency? I need to buy the cheapest vacation home you have. In Takemizu Village, that is... A blank lot? That will be fine. I can put up a toilet and shower and a tent, and be all good to go... Chirashi? Why would I eat that, when I can have my fill of grilled cheese?


“Nice vacation home, Ragnar.” Ragnar: D'oh! I thought I was getting away from you for a week. “I'm omnipresent. I am THE simself for Eschaton, after all. Anyway, I know you don't want my advice, but with three bolts, I just can't stop myself from helping you. Use your aspiration reward to change it to fall, and enjoy the Takemizu skilling boost. You'll have all your skills maxed out in no time, and then you can be free to pursue other... pursuits. Perhaps of a more romantic nature.”


Ragnar: I'll sell the stuff I dug up to buy more furniture, and use the aspiration rewards to help me skill up.


Ragnar: YEAH! Fall in Takemizu Village with a thinking cap! What could be easier? “Well, if you had succeeded in becoming a knowledge sim, you could have had the 'Eureka' perk, but you're doing just fine without it. Congratulations.”


Ragnar: Not only have I maxed my skills here, but I have also learned how to teleport! I LOVE this place! I can't wait to come back and explore everything else there is to do here. And since I found TWO treasure chests, I can afford it, too! Who knew vacationing could be so profitable?


“What are you doing? Trying for an alien baby? It won't work while you're at college, you know.” Ragnar: I don't want to get pregnant. I just want to meet the aliens. Now that I have my skills, I'm all about meeting new people who might be useful to me in the apocalypse. I want to make a bunch of interesting friends, as well as get the hobby club memberships. It's fun!


Ragnar: Speaking of making friends... Hello, Angie Desprett! You are lookin' good! Angie: Thank you. You're not so bad, yourself. Ragnar: Look, I have to run off to class now, but how about you and I meet up at the camping park downtown, and have a date, later? Angie: With two bolts? You betcha!


Angie: I just love stinky sims! But I hate seeing sims in swimming suits. Ragnar: Wow! It's like you were made to be an apocalypse wife! I mean, who gets to go swimming in the first generation of an apocalypse? And stink is practically inevitable until the Medical lift.


Angie: I think it's so cool that you know what's coming, and can plan for it! Most legacy sims don't really know what to expect. So, have you decided what restrictions to lift first? Ragnar: Well, that's not up to me. I have to do the one that Michelle Simself chooses for me. But my family will have free choice of what they want to lift.


Angie: I would totally go for Paranormal. I mean, Medicine is nice, but I don't mind the stink. And Culinary is good, but if you are careful with your food, and store the left-overs out on the roof, you can survive alright. But ghosts! Ghosts are killers! They'll scare you and your family to death, not to mention spawning their tombstones and urns in some dangerously inconvenient places. Paranormal would be my first choice, if only to protect my family from those hauntings.


Ragnar: Thank you for the lovely date, Angie. You have certainly given me something to think about, and even some hope for my future. Who knows? Perhaps there may be a place in that future for you. Angie: Oh, wow! I mean, it's a challenge, and all, but being part of a legacy family would be such an honor! “What? You're not really choosing a two-bolter over me?”


Ragnar: Well, look at you two lovely witches! You know, Angie made me think about the value of the Paranormal lift, and it occurs to me that those good magic spells could be quite useful. And even if I can't cast the spells once the apocalypse hits, I'm sure there are still some advantages to having the magic in my bloodline. Marie: With the Paranormal lift, you could use a throne, if you made it yourself and have a secret room for it. Plus, you could bring a Takemizu souvenir rack, to help your family learn their skills faster. Even for first generation apocalypsers, being a witch can be helpful.


Ragnar: In that case, please make me a warlock, and let me join your good coven. Marie: Hah! Take that, Lilly Tse! The evil witches can find themselves another warlock. I got him first. “Well, I'm glad you chose the side of the light. I'll tell the Occult Court that you're not completely irredeemable.” Ragnar: Gee, thanks.


Ragnar: This is fantastic! I can have a grilled cheese session, then sit on the throne, then more grilled cheese, then throne, and over and over. It's so much faster than camping. “Isn't it a bit boring?” Ragnar: Who cares? The sooner I get perma-plat, the faster I rack up the lifetime happiness, and I want to redeem as many perks as I can, before they're restricted.


Ragnar: Behold! My two hundredth grilled cheese sandwich! Now, I can devote myself to the study of magic, so I can learn how to make my own throne. I love this thing!


“What are you doing now?” Ragnar: I'm painting a memory of myself in that stupid court of yours. After all, I should have a founder portrait, right? “Yes, but it's so distressing. Why not a more cheerful one? Why not something more... I don't know. Something I'd like to hang on my bedroom wall.” Ragnar: Stop it. I'm not going to marry you.


Ragnar: I painted this portrait for myself, not for you, Michelle! Now that I'm an infallibly good warlock, I don't look quite like I did when I started out on this adventure, and I want a reminder, and something to show my grandchildren. “Too bad you won't be able to display it, even if it is one of your limited items you bring with you.” Ragnar: True. But if I study it closely now, and memorize it, then when the Artist restriction is lifted, I can re-create it.


:sigh: “Why did he have to be so darned sexy? He's guilty of killing 25 vampires, and I, myself, passed the judgment on him. But triple-bolt chemistry cannot be denied. I can't go back on the sentence, but I really do want to help him out. Maybe then he'll like me, instead of that Angie girl.”


Ragnar: “All right, Michelle, why did you call me all the way out here? Just so I could look at some abandoned skyskrapers that are going to collapse when you throw that apocalypse at me? “No. I wanted some place where we could talk in private. You see, I'm going behind the Occult Court's back on this.” Ragnar: Oh, really? You have my attention.


“I'm sure you realize how I feel about you. Triple bolts! Now, before you say anything, I just want to tell you that I've decided to help you out.” Ragnar: Really? You're going to stop the apocalypse? Maybe I will marry you, after all! “Sadly, I can't do that. The spells have already been set into motion. But I can make it a bit easier for you.”


Ragnar: Pleeease? Please stop the apocalypse? “Sorry, but it's out of my hands now. But what I can do for you is this: If you manage to be inducted into the Secret Society, you'll be allowed to live in a Secret Society safe house, instead of moving into a blank lot. I have created two special safe houses, just for you. Not only are they equipped with a spellbook and cauldron, plus a special place to put your throne, but I've also added a few groceries to the fridge for your family, as well.”


Ragnar: Safe houses? That's it? “Well-planned safe houses that will allow you to keep up your magic, as soon as Paranormal is lifted, without having to worry about mysterious doors or any of that jazz. And fridges stocked with a few fish and produce will help to buy your family some time, when you have to lift Criminal first, and won't be able to replace the fridge. It may only get you a couple of weeks, but it's the best I can do.”


Ragnar: Well, it's better than nothing. Thanks! “You're very welcome, Ragnar. And if I can help you out in any other way, any way whatsoever, anything at all, you just call me. Or if you just want to hang out together, or get dinner, or maybe cuddle under the stars...” Ragnar: Uh, thanks, Michelle, but you know I can't marry you.


(Looking out at the bleak landscape that surrounds me on the far edge of “the wrong side of the tracks,” I think about her offer. Who knows? Maybe I can milk her for some more favors. I need every advantage I can get. (With that thought in mind, I go back to my preparations. I have to get all the travel mementos, for the lifetime happiness points, and make sure to have a lot of friends. I guess I should make sure that at least three of them are Secret Society members.)


Ragnar: OK, Michelle, I'm in. I'll take the safe house. “Very good, Ragnar! You'll have your choice of two, when the time comes. One has a basement, so there is a lot more room, but you are limited for transportation. The other has a driveway, and two livable floors, plus a covered roof. Both have two secret rooms, one with a cauldron and spell book, and the other just waiting for you to place your throne. Oh, but you'll need money. They both cost between 30 and 40 thousand.”


Ragnar: So, guys, the reason I called you here tonight is not just to fill up your inventories with fresh fish, but to build up a group of best friends and potential spouses for my future family members. Corbin: Legacy family? Ragnar: Nope. Apocalypse. And each of you will have a chance to join the family. I have others on the line, as well, enough to have plenty of friendships for any career requirements. I hope you will all feel inclined to stop by for frequent visits, when the phones are down.


Ragnar: Well, it looks like I'm going to need money to afford the safehouse that Michelle built for me, so I'll wish for wealth. I'll just splurge all three wishes on it, because I'm already perma-plat, so peace of mind is meaningless, and I already have a wife picked out, so beauty doesn't make much difference, either. With enough money, it won't matter how long I have to pay protection payments, either. “Yeah, and wishing to cheat death breaks the game. Don't do it.”


Ragnar: With this money, I can afford to take my friends on vacation, so not only do I complete my vacation mementos, but they get the chance to learn neat things, like Tai Chi and the Slap Dance! “Yes, but until Music is lifted, they won't be able to do Tai Chi or the Slap Dance after the apocalypse begins.” Ragnar: They can do it autonomously when they visit.


Wise Old Man: I understand that you, Ragnar, will be the founder of an apocalypse challenge, and that you, Angie, will be his wife. Allow me, please, to tell the history of the Takemizu apocalypse, that you may learn wisdom to aid you in your future endeavors. Ragnar: Thank you, Wise Old Man. I shall remember what you have taught me.


Ragnar: Speaking of teaching, now that I have earned enough lifetime happiness, I can Impart Knowlege with my Knowlege perks. I'll make sure my future wife has all the skills she needs to reach the top of her career quickly. “Wow, you're doing well, Ragnar. And all without my telling you what to do every step of the way.” Ragnar: I told you I had a strategy.


Ragnar: And what I can't teach, myself, I'll give her the opportunity to practice. “Wow. By the time this last vacation of yours is over, your fiancee will know almost everything. Ragnar: Who says it's the last vacation? I still have some other sims I want to teach, to be sure they're ready to go, as well.


Ragnar: I got another lamp! Hmmmm, maybe I'll take this one with me, so that my children can wish for peace of mind. “Not a snapdragon, to boost their moods? Or the rack of Takemizu souvenirs, to boost their skilling? Or the voodoo doll, to make sure that they can fall in love whenever they want?” Ragnar: Nope. The lamp, and my throne, since I won't be able to make one there, until Business restrictions are lifted.


Ragnar: Wise Old Man, will you please tell that story again, so my friends can hear it? They have a lot of skills, plus they'll have college degrees, so they'll really be useful in the future apocalypse, I think. Wise Old Man: I see you have already learned something from my tale. I am happy to share it with you again.


Wise Old Man: Just how many times do you want to hear this story, anyway? Ragnar: I just want to be sure all the Secret Society members hear it. Don't worry. They know how to keep a secret. Wise Old Man: Well, good, because the Dragon Legend isn't for just any sim. And good security will be very important during the days to come.


Ragnar: So, I think I've almost finished with my preparations for the apocalypse. Angie: Do you have enough money to get started? Ragnar: Yes, thanks to the genie, I have enough to afford either of the safehouses, plus plenty of protection payments. “Are you sure you want to be a part of this, Angie? You're not under condemnation. You can back out of it, now.”


“After all, I have just as much to offer as you do. I have my college degree, and...” Ragnar: Look, Michelle, I've told you. I'm not going to marry you! I'm already engaged to Angie, anyway. Angie: I'm just gonna stay quiet and catch fish to bring with me, so we'll have plenty of food for the family. Not getting into this argument. Nope. Juuuust fishin'.


“What do you mean, you're already engaged? When did that happen? I don't have pictures!” Ragnar: During one of my vacations. Anyway, it's a done deal, and you might as well stop pestering me about it. Look, I'm grateful for your help with the safehouses, and all, but it's time for you to let it go, and for me to move on. “Very well. If that's the way you want it.”


Ragnar: Hah! I just graduated with a 4.0 average in Literature, which will give me a boost in Music, Adventure, Entertainment, Show Business, Slacker and Criminal careers. It just doesn't get better than that. I have my fiancee, who is skilled up thanks to my teaching, and has an inventory full of fish. I have a lot of other friends who are also skilled, and I am ready for the apocalypse. Nothing is going to slow me down.


Ragnar: Hey! Whoa! What am I doing back here? How did I get here? Drat you, Michelle! Just because I got engaged to someone else is no reason...


“Oh, this has nothing to do with that, Ragnar. Remember at the trial, when Count Robert suggested a special arrangement? Well, it's time to implement that.” Ragnar: Ummm, I don't like the sound of that. And you guys look different. Count Robert: I have been rebuilding my coven, beginning with select members of the Occult Court.


Count Robert: Now, I am going to continue to rebuild my coven by inducting you. Ragnar, not only will you found twenty-five apocalypses, but you will endure them, all the way through, unless you burn to death in the sun, as my late coven did. And then, you will understand the depth of my pain! Twenty-five eternities await you, Ragnar Rock, one for each vampire you killed with your cruel prank.


Allison: And I have agreed with my sister matchmakers that none of us will ever provide you with Vamprocillin-D. You won't be able to just lift Business, and then buy your way out of your eternal torment. No!


“And I have worked a spell together with the high witches to block you from ever creating your own Vamprocillin-D in a cauldron. There is no way you will ever be cured of your vampirism, until all the apocalypses are lifted. You may burn in the sunlight, but otherwise, you'll be immortal, and live to see your family grow old and die around you. “Oh, and when your wife dies of old age, I'll still be here. Immortal Simself. Just sayin'.”


Ragnar: GULP!


Count Robert: Welcome to the Coven of Blood. Hehe. And good luck lifting your restrictions. Ragnar: Ooooh, I hope I get a lot of night shifts. “Yeah, be careful, because remember: If you fail to lift your restriction, you'll have to start that iteration of the apocalypse all over again. From this moment. I'm making my special back-up right now. Welcome to the Apocalypses!”

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