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Final Project Zulia State :

Final Project Zulia State Members Katerin Franco 24949825 Christopher Viloria 20692683 Sectión : N311 Teacher : Doris Molero April 2012 Level 3

Contents :

Contents Katerin Franco About me Unit 1. New Friends, New Face in Zulia Unit 2. Express Yourself Unit 3. Shopping in Zulia Reflection Christopher Viloria About me Unit 4: Place in Zulia Unit 5: Zulia Vacation Unit 6: Zulia Pastimes Reflection

About me :

About me Katerin Franco Vacation Eyes stature hair life Zulia age Pastimes TV. Don’t like fight Chinese food I like Soccer dance Shopping De candido Description Mérida Punto fijo fruits vegetables Dairy Poultry and meat Clothing shoes New friend Doris Molero Personal need university Dreams graduate happy

New Friends, New face in Zulia :

New Friends, New face in Zulia Pablo Pérez Venezuela Zulia age Descripccion Eyes hair stature Pastimes family I like Don’t like Vacation baseball injustice Creole food governor margarita Personal lawyer Dreams President

Express Yourself :

Express Yourself Sad Cry Angry sick hungry Happy Feeling Gestures Shake hands kiss wave hug

Shopping :

Shopping Fruits Vegetables Poultry and meat Dairy onion tomato carrot cucumber potato lettuse pig sausage shop skirt sheese milk cream Apple orange pears bananas shoes bag jean shirt lenses watch

Reflection :

Reflection Blogger Address Describiccion people Improve my english Internet Class Wikipedia facebook translator google Places Work in group

About me :

About me Christopher Viloria Vacation Description I like Venezuela Zulia age Don’t like Shopping Pastimes Eyes hair stature La mesa de esnujaque margarita Music Soccer lies New friend fruits Dairy vegetables Poultry and meat Soccer baseball Doris Molero university Personal need shoes lenses Dreams graduate serious

Place in Zulia :

Place in Zulia bridge Lago mar beach gilbaltrar Basilica of the chinita bullring Sinamaica lagoon Catatumbo lightning Baralt theater church santa barbara Temple St. Philip Neri

Zulia Vacatión:

Zulia Vacatión warm short Clothing shoes climate T-shirts activities pool cinema need camera money located population

Zulia pastimes:

Zulia pastimes Baseball Boccia cinema pool family


Reflection Class Internet Blogger Wikipedia translator Describiccion people Improve my english Work in group

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