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1 3 WAYS TO BRING MAINE COON KITTENS TO THE NEXT LEVEL 12.03.2018 BY LILY S. CLARK // Talking about beautiful cats Maine Coon kittens are definitely on the top of the list. This feline — that named after the northern state of Maine — is a favorite for many people The brown tabby is recognized as one of the best mouser and farm cat. They are known for their extraordinary size — they can grow up to 15-20 pounds Often called as “the dog of the cat world” this cat breed is super friendly too. That being said let’s learn more about these giant fuzz balls

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2 So what do They Look Like Like cats Duh for sure they do – except they are ten times bigger The longest Maine Coon ever recorded reached up to 48.5” or 123 cm. Unlike other cats their fur is thicker around the stomach and the neck which often resembles a lion. The colors of the furs often vary from black golden to white. Sometimes it also has certain patterns like stripes. Alas no matter what color they have their long fur has that expensive silky texture. It’s soooo smooth Some people might think that Maine Coons are a cross between cats and raccoons due to size and the shape of their tails. Yet being a tabby cat has proven that it is genetically impossible Tabby cats refer to the natural pattern of their coat which involves stripes dots and lines. Because of this trait Maine Coons are also popularly known as runway cats along with other beautiful felines Another interesting thing is that the shape of their ears often resembles bob cats’ ears or “lynx”. They are filled with warming fur and long with a twist at the end while their eyes are round and large. An adorable giant

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3 Table of Contents  Finding the Perfect Litter Box  Maine Coon Personality  Health  How to get Maine Coon Kittens

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4 o Related Post FINDING THE PERFECT LITTER BOX Being a winter cat caring for the coons can be quite a handful. But well that’s such a misleading mindset. Like their siblings these huge furry balls are self-maintain cats. They like to clean themselves several times a day. But to maximize it there are several things you have to get ‘em done. Having thick fur these cats will need regular grooming to keep its coat in good shape. Regularly massaging them is also advised to do twice a week. Brushing their fur however is preferred to be a daily task for you. Like Turkish Angora Coons shed just as much as them. So make sure your lovelies are tangle free Plus since their skin is generally oilier than other cats they are prone to produce more dead skins. But if you’re not quick enough to remove them it can result in skin complications. When their fur seem like they got dirty it is better to try and softly wipe it clean with warm cloth instead of bathing them all the time. Providing your coons with high quality and nutritious to support the growth and the fur’s quality is a one essential point. But if you’re a clueless newbie consulting to a vet regarding your choice of food will make things twice easier for you. Make sure your kittens are not overweight – or worse underweight

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5 Buts choosing the perfect litter box is just as crucial If I can give you one advice when it comes to Coons’ litter box it’d be: purchase a gigantic one. You will never regret it. Guaranteed. Instead in the next couple of years when your kitten has grown up to an adolescence baby you’ll smile in front of the mirror and be proud of your choice. Here’s the thing: Coons kitten are usually not so different in size compared to other breeds but they grow significantly for the next 5 years. That’s when finding a big litter box for them to urinate or defecate will ensure a long-term use. At first you might need to experiment with different litters. A Scoop- able one would definitely be on top of your list but finding one that is comfortable for your coons is quite a task too. Not to worry though Maine Coon kittens are famous for their calm behavior. If you prefer a specific type of litter you can easily train your feline to get used to it. Lil tips: Don’t be afraid to put multiple litter boxes in different areas in the house so it’d be easy for them to access the boxes.

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6 MAINE COON PERSONALITY Here comes the most important section. These huge house cats often scare people at the beginning. Little do they know these felines are known as the “gentle giants” These big furry balls are friendly and outgoing kitties who loves to play with people – even strangers Even though male coons are often more approachable compared to the aloof females the latter will eventually love to stick with you once they get familiar Female Maine Coons might need a bit of familiarization before they can be friendly with you. Not to worry these cats will want and be your friend as time goes by. They are also known to be quiet – though they can be loud when they want to.

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7 In general they are pretty reasonable docile and easy to train. Maine Coon kittens will display mischievous traits like other cats but without a doubt they are easier to train compared to other kittens. It is one of the reasons why they are a popular choice of show cats. They are comical and lively in a crowd Like any other feline you should leave them with toys. Besides they still deserve entertainment. If you have a little child at home and are thinking of adopting a Maine Coon kitten you don’t need to worry about if the coons may injure your child. Unlike feral cats these coons like to receive attention from everybody around them. They are laidback cool and loyal attention seekers Even though it might need time to get used to at the beginning these cats are friendly by nature Maine Coons are also known to love water This is one of the traits that differentiate them with other cats. This makes it easier for you to bathe them. Although in general it is not necessary but there is nothing wrong with having fun with your cat in the bath. Maine Coon cats like to be around people although sometimes can be overwhelming it is recommended that you put aside a bit of your time to pet the gentle giant. It can help them relax whenever they are under some kind of stress. In return they will show you loyalty and love Read more our article about maine coon personality.

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8 HEALTH If there is one downside of owning a pedigree cat it will be they are prone to genetic illness. That’s why following the correct guide on how to raise a kitten is essential It is important to take your coon kitten to the vet every now and then to make sure they are identified and cared for. Some of the health problems that your giant kitten or adult cat can have are related to kidneys heart and spine diseases. These diseases are hereditary and genetically inherited in a Maine coon kitten. So there is little you can do to prevent other than maintaining a good diet and regular visit to the vet. Despite so Maine Coon can reach up to 12-15 years. That is plenty of time to make memories and cuddle with the giant fur ball. Remember to take your Maine Coon kitten for vaccinations as well. Even though they are bigger than most cats doesn’t mean they are more resistant to feline diseases.

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9 You should schedule regular check-ups to a vet that is used to handling Maine Coons and remember to test them for feline leukemia as well for their first physical examination Another thing to take note is if you don’t have any plans on becoming a Maine Coon breeder than you need to consider neutering the coon. Once your giant reach an adult stage its natural instinct will be to breed for the rest of their life If not given a chance to breed several health problems related to hormones and reproduction system may emerge such as uterine infection and enlarged prostate. It is heartbreaking sometimes to neuter your cat however it will improve their quality of life Here

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10 HOW TO GET MAINE COON KITTENS If you are interested in getting a Maine Coon kitten there are several ways you can get yourself one Buying them is an obvious and easiest choice Maine Coon price ranges from 1200 to 2000 USD. One important thing to remember is to be able to identify real Maine Coon kittens. It is not uncommon to find a non-pure breed or a mix breed Maine Coons being sold out there. Take notes on their physical characteristic and use that to identify the kittens. Visit also come Main Coon Cattery for information and contacts to see if the kitten available are the ones you are looking for Adopting is also an option. There are several online Maine Coon adoption that you can get a hold on easiest way to do is to contact them ask questions about if they are available to adopt There are also some organization on Main Coon Rescue that you should try and contact. Personally going after pet rescue or a cat rescue should be your first option. After all why buy one if you can save the other If you are ever thinking of getting one of those gigantic Maine Coon kittens and cats be ready for a ton of work and love Ask around for advices and for other peoples experience to get you ready for the big fluff. It is inevitable that your story with the fluffy fluff will be a precious one

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