Michael Quinn Kaiser - What are the Advantages of Arbitration


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Michael Quinn Kaiser : What are the Advantages of Arbitration?


Michael Quinn Kaiser is a former professional of Kaiser Permanente, is an expert in the field or risk management. A current consultant with 2MQ Risk Management Consulting, Michael Quinn Kaiser has the proven skill, experience and background needed to identify inefficiencies.


Michael Quinn Kaiser in a company’s risk management department, and to provide the solutions that organization needs to elevate their risk management processes and capability. A longtime Kaiser professional and expert in insurance claims management,Michael Quinn Kaiser understands the many advantages of arbitration, particularly as an alternative to litigation. Such benefits tend to include:


Speed. Unlike the process of litigation, arbitration is often a much shorter process. In some cases, attorneys are not needed to complete a successful arbitration. The selection of an arbitrator. Unlike litigation, where the choice of judge and jury is out of each party’s hands, arbitration involves the use of a mutually agreed upon arbitrator.


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