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Geomatics UK Ltd is a specialist land surveying company in Britain providing laser scanning, dimensional verification surveys & electronic dimensional surveys services to help the Gas, Oil & petrochemical industries all over the world meet with all of their building components.


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Mechanical surveys : 

Mechanical surveys

Mechanical surveys : 

Mechanical surveys The mechanical surveys are another important kind of survey taking place in industries ranging from automotive & aerospace to transportation & energy. They are helping mechanical engineers to understand the problem of sustainable design in the production business & rectify them for better productivity & efficiency. These surveys are done to identify common machinery problems of gearbox or bearing wear which produce increased vibration and/or friction & heat that will greatly reduce the lifespan of the machinery parts. That’s why mechanical surveys are done for early detection of the problem & carry out necessary repairing & maintenance, etc, which increases their durability & minimizes the chances of catastrophic failure.

Mechanical surveys : 

Mechanical surveys Each of the above types of surveys has its own specific requirements & therefore uses special tools to go ahead with the measurement & layout preparation work. The data obtained from the measurements & observations are again feed into computer. While analyzing data, necessary precaution is taken so as not to miss out any crucial set of information. Again these collected data are compared to find out their matching with the measurements. Then maps are being prepared from them using sophisticated software. Finally brilliant maps are built up which any surveyor can use for further designing. http://www.geomatics-uk.com/

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