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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION AS PPSX HERE: SLIDESHARE LINK: Thank you! Southeast Asia’s morning markets are much more interesting than the night markets. The night markets are mainly for tourists. It’s at the morning markets that locals do their shopping. And it’s there that you get a real flavor of the local culture. The morning market in Luang Prabang, lining a couple of quiet streets near the Royal Palace, starts early and is over by mid-morning. It sets up along a couple of side-streets next to one of the city’s many Wats. A butcher and some of the more touristy stalls have actual tables for their wares. But most of the vendors, selling anything from rice, to fresh vegetables, to steamed fish, frogs, and anything else that might be the day’s catch, just set up on the ground.


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Luang Prabang


Flori de banan Ghimbir Galanga Lemon Grass


Flori de banan Ghimbir Galanga Lemon Grass


Luang Prabang Muzică: ♦ Kaniththa - Laos-Thai Country Song Fotografii: Nicoleta Leu Prezentare: Sanda Foi ş oreanu

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