Halong, Pestera Dong Thien Cung


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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelasanda/halong-pestera-dong-tien-cung-vietnam Thank you! This recently discovered grotto is perhaps the most beautiful grotto in all of Ha Long bay. Thien Cung is situated on the south-west site of the bay, 4km from the wharf outside of Ha Long city.It is found in a small range of island that resemble a throne embracing two superb grottoes at its core. The way to Thien Cung is a bit strenuous, going up a path covered on both sides by thick forest. A steep climb up 50m to the entrance of Hang Thien Cung ("Grotto of the Heavenly Palace") is rewarded by a rectangular chamber 250m long and 2020 high with a text-book display of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, supposedly petrified characters of the Taoist Heavenly Court


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Peştera Dong Thien Cung


Intrarea î n peşteră I eşirea din peşteră


___ ___ ____ ___


Fotografii: ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu ♦ Jean Moldovan ♦ Nicoleta Leu Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasanda Ha Long Fond sonor: ♦ Q uang L inh - Sing on H uong river bank

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